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Re: Mexican UFO Video Tape

From: xalium@netwrx.net (Tom King)
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 19:26:38 EST
Fwd Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 01:26:29 -0500
Subject: Re: Mexican UFO Video Tape

>Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 06:39:57 -0400
>From: Graham William Birdsall <106151.1150@compuserve.com>
>Subject: Mexican UFO Video Tape
>To: UFO UPDATES TORONTO <updates@globalserve.net>

>Dear Colleagues,

>The emergence of yet another UFO video tape from Mexico has caused
>quite a stir.

>I am of course referring to the sequence which was allegedly taken in
>Mexico City on 6 August 1997.

>I had previously seen the still images, and in Brisbane,
>Australia, saw the complete footage for the first time, courtesy
>of Italian Giorgio Bongiovanni, who was sent a copy by his
>friend, Mexican TV Producer Jaime Maussan.

>My own copy arrived in the UK while I was in Brisbane, attending
>the Australian UFO Symposium organised by the Queensland UFO
>Network (an excellent and extremely well
>organised event).

>My copy was sent by Mexican UFO researcher Santiago Garza, who I
>had telephoned in Mexico City to try and discover more about the
>stories which were breaking out all over the Internet some weeks

>I would like to share with you some of his written comments to me
>which accompanied said video tape:

>- START -

>"It was presented for the first time on television here in
>Mexico, on Sunday, 28 September 1997, during the TV show '3er.
>Milenio' (3rd Millenium), a journalist-orientated programme that
>focuses on UFOs and ecological subjects.

>"The show is hosted by Jaime Maussan and Daniel Munos, good
>friends of mine.

>"The video presents an alleged big, disc-shaped craft with
>oscillating movements, that flies very slow at low altitude
>between two known buildings in the heart of Mexico City.

>"Unfortunately, the film lasts just a few seconds. The quality is
>poor and the voices you hear supposedly belong to the persons
>making the recording.

Wrong Graham!  The video is high quality as far as UFO videotapes
go. Apparently you must not  know much about the different
aspects of VHS, 8mm, C-VHS, Hi-8, SVHS, and Digital Video

>"Daniel Munos told me that almost all the audio was censured due
>to the 'hard language'.

>"Now, there is a general feeling among the researchers here in
>Mexico that the film is a hoax.

>"However, Jaime Maussan took the original video to Jim Dilletoso
>[sic] in Phoenix, Arizona, for analysis. I've seen this footage
>before but didn't pay much interest since I considered it highly
>suspicious and besides, these past few months there have been a
>lot of fakes (some sent to our offices - Contacto OVNI), and we
>are aware of a possible 'trap'.

>"I interviewed Daniel Munoz, Jaime's assistant, by phone after
>you contacted me and he gave me details of the story.

>"On 24 September 1997, a package was received in the 3er. Milenio
>production offices, sent to Jaime Maussan from an anonymous
>source. It contained the video, supposedly filmed on 6 August
>1997 in downtown Mexico City.

>"A letter that accompanied the video tape said that two friends
>made the recording from the top of a building during a lunch
>brake. They wanted to remain anonymous because they didn't want
>any trouble from their employer. Jaime and Daniel located the
>building and claim to have found several witnesses.

>"However, Daniel told me that they discovered during their
>investigation that the people who made the recording, work in a
>company with high quality computer software, and that these
>offices are situated at the very top of the building from where
>the recording was allegedly made. The whole thing is highly

>"A second showing on TV was noticeable for several contradictions
>- one witness said the footage was filmed at night!"

Graham, what  about the other witnesses that have a detailed
describtion of the sighting, but didn't know a videotape existed.
You are quoting a witness whos testimony doesn't fit with the
videotape. What about the other witnesses who know of the UFO,
but not a tape of it? It appears your spinning the facts to fit a
certain category you want this investigation to head it. What
happened to the other side of the story. Do you know what biased

>- END -

>A major UFO conference is being staged in Acapulco, Mexico
>between 4-7 December, an event sponsored and organised by Jaime
>Maussan and Televisa (Mexico TV Network), so I'm sure that
>whatever analysis has been conducted on the video tape will
>receive due attention.

>For our part, initial analysis suggests that the footage is
>highly suspect and points to an elaborate hoax.

>All video tapes carry a time signature at the top of the footage
>- we suspect several such signatures might well feature on the
>"poor copy" received by Jaime Maussan, although he makes no
>mention of this. Nor does he state whether he received 8mm film
>or a first generation copy.

Graham, I saw the orginal copy sent to Jamie just days after he
recieved it, there is no time stamp in the top of  any tape, just
a date stamp in the bottom corner. Nothing else on the tape, just
a date stamp in the bottom right.  BTW: Jamie  recieved a VHS
copy, not 8mm. He has never kept that fact a secret.

>The more signatures that appear, the more likely the tape has
>undergone the 'treatment'.

What is the "treatment",  is it an British  slang? I don't recall
it as any common term in UFOlogy used on the street. Please
educate "the List" as to all the important details surrounding
your term "treatment". What other signatures are you talking
about, please post a still or .MOV file to point this out.

>The object is in focus throughout - an extraordinary feature when
>combining manual and auto focus.

Graham, This doesn't seem to be a terrible problem with most
videocamera operators, So what your really saying is? "When the
average videocamera is turned on and you zoom in, you would
expect  your objects to go in and out of focus. Maybe a piece of
junk videocamera will , DVC cameras can store presets and manual
focus already set. Another thing, if it were on "autofocus", the
autofocus would have set its sites mainly on the highrises, It
had no reason to go out of focus it had very large buildings
filling the images.

>The 'spinning' effect on the object demonstrates the same
>sequence over and over again.

Thats because its rotating.

>The cameraman appears to anticipate the movement of the object -
>as though he knew when and where it was going in advance.

Not true.

>When the object disappears behind an apartment block, one would
>expect the cameraman to pan back, go left and right to see where
>it might have gone - it doesn't happen.

This is typical of anyone taping an object thats moving in a
consistant direction. He could have been expecting the object to
appear out of the other side of the building. It didn't so your
picking apart the video because of that? There are lots of
daylight videotapes showing objects moving thru clouds, that
never reappear out the other side.

>These are basic observations arrived at in less than 30 minutes.

>The object does appear to have been 'brush stroked' in part, and
>our provisional analysis suggests that the skyline and apartment
>blocks have been filmed in advance, and the computer generated
>'UFO' then laid on top.

This is true...
It appears to be the only possible way this tape could have been
made IF it was a hoax.

The problem is you have eyewitnesses to the sighting. In order to
bebunk this sighting, you have to discredit the witnesses to
support debunking theories  about the videotapes, ie..Phoenix
Lights. ...

>Given one has the right sort of computer software, and a little
>money and energy to spend, all things are possible.

>On first glance, I can understand the excitement of those who
>consider this footage to be the most impressive ever taken of a
>UFO, but I'm afraid the analysis tells a different story.

What computer experts did you employ on your bizarre copy (with
logos that aren't supposed to be there, and poor quality copies)
that you consult computer experts to study it? Name your

>I will be showing the footage during my lecture at the Contact
>International (UK) conference in Oxford this coming Sunday -
>probably the first UK showing if I'm not mistaken. Those who turn
>up can judge it for themselves.

Good, great you said it all now. Your whole post is advertisement
for you to make some money of your local schpeil in the U.K.

So basically what your saying in your post is "I'm doing this
lecture, I need people to show up. Mexico Video has alot of
people following it. I have this footage, I'm skeptical of it and
think its a fraud.But I'll show and jump on the bandwagon! But
I'll be happy to recieve proceeds from your tickets of my
fraudualent footage." Am I wrong? Did I read your post wrong?

I thought that was what it was saying.

>The conference runs from 11.00am - 5.00pm and is being staged at
>Exeter Hall, Kidlington, Oxford, on the main road to Banbury.
>Details can be obtained by calling the organiser, Brian James, on
>01235 851319 or 01865 784200.

>Best regards,

>Graham W. Birdsall (Editor)

>UFO Magazine [UK]

Tom King, Skywatcher
Arizona Skywatch director
AZ Skywatch http://personal.netwrx.net/xalium/skywatch/skywatch.htm
OVNI Chapterhouse at http://personal.netwrx.net/xalium/ufovideo.htm

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