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Electromagnetic 'healing'/Corso book; ACSH info

From: bikebob <bikebob@MO.NET> [Bob Soetebier]
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 13:49:32 -0500 (CDT)
Fwd Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 15:24:24 -0500
Subject: Electromagnetic 'healing'/Corso book; ACSH info

Even though it is only tangentially related to the UFO subject (in
regards to info stated in Philip J. Corso's recent "Roswell" book),
I would hope that at least some of you might find of interest the
following info that I've resecntly come across

Bob Soetebier

St. Louis County, Missouri


On pages 193 and 194 of Philip J. Corso's 1997 book, The Day After
Roswell, Corso states [that when he was the assistant chief of staff
in Rome, Italy, in the 1940's, where he had become friends with some
of the members of the graduate faculty at the University of Rome]:

   "Then Professor Franck introduced me to another one of his
colleagues, the celebrated research biologist and physician Doctor
Castellani, who had many years earlier isolated and identified the
disease called 'sleeping sickness' and perfected what during the 1930s
and 1940s became know as 'Castellani Ointments' as treatments for a
variety of skin diseases.  Where other doctors, he said, had focused
on treating only the symptoms they could see on the skin, Doctor
Castellani said that the problems of many skin rashes, psoriasis, or
inflammations that looked like bacterial infections were, in fact,
correctable by changing the skin's electromagnetic resonance.  The
ointments, he said, didn't attack the infection with drugs; they were
chemical reactants that changed the electrostatic condition of the
skin, allowing the long, low-frequency waves from the brain to do the

[Now, the most significant part here seems to be the statement that:
"...that changed the electrostatic condition of the skin, allowing the
long, low-freqency waves from the brain to do the healing." -- Bob S.]

[On page 192, Corso states -- regarding a written statement by a
"medical examiner" on the "barely alive" "EBE" -- that]:

   "The medical examiner wrote that the measurements of brain
activity taken from the EBE who was still barely alive at Rosewell
showed that its electronic signature, at least what they were able to
measure with equipment in 1947, displayed a signal similar to to what
we would call long, low-frequency waves.  And the examiner referred to
a description by one of the Rosewell Air Field doctors that the
creature's brain lobes seem to have been not just physiologically and
neurologically intergrated but intergrated by an electromagnetic
current as well."

[On page 194 Corso continues.]:

   "All three men were using these these electromagnetic waves to
promote healing in ways I considered astounding.  They made claims
about the ability of electromagnetic treatments to affect the speed at
which cells divide and tumors to grow.  They claimed that through
directed magnetic wave propagation they could cure heart disease,
arthritis, all types of bacteriological infections that interfered
with cell function, and even certain forms of cancer."


[Now after having read the above, the information below may
(or, may not) be of interest to some of you, too. -- Bob Soetebier]

The following information appeared in the Vol. 9, No. 3, 1997,
issue of the American Council on Science and Health's [ACSH]
"Priorites: For Long Life and Good Health" publication.

The ACSH web site URL is:


The article's (Not All Acupuncture is 'Quackupuncture') URL is:



   Not All Acupuncture is 'Quackupuncture'
   by Dr. George A. Ulett


   Science-Based Acupuncture

       "In 1972 our group at the University of Missouri Medical School
   received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to compare
   the effects of acupuncture and hypnosis on experimental pain. We
   concluded that acupuncture is not a form of hypnosis and that,
   while acupuncture without electrical stimulation had some
   beneficial effect, electroacupuncture was twice as effective."
       "I traveled widely in search of scientific explanations. I
   learned that nerve cells in the brain responded to
   electroacupuncture.... In China I Prof. Han, author of The
   Neurochemical Basis of Pain Relief by Acupuncture: A Collection of
   Papers (Beijing Medical University Press, 1987). Han had increased
   the pain threshold of a 'nonacupunctured' animal by introducing
   into it the spinal fluid of an 'electroacupunctured' animal. Later,
   Han discovered that different frequencies of electrical stimulation
   give rise to different neurohormones in the brain.... And he
   developed an electroacupuncture device that makes needling patients
   unecessary: Polymer conducting pads on the surface of the skin
       In short, the key to consistently effective acupuncture is
   electrical stimulation...."


   George A. Ulett, M.D., Ph.D., is a clinical professor of psychiatry
   at the Missouri Institute of Mental Health, St. Louis, of the
   University of Missouri-Columbia. He is the author of Alternative
   Medicine or Magical Healing: A Factual Look at Unconventional
   Healing (1996) and Beyond Yin and Yang: How Acupuncture Really
    Works (1992).


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