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Re: Fewer Abductions? - Bueche

From: Will Bueche <willb3d@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 20:46:45 -0400
Fwd Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 23:18:35 -0400
Subject: Re: Fewer Abductions? - Bueche

 >Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 16:29:43 -0400
 >To: ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net
 >From: John Velez <johnvelez.aic@verizon.net>
 >Subject: Fewer Abductions?


 >I really have no idea why
 >the number of reports are way down. What I do know is; they
 >_are_ down and that that means something. Possibly something


Awareness of this came to us at Dr. Mack's organization from the
experiencers whom Dr. Mack has remained in touch with (some for
many, many years).

These personal reports of decreased contact seemed more common
than the occasional ebb that people have reported off and on in
their lives. Far more importantly, the decrease this time was
accompanied by the experiencers sensing or feeling that a large
part of the effort has concluded. I use the words "sensing or
feeling" because I do not beleive anyone put it into words
beyond that. But the feelings were strong.

On a personal note, it is potentially a little disturbing to
speculate why the 'alien presence' (using quotes to convey alien
as meaning unknown) felt it neccesary to wrap things up now;
especially given the seeming transcendence of time (in addition
to space) that may be part of the 'aliens' forte. Then again,
maybe they were able to wrap it up for a less nervousness
inducing reason: this seems to be coming after a large number
(how many? I mean only in relation to our group, not a
statistically valid sample) of women experiencers said they felt
that the hybrid project had at last been perfected, after many
problems. So perhaps that is all that needed to be accomplished:
the birth of a new race. Who knows.

It is not as if people are saying they no longer feel an
occasional connected to the beings, but it sounds more like
people are getting more telepathic information, without physical
(or without even seemingly physical) contact. And the
experiencers we have worked with, who have focused on a
spiritual orientation in their personal lives, may of course now
be receiving more general information from their own connection
to the greater cosmos rather than simply being told things
telepathically by the beings. (Man, it sickens me how much we
don't know about how telepathy and other forms of connection,
such as empathy and even feelings, work). How the information is
imparted remains a part of the mystery of humanity which I won't
debate, but in any case, some info has come in to some people
even after the visits seemed to stop. A couple who did not know
each other well were each told a little more than a year ago
that it was important to make an effort to "become stronger";
again, an implication that whoever is imparting the suggestion
has some awareness of what may be to come.

I agree that we are entering a new era. The question is, what is
to come? Something different, certainly. But what?

Some have made speculations of open contact; Whitley Strieber
called it "social contact" in a recent online editorial and he
described a potential scenario that he thought he had been told
by someone who was in his house one night (not exactly a
Communion-like experience, rather, he thought he'd gone
downstairs during the night and had a conversation with
someone.). The uncanny part of this - a part which should undue
anyone's particular sentiments regarding Strieber's honesty - is
that the same information had been received a couple months
earlier by one of our experiencers.

Will whatever came to visit simply go away having completed
whatever they may have been doing, or might they decide to be
away for so long as to become a myth? If so, what a shame, for
that would mean we really never managed to grasp what was going
on, and maybe don't deserve to know, having proven ourselves far
too capable of deluding ourselves into blindness to what we do
not wish to acknowledge. But if we have managed to figure out
even the basic framework of what has gone on in our time, then I
hope that we may have an opportunity to _know_ that our "dreams"
were the stuff reality is made of.

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