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Ed Fouche Responds To Tim Mathews

From: Ed Fouche <fouche@connecti.com
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1998 16:29:12 -0500
Fwd Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 02:22:47 -0400
Subject: Ed Fouche Responds To Tim Mathews

RE: Alien Rapture - The Chosen by Edgar Fouche & Brad Steiger.

You will find Tim Matthew's comments about 'Alien Rapture',
which he has not read, but considers himself an authority of in
part I, along with my comments via Brian C are included.

In Part II you will find Mr. Dave Rudiak's comments to Tim.

Tim says in part II: "Just a minute. Both you and Napoleon,
sorry Fouche, are making assumptions. In fact you are supporting
this manipulator's wild speculations. Fouche is making it all up
as we all know. Did you know he's a direct descendent of
Napoleon? That's what he's claiming."

In my Presentation posted on UFO Mind, and MSN UFO Forum, and
bio in the book and on fouchemedia.com, I have simply stated
that Joeseph Fouche was the head of Napoleon's secret and
national police. I am a descendent of Joeseph Fouche, not

If I couldn't read and understand any better than Tim, I'd keep
my mouth shut. "A closed mouth gathers no feet."

A debater who twists facts and misquotes his sources comes
across as ignorant and ill informed.

If you take the time to read Alien Rapture and the presentation
I gave at the UFO Congress, you'll see that Tim has misquoted
and taken out of context. I was recently invited to give a
presentation to the Tesla society in Denver, but had to decline
due to conflicting appearances. I stand by what I have said in
the past about the flying triangle being a Top Secret USAF

Ed Fouche

A letter from Brian C. in regards to the Matthews slur.

Brian: Since Ed Fouche isn't on the Updates email list, and
since I just happened to know his email address, I forwarded him
Tim Matthews's posting critiquing his book Alien Rapture and his
talk at the Laughlin UFO Congress.

Ed responded within an hour or two answering Tim's comments.
I've appended his response below. I'm taking no sides in this; I
just figure critical reviews deserve a hearing from BOTH sides.

I've edited Ed's response only as as required to conform to the
line length requirements for postings to Updates. For those of
you unfamiliar with the book Alien Rapture, see web site

Here's the note Ed prepended on his response to me regarding
Tim's review:


Ed Fouche's response to Brian regarding Matthews slur.

Dear Brian:

Thanks for the input. I expect no less from some people. This is
why the Ufology group never gets anywhere. Everyone attacks
everybody else. I have not said one negative thing about other
researchers or writers in this field. Everyone is entitled to
his or her opinion.

But some try to promote their own ideas and book by putting down
others. Sort of like an insecure bully in school don't you
think. The bottom line to his rebuttal is his bottom line:


Ed: I really don't care what he thinks. I wrote the truth as I
knew it, and indeed I did not do research for this book and had
only read Project Blue Book many years before. I did not want to
copy anyone else's opinion. The presentation I gave at Laughlin,
the UFO Congress, has very little to do with the book. However,
I will take two minutes and answer a couple of his points.
Please feel free to forward this to anyone who is interested,
including the Ass Kicking Tim.

Ed Fouche


And here is Ed's response to Tim Matthews ramblings.

Tim: I have been reading this Edgar Fouche stuff. Alien Crapture
more like!

Ed: Of course he hasn't read the book, that would take too much

Tim: It is utter nonsense as I show below with just a few quick
examples. The first thing to say is that most of the correct
technical details - there are always a few in disinformation or
science fiction - could have been gleaned from any half-decent
textbook on military affairs or through the most casual perusal
of a book or article by Bill Sweetman.

Ed: Perhaps, but when have you had the details of the operations
at Groom, especially the goggles that visitors wear. Ask a few
USAF Test Pilots, and SR-71 pilots who flew into or out of
Groom. Why hasn't anyone before me mentioned the details that
are in Alien Rapture? Because not one of these so called
insiders were inside.

Tim: My view is simply this. The whole thing has to make sense
and basic concepts must be presented correctly in order for the
account to be credible.

Ed: This was a simple presentation put together with my own
personal slides. No doctoral thesis was intended. Just an
overview of what I know.

Tim: 1 - The other semi-anonymous characters referred to by EF
have conveniently died or are not available for comment. Rule 1
of BS is to ensure that sources cannot be checked.

Ed: These 'characters', are personal friends whom I have known
20 to 30 years. Three very important people have met them and
can verify their existence. I'm sorry two of my dear friends
died before you could try and ridicule them in order to promote
your KICK ASS book. This is a little petty, even for someone
trying to promote their KICK ASS book.

Tim: OK - perhaps somebody might want to talk about something
but given the very definite compartmentation resulting from US
security and classification procedures there is NO WAY that any
of these people would be able to present so much of the picture
about any classified project.

Ed: That's what they said about Woodard and Bernstein. I claim
no special investigative powers. Just contacts within the DoD
and special programs who trust me enough to talk to me.

Tim: 2 - It is simply not credible under any circumstances for
EF to claim that he was given permission to come out with this
information. Anyone breaking security protocols and being
discovered faces loss of clearance, loss of job and most likely
- imprisonment. Even if a problem arose with a particular worker
he/she may temporarily lose their clearance.

Ed: Bingo, the obvious! That is why the book had to be written
as fiction. No person writing about their secret experiences in
the government is writing NON FICTION. If they were, the hammer
would fall quickly.

Tim: 3 - From EFs account; "It was an unmanned reconnaissance
vehicle which took off from a B-52 bomber" etc. etc.

Ed: For your information, there are B-52s at Groom which are
currently used to drop special programs aircraft. You don't have
to R&D and FOT&E a new host aircraft. The B-52 is perfectly
adequate for the job.

Tim: I think he got this idea from the very public D-21 drone
which reached Mach 3 plus in the 1960s. No alien technology
there I'm afraid!

'Slide 53';
Story about SR-71 encountering a UFO. No evidence at all to back
this up. An SR-71 encountering such problems - said to include
serious pilot problems both in the air and upon landing - would
not have made it. Never said serious problems upon landing. Read
some books about operations and you'll see why. "SR-71 revealed"
by Graham (Motorbooks). A good starting point... No technical
details about SR-71 operation are mentioned and that's because
Fouche doesn't know any.

Ed: The SR-71 is old technology, what would you like to know
about it. I'm current, even of NASA using them for research. The
bringing them back, cutting the funds, etc. They are now
dismantling, and have been for a couple of months this program
in Lancaster CA. Why do you think the Air Force has fought this.
They don't need it. It was replaced.

Tim: SR-71 pilots hitting the bottle; absolute crap. The pilots
would have been booted out of the Squadron immediately.

Ed: You were obviously never in the military. Drinking is a way
of life; to cope, to self medicate. The US Military has the
highest functioning alcoholic rate except for Law Enforcement.
Just because you drink a lot at night, doesn't mean you can't
function during the day.

'Slide 55';
Tim: "A laboratory named DARC" sounds like sci-fi and totally
unnecessary. Again, the template appears to be DARPA - Advanced
Research Projects Agency. Again, what is 'super-secret'? Top
Secret ensures solid secrecy! There is no 'Above Top

Ed: NOPE. DARC does exist. Someday, soon I expect, everyone will
know this. Again, wrong. There are clearances above Top Secret.
Having had an SBI, EBI, and SPBI, I know. Not to mention SCIs.

Tim:"One operational TR3B is now stationed in Scotland, another
in Diego Garcia". Nonsense. Having spent a great deal of time
looking in RAF Macrahanish there is evidence to suggest previous
operations and maybe the very occasional landing of something
hush-hush - but nothing more. The facilities at DTEO West Freugh
are impressive and undoubtedly stuff has flown out of there but
no TR3B.

Ed: And how would he know. Ever been through all the hangers,
every day. Conjecture on his part.

Tim: There is NO EVIDENCE of a TR3B and EF is obviously unaware
that TR means Tactical Reconnaissance. He also shows a complete
lack of understanding of the Tier drones designations.

Ed: In the presentation and in Alien Rapture I use this term.
You missed it. Sorry, but you were in to much of a hurry to
promote your ASS KICK book. I also mention the TEIR program.

Slides 57, 58, 59.
Tim: Something has been recorded off the US West Coast
approaching Groom Lake at Mach 4. The SR-71 was almost certainly
not responsible and is not 'still breaking world speed records'.

Ed: The Ministry of Defense in England has admitted radar
tracking of vehicles from Mach 8 up to the limits of the radar's
capabilities. Read Nick Redfern's really kick ass book, he's a
pro and didn't have to attack anyone to get recognition for his

Tim: SR-75; a model kit aircraft from testors. More fiction.

Ed: Wouldn't be the first time a model came out that was true.
Look at the B-2 model.

Tim: 'Hypersonic speeds start at approximately Mach 5'. Well
Mach 5.4 actually where the air stagnates in front of the air
vehicle but again a total lack of technical detail from a
supposed knowledgeable insider....

Ed: Yes it is. Mach 5.4, rounded off, is Mach 5. Besides,
depending on which text book you read, the figure goes from mach
5 to mach 5.6 It also depends on the vehicle's design.

Tim: 4 - Author's Note; "The MJ-12 documents presented in the
book were copyrighted also". Obviously fake documents (sorry
Stanton) copyrighted? I do wish we knew who they belonged to!

Ed: The documents were copyrighted in 1993 and 1994 with
inserts, to prove this information was out before the Autopsy
film and Corso's and other's claims.

Tim: Mention of the alien autopsy and Corso. Well we all know
what a load of bull Corso came out with - lots of factual
errors. Autopsy film? In tatters thanks to UK researchers.

Ed: I agree, the film was a fake. But it was made by the
government in Lancaster Texas for that purpose. The best lie is
the one closest to the truth. Courtesy of PSY OPS.

Tim: Slide 69; "TR3B Operational Version". Reducing the mass of
a nuclear generator by 89%? I don't think so.

Ed: Never said the mass of the nuclear generator was reduced
alone. Every thing within the Magnetic Field Disruptor
accelerator is reduced.

Tim: "With the vehicle mass reduced by 89% the craft can travel
at mach 9 vertically or horizontally. My sources say the
performance is limited only by the stresses that the human
pilots can endure. Which is a lot, really, considering along
with the 89% reduction in mass, the G forces are also reduced by
89%."Utter nonsense. Mass and g forces have no relationship to
each other. Regardless of so-called 'mass' the pilot would
suffer the g turns. As to travelling vertically 'at mach 9' with
a pilot. Forget about it!

Ed: Obviously. But if gravity is warped around the MFD
accelerator then the G forces would be reduced.

Tim: At mach 9 and travelling in a straight line g forces would
be no problem as such. Only when performing turns or evasive
maneuvers - fairly impossible at Mach 9 but no matter - would g
forces operate. Ed: "The crew of the TR3B should be able to
comfortably take up to 40Gs".

Ed: By reducing the G forces by 89 percent. Then the 40 G forces
would be reduced to approximately 4 Gs.

Tim: Are we really expected to take this seriously? Read any
basic aviation text; +/- 9g maybe, even 10g. get to between
12-18 g and you're talking UAVs.......

Ed: You sound like a nuclear physicist from the 50s debating
advanced programs of which you know nothing of. In 1935 how few
people really knew what the A Bomb would do if explodes. Even
Opinhiemer wasn't sure.

Tim: The reason that classified projects have concentrated upon
active camouflage is precisely because a plane at high speeds
might not be able to out-maneuver the new range of
near/hypersonic AA missiles - obviously g turns rule out evasive
action at such high speeds.....

Ed: ---and to reduce the reflected radar image. If you can't
see it, you can't shoot it. The ASPJ Program at ITT is an
example. If you see what I mean.

Slide 73;
Tim: "In the upper atmosphere with hydrogen propulsion and in
orbit with hydrogen/oxygen propulsion".

Ed: Wrong. Hydrogen won't burn by itself up there - No Sir! Yes,
but when mixed with Oxygen it will.

Slide 74;
Tim: He uses a computer graphic of the supposed TR3B despite
claiming to have access to the real thing??

Ed: You bet!

Slide 75;

Ed: The thrilla in Manila again.

Tim: "From the evolution of exotic materials, advanced avionics
and newer propulsion engines the stealth aircraft were born".
This proves the guy is talking BS. Stealth has NOTHING TO DO
with avionics and engines.

Ed: You couldn't be further from the truth. Active stealth
coating Is electro chemical active and works with the Stealth
ECM suite. The electronics counter measures controls the active
stealth coating. It's not like a mood ring Matt.

Tim: Look at the F-117A. The low RCS was achieved through an
understanding of Ufimtsev's mathematics relating to the
reduction of an aircraft's radar cross section. The ONLY thing
of concern was to build a low RCS aircraft in order to
(initially) avoid Soviet SA-6 missile batteries and then to act
perhaps as a 'silver bullet'.

Ed: This was not the only concern. Trying to fly a non
aerodynamic vehicle was achieved with computers to control the
awkward flight dynamics.

Tim: Hence the 'Hopeless Diamond'. Faceting is not mentioned
re; stealth and neither is any other technical detail - which
suggest that he doesn't know any. I'm no expert but I know more
than he does!

Ed: Perhaps. But, I never claimed to be a know it all.

Tim: In terms of both the F-117A and B-2 the engines and
avionics are not the big issue. The F-117A now has a new
avionics suite but this has nothing' to do with stealth.

Ed: As I explained. WRONG again.

Tim: Stealth is not a new idea and many aviation writers note
the very strong possibility that the Horten Brothers flying wing
aircraft (late 1930s and early 1940s to 1945) with their
composite materials would have had a very low RCS. The testing
of captured aircraft such as this by the USAF and US Navy
through the later 1940s proved this.

Ed: The first time they used Chaff dispensers that was a form of
stealth. To block enemy radar tracking.

Tim:In fact original ideas of low observability are as old as

Ed: Yes, the color of an aircraft provides a modicum of

Tim: EVEN by reading a basic book on stealth Fouche should have
known this. He is obviously making most of it up as he goes
along. Sorry - you've been rumbled. I hope the advanced was a
big one!

Ed: Didn't have to make up any of this stuff. It's all real Tim

Tim: 5 - No information on the US Navy even though they have
been involved in more black aircraft programmes than the USAF
and CIA put together. Last time I looked US Navy classified R+D
amounted to some $8 billion - more than the USAF. I'll check on
that but the point is that I have an official intel' doc (Sign)
admitting that the US Navy had an experimental a/c mistakenly
reported as a UFO. It used jet engines.

Ed: WRONG AGAIN, the USAF has the biggest Black Budget.

Tim: The Navy had operational saucers too and more information
on this is due to emerge in print very soon!

Ed: Yes, from your KICK ASS book, I presume. The AVRO saucers
were funded by the NRO (Navy) in case you didn't know. Read Dr.
Paul Hill's book, Unconventional Flying Objects. He was a NASA
UFO investigator for 30 years. He only got his book out because
his daughter took the manuscript to a publisher after his death.

Tim: Well folks this is just a brief comment upon second reading
of the talk supposedly given by Fouche at the Laughlin UFO
Conference just recently. I could call Fouche a liar but I think
he's just on the bandwagon.....the real classified Projects
people must really love him...... I challenge him and any of his
supporters to debate these issues either liv in front of an
audience or on a talk radio show.

Ed: I have, and I will continue to do so. This was not much of a
debate though.

Tim: Know what? They'll lose.

Ed: To the Great KICK ASS debater. Have a good day.

Tim: Tim Matthews - standing up for common sense and factual

Ed: Common sense says you read someone's book before taking
shots. It's called research.


Ed: You can get arrested for exposing yourself, TIM.


Ed: In all sincerity. Tim has a right to his opinion. But, I
obviously disagree. When I have time I will respond in kind to
others. But I have a company to run. So I don't have time to
cruise the Internet and send out mass mailings to promote my
book like others. Please forgive the misspellings as I did not
take time to check them.
Ed Fouche

              PART II.
Mr. Dave Rudiak's Response to Tim's comments.

Tim:I have been reading this Edgar Fouche stuff. Alien Crapture
more like!

It is utter nonsense as I show below with just a few quick
examples. The first thing to say is that most of the correct
technical details - there are always a few in disinformation or
science fiction - could have been gleaned from any half-decent
textbook on military affairs or through the most casual perusal
of a book or article by Bill Sweetman.

Dave: Although there is good reason to be skeptical of Fouche's
book, which indeed could have been written after gleaning
information available through other books, I nevertheless must
take issue with the following totally unfounded criticisms by
Tim Matthews.

Slide 69; "TR3B Operational Version".

Tim: Reducing the mass of a nuclear generator by 89%? I don't
think so.

Dave: Fouche certainly isn't the first to propose that UFOs might
reduce their mass in order to achieve high maneuverability, high
linear acceleration, and hoverability. E.g., James MacCampbell
proposed this in his book "Ufology" some 25 years ago (but
proposed no mechanism to account how they might do so). And
recent theoretical work by Puthoff and Haisch as to the
fundamental origins of inertial mass leave the possibility open
that it can be manipulated.

Ed: "With the vehicle mass reduced by 89% the craft can travel
at mach 9 vertically or horizontally. My sources say the
performance is limited only by the stresses that the human
pilots can endure. Which is a lot, really, considering along
with the 89% reduction in mass, the G forces are also reduced by

Tim: Utter nonsense. Mass and g forces have no relationship to
each other.

Dave: Utter nonsense? That is one of the most fundamental
equations in all physics: Force =3D Inertial Mass * Acceleration.
You know, Newton's second law of motion, taught in the first
week of high school physics.

So if you reduce the inertial mass by 89%, the force experienced
by that mass undergoing an acceleration is likewise reduced by
89%. QED. That's all Fouche is claiming, and in this one
instance, the man is absolutely correct.]

Timie: Just a minute. Both you and Napoleon, sorry Fouche, are making
assumptions. In fact you are supporting this manipulator's wild
speculations. Fouche is making it all up as we all know. Did you
know he's a direct descendent of Napoleon?

That's what he's claiming. Off with his head I say! Your
possibilities are slim possiblities not facts. Don't mix the two

In the case of the shuttle pilots they're going in a straight
(ish) line and not violently moving from side to side in a
'recovered technology' triangular craft horizontally and
vertically at mach 9.

Regardless of so-called 'mass' the pilot would suffer the g

Dave: True utter nonsense. Any "suffering" would be reduced by
89% if you reduce the mass by 89%. A 100 G turn at 100% ordinary
mass would be equivalent to an 11G turn at 11% reduced mass.

Tim: But I want Fouche to give us details about how this is done

As to travelling vertically 'at mach 9' with a pilot.
Forget about it!

Dave: Why? Space shuttles do it all the time at even higher Mach

Tim: You've missed the point entirely!

At mach 9 and travelling in a straight line g forces would be no
problem as such. Only when performing turns or evasive maneuvers
- fairly impossible at Mach 9 but no matter - would g forces

Dave: True, only when actually accelerating does the craft and
crew experience G- forces. The acceleration can be linear
(speeding up, slowing down) or when making turns (centripetal

Tim: Turns or vertical ascent? NOT the same thing! Horizontal flight
with a sudden vertical ascent at mach 9. Count me out! Talk
about Mr. Ketchup head!

Dave: But the real point is still this: the G-forces on craft
and crew during any acceleration are reduced by 89% if the
inertial mass is reduced by 89%. Some maneuverability at Mach 9
then becomes possible.

Tim: Yeah but Fouche is not talking about some. He's making all
kinds of wild claims in non-defence contractor language. No
doubt he'll argue that he's trying to make it easy for us!

Ed: "The crew of the TR3B should be able to comfortably take up
to 40Gs".

Tim: Are we really expected to take this seriously?

Ed: Absolutely. If you reduce the inertial mass by 89%, then the
crew only experiences .11*40 =3D 4.4 G's. That's pretty standard G
forces for military pilots (or astronauts to give another
example), who may pull 2 or even 3 times for brief periods in
extreme maneuvers. They could tolerate 4.4 G's standing on their

Tim: But how has this been acheived? Must be those aliens that
Fouche or Lazar or Lear have never seen......

Dave: Read any basic aviation text; +/- 9g maybe, even 10g. get
to between 12-18 g and you're talking UAVs.......

Tim: Again, it is quite obvious that Tim Matthews doesn't grasp
really BASIC Newtonian physics. If you reduce the mass, you
reduce the G-forces. Ergo 40 G's becomes 4.4 G's if you could
somehow reduce the mass 89%.

Tim: Yes, but HOW? More ifs and buts....No facts.....

Tim: The reason that classified projects have concentrated upon
active camouflage is precisely because a plane at high speeds
might not be able to out-maneuver the new range of
near/hypersonic AA missiles - obviously g turns rule out evasive
action at such high speeds..... If you see what I mean.

Dave: We see what you mean, but you are simply wrong in this

Tim: Well folks this is just a brief comment upon second reading
of the talk supposedly given by Fouche at the Laughlin UFO
Conference just recently. I could call Fouche a liar but I think
he's just on the bandwagon.....the real classified Projects
people must really love him...... I challenge him and any of his
supporters to debate these issues either live in front of an
audience or on a talk radio show. Know what? They'll lose.

Dave: Not in this instance. Mr. Matthews loses big time.

Tim: I don't think so.

Dave: There are other bones I could pick with Mr. Matthews
various statements in this and other posts, but his utter lack
of comprehension about the relationship between mass and G
forces just stuck out like a sore thumb. What is it with these

Tim: English actualy

Dave: UFO skeptics anyway? They're taught how to debate and
write, but don't any of them
take science and math courses?

Tim: Well actually do you know one way the military have done
it? By putting pilots in a prone position. This allows for 'g'
turns up to even 11 (I'm told) and that's it. Anything else is
just sci-fi at this stage but then Ufology is sci-fi...

What's with this handful of Americans who support every wild and
unproven theory?

I don't see Rudiak supporting Fouche's comments about hydrogen
in the upper atmosphere, MJ-12 (fake!), the Corso book, the
"TR-3B" his numerous mistakes about the SR-71 and so forth. He
also supports the 'Alien Autopsy' film. Another nail in the

Yes, you just have to be skeptical. One day people like Mr
Rudiak will have to admit that this alien thing is a convenient
cover for the operation of a range of secret military aircraft
and other secret technologies.

Unlike the EThers we have REAL documents and real aircraft.
Why do we never hear anything about Project Silver Bug?

Of course I don't expect anyone especially Friedman, Clark and
co to change their minds and I don't expect people in the US to
ask many difficult questions about Roswell, the ETH, supposed
abductions because all these have combined together nicely with
anti-government paranoia to create a new religion for the late
Twentieth Century and the new Millenium.

The more I read about Fouche and his claims the more ridiculous
they seem. Extraordinary evidence? No - just extraordinary
claims supported by very little except an insistence that we
must believe.

Tim: Tim Matthews - standing up for common sense and
factual analysis! That's me!

Dave: Yeah, yeah. Tell us all about it. Like only the UFO
skeptics are for common sense and factual analysis. Funny how
their "facts" are so often complete rubbish as they arrogantly
criticize the pro-UFO faction.

Tim: There are objects described as UFOs - undoubtedly - but as
far as most sensible people are concerned no alien recovered

What a marvellous cover story for the retrieval of Soviet (in
the recent past) aircraft and experimental US airplanes.

Dave: I often disagree with the 'skeptics' - whoever they are -
because they trot out plenty of official propaganda.
BUT, as my mate Chris said to me last week, "don't bother
arguing the toss because you end up arguing with tossers".

Tim: I hope you pick up your CIA paycheck soon. Only joking!


Dave: Oh great! A British version of Kal Korff, complete with
the capitalized shouting and the self-promotional bragging how
his new book is going to rip the lid off of this or that.

Timmy: The advert obviously worked on you!

Dave: Actually, I'm not for ripping lids off anything much.

Tim: The book is OK and actually I rather like Kal Korff's expose of
that nut Billy Meier.

Dave: Like I said at the beginning, there is much to be
skeptical about Fouche, but the man shouldn't be attacked on
highly erroneous grounds. If I were to judge the Fouche claims
of inertial mass reduction, it would be on the basis of whether
the proposed mechanism made any sense. Fouche doesn't really
spell out the basic physical principle underlying this proposed
mass reducer.

Tim:: Because it probably doesn't exist and even if by some
quirk of fate the scientists working on classified projects had
developed similar technologies why should this be evidence of
alien disc recoveries!That would perhaps make it falsifiable and
subject to scientific analysis. Instead it's simply a claim that
can't be evaluated one way or another, and, therefore, could
simply be made up. And simply is made up like all the other crap
in his book.


Read for yourself: My presentation at the International UFO
Congress in Laughlin Nevada. Ed Fouche - Presentation by Edgar
Rothshild Fouche Copyright 1998 Fouche Media Associates

SLIDES: {1/Alien Head until I start then {2/Presented by slide

My mother once told me that I was going to Hell if I didn't
change my ways. Judging from the heat outside, I'd say I'm not
too far from there.

SLIDES: {3/AF Thunderbird Aircraft, {4/Flags at Randolph AFB
My name is Edgar Rothschild Fouche.

SLIDE 5: MJ-12 Cover

I'm here to speak about Secret Government Technology, reverse
engineering of Alien Artifacts, and the Top Secret MJ-12
committee, which I write about in my new book, Alien Rapture -
The Chosen, with my co-author Brad Steiger. Brad is the author
of 143 published works including the Best Seller Project


Before I'm through, you will know exactly what the Flying
Triangle is. The one that has been sighted around the world. It
is the world's most exotic and classified aerospace vehicle. It
could be stealthily hovering somewhere over Phoenix - Arizona,
Gulf Breeze - Florida, the country of Belgium, or your city.
I'll show you pictures of Air Force aircraft I've worked,
declassified aircraft, and pictures of classified aircraft never
before seen in public. I'll also explain how we came upon this

First I'll Share Some Of My Family Background:

I was born to fifth generation French-Americans, and many of my
relatives, for generations, have historically been involved with
the government, in fields of intelligence, black programs,
crypto, and classified development projects.

SLIDE 7: Joseph Fouche -Duke

This is true as far back as the French revolution where Joseph
Fouch=82 was the Prime Minister under Napoleon. He was the head of
the French secret National Police Force and a direct ancestor of
mine. Joseph Fouch=82 started and controlled the world's first
professionally organized intelligence agency with agents
throughout Europe.

SLIDES: {8/CIA Badge, {9/KGB mix, {10/Various Spy Logos

The CIA, the Russian KGB, the English MI-5, the Israeli Mossad,
and many other Intelligence Agencies, have used and expanded on
his methods of intelligence gathering, networking information,
and political survival.

Some French historians consider him a scoundrel because he
survived many of his leaders, including Napoleon.

SLIDE 11: Master Sergeant Fouche photo

My Career Background Spans 30 Years, and Since the government
isn't about to support my claims, you will see from the
positions I've held, and the Programs I worked, that I was in a
position to gather the information, I am presenting.: My first
job was as a machinist, making bombs for the USAF at R. G. Le
Tourneau Industries in Longview Texas. For the next 25 years, I
would be involved with the Department of Defense in one way or
another. After being drafted into the Vietnam conflict, I
initially went through a year of electronics, communications,
intelligence, and crypto-logical schools. During the years
1967-1974, I was stationed or worked at many Tactical Air
Command, Air Training Command, and Pacific Air Command Air
Forces bases. During the Vietnam conflict, I assigned to special
projects at Kadena AFB Okinawa; Udorn AFB Thailand; Ben Hoi AFB
Vietnam, and spent anywhere from a day to a month at many other
South East Asian military bases. With my training and
experiences with intelligence equipment, special electronics,
black programs, and crypto-logical areas, I received other
government opportunities. I filled positions as Major Command
Liaison, Headquarters manager, and DoD factory representative
for TAC, SAC, ATC, and PACAF following the Vietnam war. Later in
my career, as a manager of defense contractors, I dealt with
classified "black" programs developing state-of-the-art
Electronics, Avionics, and Automatic Test Equipment.

SLIDES: {12/Shop F-16 Radar, {13/Test Equipment shop,
{14/repair of LANTIRN unit

I was considered an Air Force expert with classified electronics
counter-measures test equipment, crypto-logical equipment owned
by the National Security Agency, and Automatic Test Equipment. I
worked with many of the leading military aircraft and
electronics manufacturers in the US. I participated as a key
member in design, development, production, and
Flight-Operational-Test and Evaluation in classified Aircraft
development programs, state-of-the-art avionics, including
electronic countermeasures, satellite communications,
crypto-logicaland support equipment.

During my military career, I was "hand picked" (Development
Cadre) for many of the Air Force's newest fighter and bomber
development programs. I was cadre for:

SLIDES: {15/F111, {16/F-15 going up, {17/A-10 bottom, {18/4
F-16s, {19/B-1, show when named
the F-111 swing-wing fighter-bomber
the F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter
the A-10 Wart-hog close air support fighter and tank killer
the F-16 Falcon fighter
and the B-1 Lancer Bomber.

Other research and development programs I worked as far back as
the 70s are still classified Top Secret. I received over 4,000
hours of technical training from the military and government, of
which about half was classified training.

SLIDE 20: F-22 Raptor

This is a picture of the new Boeing-Lockheed F-22 Raptor, ATF or
Air Dominance Fighter. My involvement with black programs
developing stealth aircraft is classified. I am perhaps the only
person who has actually worked at the Top Secret Groom Lake Air
Base, within Area-51 of the Nellis Range, and written about it.

SLIDE 21: F-117 Stealth Fighter tested at Groom at night with
fog engines in work for cover.

I spent twenty years working directly for the US Air Force and
DoD Agencies followed by another eight years as a Defense
Contractor Manager. My last position for the Air Force was as a
Strategic Air Command Liaison

SLIDE 22: SR-71 3D Wire Frame

As a Defense Contractor-Manager; I performed as an Engineering
Program Manager and Site Manager for DOD contractors involved in
classified development, logistics support, electronic
engineering, and technical data development from 1987-95. I am
now CEO of Fouche Media Associates, which I run with my
beautiful wife, Rebecca. I am also the inventor of Neurosync
MIME, a behavior modification software using hypnotic
Entrainment and Subliminal Messages.

SLIDE 23: AR Book Cover

I wrote Alien Rapture - The Chosen in 1994 and 95, after my last
trip to California, New Mexico, and Nevada.

I undertook this trip to do research for the Alien Rapture,
which included a meeting with five close friends who had agreed
to release confidential information to me, and discuss their
closely guarded personal experiences. I also interviewed other
contacts who had worked classified programs or flown classified
military aircraft to gather information about UFO sightings and

At this point I was blessed with teaming up with a great man and
a great writer, Brad Steiger. I had decided to get out of the
Defense Industry, as I felt that fraud, waste, and abuse was
rampant, both on the government and contractor sides.

I wanted to work for myself as a writer and develop some product
ideas that I had. So far I've been a terrible boss, I've worked
myself long hours, without many benefits, and the salary is
meager, compared to what I made as an Engineering Program

other insiders, You may ask?

It started when some old friends of mine, met in the spring of
1990 in Las Vegas. There were five of us then, all who had
remained close following the Vietnam War. I've always been the
networker for my DoD, Military, and Contractor friends, so I'm
the one who set up the meeting.

I. The First friend, Jerald, was a former NSA or National
Security Agency TREAT Team member. TREAT stands for Tactical
Reconnaissance Engineering Assessment Team.

He worked for the DOE or Department of Energy as a National
Security Investigator. That was his cover, but he really worked
for the NSA. His job required him to 'watch employees' with Top
Secret and "Q" clearances at the Nevada Test Site and the Nellis
Range which includes Area 51. Area 51 is where the most
classified aerospace testing in the world takes place. You may
know the base as Groom Lake Air Base, Watertown, the Ranch, or
Dream-Land. He was found dead of a heart attack a year after our
last meeting.

II. The Second friend, Sal, was a person who had worked directly
for the NSA with Electronic Intelligence (E lent) and became a
Defense Contractor after his retirement.

SLIDE 24: SR-71 Spy Plane - black with red stripes.

III. The Third friend, Doc, was a former SR-71 spy plane pilot
and a USAF test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base.

IV. The Fourth friend, Dale, and I were in the service together
during the Vietnam conflict, and I've known him since the early
70s. His father worked for over 20 years for the NSA and he is
the one who sent me the MJ-12 documents his father had obtained.
I'll discuss the MJ12 documents last.

V. The Fifth friend, Bud, was a DoD Contractor and Electronics
Engineer. He had worked on Top Secret development programs
dealing with Electronic Counter Measures, Radar Homing and
Warning, ECM Jammers, and Infrared Receivers. He retired as a
Program Manager and later died of a brain tumor within 30 days
after his symptoms appeared.

SLIDE 25: TR-1 black glider - over clouds

I also received input from four other SR-71 pilots, two U-2
pilots, a TR-1 pilot, and about two dozen bomber and fighter
jocks. I got the picture of the TR-3B from a person in this
latter group.

SLIDE 26: TR-3 flying triangle - side view

At the time, I had no intention of writing about programs I was
involved with due to the Secrecy Act and classification
documents I had signed. I'd had my fill of working with the
government, military, and defense contractors.

However, it bothered each of us that we'd had experiences with
unusual phenomena, extremely advanced technology, and witnessed
Unidentified Aerial Contact, that had not been previously

As we sat at a table in a dark corner, of the Silver Dollar
Saloon and Casino in Las Vegas, discussing our experiences and
swapping knowledge. Each of the group of five assured me that,
they had enough confidence in me, to believe that I could write
the story about their guarded experiences.

We agreed to get together again the next year with the
understanding that I would contact each of them to set up the
meeting. In the meantime, each member of the group, including
myself, was to write down as much information as he could
remember about unusual phenomena and personal sightings.

Many of the things the group revealed to me were startling: I
used this information to piece together the story now titled,
Alien Rapture - The Chosen.

I'll Share some of these Secrets and Unusual Phenomena with you:

SR-71 with gold plasma ball on wingtip

The SR-71 was designed as a spy plane for the CIA in the 60s and
designated the A-12. The Mach 3 plus aircraft first flew in
1962, taking off from Groom AFB in Area 51. Later, once the Air
Force operated it as a reconnaissance plane, it was designated
the SR-71 black-bird.

My friend, Chuck, a SR-71 pilot, related to me an in-flight
incident he had in the 1970s. He was returning from a
reconnaissance flight, and, while at an altitude of 74,000 feet
and at the speed of almost Mach 3, (3 times the speed of sound)
he noticed something flickering in his peripheral vision.
Hovering over his left wing tip was a ball of dense plasma-like
light. It was so bright, that when he stared at it for more than
a few seconds, his eyes hurt

SLIDE 28: SR-71 red arrow pointed to air inlet spike.

Chuck tried to use his UHF-HF and VHF communications sets to no
avail. There was nothing but static. Repeatedly glancing briefly
at the ball of light, he watched in amazement as it moved
effort-less-ly about his aircraft

At one point the light positioned itself a few feet in front of
the large spiked cone at the air Intake Inlet. The enormous
amount of air rushing into the engines should have sucked in,
and shredded almost anything in its path, but the light orb was
mysteriously unaffected.

SLIDE 29: SR-71 with gold plasma ball on wingtip again

The light, he noted, acted in a curious manner, if something
inanimate could act at all. It moved from time to time to other
parts of the vehicle, staying with him until his approach to
Beale AFB in California. He was in sight of the Air Base when
the light swung away from his aircraft in a wide arch with ever
increasing speed.

Of course, after reading his incident report, his Operations
Commander told him not to ever speak about his experience. When
Chuck related the story to me, he told me he was absolutely
convinced, that the ball of light was controlled by some form of
intelligence. I have about two dozen stories from pilots of
similar in flight incidents with UFOs and plasma balls.

SLIDE 30: TR-3B triangle schematic diagram with Top-Bottom-Side

Have You Ever Heard Stories about Missing Memory?

Sal worked a program, for almost two years, in a Top Secret
Research Facility in California. At the end of the program he
started having flu-like symptoms, and after several days of
worsening symptoms, he went to the doctor. His company doctor
prescribed some medication and sent him home for two days of
rest. When Sal got up on the third morning to go to work, he
couldn't remember where he worked, or who he worked for. His
brother called his company, and asked what he should do.

The person at the company related, that my friend had been
terminated because his contract had run out. To this day, the
only thing Sal knows about that project, is from his notes, pay
records, and letter of offer when he was hired. The company in
question was involved with developing the TR-3B gravity
disruption device called the MFD. His paranoia now exceeds my
ability to describe it.

Has Anyone Ever Heard of the super strong foil like Material recovered after=
 the Roswell Crash?

Another friend who worked for General Dynamics in Fort Worth,
TX, described a program in which he worked with a plasma
accelerator in the mid-60s researching gravity warping
techniques. He is a physicist by education and work experience.
This was his first Top Secret Program. He described a foil-like
material, much like the material that was reported discovered
after the Roswell Crash. He described the foil as 12 layers of
material, less than ten thousandths of an inch thick. It was as
flexible as a plastic trash bag, but virtually indestructible to
piercing, burning or cutting.

In order to cut the material used for the project, the material
was super cooled, a large electrical charge was applied to
polarize the molecular structure, and then a laser cutter was
applied. Large ribbons of this material were used to reinforce
the accelerator, which contained the mercury based plasma.

The plasma was cooled to super-conductive temperatures, rotated
at 45 thousand revolutions per minute, and pressurized at 150
thousand atmospheres. This would be considered state-of-the-art
technology even by today's standards, some 30 years after he
worked this project. He related that the project achieved its
objective. Instruments and test objects within the center of the
accelerator showed a 50 percent loss of weight, attributed to a
reduction in the gravitational field.

You'll hear more about this technology when I address the Top
Secret USAF Tactical Reconnaissance, flying triangle, or TR-3B
and it's Magnetic Field Disrupter.

SLIDE 31: YB-49 Flying Wing 1948

From 1973 through 1976 I was home-based out of Edwards AFB.

It is near Lancaster California and even nearer to the San
Andrus Fault.

SLIDE 32: B-2 stealth bomber

Edwards has a long history with secret technology and
experimental aircraft. The YB-49 was flown in 1948 at Edwards
AFB which looks a lot like the B-2 Stealth Bomber.

SLIDE 33 : XB-70 Valkyrie 1964

The XB-70 flown in 1964 looks a lot like the still Top Secret
SR-75 that the Air Force says doesn't exist.

SLIDE 34: SR-75 with specification data at bottom

Edwards is the home of the US Air Force Test Pilot School and is
Responsible for Flight Operational Test and Evaluation of the
Air Force's newest aircraft. It hosts a number of Tenant
Organizations from NASA to a Jet Propulsion Laboratory facility.

SLIDES: {35/black F-111, {36/F-15, {37/F-16, {38/A-10,
{39/B-1  (Shown quickly as named)

I worked with the F-111 swing wing bomber. the F-15 air
superiority fighter, the F-16 fighter, the A-10 close air
support attack aircraft, and the B-1 stealth bomber. I was
involved with these and other classified development programs,
when they were just a gleam in some pilot trainee's eyes.

SLIDE 40: A-10 aircraft with external engine pods. and snarling
teeth on aircraft nose.

One night a long time friend of mine and I were standing on top
of the Fairchild A-10 hanger. It was about 2 AM, and was a clear
night with millions of stars visible to the naked eye. This was
a common clear, cool night. I noticed a group of stars that
seemed to be shifting in color. At the time I could name most of
the visible planets and constellations. I pointed out to my
friend that the three bright stars in triangular formation, were
not part of the big dipper.

We watched as the strobing stars shifted from bright blue to a
reddish -yellow in color. After a period of about 20 minutes we
could tell that the objects probably weren't stars, because they
were getting larger. This was somewhat unnerving. It was further
unnerving, when the space in-between the enlarging lights, began
blocking out the stars in the background.

We decided it probably was a Top Secret Air Force vehicle of
some type. Still, we weren't sure. The vehicle had gone from
half the size of the big dipper to twice it's size in under a
half hour and had moved from the west to the east towards the
base. About the time we could make out a silhouette or outline,
of the triangular vehicle, the lights, or possibly exhausts,
flared brighter and vanished from the sky in an instant. This
experience wasn't my first sighting, but it was one of the few
where I had a witness.

SLIDE 41: Nevada

In the summer of 1976 I relocated to Nellis Air Force Base north
of Las Vegas. I spent the next 3 and a half years there. I
worked primarily with the F-15, Electronics Countermeasures, and
Automatic Test Equipment. I had heard rumors of airbases located
in the desert, at places called Mercury, Indian Springs, and
others that didn't even have names. Before the fall of the
Berlin wall, and the collapse of the USSR, no-one talked about
their classified work experience, nor did we repeat rumors of
Top Secret technology and aircraft. Most of us who had Top
Secret clearances, never even told our wives what we were doing,
and where we were going, when on these type projects. I once
spent six months in Vietnam, while my ex-wife thought I was
attending a classified technical school in Colorado.

Slide 42: Groom Lake:

The Military, in a court of law, actually denied the existence
of a classified Air Force Base, Inside The Nellis Range, out in
the Nevada Desert. Don't you know, the plaintiffs, who had
worked at Groom, and their lawyer were surprised to hear this.
But, that's another story.

I was one of the few personnel at Nellis who had a Top Secret
clearance with Crypto access. I was certified to work on Mode 4
IFF, (an aircraft system which responded to classified,
encrypted codes.) I was also certified to work on other Crypto
equipment which I cannot discuss.

It was due to a combination of coincidences and my technical
experience that I was requested to be temporarily assigned to a
place, which had no name. I was told by my commander that I was
to report to an office on the base, and that he didn't have a
clue where I was going or what I was going to be working on. And
let me tell you, he wasn't too happy, to have been left in the

I left one Monday morning long before sunrise. It was 4:30 AM
when I boarded a dark blue Air Force bus with all of the
windows blacked out. There were 28 other people on the bus, not
including the 2 security policemen, holding M-16 automatic
weapons, and the bus driver. We were each told when boarding,
"Do Not Speak on this bus, unless you are spoken too." Not one
of us uttered a word, believe me. There is nothing which can
inspire compliance like an M-16 sticking in your face,  I
assure you.

The bus drove through the desert, this much I know from the
poor air- conditioning on the bus and the amount of fine dust
that came through every crack in the old vehicle for several
hours and it was soon obvious where I was

SLIDES: {43/SR-71, {44/TR-1, {45/F-117, (Shown quickly as

In the 1950s the government started building the super secret
Groom Lake facilities for the CIAs U-2 spy plane. It's located
in the north central part of the Nellis Range and is designated
as Area 51. Construction of facilities within the Nellis range
continues, even to today. The SR-71, TR-1, F-117, and B-2 were
tested at Groom.

SLIDES: {46/SR-75, {47/TR-3B

Now the Top Secret SR-75, SR-74, and TR-3B are operated there.
Many of these aircraft have been mis-identified as UFOs.

SLIDE 48: Nevada Topographical Map / or satellite

When we reached Groom, the bus pulled into a hanger and they
shut the doors. The security personnel checked me in, while
other security personnel dispatched the others to their places
of work. I was given a pair of heavy glasses to wear, which can
only be described as looking like welder's goggles. The lenses
were thick, and the sides of the goggles were covered to
obliterate my peripheral vision.

Once I had these goggles on, I could only see about 30 feet in
front of me. Anything beyond that distance became increasingly
blurred. If an M1 Abrams Tank barrel, had been pointed at me
from about 50 feet away, I would not have seen it. It was very
disconcerting to have to wear those glasses.

The whole time I was there, some 10 consecutive days, followed
by several follow-up visits, the routine was the same. Leave
Nellis before sunrise and return home to Nellis after dark
every day.

Only once did I get a chance to see the whole base, and that
was when I was flown up from Nellis, in a helicopter to Groom,
for emergency repairs of their crypto test equipment.

For those stationed at Groom, or commuting there daily, the
flight schedules are posted for classified flights. Everyone
not cleared for that particular program and flight, must be off
the ramp and inside 30 minutes prior to the scheduled

A couple of thousand personnel are flown into Area 51 daily,
from McCarrin Air Port in Las Vegas and from Edwards AFB in
California, on contractor aircraft. Several hundred commute
from Tonapah and Central Nevada via the North entrance near
Rachel Nevada. Other commuters use the South entrance via
Mercury or Indian Springs, which is West of LV.

While at Groom I made contacts and met people from other
programs. Over time, a few became friends and we exchanged

On my 3rd day on the job at Groom, I had to remove a module
from a multi-bay piece of satellite communications equipment,
used to support certain special mission aircraft. I noticed
while inside the bay checking out the wiring, that it contained
a sealed unit about the size of a large brief-case. It had a
National Security Agency ID Plate on it.

The nomenclature on the name plate was; Direct Orbital Code
Link. I thought this was strange, as the unit was part of a
digital communications link, used solely to communicate with
classified Air Force vehicles. I was unaware at the time of any
military orbital missions not related to NASA. Remember, this
was in the late 70s. The shuttle didn't fly until 1981.

I disconnected the unit and, out of curiosity, I removed the
rear access cover. To my amazement, there were some half-dozen
large hybrid integrated circuit chips inside. The largest chip
had over 500 hair-thin leadsattached and was approximately the
size of a Zippo lighter. The paper inspection stamp on the chip
was dated 1975.

In 1975 the most advanced processor speeds, on the most
classified projects were equivalent to a IBM 8088 which ran at
4 million cycles per seconds. This unit had a processor speed
of 1 billion cycles per second. It wasn't until more than a
dozen years had passed before I saw comparable technology with
integrated circuit chips. Then it was at a Top Secret avionics
development project at ITT.

In the mess hall at Groom, I heard words like Lorents Forces,
pulse detonation, cyclotron radiation, quantum flux
transduction field generators, quasi crystal energy lens, and
EPR quantum receivers.

I wrote down everything I saw, heard, and touched in my log
every night before going to bed. By the way, the food at the
Groom Mess hall was excellent. But what would you expect. There
was no cable, no alcohol, and no women. I guess they figured
they'd better do something right.

Later, while back at the base, my routine went on as normal, as
did my part time job that summer at the Silver Dollar Salon. My
NSA friend, Jerald, who investigated and "watched" those with
highly classified jobs at the Nevada Test Site and the Nellis
Range, happened to show up. He was checking up on a guy who had
a drinking problem, who worked at the Nevada Test Site, where
they set off underground atomic explosions.

SLIDE 49: B-52 bomber landing

He happened to mention a vehicle that could be boosted into
orbit, and return and land in the Nevada desert.

It was an unmanned reconnaissance vehicle which took off from a
B-52 bomber and used booster rockets to place it in temporary
low earth orbit for the purpose of taking reconnaissance

I thought he was feeding me a line of bull. Then he said,

SLIDES: 50/51/52: Virtual Reality Lab pictures.

"This vehicle is remotely piloted and communications are made
via the DOCiLe system at Groom." I'm not usually too slow, but
it didn't hit meuntil he repeated, "you know, the Direct
Orbital Communications Link -- D. O. C. L." Bingo, the
light-bulb went on. I had seen a piece of the DOCiLe equipment
at Groom. The NSA unit with the large chips.

These are old pictures of the Virtual Reality Lab at Brooks Air
Force Base where the software to remotely fly exotic aircraft
was developed.

Let Me Get Back To The Development of Alien Rapture - The

After I agreed to write my co-conspirator's story, I talked to
several military Judge Advocate General (JAG) Lawyers. I told
the lawyers that I wanted to write about some of my experiences
in the military and had been on many classified projects. I was
told that I had to write my-story as fiction, which I have.

I was told that I couldn't name any real individuals with
clearances or covers, or use their working names. Which I

I was also told that I couldn't discuss any secrets of programs
that I had been personally assigned to. Which I have not done.
Then, I was told as long as I did that, I could damn well write
anything I wanted to.

Of course, I didn't tell them I was going to write about the
government conspiracy to cover-up UFO contact and the reverse
engineering of alien technology. Or, that I was interviewing
pilots who had flown classified air craft.

In the summer of 1992 we met again in Las Vegas. I had compiled
my notes from our first meeting, my interviews, and the input
the five friends had passed on to me. Each had reached out to
their friends and contacts, which uncovered even more

We agreed I was the only one who could get away with writing
about our experiences since I no longer worked for the DoD as
military or government employee or as a defense contractor. My
friends were still connected.

I took one last trip to Nevada in December 1994, without
benefit of my friends. I wanted to see a few of my retired
military friends to cross check some of my facts.

Bud, one of my conspirators, had informed me that he had a
cancerous tumor and was going through some severe depression.
He was dead thirty days later. It was a real blow to us. We had
lost Jerrold a year before of a heart attack.

Of the remaining three friends, Sal has dropped of the face of
the earth and none of his or my contacts have been able to
locate him for two years now. He was extremely paranoid about
the two deaths, and had second thoughts about the book. He said
he was going to move and didn't know when or if he would
contact me next.

SLIDE 53: black SR-71 with red stripes

Let me talk about my friend Doc. He has a theory that UFOs Seem
To Like Fast Aircraft.

The SR-71 pilot whom I knew well, Doc, was stationed at Kadena
AFB, where they were located on the SAC side of the base in

While flying back across the South China Sea from a
reconnaissance mission, the SR-71 pilot encountered a shadow
over his cockpit. Doc said his avionics systems went totally
hay-wire, and he felt the aircraft nose down slightly, which
can be dangerous at two thousand miles per hour, or 35 miles
per minute.

When he looked up, he was so startled, that he almost panicked
and immediately made an evasive maneuver to the right and down,
which is one of the many maneuvers that they make if a missile
is detected approaching.

Doc said the object was so big that it totally blocked out the
sun. His estimate was that it was 250 to 300 feet across. It
was oval in shape, and appeared to be a bright blue-grey in
color, but he wasn't sure, as a shimmering halo of energy
surrounded the vehicle.

About three minutes later, and some thousands of feet lower,
the vehicle reappeared on his left wing tip. He tried his UHF
radio and all he could pick up was a deep electrical hum. He
abandoned his attempts to use his radio, as his immediate
survival was more important for the moment.

For the next ten minutes, the large oval vehicle moved from his
left wing tip, to the rear of the aircraft, and then to his
right wing tip. Doc said he got this sound in his head, 'like a
swarm of bees in my brain' as he described it. The movement
from the left, to the rear, to the right wing tip took about
two minutes, and then it reversed the movement.

On the UFO's last swing to the rear of his SR-71, his aircraft
started buffeting wildly, which is terrifying at Mach 3, then
it stopped after about fifteen seconds and he never saw it

When Doc returned from the mission he immediately went to his
debriefing. The minute he mentioned the incident, with the
unidentified aerospace vehicle to his commander, he was pulled
away from the debriefing and taken to his commander's office.
His commander, a colonel, filled out an incident report, in
detail, and then told my friend not to mention the incident to
anyone or he would be subject to severe and speedy penalty
under military regulations.

Doc told me that he didn't know one SR-71 pilot or astronaut,
who hadn't had a close encounter or a UFO sighting. He felt
that not one of them would ever go on record with their
experiences, because of fear of retaliation from the Department
of Defense, and loss of their retirement pay and benefits for
breaking the secret's acts.

During the nine years after this in-flight incident, Doc
related that, a few of his trusted friends related similar
incidents with the same type vehicles, or glowing orbs of dense
light dancing around their aircraft.

Then Doc told me another story.

His friend Dave, another SR-71 black-bird pilot, while drunk on
Sake' in Japan, told him in whispers that he didn't use to
drink until, he made a reconnaissance flight over the Eastern
border of Russia six months before.

When Dave returned, he was delirious, and semi-conscious. His
crew had to pull him out of the cockpit. The Flight Surgeon
attributed his symptoms to loss of oxygen. He didn't share his
night-mares with the Air Force doctors, for fear that the
Flight Surgeon would ground him, and he would lose his flying
status. But, under the influence of alcohol, in a quiet bar,
with a trusted fellow SR-71 blackbird pilot and friend, Dave
opened up.

He tearfully related in an emotional story, that he had
nightmares every night, that something had gotten to him during
his flight over Russia. What made matters worse for him was
that he had absolutely no memory of the flight, from the time
he lifted off from the Air Base until the day after he
returned, and found himself in the Naval Regional Hospital in
Okinawa. I managed to track down Dave, who lives in Southern
California, and he confirmed, off-the- record, that the
incident as related to me was true. Dave said that he was
actually happy someone was writing about stories of contact and
sightings by military pilots. He also said he was sure he had
had some type contact with the UFO.

SLIDE 54: F-15 over Arizona

One day, while still at Nellis, We were informed that their was
an F-15 that had crashed on the Nellis Range, which is where
Area 51 is located. The

F-15 crash happened in 1977. A Lieutenant Colonel, and Doc
Walters, the Hospital Commander actually flew into the side of
a mountain while doing a routine, Functional Check Flight.

I've written about this incident in Alien Rapture - The Chosen.

A sergeant who worked for me recovered the F-15 Heads Up
Display film cannister, while assigned to the Accident
Investigation Team.

He told me a guy in a dark jump suit, who was out of Washington
DC, personally took it from him, which was unusual since
everything else was picked up and logged, and taken back to the
assigned hanger for analysis. A prototype video camera was also
on the aircraft. It was recovered as was the flight data
recorder, and also handed over to the guy from Washington.

One night, a couple of weeks after the crash, my NSA friend,
Jerald related to me at the Silver Dollar Saloon, that the
Lieutenant Colonel had radioed the Nellis Tower that he had an
extremely large 'thing' over his aircraft, right on top of him,
and that he was experiencing loss of flight systems. His
communications went dead, and a few seconds later the aircraft
exploded into the side of a mountain top.

Jerald who was the most 'connected' person I ever knew, told me
that the viewing of the 'video,' showed, that some type of oval
vehicle of nd excavation for underground, and mountainside
facilities. EG&G built these hidden bunkers, mountain hangers,
and vast underground facilities at Groom, Papoose, and Mercury
for the government.

These facilities and observations posts are well camouflaged,
inside the Nevada Test Site, and the Nellis Range.

Starting in 1971 and continuing through 1975, a massive amount
of excavation took place at the Groom and Papoose facilities.
Most of the subsequent construction has also taken place

In 1972, EG&G was granted an indefinite contract, called
"Project Redlight" to support the DOE and the military. This
contract gave them responsibility to assist in the recovery of
nuclear materials, in cases of mishaps and to provide aerial
and ground security, for highly classified government and
military sites. My sources say that the DOE and NSA are
primarily responsible to the MJ-12 committee, for reacting to
sightings of UFOs and recovering artifacts in case of a crash.

So What's Going On Today, You ASK. Let's talk about the newest
secrets and rumors:

SLIDES: {57/Hillary Platform, {58/Avro Saucer, {{59/Northrop

The Hillary platform and the Avro saucer and the Northrup wings
were aerospace vehicles, where advance technology was developed
and tested. Each emulated some characteristic of UFOs as
described by the late Dr. Paul Hill. Hill was a NASA UFO
investigator who talks about the UFO's technology in his book
Unconventional Flying Objects.

Lockheed's Advanced Developmental Projects Division, known as
the "Skunk Works," developed the A-12 for the CIA, and a later
version called the SR-71 for the USAF in the early 60s. Thirty
years later, the SR-71 was still breaking world speed records.

SLIDE 60: SR-71 spy plane.

The sleek, matte-black, stiletto shaped spy plane, the SR-71,
broke the world air speed record from LA to Washington DC on
it's retirement flight in 1990. 2,000 miles in 1 hour and 4

SLIDE 61: Satellite of the Groom facility

Area 51 - the Groom Air Base facilities, has a 6 mile long
runway, the longest in the US. The Department of Defense and
CIA's most exotic aerospace vehicles are tested and modified at
the Groom Lake facilities.

Why a 6 mile long runway? You need a runway this long if the
minimum, or stall speed of an aircraft, is a very high speed.
Aircraft without wings, like wedge shaped lifting bodies, or
those with 75 degree swept back wings, have a very high stall
speed. So they take off very fast and land even faster. It's a
place where curious outsiders circulate rumors, about aliens
and extra-terrestrial technology, being utilized to accelerate
the various programs at Area 51.

My sources estimate that up to 35% of the SDI funding was
siphoned off to provide primary expenditures for the Air
Force's most secret 'Black Program', which started in 1982. It
is called - The Aurora Program. Aurora is the code name of the
ongoing project to build and test advanced aerospace vehicles.

As early as 1992, the Air Force had already made contingency
plans to move all of it's aircraft out of Groom Air Base. The
public eye was on the base and they didn't like it one damn
bit. Everything like the SR-75 were removed by early 1992 to
other bases in Utah, Colorado, Alaska, Greenland, Diego Garcia,
and another remote island in the Pacific.

Glenn Campbell, more than anyone, of UFOmind.com, and the Area
51 Research council and Desert Rat news sheet, spooked them.
Short take-off and landing vehicles, especially the bat-wing
TR-3A and the triangle TR-3B were relocated to Papoose in the
Southern part of what used to be called area S-4. If I indicate
otherwise, it's because all of my research and contacts took
place to 1994. I take off my hat to him, a true patriot who had
the guts to stand up to the government.

SLIDE 62: SR-75 side view

For the last few years, high-tech buffs speculated that at
least one new and exotic aerospace vehicle existed. The SR-75,
the first operational Aurora Program vehicle, went operational
after 2 years of flight testing and modifications in 89.

The top secret SR-75 is a hypersonic strategic reconnaissance,
or SR spy plane, and is called the Penetrator. It is also a
mothership, which I will explain shortly. Hypersonic speeds
start at approximately Mach 5.

The SR-75 replaced the SR-71 spy plane, which was retired in
1990, by the Air Force, who said, "there is no replacement, all
we really need is our spy satellites to do the job. Ha!

SLIDE 63: SR-75 view with specification data at bottom

The new SR-75 is capable of positioning anywhere in the world
in less than 3 hours. It caries multi-spectral sensors, such as
optical, radar, infrared, and laser.

It collects images, electronic's intelligence, signals
intelligence, and illuminates targets.

The Top Secret SR-75 far exceeds the classified military speed
and altitude records set by the old SR-71, which could fly at a
still classified Mach 3.3 and reach a ceiling of 85 thousand

The SR-75 attained altitudes of over 120,000 feet and speeds
exceeding Mach-5, or 5 times the speed of sound. That's over
3300 miles per hour. From take-off to landing, the stealthy 75
can make the round trip from central Nevada to Northeast Russia
and back in under 3 hours.

It's 162 feet long and has a wing span of 98 feet. The belly of
the vehicle stands 10 feet off the ground.

It carries a crew of 3 - a pilot, a reconnaissance officer, and
a launch control officer, who doubles as the electronics
warfare officer.

Two methane and LOx fueled, high bypass turbo-ramjet (combined
cycle) engines are housed under each wing, and the bays run
some 40 feetunder the wings, terminating at the trailing edge
of the wing.

The explosive Pulsed Detonation Wave Engines that push the
hugeSR-75 to speeds above Mach 5, are now reported to be
pushing Mach 7, or 4500 miles per hour, with the latest engine

Although this plane has been sighted on numerous occasions, has
been picked up on military radar, and the pulse detonation wave
contrail it leaves behind it has been seen, the Air Force
vehemently denies its existence.

SLIDE 64: Radar operator

The 2 large engine bay inlets located under each wing of the
awesome black SR-75 mother ship, hang down 7 feet from the
underside of the wing and are twelve feet wide. You could drive
a Volkswagen Beetle into one of the engine exhausts.

The SR-71, and 75, and the daughter ship, the SR-74, were all
built bythe Lockheed Advanced Development Company, commonly
known as the Lockheed "Skunk-Works."

The SR-74 Scramp is the daughter ship and rides piggyback on
the huge SR-75 until take off. Scramp is from Scram-jet and
rocket propulsion. Scram-jet means a supersonic combustion ram

Jerald witnessed the flight of the big black Air Force SR-75
carrying the little unmanned SR-74 while inside Area 51. It was
sitting piggy-back on its upper raised platform on top of the
SR-75 Penetrator.

I heard talk about the 75 as far back as the late 70s while at
Groom, andI have 2 additional friends who have seen it at

Remember, the SR-74 Scramp can't take off from the ground.

It can only launch from the SR-75 mother ship at an altitude
above 100,000feet, and then it can attain orbital altitudes of
well over 800 thousand feet or 151 miles.

The Air Force uses the Scramp to launch small, highly
classified, ferret satellites for the National Security Agency.
It can launch at least two 1000 pound satellites measuring 6
feet by 5 feet. The Scramp is roughly the equivalent size and
weight of a F-16 fighter. It can easily attain speeds of Mach
15, or a little less than 10 thousand miles per hour.

SLIDE 65: NASA Shuttle on gantry

The NASA Space Shuttle is an antique by comparison. The joke is
on the taxpayers. If you think these rumors are far-fetched.
Look at the YB-49 and XB-70 flown in 1948 and 1964 respectively.
Now look at the SR-75 which has been spotted numerous times. You
say, the government can't keep a secret. You're wrong if you
think they can't.

SLIDES: {66/YB-49 wing, {67/XB-70, {68/SR-75 front view

There are new Rumors that we've placed two new vehicles in
permanent orbit. One of these is the Space Orbital Nuclear -
Service Intercept Vehicle (SON-SIV). It is code named Locust.
The SR-74 and the TR-3B can deliver spares replacement units or
SRUs, service fuels, fluids, and chemicals to the SON-SIV.

Then, the robotic SON-SIV uses these deliverables to service,
calibrate, repair and replace parts on the newer NSA, CIA, &
NRO satellites, which are built to be maintained in space.

SLIDE 69: TR-3B Operational Version

Finally, I've saved the best 4 last. The Operational model
of the TR-3B

A friend said, he would never forget the sight of the alien
looking TR-3B based at Papoose. The pitch black, triangular
shaped TR-3B was rarely mentioned--and then, only in hushed
whispers--at the Groom Lake facility where he worked. The craft
had flown over the Groom Lake runway in complete silence and
magically stopped above Area S-4. It huv-ered silently in the
same position, for some 10 minutes, before gently settling
vertically to the tarmac. At times a corona of silver blue
light glowed around the circumference of the massive TR-3B. The
operational model is 600 feet across.

SLIDE 70: TR-3B prototype Top Secret Flying Triangle

The 200 feet Prototype & the 300 feet Operational TR-3Bs are
Code named Astra. The tactical reconnaissance TR-3B first
operational flight was in the early 90s.

The triangular shaped nuclear powered aerospace platform was
developed under the Top Secret, Aurora Program with SDI and
black budget monies. At least 3 of the billion dollar plus
TR-3Bs were flying by 1994.

The Aurora is the most classified aerospace development program
in existence. The TR-3B is the most exotic vehicle created by
the Aurora Program. It is funded and operationally tasked by
the National Reconnaissance Office, the NSA, and the CIA. The
TR-3B flying triangle is not fiction and was built with
technology available in the mid 80s.

Not every UFO spotted is one of theirs.

SLIDE 71: Top Secret USAF TR-3B

The TR-3B vehicle's outer coating is reactive to electrical

Radar stimulation and can change reflectiveness, radar
absorptiveness, and color. This polymer skin, when used in
conjunction with the TR-3Bs Electronic Counter Measures and,
ECCM, can make the vehicle look like a small aircraft, or a
flying cylinder--or even trick radar receivers into falsely
detecting a variety of aircraft, no aircraft, or several
aircraft at various locations.

SLIDE 72: TR-3B Schematic diagram with top bottom and side

A circular, plasma filled accelerator ring called the Magnetic
Field Disrupter, surrounds the rotatable crew compartment and
is far ahead of any imaginable technology.

Sandia and Livermore laboratories developed the reverse
engineered MFD technology. The government will go to any
lengths to protect this technology. The plasma, mercury based,
is pressurized at 250,000 atmospheres at a temperature of 150
degrees Kelvin and accelerated to 50,000 rpm to create a
super-conductive plasma with the resulting gravity disruption.

The MFD generates a magnetic vortex field, which disrupts or
neutralizes the effects of gravity on mass within proximity, by
89 percent. Do not misunderstand. This is not antigravity.
Anti-gravity provides a repulsive force that can be used for

The MFD creates a disruption of the Earth's gravitational field
upon the mass within the circular accelerator.

The mass of the circular accelerator and all mass within the
accelerator, such as the crew capsule, avionics, MFD systems,
fuels, crew environmental systems, and the nuclear reactor, are
reduced by 89%.

This causes the effect of making the vehicle extremely light
and able to outperform and outmaneuver any craft yet
constructed--except, of course, those UFOs we did not build.

The TR-3B is a high altitude, stealth, reconnaissance platform
with an indefinite loiter time. Once you get it up there at
speed, it doesn't take much propulsion to maintain altitude.

At Groom Lake their have been whispered Rumors of a new element
that acts as a catalyst to the plasma.

With the vehicle mass reduced by 89%, the craft can travel at
Mach 9, vertically or horizontally. My sources say the
performance is limited only the stresses that the human pilots
can endure. Which is a lot, really, considering along with the
89% reduction in mass, the G forces are also reduced by 89%.

The crew of the TR-3B should be able to comfortable take up to

The TR-3Bs propulsion is provided by 3 multimode thrusters
mounted at each bottom corner of the triangular platform. The
TR-3 is a sub-Mach 9 vehicle until it reaches altitudes above
l20,000 feet--then God knows how fast it can go!

The 3 multimode rocket engines mounted under each corner of the
craft use hydrogen or methane and oxygen as a propellent.

In a liquid oxygen/hydrogen rocket system, 85% of the
propellent mass is oxygen. The nuclear thermal rocket engine
uses a hydrogen propellent, augmented with oxygen for
additional thrust. The reactor heats the liquid hydrogen and
injects liquid oxygen in the supersonic nozzle, so that the
hydrogen burns concurrently in the liquid oxygen afterburner.

SLIDE 73: TR-3B Operational Version

The multimode propulsion system can; operate in the atmosphere,
with thrust provided by the nuclear reactor,  in the upper
atmosphere, with hydrogen propulsion,  and in orbit, with the
combined hydrogen\ oxygen propulsion.

What you have to remember is, that the 3 rocket engines only
have to propel 11 percent of the mass of the Top Secret TR-3B.
The engines are reportedly built by Rockwell.

SLIDE 74: C-130 special Ops plane - front view

The original picture of the TR-3B was taken with a digital
camera that was carried onto a black - special operations
C-130. An Air Force Special Operations sergeant took the
picture while The C-130, was flying mission support for the

The current picture, a computer graphic representation, was
created from the sergeant's digital picture using 3D studio.
This picture hangs on the wall in the black vault, at the
Aurora Program Office. I'm not at liberty to say where I got
these other pictures of the TR-3B.

SLIDE 75: TR-3B Original

From the evolution of exotic materials, advanced avionics, and
newer propulsion engines the stealth aircraft were born. Leaps
in technology have been obtained with reverse engineering of
Alien Artifacts as described in the newly released MJ-12
Revised Charter, signed during the Regan administration.

According to Jerald's account, the technology developed at
Papoose far exceeded any known within the world scientific
community. Technology that we can assuredly assume was
developed, from reverse engineering of recovered alien

The control of all Alien Artifacts; the research, the reverse
engineering, and analysis of the extraterrestrial biological
entities (EBEs) has been transferred to the super-secret
laboratory called the Defense

Advanced Research Center or DARC.

SLIDE 76: TR-3B 600 feet wide Operational Model

Many sightings of triangular UFOs are not alien vehicles but
the top secret TR-3B. The NSA, NRO, CIA, and USAF have been
playing a shell game with aircraft nomenclature.

Creating the TR-3, modified to the TR-3A, the TR-3B, and the
Teir 2, 3, and 4, with suffixes like Plus or Minus added on to
confuse further the fact that each of these designators is a
different aircraft and not the same aerospace vehicle.

A TR-3B is as different from a TR-3A as a banana is from a
grape. Some of these vehicles are manned and others are

SLIDE 77: Strange picture of aircraft with pilot's head in

Before Jerald died, we had a long conversation. He was sure he
had documentation that would prove the existence of the MJ-12
committee and our using crashed alien vehicles to reverse
engineer their technology.

I also believe, the recently deceased Colonel Corso, who
discloses the governments involvement with alien technology,
was a honest and honorable man.

SLIDE 78: Earth pictured with TR-3B and worm-hole

Now, with the remaining time I have, I'm going to run through
some of the new MJ-12 documents I received via my friend Dale
who I've known and trusted for almost 30 years.

His father, who worked high up in the NSA for over 20 years
acquired these documents. I believe these documents are real.

Many of the names and Dates were blanked out when I received
them. The complete documents are attached to Brad Steiger's and
my book, Alien Rapture - The Chosen.

It is written as a fiction story with characters on a quest, to
uncover the truth, much like the one my five friends and I
started out on.