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{83} part 1 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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Subject: {83} part 1 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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 U K  /  /  //  ___/ /  /  '                                Oct 25th, 1997
     /  /  //  /    /  /  /  N E T W O R K                 part 1 Issue 83
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The United Kingdom UFO Network - a free electronic magazine with
subscribers in over 40 countries.

This issue comes in 3 parts. If any part is missing please mail:
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In this issue:


I wondered who would spot that first
Thank you
Dan Sherman

United Kingdom News

[UK 1] Name a Star
[UK 2] Couple's UFO shock
[UK 3] Short Wave Magazine - July 1997
[UK 4] Official They've Been Here!
[UK 5] UFO approaches British warship off Lancashire shore

World News

[W 1] Biggest baby in space
[W 2] Zombies
[W 3] Ozone
[W 4] Galileo finds life, by Jupiter
[W 5] Hollywood admits to Bigfoot hoax
[W 6] Mexico City UFO Video
[W 7] Sparkling Celestial Affair Stirs Southern Australia.
[W 8] New Russian Stealth Fighter
[W 9] Global Surveyor will photograph 'Face On Mars' say NASA
[W 10] Global Surveyor's Orbit Raised While Solar Panel is Analysed
[W 11] Still no radio contact with Pathfinder
[W 12] A breath of fresh airline
[W 13] American navy set to deploy robot planes

Amusing UFO stories



By D. Lynne Bishop


Thank you for bringing to my attention the fact that I dated the
last issue totally and irrefutably wrong ;-) As Captain Mainwaring of
the classic comedy 'Dads Army' would say: "I wondered who would spot
that first."


Thank you

We would like to thank all those of you who have sent us in reports
from newspapers, magazines, video's etc etc. We know that this takes
precious time and effort. We just want you to know how grateful we
are.  Please, please keep them coming.


Dan Sherman

Readers will remember Dan Sherman as written about in issue {80}.
Dan is shortly to be guesting on our UFO irc channel. The date of the
meeting will be posted when known. Dan's story is really fascinating
and we would urge you to read it in issue {80}. Dan has a web site
with various information including how to go about purchasing his
new book:


An account of Dan's story has just appeared in the latest issue of
Alien Encounters magazine - issue 18 - November 1997.

The Real Audio sound track of Dan's interview on 'Sightings On The
Radio' can be downloaded from the  following addresses:


dan_pt1.ra - 2.155kb
dan_pt2.ra - 1.948kb
dan_pt3.ra - 1.856kb
dan_pt4.ra - 1.165kb

United Kingdom News

[UK 1]******

Source: Numerous national newspapers
Date: October 1997

uk.ufo.nw says: The below advertisment has appeared in numerous
national newspapers and magazines. We have no other information
other than what you see below. However we would be interested to hear
from anyone who has.

Name a Star

Millions of stars remain unamed. Many rich and famous have named
stars. Now you can name a star for only 39 pounds and 95 pence!

* Have your star name in the constellation of your choice.

* Your star name will be permanently recorded in our register.

Only 39 pounds and 95 pence (inc P & P)

Gift Set Includes:

* Certificate of registration (completed by hand)
* Astronomical chart (showing star's location)
* Philip's colour map of the night sky
* Information & constellation guide
* Registration and entry into 1998 publication


* Valentines Day * Birthday * Wedding * Anniversary * New born *
Naming a star is symbolic rather than scientific *

For full details or colour brochure, call..Tel: 0181-208 3333
Universal Star Listing, Millenium Business Centre, 3 Humber Road,
London NW2 6DW

[UK 2]******

Source: NF Focus - (Free paper in Tunbridge & Tunbridge Wells,
Kent, area)
Date: 9th & 10th September 1997
From: Address withheld by request.

Couple's UFO shock

A Tunbridge Wells couple are recovering from a brush from the other
side after a late night trip home turned into a close encounter with
a mysterious flying object.

Sally Rouse and Craig Rock were travelling down the A21 at 1.30am on
their way home from Biggin Hill (to Tunbridge) when they caught
sight of a brightly lit disc-shaped craft hovering nearby.

Recounting the chilling tale, Miss Rouse, 22, of Mountfield Rd, said
"As we were driving along I looked beside me and thought "what's
that?". I thought it was a helicopter with a spotlight underneath.
Craig got really excited and said "It's a UFO"."

"It was round with flashing lights going one after the other
lighting up the clouds around it. I was scared we were going to crash
because Craig was not concentrating on the road. It was hovering and
then disappeared."

They turned off the road (A21) at Tunbridge but had not seen the
last of the strange object which appeared again as they were driving
up Quarry Hill". (in Tunbridge)

"This time it was much closer and we felt like it was following us.
It was very creepy. That's when I was really scared and started
shaking. Craig wanted to stop the car and take a look but I just
wanted to go home," she added.

Despite a few sceptical comments from people she has spoken to about
the incident Miss Rouse remains adamant that her close encounter was
all too real.

"We have all seen Men in Black recently so maybe our imaginations
are going wild, but I know what I saw and it couldn't have been a
helicopter or a plane," she concluded."

*** Items in ( ) added by me for clarity.

Date of encounter not given.

As an addition/confirmation of this my son, 32, also saw an object
that meets the description given on 29th Aug 22.15ish GMT from the
garden of his girlfriend's home in East Peckam, nr Tunbridge. It was
in the WNW, travelling south and visible for some 30 seconds, total,
between the trees, at an estimated distance of some 8 miles.

Neither of us are strangers to various aircraft in the area as I'm
ex RAF and both of us Airband listeners/spotters and Sat-watchers. My
son flies model helicopters. Airlanes G1/UG1, A20/UA20, R8 & UR37 are
all within a few miles and a Gatwick App/Dep route comes over the
house, together with local Light & Heli traffic flying VFR from
Biggin, Rochester and Lashenden (Headcorn),and a regular Mil Heli
route. A daily total of some 250-300 movements.



[UK 3]******

From: ardent@cix.compulink.co.uk (Roy Dent)
Date: Sunday 29th June 97

Short Wave Magazine - July 1997

The following item, which may be of interest, appears in the
'Scanning' column of 'Short Wave Magazine' July 1997 issue.


An anonymous letter about 'strange encounters' informs me of an
incident. Birmingham ATC were informed by a number of aircraft that
another, unidentified, aircraft was flying in their vicinity.

Birmingham ATC had no knowledge of this....the local police
helicopter, on finals, reported close visual contact with an
unidentified aircraft, which was also unknown to ATC at that point.

My correspondent asks if this was an F-117 or other 'stealth type'
aircraft....and reports that there are similarities between
Birmingham at night from the air, and Bagdhad! As this was
Farnborough week, could a 'training sortie' to show off such 'secret'
capabilities have been put in to display the potential of the
aircraft's invisibility to radar..?

Now a letter from Mr A Pritchard of Chandlers Ford. A keen
astronomist, which is an adjunct to his scanning hobby, he noted a
satellite in high orbit travelling North, tracking towards
Cassiopeia. He also noticed a second satellite coming in from the
East, at right angles to the first. he informs me that the first
satellite was at 8 degrees from the zenith when it was intercepted,
indicated by both merging. He said that he then waited for the
satellites to part, but they did not. Both continued in company
North/South track for eight or nine seconds before the first broke
clear and continued on its original East/West course. His question
is: objects moving at that speed cannot abruptly make a right angle
turn - can they?

He asks if any readers can assist him in determining what happened -
without going into theories around non-Newtonian motion and
aircraft, meteors, etc. If you think that you can assist him, then
please write to him at: A Pritchard, 18 Swanton Gdns, Millers Dale,
Chandlers Ford, Nr Eastleigh, Hants.

[UK 4]******

Source: The People newspaper
Date: 5th October 1997
From: Calb1701@aol.com


Aliens have been visiting Britain for more than 50 years - and
that's official.

Secret Government documents reveal that some spacecraft have even
crashed-landed here.

But the details have been kept hidden from all of us in a giant
cover-up similar to that in TV's The X-Files.

That is until now.  A sensational new book A Covert Agenda reveals
that the alien visits are fact and non fiction.

The author, full-time UFO researcher Nicholas Redfern, maintains the
Ministry of Defence and the RAF have known for half a century about
spacecraft which have crash-landed throughout Britain.

At least SEVEN UFOs have crashed in Britain since the end of the
Second World War.  Hundreds more UFOs have been sighted since 1940s.
Redfern, 33, from Walsall, West Midlands, also reveals details of a
secret MoD base where reports of crashed UFOs are compiled.

He has spent years investigating official memos and uncovered
top-secret documents which prove that the Government does not want
us to know how much it knows about aliens.

And in the book he describes how dozens of spacecraft have flown
over military bases, by-passing flight security systems.

At the height of the Cold War, the Government was so concerned about
UFOs that it contacted the Soviet Union to establish a joint task
force to examine the security implications of alien craft.

But it is the evidence that UFOs have ALREADY landed in Britain
which is the most scandalous cover-up in British UFO history.

Now turn the page for the full amazing story...


CASE HISTORY No 1: The British Roswell

SIGHTINGS of strange flying objects - later known as Foo Fighter -
were reported throughout the latter part of the Second World War by
both Allied and Nazi servicemen.

The reports certainly went through official channels. American
journalist Dorothy Kilgallen was told by "a British official of
Cabinet rank" about a Foo Fighter which had crashed in Britain - a
case similar to the famous Roswell incident in New Mexico 50 years
ago when alien corpses were recovered.

Kilgallen was told: "British scientists and airmen examined the
wreck of one mysterious flying ship and are convinced these strange
aerial objects are not optical illusions or Soviet inventions but are
flying saucers which originate on another planet."

Retired diplomat and intelligence officer said he believed
Kilgallen's source was Lord Louis Mountbatten.

Kilgallen's story was backed up by Dr Olavo Fontes, a Brazilian UFO
researcher of the 1950s.

In 1958, Fontes - already known as Brazil's government was visited
by two men who said they were from Navel Intelligence.

Fontes claimed that, after initially trying to persuade him to give
up his work, the officers revealed that six UFOs had crashed
throughout the world during the Second World War.

Three were in North American, one in the Sahara Desert, one in
Scandinavia - and one in Britain.

Fonte wrote in a letter to the Aerial Phenomena Research
Organisation: "I was told all of these discs were small craft - 32,
77 or 99ft in diameter.  In all of them were found crew members'

"They were little men", and raged in height from 32 to 46in.  They
were dead in all cases, killed in the crashes.

"The examination of the bodies showed they were definitely humanoid,
but obviously not from this planet."

CASE HISTORY No 2: Penkridge, Staffs, 1964

SPECIAL snatch teams appear to be on stand-by, ready to go into
action to retrieve wreckage from UFO crashes.

Just before he died in 1994, retired US Air Force intelligence
officer Leonard Stringfield told Redfern:  "Some time in 1964, a
specially rigged navel flagship received a coded radio message.
"Artefacts had been recovered with three dead personnel."

According to his informant, the decoded report stated that a UFO had
crashed in two parts: the main section was in Penkridge,
Staffordshire, the remainder in West Germany.

Wreckage and the bodies were shipped to Wright-Patterson Air Force
Base in the States.

The informant added that there was more to the incident, involving
coded information, that he preferred to keep confidential.

Redfern said: "The disclosure, while sketchy, may spotlight only the
tip of the iceberg as to the scope of military crash retrieval
operations in foreign lands.  It is my suspicion that US special
retrieval teams have been, and still are prepared to go into action
into any crash location within its sphere of military or economic
influence such as was exercised with NATO in the artefact retrievals
in England and West Germany."

CASE HISTORY No 3: Corwen, North Wales, 1974

A WAVE of phantom helicopters black with no identifying markings -
were sighted in areas of Britain where UFOs were reported in

They were probably rapid deployment teams sent to investigate UFOs,
according to Redfern.

One such event happened at 8.3-pm on January 23, 1974.  A UFO
crashed into Cader Bronwen, a 2,000ft peak in the Berwyn Mountains
near Corwn, North Wales.

One witness, Anne Williams, said: "I saw a bright light in the sky.
It had a long, fiery tail which went dim and then very fire which
keeps coming to life.

"It was like an electric bulb in shape, with rough edges.  The
object fell behind the hills at the back of my bungalow and the earth

Off-duty police officer Gwilym Owen was drinking in The Dudley Arms
pub when there was a roar, a bang and glasses in the pub shook.  The
sky was lit up over the mountains.  Police stations as far away as
60 miles received phone calls reporting the tremor.

At the Institute of Geological Scientices in Edinburgh, the crash
measured four on the Richter Scale.  They told journalists that a
meteorite had come down on Cader Bronwen.

Witness Ken  Haughton saw a "luminous sphere" 90 minutes after the
crash in the area.  He said the sphere was 400ft across and
travelling at a height of about 15,000ft.

Army personnel were quickly dispatched to the scene.

The next day, a mountain rescue team went to investigate, while the
RAF carried out a photographic survey of the area.  No trace of a
craft or any meteorite was found.

"One can only assume," said Redfern, "that unless the UFO exited on
its own volition, it was removed by the army." Yet another UFO was
seen in the area at 7.15pm that day.

"I believe it may have been searching for the remains of the vehicle
which struck the Berwyn mountains," said Redfern.

CASE HISTORY No 4: Lake District, 1977

A UFO which was sighted over the Lake District wasn't witnessed by
just members of the public - 10 police officers saw this
extraordinary sight too. Shortly after midnight on August 28, 1977, a
large object described either as triangular or diamond-shaped was
seen over the Windermere area of Cumbria. As officers reported seeing
the craft, colleagues along the UFO's path also confirmed the
sighting.  After 20 minutes, as the ship hovered above the A592 at
Bowness, PC David Wild spotted it at a height he estimated to be
1,500ft. It eventually vanished, witnessed by two other officers, at
sea over Morecambe.

The most detailed description was given by John Platt.  He said: "I
was looking up into what appeared to be a giant ocean-going
catamaran with twin hulls.  A large structure at the front supported
what appeared to be two giant lights.  Its surface was a dull,
shadowy, charcoal colour."

CASE HISTORY No 5: Ipstones, Staff, 1991

A Witness known only as Mr M L was visiting friends in the Churnet
Valley, Staffs, on July 19, 1991, when he saw an object fall from
the sky at nearby Ipstones.

The time was 10pm.  M L described the object as metallic - like
aluminium - 10ft long, cigar-shaped and very bright.  He immediately
contacted police. They searched the woodland.  A helicopter was used
as well.  No object was located but an area of newly broken branches
was found which gave the impression that something had crashed
through the trees from above. The search was eventually abandoned.

CASE HISTORY No 6: RAF Boscombe Down, 1994

A SMALL twin-tailed aircraft crash-landed on the runway at RAF
Boscombe Down, on Salisbury Plain four miles from Stonehenge, at
about 11pm on September 26, 1994.

Several aviation enthusiasts listening on airband radios drove to
the air base next day.  They were stopped by police at roadblocks.

Before being ushered away, several enthusiasts saw a disabled craft
at the end of the runway covered by tarpaulins.  Two days later, the
wreck was flown to a California military base.  Although the craft
was initially believed to be a then secret US military plane known as
TR-3A, one witness said the crashed craft was completely silent and
was able to hover vertically abilities the TR-3A didn't possess.

A  month before the crash, a lorry driver reported seeing a UFO over
Salisbury.  Its description matched that of the crashed craft.

CASE HISTORY No 7: Hepton Hill, Wilts, 1994

Villagers in the Cotswolds reported seeing a barrel-shaped craft
fall into an isolated field on the evening of Halloween in 1994.

But they were later told it was a bale of straw.

The incident happened at Hepton Hill in Wiltshire near the villages
of Church Lench and Norton.

The strange object was described by one witness Paul Brooke as
resembling a 40-gallon drum.

Police sealed of the field and people were warned to keep away.  The
object was loaded on to a Royal Navy lorry and taken away.
Residents raised the matter with both the Fleet Air Arm and the RAF,
each of whom later denied any knowledge of the incident.

A police spokesman said : "Our investigations reveal it was a bale
of straw that was on fire and which the fire brigade put out.
Reports of something falling from the sky are either hoaxes or
somebody has said something had come to the wrong conclusion."

Brooke replied: "What do the police think that we are all mad around

CASE HISTORY No 8: East London, 1964

Bus driver Bob Fall was driving the 123 bus from Walthamstow to
Tottenham when he had a narrow escape with a UFO.

He told a reporter: "I just glanced into the sky and saw something
coming towards me very, very fast.  It flew straight across the road
and, had I been a few yards further, it would have hit the top deck
of the bus.  There was a loud crash as it struck the bank of the
River Lea and a big splash in the water.  The craft was at least 9ft
long, cigar-shaped and silver."

As soon as Fall reported the incident, police arrived and dredged
the river, but the object had vanished.

An MoD wing-commander was appraised of the details of Fall's
encounter - implying that the MoD took his initial report seriously,

The MoD files available now are sent and Redfern believes the full
story is buried somewhere in Whitehall.


UFO enthusiasts have long believed that highly classified
investigations into UFO activity take place at Rudloe Manor in

Redfern offers proof.  It is officially acknowledged that Rudloe
Manor is the headquarters of the RAF Provost and Security Services
(P&SS), where investigators are trained in counter-intelligence.

But Rudloe Manor is also  the base of the Flying Complaints Flight,
which investigates cases of low flying military aircraft.

A former special RAF investigator said: "I'm sure that all
investigations into UFOs are carried out by P&SS investigators
serving in a small secret unit with Flying Complaints Flight."

A report of one sighting in 1962, in Taunton, Somerset, was
forwarded by the RAF straight to P&SS.

The report was not forwarded to the Air Ministry for nearly two
months, Redfern said: "Given that department S6 at the Air Ministry
was supposedly the focal point for receiving UFO reports, it seems
odd that P&SS would neglect to inform S6 of the details for almost
two months.

"Unless, as seems to be the case, P&SS have a mandate to conduct
their own independent inquiries."

A letter received by Redfern written by Air Commodore J L Uprichard,
the P&SS director, confirms that they have investigated UFO sighting
being treated as a low flying incident and investigated

Redfern said: "The importance of this letter cannot be
over-emphasised. Although such investigations are rare, this is
documented proof from the director of P&SS himself that UFO encounters
have been treated as low-flying incidents."

Retired RAF medic Jonathan Turner told Redfern: "UFO sightings by
military pilots were never recorded in their flight logs.  The
station commander would be advertised of the situation and, form
there, all information would be forwarded to P&SS.

"If national security was considered an issue, the pilots and crews
would be advised to keep quiet and reminded they were bound by the
Official Secrets Act."

The Ministry of Defence has admitted P&SS involvement in UFO
sightings.  A spokesman said: "Rudloe Manor is the headquarters of
RAF Police.  In the past it was indeed the RAF co-ordination point
for reports of unexplained aerial sightings.  The role came to an end
in 1992."


An alarming number of UFOs were sighted around military bases in
1957. One sighting at RAF West Freugh, Wigtownshire, was published by
several newspapers.

A secret Air Ministry report declassified after 30 years, reads: "It
is unfortunate that the Wigtownshire radar incident fell into the
hands of the Press.

"We suggest that the Secretary of State does not specifically refer
to these incidents as sightings on radar."

Six years later, after another batch of sightings, the Air Ministry
tried to dampen speculation but they failed to point out that many
reports were by RAF pilots and radar operators.  One of the most
controversial sightings took place in Belfast eight years ago.  The
following is an extract from a report in official Civil Aviation
Authority files about an incident on November 11, 1989.

"UFO passed above aircraft at 11,200ft and burst into a cascade of
lights. Heading due west.  Proximity of cloud intensified brightness
of light. Sighting confirmed by another aircraft and  tower."

[UK 5]******

Source: UFO Roundup
Editor: Joseph Trainor

UFO approaches British warship off Lancashire shore

On Friday, October 10, 1997, talk show host Tony Newman of Red Rose
Radio at 999MW received over 30 calls from listeners, who claimed to
have seen UFOs flying over Lancashire the previous night.

Two calls came from men identifying themselves as sailors aboard the
HMS Shetland (P298), which was on a cruise in the Irish Sea west of
Lancashire.  The men reported that "a bright light was approaching
the ship."  The UFO paced the 60-meter (198-foot) vessel for a few
minutes before flying away.

Tim Matthews of the Lancashire UFO Society (LUFOS) stated that his
group had contacted the UK Ministry of Defence, and a spokeswoman
confirmed that HMS Shetland had been offshore at that time.

Other callers to the Newman show reported "anomalous lights and
spinning discs" over Burnley, Blackpool, Crosby, Southport and Bamber

Currently investigating the incident are Tim Matthews, Gloria Dixon
of BUFORA, Eric Morris and Rory Lushman.  (Many thanks to John Hayes
for forwarding this report.)

-[continued in part 2]-

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