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UpDate: Re: Velez, Andrus And Carpenter - Hammond

From: Elizabeth Hammond <lizzz@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2000 01:47:38 -0400
Fwd Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2000 10:39:25 -0400
Subject: UpDate: Re: Velez, Andrus And Carpenter - Hammond 

 >Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 17:25:40 -0400
 >From: Liz Hammond,lizzz@worldnet.att.net
 >Subject: Velez, Andrus And Carpenter
 >To: updates@sympatico.ca

 >Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 17:25:40 -0400
 >From: John Velez <jvif@spacelab.net>
 >Subject: Velez, Andrus And Carpenter
 >To: updates@sympatico.ca

 >Hello All,

 >I spoke with Walt Andrus (who is the head of MUFON) today.
 >(Weds. 7/5/00) To make a long story short, he _confirmed_ the
 >fact that John Carpenter did in fact _sell_abductee_files to
 >Robert Bigelow for an undisclosed amount of money.

 >He was quick to add that, "all of the names, addresses, and
 >other identifying information of the abductees had been blacked
 >out" and that, "the files that were sold were from John
 >Carpenters own personal case files." Part of the verbatim
 >conversation went as follows:


 >JV-  = me

 >WA-  = Walt Andrus

 >I introduced myself:

 >JV- Walt, what can you tell me about this business involving
 >John Carpenter having sold abductee files to Robert Bigelow? Is
 >there any truth to any of that?

 >WA- It's true, John did sell some files to Bigelow. I understand
 >that his wife (name 1) had provided (name 2 deleted) with this
 >information. Which (name 2) subsequently posted on a webpage
 >(along with the names of the abductees involved.)  She (name 2)
 >eventually took the webpage down after only two days. We're
 >still trying to find out if it was (name 2).

 >JV- Were any of the files that were sold taken from the MUFON
 >Databank? Those files represent contributions from several

 >WA- No, they were his own personal files. The names, addresses,
 >and other identifying information on the files that were sold
 >had been blacked out of course. It was a private transaction.

 >(*The reason I asked this question is because John Carpenter was
 >in charge of gathering material for the MUFON databank at the
 >time this transaction transpired. I'd think it is incumbent upon
 >anyone investigating this matter to _make_sure_ that no files
 >from the _databank_, donated by contributing, independent
 >researchers, had been sold along with Mr. Carpenter's "personal"
 >case files. The 'source material' of the files that were sold
 >becomes of paramount importance in light of Mr. Carpenter's role
 >as head of the MUFON Databank Project. --JV)

 >JV- Are you planning to investigate this?

 >WA- We are currently looking into this. I am waiting for some
 >additional information to arrive so that we can complete our own
 >investigation. We have the FBI helping us too!

 >JV- (Shocked and a bit tongue tied at the comment) The FBI,
 >that's great!


 >Walter seemed to get 'uncomfortable' at this point in the
 >conversation and said to me; "I don't know why I should say
 >anything further to you, I don't know you from Adam."

 >It was almost comical. It was like he suddenly realized that
 >he was confiding in (spilling his guts) to a complete stranger!
 >He then rapidly proceeded to dismiss me, excuse himself, and
 >he summarily hung up the phone. All in one breath/huff.

 >I did mention during my introduction that I was making inquiries
 >on bahalf of, (and that I would be reporting our conversation
 >to) an Internet list. It may have suddenly dawned on him that
 >for all intents and purposes he was talking to the 'media'!
 ><LOL>I was fortunate to catch him with his knickers down around
 >his ankles like that. Otherwise he would have blown me off the
 >phone immediately and I wouldn't have gotten squat in terms of
 >hard answers and information.

 >The bottom line is:

 >I now have confirmation (from three reliable sources) that this
 >transaction (abductee files for cash) took place. My 'sources'
 >are; one of the abductees whose file was sold, a major (and well
 >known) abduction researcher/author, and now Walt Andrus, the
 >'Head' of MUFON.

 >As far as I'm concerned it's 'official.' Abduction experiencers
 >should look out for _themselves_ before reporting to anyone.
 >It's a matter of self-defense.


 >To All Abductees: Make absolutely sure to secure written and
 >signed assurances that your privacy and anonymity will be
 >protected and maintained when contacting -any- abduction
 >researcher. An honest and ethical researcher will have no
 >problem providing and signing that type of an agreement.



Dear John:

First, my thanks, and all abductees thanks, for putting yourself
on the line this way. I feel totally nauseaus just reading this.
I can only imagine how you must feel. Even though I had already
learned who the culprits were, I cannot stop myself from crying,
seeing it in print like this!

We are just never safe, are we? So many of us, lost so much of
our lives, all of our innocence, any hope of just being as
normal as the guy next door. And now this? Freindly fire,
indeed. I feel nuked!  I'd like to know where that bastard

I'm too upset, and shouldn't be writing now. Post it and it
haunts you forever, right! I'll just say thanks again, and leave
all this for the morning, when I may (I doubt) be calmer!