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Britain's Secret UFO Hunters

From: David Clarke <cd292@crazydiamonds.fsnet.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 18:35:27 +0100
Fwd Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 20:35:17 -0400
Subject: Britain's Secret UFO Hunters

Britain's Secret UFO Hunters

Discovery channel, Wednesday, 24 July, 10.30pm 'a look at claims
that UFO sightings in the UK were covered up during the Cold

TV and Satellite Week, 20-26 July 2002:

by Richard McClure

In August 1950, two young RAF pilots saw a bright object flying
rapidly over Farnborough airfield that was unlike anything they
had seen before.

The grey, disc-shaped craft flew directly overhead, before
disappearing from view. 'There were electric sparks coming from
it. I was awestruck,' recalls Stan Hubbard, one of the pilots.
'It was quite beyond this world's technology.'

Hubbard and Frank Jolliffe reported their sightings, but after
being ordered not to discuss the incident, heard no more about
it as, officially, the Government claimed to take no interest in

But secretly - as the Discovery documentary Britain's Secret UFO
Hunters reveals - the Government was so concerned that it set up
a secret department to investigate the possibility that 'alien
beings' had visited Earth.

Led by Wing Commander Myles Formby, the investigation was based
in the attic room of a government building overlooking
Whitehall, referred to only as Room 801. Like the agents played
by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the Men in Black movies,
the team's job was to monitor suspected extraterrestrial

Over the next few years, Room 801 became the nerve centre of
official UFO research - though the Government continued to deny
its existence.

In 1952, the investigation became more urgent after a UFO
sighting in the skies above Washington DC. Prime Minister
Winston Churchill sent a memo to the Ministry of Defence,
demanding to know: 'What does all this stuff about flying
saucers amount to? What is the truth?'

But after examining three reliable sightings in Britain,
including the Farnborough incident, a secret report - only
recently discovered - found no evidence of alien activity. It
declared that Hubbard was either 'the victim of an optical
illusion, or that he observed some quite normal aircraft and
deceived himself about its shape and speed,' and concluded that
no further investigations were necessary.

Fifty years on, Hubbard is still convinced he had a close
encounter with alien beings. 'I find the report completely
insulting,' he saus. 'What I saw was the real thing - and it was
not of this planet.'

For a full interview with Wing Commander Stan Hubbard,

'Flying Saucers Over Farnborough'

by David Clarke and Andy Roberts, in this month's UFO Magazine
(UK) on sale from 27 June, details at:


See also 'Britain's Secret UFO Hunters' in the Daily Mail,
Saturday, 20 July 2002.