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Ashtabula, Ohio Sightings & Videotape

From: Kenny Young <ufo@fuse.net>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 01:33:48 -0500
Fwd Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 07:19:37 -0500
Subject: Ashtabula, Ohio Sightings & Videotape

The sighting of an unusual aircraft was said to have taken place
in Ashtabula, Ohio and a videotape was offered to WICU-TV 12, an
NBC affiliate in Erie, PA., to support the claim.

Mr. Douglas J. Hagmann, president of a licensed private
investigative service based in Erie, PA., reports that the UFO
claim and videotape was televised on a November 8, 2000

Hagmann has a healthy but skeptical interest in UFOs, and
informed that two recent news articles regarding UFOs have
appeared in the [Ashtabula] Star Beacon newspaper. The first
article, not yet available for online review, mentions the
recent sighting from Ashtabula, Ohio. A second article, enclosed
below, is a generic report addressing the UFO topic. Hagmann
contacted the primary witness and interviewed her for 40-minutes
on Thursday, November 9. The witness, he felt, seemed frightened
by the experience.

According to the investigator, the witness has denied ever being
institutionalized or taking medication. She is a 42-year old
Caucasian, married with 2-children. She obtained video footage
of a suspected UFO on three separate occasions: Tuesday, October
17, Saturday, October 21 and Tuesday, November 7.

"I will reserve judgment on details of this case," Hagmann said
for this report, "but the best evidence will be in the video

The witness obtained the video footage using a $1,200.00 Sony
digital camcorder purchased within last 12-months.

During the first sighting on Oct. 17, the witness was waiting up
late for her daughter to get home from work. As she looked
outside, she saw an unusual aircraft described as a cylindrical
object that was black or dark. The object was also described as
silver, depending upon where it was in relation to the

On videotape, this claimant reports to have also captured a
colored 'ball of energy' that changes color from purple to blue
as it traverses and area across her backyard.

After the event of October 17, the witness began regularly
looking into the sky at night. On October 21, another sighting
was alleged and a videotape was produced. Captured on video and
televised on WICU TV-12 in Erie, PA., an object is said to move
rapidly behind the branch of a tree. This night-time video,
which was taken without the use of a tripod, allows the viewer
to discern a tree in the foreground, providing some frame of
reference for the unusual movements said associated with the
suspected UFO.

Two additional television stations, Channel 3 [WKYC] and Channel
5 [WEWS], both of Cleveland, Ohio, were said to have been
dispatched to the home of the claimant. One television crew
aimed a camera at her television as she played the tape for
them, the other television crew connected their recording
equipment directly to the output of her camcorder, giving them a
copy with greater clarity. At this time, it is not known what
circumstances warranted the dispatch of rival TV reporters and
production crews to the home of the witness.

After the articles appeared in the Star Beacon newspaper, the
witness was visited on November 8 by a 72-year old woman who
also said that she 'saw the same thing.'

The primary witness claims a previous UFO sighting when she was
9-years old, describing the observation of a 'ferris wheel' with
lights seen in the skies above Ashtabula, Ohio. Since the
sighting, she has had an interest in the UFO subject.

This information is held under continued consideration by Doug
Hagmann, a multi-state investigator who has headquarters in
Northwest Pennsylvania. We thank him for his permission to
release the information for this report.


Northeastern Ohio has recently been victimized by a series of
aerial irregularities reported from various sections. On
September 19 at 12:15 p.m., a Mr. Rodney Happney advised 9-1-1
dispatchers of an unusual formation of 6-objects held under
observation by a crowd of 30-people near Salt Springs Road in
Girard, Ohio. For details of this report,

A midnight encounter with a UFO along Route 11 between East
Liverpool and Ashtabula, Ohio on Saturday night, July 22 was
reported to the Ashtabula County State Highway Patrol office by
three motorists who claimed to have been frightened by numerous
red lights that paced their car. For details of this report,
see: http://home.fuse.net/ufo/Ashtabula2.html

November 10, 2000
Kenny Young

Newspaper reference:

UFOs: A fixture in Ohio's skies
Tales of unknown abound in area

Staff Writer

It's a dark clear night. The stars are laid out in a pattern
across the sky, sparkling like jewels against the blackness of

If it's a clear and dark enough night - preferably during a new
moon or before Earth's sister planet rises into the sky - you
might even see some of those stars move, tiny lights flashing,
as they make their way across the planetarium of the night. Many
are airplanes, taking passengers on their way across the country
or the world to distant destinations. But many believe these
tiny lights might also be travelers from a more distant realm,
maybe even from other planets.

Exactly what is a UFO?

That question has fascinated and frightened Americans for many
years, with such stories as aliens crashing in Roswell, N.M.,
alien abductions and close encounters of any kind.

Movies have played on those fears, with Martians invading in
"War of the Worlds," aliens demanding Earth's surrender in
"Earth vs. the Flying Saucers," creatures using human hosts to
bear their children in "Aliens" and monstrous goo from a meteor
eating everyone in its path in "The Blob."

Of course, there are the more cerebral offerings of outer space
beings, such as Michael Rennie's compassionate Klatu in "The Day
the Earth Stood Still" accompanied by the fearsome robot
policeman, Gort. The movie was an undisguised protest of the
misuse of nuclear weapons and what the consequences might be.

Even 'Star Trek', Gene Rodenberry's vision of a utopian future
for mankind in space, still has its Klingons, Romulans and the
hideous half-human, half-machine Borg.

"Men in Black" even went so far as acknowledging aliens on
earth, but the organization worked to prevent the world from
knowing the truth because of the panic that would ensue.

That's just a tip of the iceberg of human imagination when it
comes to outer space.

What are people seeing when they make a report of a UFO?

In recent months, the National UFO Reporting Center, on the
Internet at nuforc.ufoarchive.com, has listed a number of
sightings in Ohio, with one of the most recent coming from
Conneaut on Sept. 19. Witnesses reported a bright light changing
course as it moved across the sky at great speed.

Another sighting in mid-July had multiple red lights traveling
north near Route 11 at great speed. Witnesses said they followed
the lights for 40 miles between East Liverpool and Ashtabula.
Statements said the sightings were reported to the "Ashtabula
County State Highway Patrol" office, but officials at the Ohio
Highway Patrol office in Saybrook as well as the county sheriff's
department deny any knowledge of the report.

Still another area sighting took place July 15 in Madison, when
a cigar-shaped object was reported to have streaked across the
sky at a high rate of speed.

There also are a number of historic reports that have been
related in these pages from the past few decades. One of the
best known of the incidents was the Great Meteor of 1966 that
appeared in the night sky in September of that year. A huge
fireball was seen across much of the eastern United States and
Canada. It was bright enough to "turn night into day" for a few
minutes. Pieces of the object reportedly fell into a field near
Marion, Ind., and in Huntsville, Ontario, 120 miles north of
Toronto. The image was so vivid that some callers told the U.S.
Coast Guard station in Ashtabula that a lake freighter was on

While this object had a reasonable explanation, other area
sightings do not. An object was reported to have buzzed the
Geneva area in May 1964, prompting a frantic call from a driver
to the OHP. The driver said the object was hidden in the bushes
on the south side of Interstate 90 and was described as big as a
tractor-trailer and bright orange. The object hovered about
eight feet of the ground before zooming skyward to a height of
300 to 400 feet.

Yet, many of these sightings are officially denied, or at least
ignored by most officials. The Air Force's policy over the years
has been to deny the existence of extraterrestrial vehicles,
giving such explanations as swamp gas, weather balloons, hoaxes
or mistaken conventional craft.

However, a recent edition of Popular Mechanics reported
uncovering government documents about a nuclear-powered vehicle
that might be another explanation. The saucer-shaped craft would
be launched into space and carry nuclear weapons to attack the
Soviet Union should war become a reality. Artists renditions of
the craft lend credence to many of the "saucer" sightings in
recent years.

Extraterrestrial or military weapons?

Who knows for sure?

End of article
      U F O   R e s e a r c h

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