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Re: Dr. Eric Walker & MJ-12 - Rudiak

From: David Rudiak <DRudiak@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 14:31:45 EDT
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Subject: Re: Dr. Eric Walker & MJ-12 - Rudiak

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 >>>From: David Rudiak <DRudiak@aol.com>
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 >>>Walker at one point admitted to going to the
 >>>crash site on Dec. 9 along with two off-duty military people.
 >>>Walker was then with the Institute for Defense Analysis.
 >>>Walker's daughter also remembers him being suddenly called out
 >>>there, though my memory on the details of this are very

 >>"Off-duty" suggests that the military people had _not_ been
 >>"called out", but were just there for the fun of it, after
 >>hearing the bizarre PR screw-up about this fruitless search on
 >>the radio. Probably Walker was also there on his own, at the
 >>time he was on the Engineering faculty of either Penn State or
 >>the University of Pittsburg, I forget which.

 >At the time Walker was President at Penn State University. Also
 >Chairman of the Board at the Institute for Defense Analysis. In
 >fact he gave the commencement address the morning after he
 >attended the crash. Kecksburg was 100 miles as the crow flies
 >from the University.

 >Walker had his own pilot's license and plane at Penn State. He
 >could have been in the air minutes after a phone call.

Grant, I think this tells us that Walker had more than just an
idle curiousity about UFOs. Your MUFON monograph mentions one
biography of Walker calling him one of the busiest men in
America, not somebody to travel 100+ miles in the middle of the
night with at least two others "just for the fun of it", as Bob
Young puts it.

 >Walker also mentioned the unofficial nature of people working on
 >the UFO problem in connection with communication attempts with
 >the aliens. Is was clear he meant unofficial - therefore no
 >records, and a secondary system of investigating.

While trying to dig up more info on this, I rummaged through
Leonard Stringfield's Status Reports, and came across this
report by you on Walker, included in Stringfield's Status Report
VI. It includes yet another conversation by Armen Victorian (AKA
Henry Azadehdel) with Walker dated May 30, 1991. In this
conversation, Walker admits to going out to Kecksburg:

AV Doctor, I want to ask you about something that might not have
anything to do with UFOs. Would you mind me asking you?

EW: What is that?

AV: Doctor, it is about an incident which happened in the
mid-60's. To be precise, on December 9, 1965, in Kecksburg. It
was one could say, almost in your back garden. could you tell me
something about it?

EW: What about it?

AV: Well, what did you find out about it?

EW: You still have not given up. ... Well, we went there.

AV: With the military?

EW: Well, you see, two were from the military, but not on duty.

AV: How about the others?

EW: He was a fellow colleague of mine.

AV: what did you find? Was it a -- I know you are not going to
like the word, but, was it a UFO?

EW: I cannot comment on that. I cannot tell you.

AV: Were you there for long?

EW: Why?

AV: Well, curiosity. I thought, maybe, there was a purpose in
the sense of -- maybe, preparing a report, or taking some notes.

EW: We did not prepare any reports.

Then there was the following commentary from Azedehdel:

"Based upon my previous conversations with him, I would say, he
has not changed at all. He did not give any solid piece of
information to confirm the fact that a UFO did come down in
Kecksburg... I could say that it was his way of telling me,
without putting himself in any jeopardy."

 >Scott may correct me, but I don't believe his daughter was ever
 >involved. Scott questioned the son, a medical doctor, but me
 >knew nothing.

Walker did have a daughter, but working from memory I may have
gotten the story confused with the following anecdote in
Stringfield's Status Report VII, based on a report by Stan

"One firsthand witness that I have interviewed a number of
times, lived a military life as a child. Her father was a high
ranking officer and apparently was directly involved with the
investigation of UFO crash retrievals. Her family had been
visiting in Pennsylvania at the time of the Kecksburg crash. She
was standing next to her father, when he received the phone call
about the incident, and was being given directions how to get to
Kecksburg. He quickly ran upstairs in his civilian colothes, and
soon came down in his dress blues, then quickly left the

David Rudiak