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Re: The Roswell Debate - Mortellaro

From: Jim Mortellaro <Jsmortell@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 23:05:19 EST
Fwd Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 12:08:13 -0500
Subject: Re: The Roswell Debate - Mortellaro

 >From: Lawrence Fenwick <lawrencefenwick@interactive.rogers.com>
 >Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 12:31:40 -0500 (EST)
 >To: ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net
 >Subject: The Roswell Debate

 >As a long-time ufologist, 48 years, I am amused by the many
 >comments pro and con the reality of the Roswell case.

 >What a waste of time and energy!

Dear Larry, List and Errol,

I take exception to your position in the most severe manner. If
we adopt the same attitude as you suggest for Roswell, then
we may as well adopt the same attitude about any past event
for which there is minimal evidence. Which is to say, all the
events we speak about here.

And if my mind is functioning properly (I think it is, as there
are no drugs, booze or other substances in my body with the sole
possible exception of Prilosec, Labetalol, Provachol and Tylenol
- all of which work so hard to correct [in proper order] my
stomach acid, blood pressure, cholesterol and the pain in my
head from reading to many silly posts here)... where was I? Oh,
if my mind is working properly and you are correct about
Roswell, then we may as well cash this List in. Errol, tell
everyone UpDates is passe'. Larry thinks researching Roswell is
a waste of time. Which means so is any other gardamned event.
Any one... as they all fit the character of Roswell by Larry's

In fact, we should wait until the Government(s) tell us everything
they know about UFO's and the abduction experience. Hah!
That'll be what? When hell freezes over?

 >The only way in which we will ever resolve the debate is if the
 >U.S. government and its military and intelligence components
 >reveal the truth. Their obfuscation and disinformation tactics
 >up to the present have given us no inkling as to when, if ever,
 >this will occur.

 >The only way in which the impasse might be eliminated would be
 >Congressional hearings. Despite the well-meaning work of Dr.
 >Steven M. Greer and the Disclosure Project, Congress has not

 >All we really can do now is be patient.

Good idea. I shall give up my own research into my own perceived
experiences until someone tells me what they really are. Ah,
nope! Dead wrong. Klass, OldBarge and their ilk already did
that. It ain't nothin' but swamp gas or pelicans... black, white
or the flat ones that some stupid astronaut saw which OldBarge
thinks was pieces of pelican doodoo.


 >Some event may trigger disclosure concerning Roswell and other
 >UFO information from the government's side. Whether it takes the
 >form of Congressional hearings to do this or not, following this
 >hypothetical event, I remain hopeful that something will occur.

Me too. I hope that hell freezes over real quick. Or at least before
I croak!

 >Those who criticize Dr. Greer and his Project should take a look
 >in the mirror at what they have done as individuals. I've done
 >nothing to change the situation myself, even though I've helped
 >probe over 200 reports, including my own four sightings.

I oppose criticism of anyone who makes the attempt to make
something positive happen, even Greer. Whilst not the man for
the job, he's the only one that went out on that skinny branch
some call a limb and did his thing. You didn't. Neither did I.
And no one else I know of. We just write books and funny stories
on UpDates, which Errol is canceling at my request. Forthwith.

 >We can investigate cases and compile statistics from now until
 >Doomsday and nothing will change. Will all the data and case
 >discussion be part of an official infomation disclosure? Who
 >knows? Only group cooperation, timing, and action can make a

 >Comments about and constructive criticism of my statement are

OK. Done. See all of the above. And one more thing. Whilst I had
my tongue positioned where it often is, firmly planted in my
cheek, I do wish to say that everything I writ above... honest,
Larry, everything... I meant. In spades. What a silly bunch of
statements you made.

Unless of course, I misconscrewed the screwing... misconstrued
the spewing I just did with my trusty Li'l LiilyPuts drive
screwver. I am sure that someone will let me know if'n I did
that again. Silly me.

And again, dogs both fart and burp. I again aks that Mr. Hatcher
advise if there is anything he does to minimize either the noise
or eliminate it entirely... the burping I mean.



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