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ELFIS-Journal of Possible Paradigms 3.11.01

From: Stephen MILES Lewis <elfis@austin.rr.com>
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 23:55:55 +0000
Fwd Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 14:20:07 -0500
Subject: ELFIS-Journal of Possible Paradigms 3.11.01

ELFIS LIVES! Journal of Possible Paradigms 3/11/01


Elfis has been resurrected! What a long strange trip it's
been... and it just keeps getting stranger!

Elfis is beginning anew in an effort to fulfill its original
sub-title as a "Journal of Possible Paradigms." With this issue
of Elfis (numero 10) I've started a continuing Journal entry
series that will keep you informed of all things Elfis. There
are many exciting things happening here at the Elfis Ranch, and
you'll want to hear about every little detail. And you will HEAR
as well as see all things Elfis as we have just recently
launched our new multi-media syndicate: Radio-Free-Elfis. But
more on that in a minute.

First off, let's play catch-up since it's been so long since we
last did anything official on the site...

Way back in September of 1999, before attending the 36th annual
NUFOC in San Antonio, I posted an Elfis Hiatus message to the
web site. While at the conference I met many fans of Elfis whom
I'd never had the pleasure of meeting face to face. When
informed of the hiatus they implored me to "continue no matter
what it takes." Little did I know, that my attendance at that
strange conflagration known as the National UFO Conference would
ultimately lead to me HOSTING NUFOC 38!


Yes, you heard correctly; Elfis is hosting this year's 38th
Annual National UFO Conference here in good ole Austin, Texas.
So far it is shaping up to be one of the most unique and
memorable conferences in recent ufological history.

For more on this event scheduled for September 14-15-16 (just
one week shy of the 40th anniversary of the Betty/Barney
Hill Abduction Case) please see the official web site:


You should also visit the HISTORY section for a brief timeline
provided by none other than permanent NUFOC chairperson and
Saucer Smear Supreme Commander, James Moseley.

For future NUFOC updates please send an email request to:

Portal to Possible Paradigms
CommUnity thru Anomaly!

Elfis is fast becoming the best Anomaly Portal on the net.
Beginning in 2000, Elfis began hosting several web sites devoted
to a variety of anomalous phenomena.

You probably already knew about our hosting of the Austin
MUFON web site...


As well as the AusTex Anomalous web site...


And the Austin Remote Viewing Center site...


(Recently UpDated with New On-Line Targets for you
to GROK!)

But did you also know that we host such illustrious sites as...

The Excluded Middle magazine:

Weirdness Dissected & Decoded


EMF Interface: Health Effects Associated with
ElectroMagnetics & Beyond


And of course the aforementioned official

National UFO Conference site...


Oh, and my good friends at...

The Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies

Within a few months of attending the 36th NUFOC in San Antonio I
was lucky to encounter a local consciousness research group: the
Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies. By the
beginning of 2000 I was there official webmaster and librarian.
Since our first meeting we've moved forward with the website as
well as public meetings featuring our Director of Research, Bob
Price who has pioneered lucid dream induction research. Among
the many wonderful people populating our Board of
Directors/Board of Advisors are veteran consciousness
researchers Hal Puthoff and Stanley Krippner.

INACS is starting a distinguished speakers series this April
beginning with a lecture and workshop by Stanley Krippner:

"Finding Your Personal Myths Through Dreams and Anomalous
Healing Experiences"

For more information on INACS and the Krippner event see
the links below:





Radio-Free-Elfis will allow the Elfis Network to reach more
people in a new and engaging way. Starting in 1998 I began
making web radio appearances on a friend's show called Cartoon
Pleroma. This wonderful show hosted by Excluded Middler Robert
Larson has featured many ParaUfological luminaries such as
Terence McKenna, Michael Lindemann, Fred Alan Wolf, Paul David
Pursglove and many many others. Not long after I appeared on the
premiere show (Good Friday 1998) I offered to host the Cartoon
Pleroma audio archives within Elfis. Well it may have taken a
couple of years but its finally about to happen.

Robert Larson's


First Show: 4.10.98
Featuring SMiles Lewis
On all things Elfis!

Featuring Dr. William Cone
One of the authors of the highly controversial book, The
Abduction Enigma (with co-authors Kevin Randle & Russ Estes)
and author of Alien Rape, speaking on his work and research
with people he believes suffer from sleep paralysis but who
believe themselves to be abductees.

Guest hosted by Robert Larson & Greg Bishop
Featuring SMiles Lewis
Discussing everything from Parapsychology to Parapolitics,
Mind to UFOs

Featuring SMiles Lewis
On Dreams, Lucidity, Altered States of Consciousness,
Psychedelics, Sleep Paralysis, Out of Body/Astral Voyages,
Dream Swapping, Shared Near Death Experiences,
Parapsychology and Much More


-Terence McKenna
-Fred Alan Wolf
-Michael Lindemann
-Mack White
-David Pursglove
& Many Many More!!!

Radio-Free-Elfis has begun weekly live shows. So far all but one
of the shows has been on Monday nights around 7pm CST. The home
page for Radio-Free-Elfis which will soon feature archives of
the live show is...

Archives are here...

You can access the looping radio streams at the URL below. It
already features several past episodes of the above mentioned
Cartoon Pleroma radio show, the most recent Radio:Free:Elfis
shows as well as a multitude of "Songs about UFOs, Flying Saucer
Rock n Roll", rare interviews and much more.


First "official" show THIS MONDAY (3.12.01) featuring...
-Mack White, underground comics artist
& conspiracy researcher


-John Carter, author of Sex & Rockets:
The occult world of Jack Parsons


Continuing to chart the ECCO of VALIS!

Its been well over a year since I last updated my database of
what books, magazines and research papers I've accumulated here
in the AusTex Anomaly Archives. At last count I had over 500
ufo/mind/parapsychology books. Now, after initial counts, it
lookes like I've added over 200 books.

Though these most recent additions haven't yet been added to the
online listings you can still take a peek to see what was
already in our archive.



This is our new message board community which I hope will begin
to take off with conversation very soon.

But we need your help. Visit the url below often and add your
thoughts on any of the areas ELFIS covers: from strict
Ufological pursuits to Parapsychological research to Mind
Kontrol rumors and beyond.


Well, that's it for now. That should be enough to keep you
busy for a while..

More content is coming soon the the Elfis Network.
So stay tuned!