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Edwards attacks Mexican Footage

From: jared@valuserve.com (Andromeda.net- Anderson, Jared)
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 11:05:03 -0700
Fwd Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 20:06:07 -0500
Subject: Edwards attacks Mexican Footage

I got this post from ISUR's web board at

Mexico City UFO Video: Real Or Hoaxed? by Liz Edwards


As an avid investigative researcher and an artist I have a particular
interest in the vast realm of the knowledge we are given today and,
so, I wonder. =A0 What is real and what isn't? Through the miracle of
the computer, limitless visual and sensory horizons have been opened
to us. On the other hand, this new genie can also be led to do things
that are less than genuine. So effectively, in fact, it is almost to
the point now that we are sometimes forced to question what we
perceive as 'reality' itself, so seductive to our senses, and
analysis-resistant, can some of these computer spawned and enhanced
creations be. =A0 Listening to Sightings.com on the radio on Sunday,
October 5, with Jeff Rense, I was more than excited when he had
longtime UFO researchers Lee & Brit Elders on as guests recently. They
have deservedly earned great fame and respect as the key chroniclers
of the massive and continuing waves of UFO sightings in Mexico which
began during the 1991 solar eclipse as ancient Mayan and Aztec legends
had predicted. The Elder's three videos showing but a few hundreds of
the thousands of Mexican sightings are landmarks in UFO research. =A0
The big news, of course, was the less than 30 seconds of daylight
video of a UFO allegedly taped by an anonymous source in Mexico City
on August 6, 1997. The tape made its way into the possession of
Mexican researcher-journalist Jaime Maussan who sent a copy to Lee and
Brit, with whom he has worked closely for years. =A0 During the show
with Jeff, the Elders, and computer analyst Jim Dilettoso, emphasized
that nothing from the video would be released until complete computer
analysis, from several sources, had been completed. Apparently, Jaime
Maussan had other ideas and went on Mexican tv and aired the video to
a vast audience South of the border. As you have seen on Jeff's
website, at least one person taped the television broadcast and four
'video grabs' from it began appearing on the internet. =A0 Taking one of
the freeze frames (ufomex3.jpg) into a program that I use to examine
graphics , I was able to enhance the picture. I was able to raise the
ufo into be more visible status and with more definition. It was my
determination there was nothing corrupt or that had been added to this
graphic, and so I happily sent it to Jeff at Sightings.com. The
picture looked authentic and believable. That enhancement is available
for viewing from the linked Headline on the site. =A0 I was so intrigued
with these spectacular shots that I didn't stop there, however, and
continued to work with the stills of the ufo. I was also spurred on
knowing that top scientists were doing their own examinations which
further underscored the importance of these pictures. =A0 On October 17,
1997, using my own formula and techniques, it became clear, to me at
least, that one of the four pictures appeared to be very different.
This particular shot reacted to my experiments in a peculiar way and
produced something unusual which set off warning lights. If you look
at this enhancement, you see a 'star burst' of pixels. I had no
explanation initially but since then have come to a couple of
important and compelling conclusions

=A0 A few days after my discovery, the video itself began appearing on
the internet offered via a huge download of almost 4 megabytes.
Several UFO researchers sent the download to me and were raving about
the stunning images in it. And it is an amazing piece of video. As I
examined it I wondered who had made it available. When you access the
download, there is no identification of the source....the download
just starts moving. This also intrigued me as I remembered that
Mexican investigator, Jaime Maussan, reported the video had first come
to him via "anonymous" sources. As I probed and searched in an effort
to identify the source of the internet download, I learned many
things. =A0 This is what I now believe has happened. Please realize that
this is a preliminary conclusion at this time and my investigation
continues. We all want the truth. We deserve the truth...whatever it
may be. Moreover, we should NOT be deceived by today's wondrous
technology. =A0 1. First of all, we have a film sent anonymously to
Jaime Maussan. This alone is highly suspicious. If YOU had taken the
greatest daylight video in history, which could result in substantial
financial gain, not to mention world notoriety and a place in UFO
history...would you turn it over and hide? Would you lurk behind the
scenes while others took your work and good fortune and profited and
enhanced their reputations? I doubt it. =A0 2. Second, there are the
enhanced pictures. You can see some definition in the first one and
this has drawn attention to some of the famous Meier photos. The
enhanced 'star burst' picture shows detail in pixilation that is
questionable, and raises doubt about authenticity. =A0 3. Third. I have
been able to discover that the Mexico UFO video download is tagged
from an unidentified source site which is owned by a company that is
TOPS in the field of 3D COMPUTER GAME PROGRAMMING. This is very
strange. I will be talking to this company by phone on Monday morning
and will question them about how they got tagged with the video, and
why it is being offered from an unidentified source site. =A0 Brilliant
graphics programs like "3D Max Studio" will let you design your own
games...and can do many remarkable things. If you know what's out
there, how it works, and how images can be manipulated and integrated
into various formats, almost ANYTHING can be done. If a tape like the
Mexican UFO video could be hoaxed, a company like this one might be a
prime suspect. And to have discovered that it is, in fact, involved in
the sudden distribution over the internet of the Mexico City tape is a
strange coincidence to say the least. =A0 4. Fourth. At this time we are
reviewing other UFO photos some of which are similar to some of the
famous, or infamous, Billy Meier photos. It has been brought to my
attention that they may be the same type craft as the Mexico City
image. Extensive comparisons to these other pictures are currently
being made and we will be posting them shortly. =A0 Now, here is how I
think the Mexico UFO video could have been produced: =A0 1. Take the
video footage of Mexico City with the apartment buildings in the
foreground. 2. Place that footage into a high-powered state of the art
computer game graphics program. 3. Immerse/insert the ufo into the
Mexico City scene. 4. Code the graphics program to make the UFO
"move". 5. Directly from the computer, copy the now UFO animated scene
onto a videotape. 6. Take the tape and play it on a tv. 7. Use a
camcorder and record the footage directly off the screen of the tv
monitor. And, voila! You have a genuine "UFO video" which would show
NO electronic, technical, or graphics discrepancies under subsequent
analysis! That is why the Mexico City video has shown no
discrepancies!!!!! =A0 I want to repeat, these are only my preliminary
findings as of Saturday, evening, 10-25-97. It is up to each of you to
consider these issues individually. The main purpose here is that we
find the truth. That is what I am trying to do. I would prefer the
Mexico City video to be real, but I refuse to be hoaxed by today's
technology which is capable of some fantastic feats of deception. =A0
The UFO research community has been scored and ridiculed too many
times for its beliefs, and it is dead wrong to assume that all UFO
sightings are fakes or erroneous identification of various flying
objects and 'natural' phenomena. For the UFO research community to be
burdened now with a video that is manufactured but believed to be
genuine is something that cannot be accepted or tolerated. =A0 My
special thanks to my colleagues Kent Steadman, of Steadman Graphics,
for his expertise in so many areas; and to Dave Zidek for his
remarkable technical computer support. =A0 =A0

Liz Edwards I Wonder

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