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From: Stephen Lewis <stephen.lewis@tsl.state.tx.us>
Date: 30 Aug 1999 15:10:06 -0500
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Subject: ELFIS ISSUE 9 UpDated

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Howdy UFO UpDates & ELFIS eListers,

     Hello from Austin, Tejas. What a month! Recently moved my
home and office and so have been struggling to get the latest
updates uploaded to www.elfis.net

     This installment features a hefty contribution from Yankee
Oracle and magickal ufologist Eugenia Macer-Story. Macer-Story is
an author, researcher, psychic sensitive, entertainer and more.
Her PSI-UFO related works have appeared in resources as varied as
The MUFON Journal, Magonia, Alternate Perceptions and other zines.
She has published several books which explore in-depth the
paraufological aspects uncovered through her psisensitive talents.

     In her latest work featured in this ELFIS installment she
reports on the strange goings on at the X-Symposium hosted by
X-Zone radio show host Rob McConnell. Macer-Story provides us
with this "Gazetteer of Interdimensional Information for the
Invisible Government" and she reports upon the strange speakers
and the stranger subject matter; from the occult worlds of magick
and psychic healing shamanism to psychotronic mind kontrol, UFOs
and the Philadelphia Experiment 'myth.'

     "According to the Random House English Dictionary, a
'gazetteer' is 'a journalist, especially one appointed and paid
by the government.' This following report on x-events in St.
Catherines, Ontario, Canada and related x-events attached
elsewhere in timespace is by mandate of the fundamental
government of the interdimensional, collective unconscious
which is shared by both the rightful inhabitants of this planet
Earth and the denizens of other worlds and territories deemed
cosmic, interdimensional and conscious. "

     Eugenia Macer-Story may be contacted here:

     ELFIS Rants & Reviews:

     1999 St. Kitt's HEXibition Part One

     1999 St. Kitt's HEXibition Part One

     So please take some time to explore this article as well as
the rest of the ELFIS on-line network. Other changes have been
made recently like the long overdue installation of the Projects
Portal which leads to other ELFIS endeavors like Austin MUFON,
the UFO-University-Visible College and the soon to be opened ARVC-
Austin Remote Viewing Center where we will be initializing
on-going on-line psi experiments. There's not much there now
except for a great LINKS page but check em out!

     ELFIS Projects Portal:

     Austin MUFON:

     UFOU-VisibleCollege-Earth's First UFO University:


     Thanks for your time. Look forward to the installation of the
Mind Kontrol Corner soon as well as updates of the ELFSTOR,
DreamTime NOW, and this very ELFIS LIST which will soon become
more active as an information list. More soon!

     Finally, before you go, here is a list of speakers at the
Canadian X-Symposium and misc. news of other UFO conferences,
on-line off-site articles and MORE!

SMiles Lewis
ELFIS founder


Speakers at the X-Symposium
St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada: May 13-16, 1999

In Order of Appearance














Contact Information available through Magick Mirror

http://www.magickmirror.com "Customer Service" Link


When: Nov. 5-7 (party only on the 5th)
Where: Holiday Inn, College Park,Md  Phone 301-345-6700
ReservationBlock #3107   $79/ night includes parking
Cheap Airfares are available if ordered before Sept. 2 from
Metrojet, Southwest, USAIR, Air Canada from Toronto, Midway from
Chicago, and Virgin from the United Kingdom.

Who : John Michell
       Bud Hopkins
       John Keel
       Dr. Michael Grosso NDEs
       Dave Walsh, Near Drunk Experiences
       Ivar Zapp, Atlantian origins of Alphabet
       Antonio Hunees, FATEs UFO man Soviet Sightings
       Doug Skinner, Scientific Method

Includes Sat. Lunch, and banquet. Sunday Breakfast Buffet

Prices and more speakers will be posted Sept. 8



      Also, please be sure to visit the inaugural installment of
the Austin MUFON Gallery at our Capital of Texas Chapter web site
at this url:


      Here you will find a couple of pictures from the
aforementioned MUFON symposium. These were taken and sent to us
from Mr Abercrombie and feature past Austin MUFON leaders Ellen
and Monte Stuart as well as a picture of them with Budd Hopkins
and another friend.

      The Gallery also features a few pictures from the 25th
Annual MUFON Symposium held here in Austin back in 1994.
Pictures include Walt Andrus, Linda Cortile, Karla Turner and

      If you have pictures from other local MUFON activities
please feel free to send them to us for posting in the Gallery.


      The other day I was lucky to catch San Antonio's own latest
addition to the UFO community, author and hypnotherapist Constance
Clear. Clear was in Austin at Bookpeople promoting her first UFO
book Reaching For Reality. She describes it as a book to help
abductees cope with their experiences. Reaching For Reality
details the experiences of seven abductees who all live within
200 miles of the San Antonio, Texas environs.

      Constance Clear, M.A. M.S.W., is more than qualified to point
out the sanity of her patients. She formed an Abductee Support
Group several years ago in San Antonio which still meets
regularly. Her book has been positively received by San Antonio
author/experiencer Whitley Strieber as well as abduction
researcher John Mack. Clear also reported that she has already
appeared on both the Art Bell and Jeff Rense radio shows and
expects to return to the airwaves soon, time permiting.

      Constance Clear spent nearly two hours engaging the twenty to
thirty attendees at the free book-signing in rapt dialogue on the
subject of alien abduction. When we exchanged insights related to
our both having led abduction support groups the dialogue
continued and increased in its depth. However, many things were
left unanswered, as is usually the case with all things

      If you missed this book-signing or would like to see
Constance Clear speak again . . . check her out in San Antonio at
the 36th Annual National UFO Conference! Details below.


36th National UFO Conference - San Antonio, Texas
The Anomalist Hosts the 36th National UFO Conference

The world's oldest UFO conference will be hosted in San Antonio,
Texas, this year by The Anomalist. Dates are Saturday and Sunday,
September 25 & 26, 1999. Location is the Seven Oaks Hotel &
Conference Center, 1400 Austin Highway, San Antonio.

Speakers and subjects are as follows:

Walt Andrus: The Disappearance of Frederich Valentich in

Jim Moseley (Conference Chairman, MC, editor and publisher of
"Saucer Smear"): Weird Personal Experiences of a Skeptical

Patrick Huyghe (Co-editor of The Anomalist): The Alien Horde:
A Field Guide Approach to the Unknown

Karl Pflock: Behind the Flying Saucers: A New Twist on Aztec

Constance Clear ("Reaching for Reality"): Abductees: Human
Ambassadors or Lab Rats?

Tom Deuley: MJ-12 & the El Indio-Guerrero Crash

Linda Corley: An Intimate Conversation with Major Jesse A.
Marcel, Sr. (Marcel's last interview.)

Joe Firmage: The Truth and the ISSO

Kevin Randle: The Abduction Enigma: A Scientific Analysis

Whitely Strieber: Why Do We Deny It? (Including new video.)

Special Guest: East Coast literary agent Cherry Weiner. Make
an appointment!

$45 advance, $60 door. Rooms $45, suites $75.

For room reservations, call 1-800 346-5866 and be sure to
ask for the above Conference rates.

Advance registrations should be made payable to Dennis Stacy
and sent to PO Box 12434, San Antonio, TX 78212.

E-mail dstacy@texas.net for a Conference flyer and speaker
schedule. Include your snail mail address or send a long
SASE to the above address.

Hope to see you there!

Dennis Stacy




      Check out the August issue of America's UFO MAGAZINE wherein
ufo stalwart Richard Hall resigns, The Excluded Middle's own Greg
Bishop writes on Remote Viewing, articles on mind control and
military abductions are abundant. There is also a tribute to
military mind control saavy abduction researcher Dr. Karla Turner.
Check out the following web addresses for more:

Richard Hall's unplubished goodbye-

Greg Bishop's The Excluded Middle-

Tribute to Karla Turner-



      Checkout the new Fortean Times which has a cover article
based on revelations from the upcoming release (in America) of
the latest Remote Viewing revelations book: Stargate Conspiracy
by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. Within this book much is told
of the connections between Andrija Puharich, Uri Geller, Ira
Einhorn, Gene Rodenberry, Lyal Watson and the channeled messages
of The Nine. Read part of the article on-line...




      A Short Tale of Slag, "Explosives," and the Loch Ness
Monster - or, Mr Coleman visits Steamshovel Press' Kenn Thomas
(who has investigated the Maury Island Slag UFO incident) and
proceeds to get 'sniffed' for bombs at the airport.