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UpDate: Re: John Carpenter - Apathy And The Damage Done -

From: Katherine Hubbell <C8tlin@compuserve.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 13:23:34 -0400
Fwd Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 21:01:26 -0400
Subject: UpDate: Re: John Carpenter - Apathy And The Damage Done -

 >Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 04:12:12 -0400
 >From: John Velez <jvif@spacelab.net>
 >Subject: John Carpenter - Apathy And The Damage Done
 >To: updates@sympatico.ca

Greetings John,

 >Well it's been over a month and not one of the major abduction
 >researchers has stepped forward to comment or to express their
 >views on the matter of client/witness/abductee rights. The
 >apathy and silence on this issue is profound. Not just on the
 >part of Hopkins, Jacobs, Mack and the others but on the part of
 >the UFO "community" in general.

It all boils down to money, John. How many of those researchers
have had projects funded by NIDS? What irks me are the so-called
_advocates_ who claim to have the best interest of abductees at
heart. Their advocacy doesn't amount to a hill of beans because
they've maintained their silence. As with John Carpenter, Robert
Bigelow and all the others involved in this sordid little
affair, they cannot be trusted either.


 >Apathy is a poison that rots 'communities' of people from the
 >>inside out. It is the "cancer" of groups and communities that
 >have come together for any purpose. It rots the soul of the
 >individual as well.

This _poison_ didn't just spring up with this incident. It's
been there all along, waiting to come into the light.  Apathy
can exist only if there is no conscience.


 >140 abductees are being treated like they don't deserve the time
 >of day by the man they went to for help and counselling. And now
 >by their peers. No one cares. Not the researchers, not the
 >organized UFO groups, not even individuals that are interested
 >in the subject.

Wrong. I care.

 >All that is served in the end is the maintenance
 >of the status quo. That's ok if you're happy with the current
 >state of affairs in ufology.

I'm not. Never have been.

 >In that case all you need do is simply to keep your mouth
 >shut when you catch somebody with their hand in the cookie
 >jar, and you go along and get along.

It's not going to happen. Carpenter et. al. are out of cookies.
They know it. You know it. I know it. Everyone reading these
posts know it. Carpenter claimed he was on our side. He proved
he wasn't. Trust is gone. Period.


I got busy yesterday and started asking questions about the
legality of Carpenter's actions. The phone book is an amazing
reference book. Did you know that most libraries carry telephone
books for various cities around the country? Did you know that
there's something called the 'Department of Health, Health
Professionals Quality Assurance Division'? Amazing little
department that is. <G>


 >Question: So, who gets screwed in the end?


 >Answer: The abductees of course!

Not really. We just got caught in the fallout.

 >And who cares?

I do.

 >Well I do for one. I don't care if I have to do this alone.

You're not alone.


 >I don't need no stinking army! :)

You have one anyway. Being Scorpio, I tend to get furious and
then get busy. This isn't over, John. Not by a long shot.

 >Carpenter needs to know that there _is_ a social and hopefully a
 >professional price to be paid for such an abuse of client trust
 >and lapse of ethical behavior. There is simply _no_ defense or
 >justification for not consulting those 140 individuals before he
 >sold their reports. If he is relying on the short memory of the
 >public, or people with short attention spans to get bored and
 >move on to something else and forget him, and those abductees,
 >he's dead wrong.

Do you have any idea how many UFO groups are out there? I'm
finding out. Every single one of them will be notified if it
takes me to the year 3001 to do it.

 >Damn the researchers for remaining quiet. And by their silence
 >condoning the treatment these abductees received at the hands of
 >John Carpenter. Damn everybody who feels outraged at this kind
 >of treatment of witnesses and who also remain silent. If ufology
 >sux it's because _you_ don't do or say anything when you really
 >need to!

Yep, that just about sums things up, John.

 >Your continued silence on this serious issue guarantees that it
 >will be repeated in the future. More people will be hurt, used,
 >and discarded at the whim of those in a position to do so and
 >whose personal ethics allow for such behavior.

I have to laugh. "Personal ethics" is an oxymoron when used in
reference to this scandal.

 >To all the apathetic members of the UFO community I say, "you
 >deserve exactly whatever you get!"

And to abductees everywhere, If you don't stand up and fight for
what's right, the apathy the UFO community has exhibited in this
scandal will continue to reign. Stop and think for just a minute
and remember how difficult it is to lead a normal life while
dealing with your experiences. We still have to take the trash
to the curb every week so let's take the trash to the curb and
not by boycotting. In my opinion that accomplishes nothing.
Let's do it calmly, rationally, legally. If one doesn't stand up
and fight for their own civil rights, no one else will either.


 >Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Jacobs, Dr. Mack, Mr. Fowler, Ms. Smith shame
 >on you _all_ for your continued silence on this important issue.
 >Shame on all of you who are keeping silent.

 >Apathy kills!

Yeah, that's it in a nutshell.



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