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Re: New Year Agenda - Stacy

From: Kevin Randle <KRandle993@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 17:36:37 EST
Fwd Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2002 02:46:44 -0500
Subject: Re: New Year Agenda - Stacy

 >Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 17:57:52 -0600
 >Subject: Re: New Year Agenda
 >From: Dennis Stacy <dstacy@texas.net>
 >To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net>

 >>From: Kevin Randle <KRandle993@aol.com>
 >>Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 09:15:49 EST
 >>Subject: Re: New Year Agenda
 >>To: ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net

 >>>Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 11:28:04 -0600
 >>>Subject: Re: New Year Agenda
 >>>From: Dennis Stacy <dstacy@texas.net>
 >>>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net>


 >>I considered writing an article about the "busted" leads which
 >>would incorporate all those people we talked to who had nothing
 >>to say, but then, really, where is the story? A witness who saw
 >>nothing, heard nothing and did nothing is not a witness.


 >Really? Depends, doesn't it? See Kimball's comments below.

Hi Dennis, List and others interested -

First, I really am engaging in way too much work avoidance here.
The novel just isn't getting written (but then I'm kinda stuck
for the moment so this isn't all bad).

Yes, it certainly depends, but then again, who wants to read
that Sergeant John Smith, an MP at Roswell said that he heard
nothing about the flying saucer crash. Sergeant Smith, as an MP,
should have been in a position to see, at the very least hear,
something, but he didn't...

Of course, at the other end of the spectrum is Major Edwin
Easley, the provost marshal who hinted that something had
happened. So, now, what do we do? Report that many people on the
base said that nothing happened? Or do we acknowledge that there
are many who saw and heard nothing and concentrate on those who
did see something. Which would be the more productive line of

So, I guess, I fully stipulate that there are hundreds of men
and women who were assigned to the base in 1947 and who knew
nothing about the retrieval, whether a weather balloon, a Mogul
balloon or a space craft.

 >>>How many other Roswell witnesses haven't been heard from because
 >>>they didn't have any tale to tell? Lorenzo was, I believe, the
 >>>second commanding medical officer at the hospital at the time.
 >>>Had bodies been brought in, he would almost undoubtedly have
 >>>been aware of them.

 >>This really makes very little sense. Roswell witnesses who had
 >>no tale to tell? What then, makes them witnesses? Yes, they
 >>might have been assigned to the base, but if not involved in the
 >>recovery (Mogul or otherwise), and they have nothing to
 >>contribute, then what should we report. I thought we had made it
 >>clear that the majority of the soldiers assigned to the base saw
 >>nothing and heard very little.

 >It makes perfect sense, Kevin. If someone wants to insert alien
 >bodies into the Roswell story, it's logical to drive them
 >through the base hospital. (Even Glenn Dennis knew that much.)
 >When someone who was at the hospital at the time says no such
 >thing happened, it makes him a witness to the counterclaim that
 >no alien bodies passed through Roswell. I don't see what's so
 >hard to understand. At the very least, it means you have to find
 >another path for the bodies. Or explain why a person in position
 >to know, in fact didn't know.

Actually, I think we can debate about whether he was in a
position to know because, according to the documentation he was
neither in a command function nor was he a doctor. He held no
position that would have required his expertise, and he
controlled no office that would have been required for anything
to happen at the base hospital. In other words, he could have
been kept out of the loop, tell us seriously and truthfully that
nothing happened, and still be wrong.

 >As Kimball put it: "The primary reason I prepared the web site
 >on Roswell was to provide what I thought was first hand
 >information as to what did NOT take place at the Base Hospital
 >in the summer of 1947."

And to split a rather fine hair here, it might be necessary to
point out that what he reported was his observations but that
they weren't all inclusive. Things could have happened at the
base hospital to which he was not privy. Given his duties and
his expertise, there really is no compelling reason for him to
have been involved in this, especially if it took place over the
July 4 weekend when most everyone would have been celebrating
the 4th. There just is no compelling reason to call in the
medical supply officer even if he was the senior captain in the

 >>I don't know what a second commanding officer might be other
 >>than an executive officer and the information I have, from both the
 >>yearbook and the telephone directory suggests that Lorenzo was
 >>neither. That doesn't negate what he says, only that he was one of
 >>many medical personnel assigned to the base in July 1947.

 >Here's how Kimball put it: "Although I was 'only' a Captain at
 >the time, it so happens I was the third ranking officer assigned
 >to the Base Hospital. The Commander was a Major - Jack Comstock,
 >we had a Lt. Col. by the name of Harold M. Warne who was our
 >Dental Surgeon. I was senior to all the Captains assigned by
 >date of rank. As I noted above my access to the base facilities
 >was anything but limited." Kimball had a Top Secret clearance.

All of which is interesting, but irrelevant to the discussion.
He was the medical supply officer which didn't put him into the
command function. That he was the senior captain at the hospital
is interesting but irrelevant. He was not a doctor. While he was
certainly assigned to the base in July, 1947, and certainly in
and out of the hospital, I will note that in 1947 (and contrary
to what Glenn Dennis would have us believe) the base hospital
was a collection of buildings scattered over a couple of acres.
It is conceivable and probably likely that what went on in one
portion of the hospital might not have been known to those in
other buildings in other areas.

And, the fact he had a top secret clearance is also irrelevant
because he would have had to establish a need to know.
Possession of a clearance does not grant access to everything
classified top secret. There were undoubtedly many top secrets
on the base that he didn't have access to because there was no
need to know.

 >>>As near as I can tell, however, Roswell investigators have yet
 >>>to beat a path to his door.

 >>So, I looked at his website and talked to him on the telephone.
 >>I followed up with additional questions and moved on. I reported
 >>what he said as it related to Jesse B. Johnson. What more would
 >>you have me do?

 >I don't know. Maybe completely reconsider or disavow the source
 >who told you (or was it Schmitt) that Johnson conducted the
 >autopsy of an alien body at the base hospital in the first
 >place? Give the late Kimball an entry in the next edition of the
 >Roswell Encyclopedia?

I was attempting not to place blame on this, but it was Schmitt
who said that Johnson was the base pathologist and he knew
because he had looked him up in the Compendium of Medical
Specialties. After Schmitt blew up, I went and looked. It was
quite clear that Johnson had been a pathologist for most of his
medical career, but it was also quite clear that he hadn't taken
the training until after he left the service, a fact Schmitt had
to know but failed to mention. This is what I reported in the
Roswell Encyclopedia and the reason that the entry is still

As for the Encyclopedia, when I submitted it, I was told to cut
80,000 words... yes, eighty thousand. Hell, that's a book in
itself, so some things I had included were left out. And no,
before you ask, there was no entry for Kimball in the original
version but only because he said nothing happened, based on his
observations and I covered what I thought needed covering in the
entry on Johnson.


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