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Current Encounters: Filer's Files #43

From: Majorstar <Majorstar@AOL.COM>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 11:13:48 EST
Fwd Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 23:43:37 -0500
Subject: Current Encounters: Filer's Files #43

Filer's Files #43  MUFON Skywatch Investigations
From George A. Filer:  MUFON Eastern Director, Oct. 30, 1997
Majorstar@aol.com  (609) 654-0020

Some UFOs such as Silverbug may belong to various world governments.


Ken Aspinwall, an independent ufologist in LaGrange,  has
informed Georgia of MUFON that a group of witnesses saw a
cone-shaped or capsule shaped UFO.  It looked much like the
infamous 9/16/96 Valley, Alabama UFO photos.  A UFO was hovering
and moving at great speed on two occasions near Cannonville,
Troup County, in western Georgia.  One of the witnesses told
Georgia MUFON that they saw a cone-shaped UFO over Murphy Road on
Tuesday, October 21st at around 11:00 p.m. The couple said,  "The
UFO had a round bottom with a sometimes flashing circle of red
lights. On top of the cone was an intense and large non-blinking
white light."  The next night at approximately 7:30 to 8:00 p.m.,
one of the witnesses along with her 18 year old younger sister
saw the same UFO. It was hovering over the Cannonville road
between the church and the I-85 overpass to the east. The UFO was
seen hovering just above the treeline and moving up and down
slowly at times. Pulling their car over and shutting the car's
engine off they watched the Valley type UFO flit around in the
general area for over five minutes. The UFO at its closest point
was about 3/4's of a mile away and made no sound. At that
distance the UFO had an  apparent size of a full-moon. One
witness estimated the UFO was about the size of a twin-engine
prop-plane. Georgia MUFON/ISUR has communicated with witnesses
near LaGrange, in Colorado and Indiana that have seen the Valley
type UFOs. They all agree the UFO is the size of small plane.

Troup County "911"personnel are currently checking for any calls
that may have been made to them  concerning UFOs. They
tentatively do not remember any calls. An unrelated witness, a
roofer, said that he and his wife had seen stationary or
slow-moving strange blue flashing lights hovering in the
Cannonville area just before midnight on 18 October. While a new
tower has recently been erected in  Cannonville for cellular
phones, the tower has steady flashing red lights. According to
the roofer, blue lights' lit-up a sizeable portion of the sky for
20 minutes and did not flash with any pattern.
The Oct. 22nd, sighting in Cannoville ended when the cone-shaped
UFO shot off to the east over Hutchinson Mill Road at a speed
"greater than a commercial airliner." At all times the UFO was
seen at only slightly above tree-top level with largely only its
large white light on. When its ring of red lights sporadically
came on, the witnesses could clearly see the round bottom of the
UFO.  Further investigation will continue. Thanks to State
Director, John Thompson: gin@wp-lag.mindspring.com


Mike Painter, a former Air Force Security Specialist was on guard
duty at Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport, Louisiana in
September of 1975 at nearly midnight. Mike reports, "I was
walking my post that evening when we heard over our radios that a
civilian had called the base, reporting a UFO sighting.
Initially we laughed it off, when a few moments later the guard
at the West entrance to the base reported to Command the an
object was hovering at a height of about 50 to-60 feet.  It
remained stationary for about 15 minutes.  The object then left
to the South. Just a few moments later, the guards at the Nuclear
Weapons Storage Area (Barksdale was a SAC base) reported that the
object was hovering over their post.  It stayed there for another
15-20 minutes and then left. I had joined another of the guard at
a point where our posts intersected and were listening to the
radio traffic. The object passed over us as it left the weapons
area. The object was triangular in shape and about 40 feet
across. It had dim lights  and made no sound as it passed

Mike  now lives in Crystal Lake, Illinois in (Thanks to John
Thompson and ISUR for this sighting report.)


Tom Nguyen reports on a sighting that occurred on Sunday
afternoon, October 12, 1997, over Orange County, CA.  The primary
witness' name is Sean Tyrone, who related the story to me. He's a
coworker here at my office.  Here is a brief account of what he
related to me:

At about 1:00 p.m., he stepped out on the balcony of his 2nd
floor apartment located in Fountain Valley. While looking up into
the clear blue sky, he observed numerous luminous objects
traveling at a high rate of speed in the upper atmosphere. The
Santa Ana winds that night kept skies unusually clear and there
were no clouds. At first, he thought they were meteorites.
However, he observed two objects rapidly descend in a
falling-leaf type of motion and suddenly zoom away in a straight
trajectory at a high rate of speed.  He called his wife out to
the balcony to also observe the objects. He phoned his brother
and father living in Westminster, a nearby city, as well as
another friend in nearby Huntington Beach  All of them observed
the objects in the air.  As I understand, this was observable for
a couple of hours.  Sean tried to photograph some of the objects
with a camera and is waiting for them to be developed.  I
immediately called Orange County MUFON and left a brief account
on their answering machine as instructed.  Mike Tyrone, Sean's
brother, also contacted OC MUFON. Let me know if you would like
to get in touch with any of these people to discuss what they
saw. Thanks to Tom Nguyen: TOM@bpm.stjoe.org


US investigations have now revealed evidence of alien technology
implanted in humans. California surgeon Dr Roger Leir has removed
three "highly anomalous implants" from a couple who claimed to
have had UFO encounters. Two were removed from the woman's toes.
The third was in the man's hand. All were attached to nerves. Dr
Leir, working with Houston-based alien investigator Derrel Sims,
said the implants were ultra-hard magnetic cores surrounded by a
dense gray membrane, which could not be cut. The membranes, made
of tough proteins formed from skin and blood, prevented signs of
inflammation or rejection. No one knows how the objects entered
the body because no scar tissue or entry point was found. Dr Leir
said "If these can teach us how to prevent tissue rejection, we
could revolutionize surgery." From the U.K. UFO Network 9/8/97
Issue 82:


A Punta Arenas man claims to have witnessed two jet interceptors
of the Fuerzas Aereas de Chile (FACh) in pursuit of a UFO over
Punta Arenas, the southernmost city in Chile.      According to a
report by Dr. Carlos Munoz, an investigator for Agrupacion de
Investigaciones Ovniologicas (AION), Chile's UFO study group, the
night of September 15, 1997, Jesus Montalvo "was on a road
outside Punta Arenas when he heard this 'BOOM' like sound coming
from behind his car.  As he stopped to see what it was, a huge
disc-shaped UFO flying very low came from behind and passed right
over his car. The UFO was being followed by two Chilean jet
fighters flying in combat mode without lights.  He watched the
pursuit until the UFO made a fast acceleration, disappearing
instantly from the sky, leaving behind the two jets."
According to AION president Rodrigo Fuenzalida, the Chilean Air
Force has been "on alert" since UFO videos shot in  Punta Arenas
and Iquique in northern Chile were aired on Channel 7, Television
Nacional de Chile in Santiago. On Tuesday, October 14, 1997, at
8:30 a.m., a UFO hovered near a school located in Santiago de
Chile, the nation's capital.  Several dozen students and a
professor spotted the daylight disc, which was arrayed with "many
bright lights" as it "hovered for about 15 minutes and then did
all sorts of maneuvers over Santiago."      The UFO was also seen
in the suburbs of Cerrillos and Quilpe, near Vina del Mar.
The following day, Wednesday, October 15, two men fishing in Vina
del Mar at approximately 8:00 a.m., "saw a UFO come out of the
sea and head towards Santiago." (Thanks to Luis Sanchez Perry and
Joe Trainor editor Masinaigan@aol.com 26 Oct 1997UFO ROUNDUP, #41
Editors Note: UFOs are frequently observed entering and exiting
the water.


ABC News.com: A futuristic form of spacecraft propulsion called
ion engine propulsion is one step closer to becoming a reality.
The ionic thruster (NASA) Deep Space 1 (DS1), the first launch of
NASA's New Millennium program, will use ion propulsion (also
known as solar electric propulsion) to power the craft on a
deep-space mission next summer. This will mark the first time in
the history of space exploration that ion propulsion, rather than
chemical propulsion, is being used as the primary means of
propelling a spacecraft. On Sept. 25, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
in Pasadena, Calif., completed the most extensive test of an ion
engine ever performed. Begun on June 17, 1996, the 8,000-hour
endurance test of a prototype xenon ion engine verified that the
engine has what it takes for long missions. DS1 is now set to
launch on July 1, 1998. During its two-year test mission, the
spacecraft will fly by Mars, an asteroid, and a comet, serving as
a spaceborne test bed to validate new technologies.

DS1's xenon ion engine, which fires electrically charged atoms
from its thrusters, is just 11.8 inches in diameter and is
powered by more than 2,000 watts from large solar arrays, which
focus, collect and store solar energy. Using xenon, a heavy inert
gas, for fuel, the engine ionizes (gives an electrical charge to)
the gas and electrically accelerates it to a speed of about 18.6
miles per second (about 70,000 miles per hour). When the xenon
ions are emitted at such a high speed, they then push the
spacecraft in the opposite direction. The converted xenon appears
as a ghostly blue haze that trails from the back of the
spacecraft as it catapults through space.

Perhaps the strangest thing about ion propulsion is that it
provides about the same amount of thrust as the pressure of a
single sheet of paper held in the palm of the hand. So how does
that power a spacecraft? As more and more ions are emitted, this
low thrust gradually changes the craft's velocity from low to
high speed. From:d005734c@dc.seflin.org (Francisco Lopez)
Copyright 1997 ABCNews and Starwave Corporation. All rights


Large massive Flying Triangles (FT) are being observed over
nuclear power plants in Southern England on a regular basis.
Reports are mounting into the hundreds. Witnesses also report
lights leaving a "massive" flying object and returning.

Victor Kean from Project FT has eight reports from 1995 in which
the FT was seen "discharging spheres" and, to date, two similar
reports from 1996. He states: "We are recording reports of these
independent 'spheres' (usually red, orange or white) and  find
that in many instances a FT is also reported within 30 minutes
and 50 miles. The 'spheres'  have been reported as 'buzzing' or
'pacing' lone vehicles, usually late at night  on remote roads.
Thanks to Victor J. Kean and Project FT

The last month has seen unprecedented UFO activity with
"unbelievable" video footage being filmed in East Anglia on the
North Sea.  Sightings were also reported in Southern England.
There were numerous phone calls relating to anomalous lights and
"spinning discs" in the Blackpool, Bamber Bridge, Burnley,
Southport and Crosby areas of the North West.

It should be remembered that another one of our cases from
November 1996 related to a cargo aircraft (call sign "Gemstone
904") flying from Belfast Aldergrove Airport to Coventry that
encountered a UFO over the Lancashire Coast. This meant that the
plane had to change course to avoid a possible collision. The
conversation between the aircraft and Manchester ATC was recorded
by a amateur radio ham. One thing we know for sure  is that
advanced prototype aircraft  are being tested off the Lancashire
Coast of the Eastern UK. Covert military activity is undoubtedly
responsible for many reports, but not all.

Thanks to: Tim Matthews,  stealthchaser@hotmail.com, British UFO
Studies Centre and Northern Federation of Independent Ufologists


The CIA and the Air Force are starting to release information on
experimental disc aircraft apparently built for the government.
The recent CIA claims that many UFO sightings were CIA or Air
Force reconnaissance craft is probably true.  They refer to these
aircraft as U-2 or SR-71 or Oxcart aircraft.

Recent declassified data infers that at least some of the UFOs
sighted were Silverbug, X or Y-2 type disc shaped craft
apparently built by the US, Canada and the UK. These craft look
like a typical flying saucers.  The Silverbug aircraft was
designed to fly at 2300 MPH and reach an altitude of 80,600 feet
as early as 1955. Additionally. These disc craft can hover and
take off vertically like a helicopter.  We are attempting to
contact former air and ground crews, factory workers and
designers now that these aircraft have been officially
declassified. You can review some of the formerly classified
Silverbug file on http://www or order a copy
for a small fee. If you actually participated in these previous
top secret projects now declassified you may contact me, or send
your information to the Director, American Heritage Center,
University of Wyoming, P.O. Box 3924 Laramie, WY 82071-3924

If you have a UFO news or comments, please, e-mail it to

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