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Re: Death of Ufology - Hall

From: Richard Hall <hallrichard99@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 21:48:13 +0000
Fwd Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 18:02:53 -0400
Subject: Re: Death of Ufology - Hall

 >From: Lan Fleming <lfleming5@houston.rr.com>
 >To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net>
 >Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 13:45:34 -0500
 >Subject: Re: Death of Ufology

 >>From: Malcolm McClaren <clandestine@moonshinehollow.com>
 >>To: ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net
 >>Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 04:18:54 -0500
 >>Subject: Re: Death of Ufology

 >>Funded credible scientific research would address this matter
 >>but as we know ufology has discredited itself therefore science
 >>won't touch it with a barge pole.

 >I very much doubt that this is true. I think "funded credible"
 >scientists don't study UFOs because there is no way they can get
 >funded to do it. If the government were to provide grants for
 >UFO research, scientists would be stepping all over each other
 >trying to get them, no matter how much the subject is held in
 >disrepute by the scientific orthodoxy. There've always been a
 >legions of quacks peddling phony cancer cures, but that never
 >stopped medical scientists from working on real cures because
 >the money was always available for it in large quantities.

 >In the case of UFO research, what we have instead is a small
 >number of _unfunded_ but credible scientists devoting their own
 >time and money to the research simply because they find the
 >subject interesting and worthy of study. The "lunatic fringe"
 >are naturally attracted to UFOs like ants are naturally
 >attracted to a picnic. It's not the fault of the serious
 >researchers; there's really nothing they can do about it.

 >It would help if the news media were to report more on the good
 >researchers, but they prefer to focus on the lunatic fringe. I
 >think that one way for UFO researchers to improve the reputation
 >of their field of study is to cultivate relationships with
 >conscientious journalists. As for the funding problem, academic
 >and government funding sources are permanently blocked to the
 >study of UFOs. But researchers might consider trying to gain the
 >support of successful business entrepreneurs. Like the princes
 >of the Renaissance, they tend to support work they find
 >appealing without much regard for the latest academic fashion
 >trends or government funding policies. The National Institute
 >for Discovery Science, founded by a wealthy real estate
 >businessman, is the sort of thing that I'm thinking of here.


I agree wholeheartedly with 9/10ths of your message, but when it
comes to NIDS and Bob Bigelow, you are dealing far more with a
frog than with a prince.

A number of us have dealt with him (or tried to).

His whole highly controlled agenda is driven by personal beliefs
and preferences, not by objective scientific research. Just talk
to most any of the researchers he has wooed and ultimately lost
due to his manipulative and self-serving tactics.

  - Dick

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