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Re: Questions for Abductees

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Subject: Re: Questions for Abductees

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> The following two messages from Lawrie Williams will probably be
> the last posted from him on this thread.

> Errol Bruce-Knapp,
> Moderator, UFO UpDates - Toronto

Early last year I went to visit a friend who lived nearby.

I found all her belongings had been piled in a giant pyramid in the
middle of her living room floor. Open jars of jam on top of clothes
and crumpled photographs, a saucepan of cooked food dribbling down
through curtains and legal papers, smashed paintings and casettes
and cutlery. It was quite a sight.

The young lass herself was somewhere off wandering the countryside.
She had already lost her dog and thrown away all her jewellry and
bank book and suchlike. She'd been hospitalized but had upped and
walked out.

She turned up at last but could not settle down. I ended up taking
her home. The local nursing sister asked me to let her stay. I said
no way, but I did anyway. The young lady identified me with her big
brother. We all agreed that "professional care" in a psych ward was
a poor option. The quacks would probably have started her off on
serapax or valium, and that's the end of the road. Don't try to tell
me about "professionals".

She had been working on the latest remake of "Island of Dr Moreau"
and had been injured on the set. (She is one of the cavorting monkeys
in the background.)  She'd taken up with a dark guy and drunk too
much, and I heard later she had been seen with an incredible black
eye. Some friends tried to cure her "stress" by feeding her massive
doses of bundy rum. That was when she *really* flipped out.

She was a mess. She tried to clean up her house to vacate it, but
kept tuning out. I ended up doing most of it. She was more or less
continually assailed by voices in her mind screaming abuse at her.
It was weird but as long as I was able to be nearby and reassure her
about every ten minutes through the day, she was able to cope, even
if this only meant not wandering off again.

Her parents were contacted. They were far away. I was told they
could not get her on the plane for another week. Great. I was asked
to keep her in my care. Her parents rang me and thanked me
profusely. I had no choice but to be mister nice guy.

It says something for this part of the world that she'd been
wandering helplessly and no harm had come to her. In fact someone
found her valuables and handed them in. Someone else answered an ad
about her missing dog. So I drove her down to Cairns and we went to
the police and got her stuff back, and then her dog. I gladly paid
the young guys a reward, it was so good to see her happy. She
thought she'd lost her pet forever.

I looked into the abduction side of it. Maybe she had gone into a
psychotic state because someone told her she might have been
abducted. Maybe pigs can fly too. Actually I have proved they can,
but that is a different story entirely.

True, her place was a few hundred meters from a UFO flight path. She
had seen small things running around. And she had really gone round
the twist while sitting under a tree in her back yard. I felt that
these were tenuous connections.

The voices she described were not like the clear and meaningul
voices that some non-psychotic abductees hear. And the alcohol and
probable concussion suggested a more down-to-earth cause for her
problem. There was nothing magical going on here. She was about
as psychic as a plate of bacon and matzo balls.

I told her that in my opinion she needed to rest and avoid alcohol
and that in a week or maybe a month the voices would probably fade.
I said sometimes they never did, and cautioned her to avoid drinking
to excess ever again. Because next time she might flip out and stay
flipped out. And I said if she wanted a better idea about what was
going on, she should talk to a specialist.

She steadily got better on good food in a secure environment.
At last she got her plane home. Last I heard she was doing well.

Its strange, the way waifs and strays end up in my care. It first
happened when I was 17, a mate's girlfriend turned out to be a
runaway minor from NZ. The police got involved. You guessed it, they
asked me to care for her until a flight home could be arranged. That
was the first, and the poor frightened girl above was the most
recent. And there have been more between, males and females. It
just happens.

I have never sought to have this sort of thing happen. I never gain
from it, nor look for any advantage or credit for it. In fact I
don't think I have ever talked about it before. Never has there been
any suggestion of impropritety or possible harm &tc &tc. Not once.

Now there is. From several individuals via the internet.

The contrast between how things happen and the picture they present
could not be more clear-cut. I guess this means either I am a liar or
they are fools. It seems like there is no middle ground.

I will let you, the reader, judge the truth of this.

Lawrie Williams_____________

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