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Re: 60% of Abductees Are Gay - Randle & Estes

From: Stephen Miles Lewis <elfis@austin.rr.com>
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Subject: Re: 60% of Abductees Are Gay - Randle & Estes

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 >From: John Velez <jvif@spacelab.net>
 >Subject: Re: 60% of Abductees Are Gay - Randle & Estes
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 >>>Subject: 60% of Abductees Are Gay - Randle & Estes
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Howdy John, Mark, Bob & all...


 >Hi Mark, hi Bob, hi All,

 >I'd just like to try to 'tie in' this conversation to the
 >original subject of this thread which is Randle & Estes'
 >outrageous claim that "60% of Abductees Are Gay." They claim to
 >have arrived at those figures by conducting some kind of
 >"abductee" survey/poll which no one seems to be questioning.

Information on the "survey" is available in their book _The
Abduction Enigma_ by Kevin D. Randle, Russ Estes, and William P.
Cone, Ph.D.

We know from your past posts that you do not have a copy.
Therefore I have taken it upon myself to take up my copy, which
I have not read until now, and cursorily examine it for relevant

     ...from the index:
     Bisexuality, 100. See also Sexual identity problems

     Childhood sexual abuse, 290

     Gay women, 292

     Homosexuality, 100-1, 292

     Sexual activities, 8, 91-101
     Sexual dysfunction, 101
     Sexual identity problems, 244, 290, 292
     Sexual repression, 301

     Velez, John, 57
[not relevant to topic but a pleasant referance]

... relevant quotes below....

 >The 'silence' from the Randle/Estes camp has been deafening! I
 >have asked repeatedly for information regarding 'how' this
 >"poll" was conducted, what _criteria_ was used to either include
 >or exclude a respondant, and then to find out _how_many_ alleged
 >"abductees" they polled. (The whole thing is a circular joke.
 >How do you 'poll' something you are claiming doesn't exist! -
 >UFO abduction victims -)

 >No response from Randle or his 'tag team' partner Russ Estes on
 >these all-important questions.

 >The fact that the statistic has been 'put out to the public'
 >without equal disclosure provided for the 'methods' used to
 >arrive at it, is an outrage and just plain sloppy (amateurish)
 >science. I like Stan Friedman's little 'tagger' "Science by
 >decree!" That's exactly what Randle and Estes are doing by
 >putting out a stat like that with no background info on how it
 >was arrived at.

To address the specifics of how Randle, Estes & Cone handled
their study:

p. 91 - Chapter 5 - The Sexual Component of Alien Abduction

"In the process of interviewing over a hundred people who claim
to be abductees, it has become painfully clear that sexuality is
a major part of abduction. A vast majority of the abductees felt
that the experience went well beyond reproductive curiosity and
smack dab into lusty sex.

p. 98 - same chapter

In setting up our protocols for the interview process, we added
questions on blatant sexuality, such as, 'Was there any physical
contact? Was there actual penetration? How has this affected
your earthbound sex life? What was the gender of the alien
beings? How has this experience affected your ability to
maintain relationships? What do you remember about your family
life as you were growing up?'

With few exceptions nearly all of the people interviewed claimed
to be from dysfunctional families. The majority claimed that
human relationships were very difficult for them and that their
sex life was impaired in some way due to the alien contact.
Another interesting point is that nearly all of the people we
interviewed claimed that they were either sexually penetrated or
forced to sexually penetrate an alien creature. Women reported
intense orgasms with the aliens. Some even claimed that they
could no longer achieve orgasm with a human partner.

The men had totally the opposite reaction to alien sex. Most of
them reported that a female alien mounted them. They couldn't
understand how they achieved an erection under the stressful
circumstances, but they did. All of them reported that the sex
was completed but without the pleasant sensations of orgasm.

p. 99 - same chapter

A very interesting fact about the interviews we conducted is
that when the people were asked if it would be all right to talk
about the personal and sexual aspects of their abductions, each
and every one of them said yes.

On one occasion we were interviewing a male abductee on camera.
Also present were about eight other members of an abduction
support group and the abduction researcher/hypnotherapist. The
gentleman that we were interviewing was so open about his sexual
preferance, homosexuality, that the researcher who had been
working with him for over two years was shocked. She was hearing
things about his sexuality and sexual orientation of which she
had no knowledge.

p. 100 - same chapter

Nearly every person that we interviewed was a long-term abductee
who had been interviewed many times by many different people. We
were told that the only interest other researchers had in the
sexual aspect of abduction was in reproductive experiments. If
any of the other researchers would have walked that highly
personal path they might have found that a higher than average
number of abductees were either homosexual, hypersexual, or

A very high percentage of both the male and female abductees
that we interviewed openly stated a sexual preferance of
homosexuality or bisexuality. An equally high number were
hypersexual and highly promiscuous in their human sex lives. Of
the remaining abductees at least half of them claimed that they
had no sex drive whatsoever. That leaves us with a low number of
abductees who claim to have what would be considered a normal
sex life. Of course, defining normal in any society would be a
tough call.

None of the people who we interviewed said that the alien
abduction had any affect on their sexual preferance. All of the
poeple who were interviewed said that it did have an impact on
their ability, or their inability, to nurture human

p. 292 - Chapter 19 - Recovered Memories

Biochemical factors that contribute to sexual identity could
also be a factor in identity confusion and confabulation. This
is supported by Shaeffer's observation that gay women are
overrepresented in the MPD population. It has also been noted by
a number of researchers that gay men and women are
over-whelmingly represented in the abduction population. One
estimate suggests that as many as 60 percent of those claiming
abduction are also gay.


 >Anybody want to field this?

 >John Velez,
 >- Tired of having important issues swept under the rug. -

The previous post is not meant as endorsement of the findings
nor the methods. However I think this is yet another valuable
area for dialogue on the under-explored subject of ...

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