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Re: Abduction Oct 4 1997

From: Michael Wayne Malone <wayne@fly.HiWAAY.net>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 00:01:12 -0600 (CST)
Fwd Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 01:46:07 -0500
Subject: Re: Abduction Oct 4 1997

> From: wlmss@peg.apc.org [Lawrie Williams]
> Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 15:08:27 +1000 (GMT+1000)
> To: starfriends@esosoft.com, ufo-l@mb.protree.com, updates@globalserve.net
> Subject: Re: Abduction Oct 4 1997

> > trying to find out what did occur, you make one monstrous assumption

> No Peter. Opinion is not Assumption. There's mistake #3 for you.

When one basis one opinion on something other than facts, then
one is making assumptions as to the validity of ones opinion.
When one puts forth ones opinion, by definition one puts forth
that opinion as truth. Therefore when one puts forth truth via
opinion without fact, one must be making an assumption.  Ergo, no

> > and then tell this kid that she can expect to be rogered and made
> > pregnant by an alien. Terrific.

> Now you employ cheap sexual innuendo against a child.

> You have three times misrepresented the information I introduced
> to the discussion. There was not a lot of it but you have
> nevertheless managed to make a complete cock-up of it. This is
> either sloppiness or obfuscation. Three strikes and you were out,
> my friend, even before you lurched into inflammatory smut.

So is it now your position that you did not tell "K" via her
friend that she should expect impregnation and removal of the
resultant fetus by aliens?

> It is the poison and spite that skeptics put abroad that
> generates the real angst and trauma for countless abductees, 16
> year old girls included. It gives many of the proles an excuse to
> taunt and intimidate them, to call them liars and accuse them of
> mental illness. It puts us under immense social pressure. It can
> even lead to suicides in people who cannot endure the conflict
> between what is happening to them and the denial and pressure
> from those around them. So they kill themselves, especially
> vulnerable young kids.

First, I would like documentation of the study that shows those
who have had what you are calling an "Abduction" are more likely
to commit suicide under the care of a professional mental health
provider than those "Abductees" who are under the "care" of a
"Fellow abductee."

> That is the kind of harm I have to deal with, and it stands head
> and shoulders above the petty and false accusations you sling at
> me.

You have hardly proven the assertion (or is that opinion?) that
skeptics and mental health professionals are less suited to
handle abductions that those who profess the unsupported belief
that abductions result in phantom pregnancies and stolen

> You and your kind fuel the denial. You judge me quite falsely for
> the very real harm and hurt that YOU do to thousands, nay, tens
> of thousands of individuals via the power of the print and tv
> media. And you do it to line your pockets, for blood money for
> propoganda that drives kids to their graves.

Again, your assertion as to the number of "abductions" is hardly
valid when the "abduction" senerio is no more than a theory.  As
for the lining of one pockets via skeptisism, it pays better than
blind Ufo belief, but only in non-monetary terms.

> > The only connexion between you and Sir Cedric in this parable is
> > your prattishness and your incapacity to judge a situation from
> > anything but your own point of view. Do you get the point?

> That you misread files, get emotional when they confuse you, and
> then resort to ad hominim. Yes, I would say I get that point.

Alas, it is obvious that you do not get the point.  But then
again, perhaps you do, but wish to deny it.

> >            ....... When a mob of such generally opposed persons
> > jump on you with both feet, does it not cross your mind - never a
> > long journey, it would seem - that you might be just a teensy, eensy,
> > weeny bit mistaken? Apparently not.

> Skye merely clipped my ear. John Velez started hollering but he
> is inclined to that kind of thing. The other 2 were just anxious
> daddies realizing at last that their little ones could be next
> and lashing out at the messenger. I was flattered, not flattened.
> Hardly a mob!  How about "A Small Gang"?  Say, half a per cent of
> everyone who saw the original message? If that.

And the number of people who took up your defense?

Michael Malone

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