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SDI-170-01-05-02 - 'My Take On It'

From: David Furlotte <furry@nobelmed.com>
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 01:42:10 -0500
Fwd Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2002 08:16:51 -0500
Subject: SDI-170-01-05-02 - 'My Take On It'

Montana has a problem, and if you travel through Montana and spot
a herd of cattle, you'd be best advised to not slow down or stop
to let the kids get a closer look because some Cattle rancher
might shoot you. You see, the cattle ranchers in Montana are
nervous. And rightly so. That area of the world has been having a
rash of cattle mutilations that nobody can seem to _stop_ - _or_
explain. In the years from 1974 to 1977, the Great Falls area of
Montana was the location of the most intense and sustained wave
of animal mutilations in recorded history and with eight
reported cases during the summer of 2001, the residents are
getting worried that it's starting up again.

Some people believe that cattle mutilations are the work of some
alien race doing experiments here on Earth and some people
believe that these animal mutilations are the work of some
mis-guided individuals or groups.except for a few minor little
problems. Firstly, the animals are usually ex-sanguinated, that
means they have had their all their blood removed. Secondly, the
animals have complete areas of their bodies removed with such
surgical precision that medical doctors have a difficult time to
explain not only _how_ it could be accomplished outside of a
fully stocked operating theater but what instruments could have
been used.

The main problem that the cattle ranchers have with these animal
mutilations is that it seems that nobody really cares. When they
discover that one of the animals of their herd has been
mutilated like this, they call the local authorities to report
it but end up getting frustrated because there really isn't much
the Sheriff or Police can do about it. The government refuses to
launch a major investigation into it probably because if they
did, they'd have to admit that the cases across the world have
some kind of common link and _then_ where would we be?

However, there _does_ seem to be a little ray of hope out there
in the guise of the National Institute of Discovery Science -
NIDS. Back in June of this past summer, they received a call
from local police in Dupuyer, Montana regarding a 6 year-old Red
Angus that had been found dead and mutilated. The animal was
lying on its right side, with the left eye and eyelid missing,
hide from the left jaw was missing and parts of its tongue. Also
missing were the animal's vagina and rectum. There were no signs
of a struggle nor were there any tracks around the animal. But
the most interesting part of this is that when the NIDS
researchers did some cutting of the tissue away from the
mutilated jaw area, they found greenish coloured tissue mass
that contrasted with the pinkish skin in the area. They
immediately decapitated the animal, froze the head to prevent
decomposition and shipped it to their labs for further

NIDS conducted a bit of an autopsy and additionally subjected a
lot of samples they collected to various testing. To insure that
they would have some kind of benchmark to judge from, NIDS
obtained an animal from a slaughterhouse and allowed it to
decompose for 4 days. They discovered a chemical compound called
'Oxindale' in the mutilated animal but not in the one from the
slaughterhouse, which led them to believe that the compound had
somehow been administered to the mutilated animal. Incidentally,
Oxindale has been shown to cause profound sedation, decrease in
blood pressure, decrease in muscular tone and loss of
consciousness in rats, dogs and humans. NIDS intends on
conducting more investigations on mutilated animals provided
they can receive the animals in a timely manner. This past
summer in Montana saw 8 cases reported but _this_ was the first
case for NIDS that wasn't too old to do a proper scientific

Montana has a problem with Cattle mutilations and it may involve
aliens or not, but with groups like NIDS doing the _hard_
research and developing the data we're getting _closer_ to
determining what is behind animal mutilations.

But that's just _my_ take on it.....


Dave Furlotte is a weekly columnist on 'Strange Days... Indeed'
broacast by CFRB 1010 in Toronto and on the Web - Saturdays,
22:00 Eastern.


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