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The Current Mrs. Carpenter Speaks Out

From: Jim Mortellaro <Jsmortell@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 00:51:32 -0400 (EDT)
Fwd Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 09:32:26 -0400
Subject: The Current Mrs. Carpenter Speaks Out

Evil is the lack of empathy. This lady's got
lots and lots of empathy.

Jim Mortellaro

This is Mrs. John (Debra) Carpenter. I have just read a letter
written by Larry W. Bryant, the MUFON Director of Governmental
Affairs, wheren he discusses the "Carpenter Affair." I have
retrieved Mr. Bryant's letter to the Members of the Executive
Committee of MUFON from my home computer, along with all other
addresses for which this message is copied.

Let me tell you good, kind people of MUFON something. In my four
years of knowing my husband, he has never once, in all the time
I've known him, done, purported to have done, agreed to take
part in, or otherwise taken part, in any way, shape or form, the
selling of abductee's names to anyone else, for any purpose, nor
have confidential files been released! These rumors are
completely out of hand, and I want them to stop at this
immediate juncture!!! John's whole purpose of being in the field
of UFOlogy, since he was some 11 years old, has been to gain
knowledge in this field and to share with others what knowledge
he has gained. What Mr. Bryant refers to as the "Carpenter
Affair" is nothing more than something started by his ex-wife,
Elizabeth, in her scorn over their divorce and his marriage to
ME. Have any of you not heard that, "Hell hath no fury like a
woman scorned?" That goes for me, too, I might add! My husband,
John Carpenter, chose not to share any of this with me, but it
has been haunting him for some time, and after just tonight
discovering Larry W. Bryant's letter to the Members of the
Executive Committee of MUFON, I am compelled to stand beside my
husband before all of you!

I am here to advise Mr. Bryant, and anyone else who has defamed
my husband's name over the internet, of the following: For one,
I have contacted some of the best attorneys in this country
regarding federal laws dealing with the unprecedented slander
against my husband in what Mr. Bryant refers to as the
"Carpenter Affair." I have the names of several of you in this
most respected MUFON organization,who have copied, printed,
reprinted, questioned, misappropriately forwarded, and in
general, repeated, forwarded, or recopied or reprinted anything
about this issue. I am now prepared to launch an all-out federal
lawsuit against all of you. No one, and I mean NO ONE, has given
more of their heart and soul into the issue of alien abduction
than Mr. John Carpenter. I will tell you this. This whole
outlandish story was begun by his ex-wife, Elizabeth (Carpenter)
Chavez, whereby she rounded up several individuals and contacted
attorneys in Kansas City to support a BOGUS suit against John,
in her efforts to "ruin" him, and I have that in writing. So
aren't you all just a little ashamed of yourselves? These
lawyers have proven that there is absolutely no merit behind
these most outrageous accusations, and they have shrugged it
off. It's not worth their time, so why is it worth so much of

I demand that a formal apology be given to John, and if any of
you have any common sense whatsoever, you will drop this matter
in its entirety, thank the Good Lord that you have the
opportunity to have someone as good as John Carpenter in your
organization, and I ask the good Lord to forgive those of you
who have fallen prey to those in the snakes' den who started
this whole mess! I have in writing a copy of a letter from
someone who started the "Carpenter Affair", that she would make
a great deal of money from a suit against John, and that is
their ultimate goal here. The comment was something to the
effect of, Wow, let's add another name here and we can really
make some money on this lawsuit!

I live with John every day. I know what agony this whole thing
has caused him. Abductees and others are welcome to call our
home, now and forever more, because he devotes literally hours
and hours to this most beloved field in which we all share some
common goals. One researcher who was supposedly a friend advised
John over the phone, "I'm sorry, but being seen with you would
hurt my reputation." This person should be so ashamed of
herself! If any of you want to know the real scoop, I would
suggest that you STOP this character assassination of my husband
among this organization to which he has contributed so very much
(all for free, I might add!) Where are all of you to stand
beside us when we tell you right from wrong? Mr. Bryant, what do
you expect to get out of this verbal crucifixtion of my
husband?? Is there a Christian in the whole lot of you? You are
spreading unfounded hearsay from a bunch of money-hungry hate
mongers who saw an opportunity to make some real money at the
expense of the man I love with my whole heart! Those involved
should all be so ashamed of yourselves.

To you, Mr. Larry Bryant, the best way, as you stated in your
letter, "to resore the public's confidence in the purpose,
operation, management, and integrity of (MUFON), " would be to
gather your wits about you, and learn the whole facts before you
wrongfully accuse my husband of improprieties which were not
committed! Venue for a slander suit is here in the State of
Missouri, and I have contacted the most prominent attorneys in
this state regarding false accusations and slander against my

I have obtained copies of some of the most hateful, bitter, sad,
and entirely FALSE remarks made about John throughout this whole
incident. Those of you responsible are no better than toddlers
who heard some gossip and spilled your milk all over your high

I know the TRUTH of this matter, and I know all the parties
responsible, and I am preparing to take immediate action. I have
the greatest respect for those who know my husband, and
therefore know John wouldn't commit this impropriety for which
he has been accused. My love, respect, and highest regard for
those of you, both men and ladies, who have stood by us through
this disaster. We know who our friends are. The only reputation
you are hurting, Mr. Bryant, is your own. I was taught to judge
a man by the content of his character, and you letter certainly
explains your character to me.

I will stand by my husband come hell or high water, because I
know the truth of this matter, I believe that it was started by
a scorned ex-wife, and if any of you have the courage to
approach ME with this issue, I gladly invite you to do so. How
dare you criticize John in this fashion. He has devoted nothing
but his heart and soul for these abductees, and MUFON, and for
the field of UFO research for these past 34 years!

I, for one, am ready to bring any of these accusations against
my husband to a screeching halt, and unless you can come up with
one shred, one iota, of evidence which proves something which
our lawyers have been unable to come up with, then you had best
keep your comments and slanderous remarks to yourself. And o
those of you who have spread these evil, vicious, and slanderous
remarks, please feel free to contact me at your earliest
convenience! I am prepared to forward YOUR names to federal
officials unless this matter is dropped immediately.

I know what a fine person John is, how this has hurt him, and
how it has made our family heartsick. Don't you people think
before you forward this trash, do you think about the
consequences of spreading false rumors? Or have you not reached
that level of maturity at this stage in your lives? John
Carpenter has helped far more people in the UFO field, and
harmed no one. Those of you who are taking part in this slander
against my husband will have to meet your Maker someday. Please
forward any more of this nonsense to me, as it upsets me and my
family greatly! Shame on you who know so little, yet are so
eager to criticize before you know the facts!

I ask for continued respect for John, apologies from those of
you who owe them, and our Lord's blessings for all of you.

      Mrs. John (Debra) Carpenter
Well said, Mrs. C.

Jim Mortellaro

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