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BWW Media Alert 971026

From: BufoCalvin@aol.com
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 11:18:32 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: BWW Media Alert 971026

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October 25, 1997

Well, gang, sorry I didn't get one out in time.  My apologies especially to
Lee Spiegel of THE EDGE OF REALITY, who tried to get me info on the show in
time for me to run it.  The fact is, I have been so swamped with the new job
that I didn't have a chance.  I did, however, score a 9.4 out of a possible
ten on my first class (teaching Netscape Communigator 4.0, which is really
quite complicated with several new features over the old one), and I'm proud
of that.  I tried twice to put together a quicky, unformatted version of some
of the info, and once it unfortunately locked up in the middle and I lost it.
 Anyway, I don't really have time to do a full one this week, but I will toss
a few things together here.  It's faster for me to organize by channel rather
than by date, so I'll do that...although this one may be a bit of a hybrid.
 Feel free to give me your opinion...is this worth doing, how does it compare
to the regular way, etc.  Oh, and for now, we are back to the old mailing
system.  NOTE: I got this far, ran out of time for now.  Maybe more later
this week...


OMNI MAGAZINE (http://www.omnimag.com  Omni Magazine ) is back to do real
time conferences.  The regular night for our kind of stuff is Tuesday 7:00 PM
to 8:00 PM Pacific.  TBA


resulted, among other things, in a new website: http://www.sightings.com.
SIGHTINGS ON THE RADIO  Next week's guests: SundaySusan Bedell: Bizarre
UFO/ET Events In MissouriMondayChuck Lakin: New CD ROM: UFOs: Just The
FactsTuesdayPaul Halpern: Quest For Alien Planets Outside the Solar
SystemWednesdayWeekly UFO/ET Update with Michael Lindemann
Dan Sherman: Genetically Altered To Communicate With ETs?Thursday Hans
Holzer: Legendary Paranormal Investigator! Philippe Piet Van Putten: South
America UFO ReportsFridayHalloween: Pending It can also be heard on your
Airtimes: M-F 7-10 PM Pacific (times given here are generally Pacific),.
Sunday 8-11 PM Pacific. Archives of earlier shows are also available, so you
can hear my previous broadcasts through this site.



PSI-FACTOR (see http://www.psifactor.com  for stations and airdates and other
info).  This series is supposedly based on real cases.


A&E: Sunday (tonight) at 10:00 PM, James ("The Amazing") Randi has a
debunking show, repeated Monday at 2:00 AM.  Thursday at 10:00 PM, THE
UNEXPLAINED does alien abductions, repeated Friday at 2:00 AM.   Friday at
7:00 AM is ORIGIN OF THE VAMPIRE, about vampire beliefs.

THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL: Today, Sunday, from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM, a block of
STRICTLY SUPERNATURAL (seance, tarot, and astrology, one hour each).  6:00
PM, today, ARTHUR C. CLARKE (ACC), CABINET OF CURIOSITIES (a nice mix).  6:30
PM, INTO THE UNKNOWN, THUNDERBIRD (this series is quite sensationalized, but
kind of fun, with some rarely shown footage...and lots of computer animation
and recreations)).  Thursday at 9:00 PM, INTO THE UNKNOWN does SEA SERPENTS,
repeated Friday at 1:00 AM.  Friday at 5:00 PM, TRAVELLERS does HAUNTED
HAPPENINGS in Salem Massachusetts.

(repeated at midnight tonight, which is technically Monday).  At 10:00 PM
today, CASTLE CHOSTS OF WALES, repeated at 1:00 AM Monday.  At 9:00 PM
Monday, UFOS AND ALIEN ENCOUNTERS (repeated at midnight), and at 10:00 PM
Monday, MYTHICAL BEASTS AND MONSTERS (hosted by Mark Hamill), repeated at
1:00 AM Tuesday.  Tuesday at 9:00 PM, WOLFMAN (repeated at midnight) and
10:00 PM, BIGFOOT (repeated at 1:00 AM) on Wednesday.  Wednesday at 9:00 PM,
CASTLE GHOSTS OF IRELAND (repeated at midnight), and at 10:00 PM, CASTLE
GHOSTS OF SCOTLAND (repeated at 1:00 am Thursday).  Thursday, 9:00 PM,
repeated starting at midnight).  Friday, 8:00 PM, REAL AMERICA - PSYCHICS AND
SKEPTICS, repeated at 11:00 PM.  There are a couple of shows in-between that
I can't decide whether or not to include...so I won't this time :) .

THE SCI-FI CHANNEL: Today, Sunday, 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM, SIGHTINGS #5066: -
Ohio's Area 51! Anyone Can See The Light! Chicago's Most Haunted! Mysteries
From Above!
(aerial photographs of sacred places)

THE SCIENCE NETWORK: I don't even know how you get this, but every Thursday
(and into Friday morning) is a whole bunch of ACC's and a show called U.F.O.
 The schedule hasn't changed in months, and I don't know if this is even
really on the air.  This format gives me a chance to mention it, though.

This is Bufo saying, "If =everything= seemed normal, that =would= be weird!"

You can stop receiving this from me just by asking (note: it is commonly
redistributed, and I can't control you getting it from those sources) by
e-mail at BufoCalvin@aol.com.  You can also subscribe or unsubscribe to
Bufo's WEIRD WORLD (which covers theories and happenings) the same way.
Also, please let me know if there is something in the media you think I
should cover.  Deadline is Tuesday, the week before.

**OPUS is the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support.  I am an
Executive Boardmember, and Director of the OPUS Educational Institute.  OPUS
encourages its officers and Network Associates to express their own opinions:
however, it is important to note that I do not speak for OPUS in this piece
or others presented under my own name.  The new OPUS phone number is (510)

Bufo's WEIRD WORLD BOOKS ( <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/weirdware/books.htm

l">Bufo's WEIRD WORLD Books</A> )

I'm very excited about this!  Some of you know, I ran a bookstore for years,
and it has always been a love of mine.  I get asked often to recommend books
(I do write reviews for several publications) on these topics, and now I can
do it and actually give you a source for them at the same time!  This is
being done in association with Amazon.com, which has an outstanding
reputation for the five "S"s of internet shopping: selection, searchability,
service, savings, and security.  If there is any specific book you want (or
topic in which you are interested), let me know and I will do the research
and e-mail you a link you can use to check it out more (and order it if you
want).  I will be linking to books within the Media Alert, to make it more
efficient for you.  If you click on the link, you will be sent to that title
on Amazon. You do =not= have to buy it at that point!  You may, but the
option is yours.

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