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ELFIS ISSUE 7 FALL 1998 part 2

From: Stephen MILES Lewis <elfis@ccsi.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 00:08:16 -0500
Fwd Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 13:50:40 -0500
Subject: ELFIS ISSUE 7 FALL 1998 part 2

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     A bit late but a whopper of an issue (and I do say so myself)
tho I have yet again let precious writing time slip by. But what
of it . . . I hope the collective contents of this installment ring
at least a couple of your personal bells.

     So let me ramble on with the introductions strewn throughout
the following  - T A B L E of C O N T E N T S -



Hallucinogenic Hypno-Vision and the Plasmatic Cells of Gaia

Unidentified Flying Amoeboids - both by Andrew Gaze

     Synchronisticly, while preparing work for my own massive
article undertaking known as "UFOs-Hermeneutic Messengers of
Gaia-Ecology of the OverMind" (to begin soon!) I came across an
old issue of JK's zine DHARMA COMBAT which featured
articles of Jeff Lewis' I had read within the pages of CRASH
COLLUSION magazine. It also featured two pieces by one
Andrew Gaze who is surely of the EXCLUDED MIDDLE bunch
somehow. His two articles cover the SPACE ANIMAL /
CRITTER hypothesis of UFOs and the title is so close to my
aboved mentioned article that I can only assume I must have
unconsciously grokked the title for I had never actually read it
before now. The synchronicity continued with the discover of
last installments articles on the Space Animal Theory
(augmented by John Walker's updated use of Hal Puthoff and
company's Zero Point Energy / Vacuum research).

     Moving right along to. . .


EHE AutoBiography of Mr. Baggins
     Part TWO: On the Making of a Consumate Child Actor
     Part THREE: The Clarence Incident

     PSI'D Kick From The Past part TWO:

     The Gallery is open this week with new exhibits

     In the Gallery you will find more black & white comic strips
of recent past history including the classic American Express
Alien and New Yorker humor. Also on display are some images
for that sultry X-Phyles mood and a bite into the UFO/Alien
Merchandise campaign, just in time for All Hallows Eve.

     Artificial Sun - Lighting System or Hoax Device?

     Recently there was talk on the UFO UpDates Mailing List
concerning a certain type of hoaxed UFO sightings of the
"distant light" variety via helium balloons, florescent tubes,
and fishing line (at its basest level) in connection with crop
circle hoaxing as well. This reminded me of the time me and
several friends had the wool pulled over our eyes in just such a
way by one of the many pranksters amongst our group. The
"ufo" remained so for just under five minutes as we hooted
hollered and compared what we were seeing before breaking
out the binocs. Thanks to a nearly full moon, the objects hanging
around, and especially the binocs we didn't succumb to an
extended bout of the heebeegeebees. That and the fact that the
prankster himself, once located, faked disinterest. So to bring us
back suffice to say that the UFO UpDates list discussion on
said topics reminded me to add the ARTIFICIAL SUN lighting
system to the site. If you wanna catch a more recent use of the
lights look for the inevitable rebroadcast of MTV's Extreme
Sports & Music festival which was video-taped live in Zilker
Park on the south side of the river in downtown Austin some
time back.


     Last year's release of the movie FAIRYTALE: A TRUE STORY
prompted this ReView of the Fairy case investigated by Sir
Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini.

PROJECTS: UFO-University "The Visible College"

     In FORBIDDEN SCIENCE, the journals of Jacques Vallee, he
tells of a meeting of the then members of their "Invibile
College." (Aptly named for the terrible stigma attached to
interest in UFOs at the time [and surviving to this very day]) In
 this particular meeting the congregated scientists were
grumbling over the need for a VISIBLE COLLEGE, however
they were immediately struck with the daunting details of
funding, ego and hierarchy which most often lead to the
present state of ill-funded and ill-managed projects,
organizations and networks that makeup the emerging global
ufo research community.
     Well I am just enough of an optimist to think I can pull it off!
So, begin very soon expect to see details materialize on the
evolution of UFOU-"The Visible College" - Earth's First UFO
University; featuring multidisciplinary investigation into UFO
sightings, UFO witnesses, the phenomena of perception &
consciousness, physical science approaches to UFO trace
evidence, instrumented ufo research, as well as a whole host of
UFO investigatory tools and soft science approaches including
anthopological / folkloric reports.
     In the meantime . . . . go check out the first installment of the
     and its intro to RPVs, UAVs, M-P/Ds and other Radio Control Vehicles

     Lucid in Lovecraftian DreamLands by Thom Laaki

     And concluding this issue, we have a long-time hurricane-of-a
-friend, Thom Laaki, whose insightful thoughts and experiences
he is finally sharing with our ELFIS readers. Thom recounts his
recent plunge into the Pre-Atlantean Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft
and company while Lucid in a dream. Check it out!

And until next time . . . "See Ya In The DreamTime, NOW!"

	Stephen MILES Lewis

Writer, Designer, Producer, Editor

Journal of Possible Paradigms


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