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Nick Pope's Weird World - Dec/Jan 01/02

From: Georgina Bruni <georgina@easynet.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 12:09:46 -0000
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Subject: Nick Pope's Weird World - Dec/Jan 01/02


Announcement: Nick Pope will be talking about the Flying Saucer
Working Party on the James Whale Show, TalkSport Radio, tonight,
between 11pm and 1am.


Here's my joint December/January column. May your dreams come
true in 2002.

The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters

In last month's column I said that I'd received a copy of The
Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters, edited by Ronald
Story. This is a follow up work to The Encyclopedia of UFOs,
which Story edited in 1980, and I've now had a chance to dip
into a fair bit of this new book.

The bottom line is that this is a classic title which combines
breadth with depth and is recommended for anyone with an
interest in ufology, irrespective of whether they are new to the
subject or already knowledgeable. The book covers a lot of
ground, combining position statements from prominent ufologists
with more in-depth essays, some old and some new.

Some highlights include Eddie Bullard's balanced commentary on
abductions, Alvin Lawson's Imaginary Abductee Study essay and
Richard Haines' piece on shapes of UFOs.

The only downside to this book concerns balance. Story wrote to
various ufologists asking for their help in compiling this book,
both by providing biographical details and position statements,
and by writing on various topics. But I suspect some politics in
the choice of who gets to write about what, so the book may be a
little confusing for some.

Roger Leir writes about implants, so we get a pro ETH essay.
Bruce Maccabee covers the McMinnville photographs, whose
authenticity he supports. Conversely, we get exclusively
sceptical takes on the MJ12 documents, the alien autopsy film
and crop circles.

Hypnosis is well covered with both a 'pro' and an 'anti' essay,
but while this would be a fairer way of covering all the
subjects, it would be impractical.

On occasion I detect a slight sceptical bias, but then this is
Story's project so perhaps that's his prerogative. But it does
look a little churlish when sceptical commentaries are sometimes
inserted after key pro ETH essays, in an apparent eagerness to
have the last word.

So Bruce Maccabee's essay on Gulf Breeze is followed by a
sceptical postscript from Randall Fitzgerald, while the brief
entry concerning John Mack is followed by a lengthy piece from
Joe Nickell suggesting that Mack's abductees are fantasy prone

But no UFO book is ever going to achieve true balance, and
despite some reservations over a bias towards the psychosocial
approach (Robert Baker and Martin Kottmeyer loom large in this
book) I have no hesitation in saying that this is one of the
most important new UFO books of recent years, and is highly

Go to www.ufoencyclopediaproject.com for further details.

New Rendlesham Witnesses

The bumper November/December edition of UFO Magazine contains a
feature on a new witness to the Rendlesham Forest incident. This
witness was based at RAF Neatishead and challenges the official
line that nothing was tracked on radar.

He also alleges that radar tapes were removed shortly after the
incident. On this latter point I would urge caution.

Although such actions arouse the suspicion of conspiracy
theorists, they are actually routine in the aftermath of a
potentially significant UFO case.

While working in Sec(AS) I frequently requested that radar tapes
be impounded and sent to me, so that I could check to see
whether a visual UFO sighting was correlated by radar evidence.
So the removal of radar tapes from RAF Neatishead may simply
show that DS8, which was the predecessor of Sec(AS), was
carrying out a standard investigation.

The MOD documents recently released to Lord Hill-Norton and
Georgina Bruni tend to support this, and show that at DS8's
request, MOD radar specialists had tasked RAF Watton and RAF
Neatishead with examining their radar tapes. Coincidentally,
I've been interviewing a new witness who was based at RAF
Bentwaters at the time of the incident and has a fascinating
story to tell.

On current plans, an article based on these interviews will
appear in a future edition of UFO Magazine.

Eye Spy Magazine

Long before the terrible events of 11 September, the new British
magazine Eye Spy was running in-depth features on Usama Bin
Laden and his murderous Al Qaida terrorist organisation. It was
not surprising, therefore, that in the aftermath of the
terrorist atrocities various international distributors wanted
to sell the magazine overseas and print vast numbers of the back
issues. This had to be handled carefully, lest it looked like an
attempt to cash in on the outrages, but the fact of the matter
is that Eye Spy put Bin Laden on its front cover well before the
recent terrorist outrages.

Recent issues of the magazine dealt sensitively and
intelligently with the aftermath of 11 September. Their website:


is constantly updated with information on various intelligence
and security stories, and is worth checking out. They have
already run several world exclusives and have more in the

Alien Abductions and Rhesus Negative Blood

Irrespective of individual blood groups A, B, AB or O, the
plasma membranes of most people's red blood cells carry the
series of antigens that categorise them as Rhesus Positive.
Those without this factor are categorised as Rhesus Negative and
I've recently had discussions with other leading abduction
researchers concerning the question of whether there might be a
higher proportion of Rhesus Negative people among abductees than
in the population as a whole. The Rhesus Negative issue has
cropped up a few times with abductees I've been working with and
is something that is worthy of further study.

The Real X-Files

Hard on the heels of Georgina Bruni's scoop concerning the
release of MOD documents on the Rendlesham Forest incident, two
enterprising members of the public have stumbled upon 'DSI/JTIC
Report No. 7'. This is the 'full Intelligence study' referred to
in the Air Ministry's response to Winston Churchill's 28 July
1952 memo in which he asked 'What does all this stuff about
flying saucers amount to? What can it mean? What is the truth?
Let me have a report at your convenience'.

Although interesting from a historical point of view, this
rather quaint little piece of history reveals more about Cold
War paranoia than it does about UFOs.

Set up in October 1950 and reporting in June 1951, the study
drew heavily on USAF work done during Projects Sign and Grudge
(forerunners of Project Blue Book).

Report No. 7 was sceptical about the UFO phenomenon and
recommended no further action. Yet a few years later this
recommendation was overturned and the UK did set up a project to
research and investigate UFOs.

Unlike the Americans, the British didn't do this work under a
discrete project name. Instead, the work was done within various
secretariat divisions, which over the years have had decidedly
unglamorous names such as S6, SHF(Air), S4(Air), DS8, Sec(AS)
and now DAS.

I worked in Sec(AS) from 1991 to 1994 and wrote about my
official research and investigation into UFOs and other strange
phenomena in Open Skies, Closed Minds. In this book I give an
insight into the history, policy and politics of the Air
Ministry and the Ministry of Defence's involvement with the UFO
phenomenon, as well as lifting the lid on some of the amazing
cases that came our way over the years.

Nick Pope

Nick Pope's four books, Open Skies, Closed Minds, The Uninvited,
Operation Thunder Child and Operation Lightning Strike are
available from most good bookshops and from all the usual
Internet book sites. His British publishers are Simon &
Schuster. In America, his first two books are published in
hardback by The Overlook Press and in mass-market paperback by
Dell Publishing.

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