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Re: Repeating Past Mistakes - Kelly

From: Christopher Kelly <tophar@iprimus.com.au>
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 19:00:51 +1100
Fwd Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 07:51:59 -0500
Subject: Re: Repeating Past Mistakes - Kelly

 >Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 23:24:24 +0000
 >To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net>
 >From: John Rimmer <jrimmer@magonia.demon.co.uk>
 >Subject: Re: Repeating Past Mistakes

 >>From: Christopher Kelly <tophar@iprimus.com.au>
 >>To: <ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net>
 >>Subject: Repeating Past Mistakes
 >>Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 22:49:42 +1100

 >>Back in 1999 at a web site called The ScifiVine, I wrote about
 >>how we were thought of by other races in the Galaxy as being
 >>nothing more than a race of murderous barbarians and that we
 >>would never be allowed off this planet unless we changed our
 >>ways and some beliefs.

 >I wonder if any other races in this or other galaxies hate
 >themselves as much as so many human beings seem to?

I dare say there would be other races, unfortunately I'm not in
a position to ask questions like that first hand. But I sure
would like to be able too.

Though I don't hate my race or us, we are who we are. I'm just
pi__ed off at all the stupid mistakes we make and the fact we
know better.

 >>Money, guns, war, it is all humans seem to think about, besides

 >So that pretty much finishes off art, literature, music,
 >philosophy, scientific enquiry, philanthropy, medicine and the
 >simple fact that most humans do seem to be able to rub along
 >quite happily without killing each other - despite all we have
 >witnessed lately.

Arr, now if this was all we were concerned with, then we would
have little to worry about.

 >>This leads me to the coming prophecies and one that stands out
 >>is about the end of Human Kind. If one reads or interprets the
 >>prophecies correctly, it does only say that Human Kind comes to
 >>an end as we know it now, and not all life on this planet- which
 >>is consistent with what has happened in the past.

 >And there are a lot of people - like Mr Kelly - who seem to be
 >hardly able to conceal their glee at the thought! (BTW, what is
 >a "coming rophecy"? Is it a prophecy that hasn't been prophecied
 >yet? Even smarter than a regular prophecy!)

I'm not sure what a rophecy is,(typo?) but a prophecy is a
prelude to a coming event. Which is said to be of sorts, a
warning for the wise.

 >>So is this coming doom nothing more than a big slap on the wrist
 >>of us getting it wrong yet again? Can we ever get it right? It
 >>is really sad when you think about it. We could be interacting
 >>with other races, visiting other planets, learning about our
 >>real past, (even though it might not be as grand as we would
 >>hope for) doing things we only thought we could dream about. Yet
 >>for a few selfish greedy mindless so and so's, none of this will
 >>happen for us, it will only ever be a dream.

 >Just so long as we don't get to interact to much with that
 >enlightened race which seems to be so keen on abducting us and
 >doing some rather unpleasant things to are innards.

That was my main concern, are we just being treated like some
third world country is treated. Take what they want from us when
they want it with no regard or respect for us by races like the
Grey's? Are we nothing more than a play thing to them? Question
I would really like to get answers to, should the opportunity
ever arise.

 >>I get depressed by all of this sometimes and wonder why I should
 >>be stuck on this planet of losers? Knowing too much is sometimes
 >>a curse and not a blessing. Being blissfully ignorant of such
 >>things has its advantages. But I am human and one with all
 >>others on this planet - part of the original sin. This original
 >>sin... is it that many years ago we ventured to other planets
 >>only to kill, plunder and return home with the spoils? It
 >>wouldn't surprise me if this were the case.

 >And I get depressed by people who, like Mr Kelly, live at a time
 >when the world is more peaceful - yes! - and prosperous for the
 >greatest number of people at any time in its history. Yes there
 >is a lot of misery happening around the world, but we're not
 >going to even begin to tackle it if we just sit around waiting
 >for some saviours from space to turn up and "interact" with us.

Most peaceful, prosperous time in history? Peaceful and
prosperous for whom? Is it prosperous for the Tasmanian
Aboriginal whom is now extinct? Or the Native people of the
Amazon whom want nothing more than to be left alone by major oil
companies? What about all the species that are now extinct? True
it is peaceful for them, but not a very prosperous time. Only
comets impacting on the Earth have killed off more species in
one go than what has been killed off in the last 100 years by
the West.

Yes you are right it is peaceful and prosperous for some, about
30 percent of the worlds population, but that is not what I
would call a great achievement. When all creatures both great
and small are included in your equation I will agree with the
above remark, until then I will go on demanding we get our act

As for peaceful, I guess that depends on what part of the world
you are from, ask a child from a third world country how
peaceful their life is? I think many of them would disagree with
your definition of a peaceful world.

 >>Still, for some reason I hold a small glimmer of hope that one
 >>day we might raise above our evil ways, lay down our fears, put
 >>our faith in that which created us and not in weapons or money
 >>and join the rest of the Universe.

 >How about rising above our alleged evil ways through our own
 >efforts and letting the rest of the Universe just get on with
 >it's own affairs?

The problem seems to be that most planets are inhabited by races
not unlike how our planet was some 5000 years ago. Now you
cannot tell me that if some on this planet learnt about such a
planet and were able to reach it with ease, that nothing would
happen to the people of that planet?

Are you kidding, it would be a free-for-all, those poor people
wouldn't stand a chance. A flag would placed in the ground and
that planet would become the sole property of who ever it was
that got there first. This is not acceptable, we nor anyone has
the right to take advantage of a planet of people going about
their lives, just because we could go there with guns and think
we have the right to take what we want because in our eyes they
are a lesser people doesn't make it right. This is something
that has happen too often in our past and it seems to be
something that would happen in the future if we don't change
that way of thinking.

Even if we passed laws to outlaw this kind of thing happening
there would be those that would still go ahead and do it. This
is what seems too worry many outside of this solar system, which
is why their don't seem to want to take any chances of it
happening to them.

If we didn't look like we could make it into space, I don't
think they would give us a second thought, but we will be
travelling out into space a lot sooner than many people think we

 >>I did, however, argue a point with those that told me about such
 >>things as we did sort of go from horse and buggy to space travel
 >>in one hell of a short period. My argument was that perhaps we
 >>had been interfered with, lead down the path of destruction
 >>through no choice of our own.

 >Maybe we are actually quite a clever species. I know this is a
 >difficult concept for some people to grasp. Curiously, the
 >people who have this attitude tend to be the people who like in
 >the most peaceful and prosperous parts of this planet. Maybe
 >they're not busy enough trying to improve their own lives by
 >their own efforts, like people in less fortunate areas, that
 >they have time to sit around and write stuff like this.

Clever, yes so clever we use fuels that do more harm than good
even though there are other fuels we could be using. So clever
that a creature that has been living in the same area for over
400 million years is made extinct for a shopping mall before we
even know it existed. So clever we feed animals drugs to make
them fatter then we eat these animals only later to find out we
now have problems finding new drugs to treat drug restraint
viruses because of the over use of drugs in the first place.

If we are so clever than why is it that we cannot see what it is
we are doing could be wrong? Why do we think that a people
living in a rain forest is wrong and they should be living like
the rest of the West? Who says the way they live is wrong? The
way they live will ensure they live many thousands of years and
they have lived that way for many thousands of years. So who is
the more clever them or us?

I do think we are a very clever people, it is just that the
really clever ones aren't in control; it is the greedy mindless
ones that have control.

Take Rockefeller for example, he brought oil to the world, it
made him so rich. Then he had a near death experience, after
which he wanted to undo all that he had done, stop the mining of
oil and give away all of his money. His family thought he had
gone mad and had him committed, he wasn't mad he was scared,
scared for Human kind for he saw first hand during his near
death experience what lay ahead for human kind because of oil.
Most of what he saw has come true, great Wars did come about,
many species are now extinct, both human and animal. pollution
is a big problem, the world is at each other's throat.
Discussions are made on the bases of what is best for making
money, not what is best for all on this planet all because of

So yes we can be very clever, but most of the time we let the
really stupid ones make all the decisions.

 >>I guess there is nothing more to say, but goodbye 21st century,
 >>hello Armageddon. Those that know about this have themselves a
 >>space ark or is that International Space Station? Not that I
 >>think it will do them much good, since by the time the dust
 >>settles they will have spent so long in space there will be no
 >>returning to the surface anyway. Though I wish them good luck.

 >>So as Bender would say "Bring it on Baby!"

 >As Rimmer would say, "Pur-leez!"

At the end of the day I am really doing nothing more than
planting a seed for change. Well, I hope it may one day grow
into a tree that helps us understand ourselves better. We as a
race can do some very wonderful things but we can also do very
terrible things, we need to understand this about ourselves,
then look far into the future and ask ourselves are we headed in
the right direction for if not, do we need to make changes?

If we are this truly clever race many see us as, then this
shouldn't be a hard thing to achieve. I don't expect to live in
a perfect utopia, but the way we are living at the moment seems
to favour the very few, not the very many and it hardly even
includes or takes into consideration the other species we live
here on Earth with let alone other races outside of our solar
system. So I see us as needing to make some changes, am I asking
too much of my fellow Human beings?

So yes Pur-leez! if you will for I am one that is sick or being
referred to as "Those Monsters third planet from the sun, other
side of the milky way, just look for the one with all the smoke
and pollution on it."

Chris (Tophar)

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