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My Name Is Sue... How Do You Do?

From: Jim Mortellaro <Jsmortell@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 23:25:14 EST
Fwd Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 12:15:33 -0500
Subject: My Name Is Sue... How Do You Do?

Dear List, Errol,

On advice of counsel, I am suing everyone on this List who had
called me a name. Any name. Although I am not a litigious
person, I insist on people not calling me names. Those people
who did call me names are all jerks anyway. Probably take Hero
In and other assorted sgurds [there goes that pesky dyslexia

Once, when I was new to this List, some arrogant son of a
pelican prat called me a name. I wanted so much to sue the
bastard, but I thought better of it and decided to have him
killed instead. A-hole!

So, in conclusion, I wish to inform Msrs Old Barf, Young Blood,
Stacey Keesh, (and the person I cannot name) plus many, many
others, that my consiglieri will be in touch with them. Wanna
know who my consiglieri is? Huh? Non-other than the same man who
was consiglieri to the GodFadda. _That_ lawyer. So, you stupid
loons better not call me no names.

And in conclusion number two... this is addressed to you Mr.
Carp... Flarp .. Fleck... whathehellever... if you write posts
on this list and wanna sue me? Well, I'll have you all either
kneecapped or whacked by one of my uncles... all of whom's
members are made.

So back off numbskulls... dopes and other fools .. and no name

As for me, I shall now resort to the same silly nonsense I have
been listening to for too long, the silliness of Phrock and his
ilk... and this is purely my opinion... stay the hell off this
list of you can't take it. Otherwise, drop the litigious B.S. or
consider another venue. I know of one... it's the "Nya, Nya, I'm
gonna tell your mommy on you!" list. For babies like you.

Jim Mortellaro

Sour, pickled and pissed - I ran out of Gripple too early
tonight and the stores are closed.

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