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Walter Haut In His Own Words

From: Karl Pflock <Ktperehwon@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 12:46:08 EST
Fwd Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 14:58:04 -0500
Subject: Walter Haut In His Own Words

Fellow List Fiends,

Concerning the assertions being made about Walt Haut claiming to
have had some sort of contemporaneous knowledge of bodies
associated with the Roswell incident:

It's interesting that those advancing Walt as a credible "bodies
witness" seem to think we should simply take their claims about
what Walt has said in his videotaped interview with Wendy
Connors at face value. I fully understand and respect Connors'
commitment to honor Walt's request that their interview not be
made public until after his death. However, while this embargo
remains in place, any claims about what he said have no more
evidentiary substance than rumors and serve only to befog an
already befogged ufological atmosphere.

 From the standpoint of those who care about the facts and truths
of Roswell, Walt's claims should be made public while he's still
around to be questioned about them. It's more than a little
curious that those who are touting Walt's secrecy-cloaked
testimony are seeking to protect Walt from probing questions
while asserting they want every lead examined and followed and
all witnesses questioned while they're still here to question.

It's time to urge Walt to allow his videotaped interview to be
made public and make himself available for questions from
Roswell-savvy researchers from across the spectrum of belief and
hope about the case. After all, he's already permitted the
interview to be shared with certain "friendly" ufologists, and
he seems to have no qualms about discussing his story with
interested acquaintances. "Going public" will not only serve the
interests of Roswell research, but if Walt has any concerns
about retaliation from the Keepers of the Roswell Secret, he
couldn't ask for any better protection than being "out there."

Meanwhile, here's something worth considering when framing
questions for Walt: On July 11, 1990, as part of the Fund for
UFO Research's effort to gather and preserve first-person
testimony from as many Roswell personalities as possible, Fred
Whiting conducted a videotaped interview with Walt Haut. Here is
one of the exchanges that took place during this interview,
which was conducted well before Project Mogul first was
suggested as the source of the "crashed flying saucer" (quoting
from my book Roswell: Inconvenient Facts and the Will to
Believe, p. 233):

"Whiting: Did the colonel [Blanchard] say anything about this
incident shortly after General Ramey's statement? For instance,
in [a] staff meeting?

"Haut: In the next staff meeting, which was about a week
later--I believe we held them at that time every Monday--he made
some comment about our agenda, what we were going to talk about.
I believe after those comments he made some statement to the
effect, 'We sure messed p on that one last week. As a matter of
fact,' he said, 'that outfit that was sending those balloons up
were here on our station. They were from White Sands, and they
were checking the upper atmosphere winds from east to west.'"

Of course, this couldn't have occurred the week after the
incident, as Blanchard was on leave. However, the "Combined
History, 509th Bomb Group and Roswell Army Air Field, 1
September 1947 Through 30 September 1947" includes this entry
for Sept. 10: "Mr. Peoples, Mr. Hackman and First Lieutenant
Thompson from Air Materiel Command arrived on the field to
inspect Air Materiel Command installations and to confer with
Lt. Colonel Briley."

James Peoples was the Project Mogul chief scientist. LTC Briley
was the 509th's group operations officer. Clearly, Peoples and
company were at RAAF to assure that the just-renewed New York
University/Mogul operations at Alamogordo would not lead to any
further misunderstandings.

  -- Cheers,


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