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Re: Death of Ufology - McClaren

From: Malcolm McClaren <clandestine@moonshinehollow.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 04:18:54 -0500
Fwd Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 07:37:21 -0400
Subject: Re: Death of Ufology - McClaren

 >From: Wendy Connors <FadedDiscs@comcast.net>
 >To: UFO Updates <UFOUpdates@virtuallystrange.net>
 >Subject: Death of Ufology
 >Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2002 00:21:21 -0600

 >First would be the belief by the majority that Ufology
 >encompasses all areas of the paranormal. It does not. Rods, crop
 >circles, most alien abductions, spook lights, bigfoot, gnomes,
 >fairies, channeling, crystal gazing, HAARP, Chemtrails, etc. are
 >not parts of the science commonly referred to as Ufology. Any
 >attempt to associate these with Ufology is an egregous
 >intellectual error.

However, you'll find most UFO websites also report on the
paranormal and link some of the above to UFOs. Therefore, you
can't blame people for assuming that all ufologists believe the

 >Secondly, science and academics have taken a hard look at the
 >data concerning the UFO issue and found it lacking scientific
 >merit. This is totally false. There has never been an applied,
 >unbiased, long-term, funded research effort regarding the hard
 >data and documentation by any area of legitimate sciences in
 >regards to the issue. The phenomenon has been declared null and
 >void erroneously. Any scientist that argues from this position
 >is literally incompetent to speak to the issue and does their
 >own science an injustice.

True, the reason being that hard lined eth believers lack
unbiased investigation and link other paranormal subjects to
ufology. Ufology has given itself a bad name and lacks

 >Third. Earth is being visited and manipulated by aliens. There
 >is absolutely no hard evidence or data to prove this and it
 >remains only a hypothesis. However, enough hard data has been
 >accumulated to prove that the existence of unknown aerial
 >objects, of apparent manufacture, do exist and appear under
 >intelligent control within the atmospheres of the earth and
 >within near space and have been observed by competent observers.
 >To say that these objects and the intelligence behind them are
 >from inner or outer space has not been confirmed. The basic fact
 >is that nobody knows yet where these objects derive, who or what
 >is behind their manufacture and operation, nor the purpose for
 >their appearance.

Funded credible scientific research would address this matter
but as we know ufology has discredited itself therefore science
won't touch it with a barge pole.

 >Fourth, that there is a deliberate cover-up by the U.S. military
 >and government regarding UFOs, including silencing and
 >intimidation, has not been proven nor documented by hard data.
 >Documentation clearly shows that the USAF and the U.S.
 >government has a considerable track record of ineptness in
 >handling the UFO question and has failed to approach the issue
 >with proper analysis.

It's this type of talk that discredits ufology. With all the
fantasy stories banded around within ufology give one viable
reason why any government would need to silence or intimidate a
sector of the community who continually discredit themselves?

 >Fifth. The Roswell incident was the result of a Mogul balloon
 >mishap is not conclusive and the overall evidence of it being
 >such is based upon faulty reasoning and manipulation of the
 >data. Further, there is absolutely no hard documentation at this
 >time to support the recovery of either crashed UFOs or aliens.
 >However, circumstantial evidence exists in enough abundance to
 >assume that the recovery of a crashed UFO and occupant(s)
 >remains in the realm of possiblity than probability.

Continually looking to the past for answers is not going to move
ufology forward. Investigating current cases is the only way

 >Sixth is that the news media deliberately attempts to avoid
 >reporting solid observations of UFOs and UFO cases. In actuality
 >the organized news media is no longer a local and national
 >public watchdog of the people. It has become a conglomerate of
 >corporations that answers to advertisers and shareholders and is
 >therefore no longer capable of unbiased reporting.

There are many instances when the media have covered UFO
sightings in a reputable manner. Again, if ufologists continue
to make ridiculous claims without proof then the media are going
to exploit the opportunity to udermine these wild claims.

 >Seventh. Ufology has deteriorated to the level of impotence and
 >there is nothing to be learned from the study and research of
 >the field in general and earlier investigated cases. This
 >concept is ludicrous. More documentation, data and solid
 >research has been accomplished in the last decade than in the
 >prior five decades. Old case investigations are not carved in
 >stone. As new documentation and research is brought to light,
 >additions or subtractions to such cases are made and the data
 >for these cases are clarified.

Looking back at old cases it is evident that opinion plays a
huge part in interpreting the data. It is only when this
biasness is taken away that ufology can move forward.

 >These are just a few of the glaring fallacies within the field
 >of Ufology. The quagmire current Ufology finds itself is based
 >upon many issues, most of which cannot be rectified on an
 >individual basis. Rectifcation comes over a long period of time
 >through the efforts of those dedicated to the science of Ufology
 >by their research and eventual edification of the general public
 >by the method of teaching the history and research methodologies
 >and being honest with the documentation, data and hypotheses

What we find is uncloncluded investigations with conclusions
based on belief. Perhaps when ufologists learn to investigate
fully and only report on the facts and all the facts, not just
those that support their theory, can we begin to move forward.
This would enable us to look at the facts from a neutral stand
point rather than from two different sides.


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