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Roswell 'Threads'

From: Neil Morris <neil@adm1.ph.man.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 19:45:16 +0000
Fwd Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 15:19:01 -0500
Subject: Roswell 'Threads'


The following comes from RPIT member Andrew Lavoie who is not
currently an Updates subscriber but I hope will be in touch with
you shortly to subscribe. I thought the content would be of
interest to those still plugging away at the Roswell Event.

I have Andrew's ok to forward this to the List.



Hello *****,

I recently received a copy of Neil's response to you regarding
Karl's quote and some of the items Neil has pointed to regarding
the inconsistencies between the debris found in Ramey's office
and the radar target explanation. I asked Neil, if he wouldn't
mind me adding an additional response, and he indicated that you
might be interested in some of my results. I hope you don't

Before I get to far into this, I should tell you who I am. My
name is Andrew Lavoie, from New Brunswick, Canada, and I have
been working with the RPIT team for about a year and a half
analyzing the photos in conjunction with my own research on the
Roswell subject. Working in the engineering field, as an
electronic/mechanical engineering technologist, I was very
skeptical about the whole Roswell Incident and thought of it as
a myth only, that is, until I came across Neil's research.

Most engineering types are natural born skeptics anyway, and we
tend not to believe something unless we can measure it, feel it
or smell it. Well, since we don't have the actual debris in
hand, it would be difficult to analyze the debris using the
latter two methods, but not impossible to measure what we see.
You know the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words,
well a slight variation to this is that a picture can tell us a
very detailed story.

Using state of the art 3-D software, I have been successful at
measuring specific debris items in the photos. One of the items
I choose was the bottom of the stiffener attached to the panel
leaning against Dubose's knee. The reason for choosing this
piece was because I was able to obtain form Professor Moore the
exact dimensions of the stiffeners, right down to the last mm.
Using the width of the carpet strips as a reference point, it
was possible to measure the end of the stiffener.

The results of the stiffener measurement from the photo can be
best explained looking at the attached pics, which comprise of
two sketches, the drawings of which are to a scale of 1:1. Based
on Professor Moore's measurements, as indicated in Sketch #2 and
actual measurements taken from the photograph in Sketch #1, it
is very apparent that the panel with the stiffener cannot
possibly be part of a rawin target made at that period in time.

This type of photo analysis adds support to the growing body of
photo analysis by others indicating that the debris in the FW
photos does not appear to support rawin target debris. That does
not mean that the debris is from a alien space ship. It just
means that the rawin target theory is losing it's credibility.
However, as Neil has indicated, when you study the photos in
detail, there is without doubt, items in the debris which appear
to represent today's technology and not technology that existed
in 1947.

I hope this information was of interest to you, and if you wish
to respond, please do.

Best Regards,

Andrew Lavoie, CET


Images referred to can be found at:


The stiffener, as it appears in the FW images.


Andrew's comparison drawings.

Best Regards


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