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Re: Questions for Abductees

From: John Velez <jvif@spacelab.net>
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 22:10:15 -0500
Fwd Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 20:31:07 -0400
Subject: Re: Questions for Abductees

>Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 00:57:07 -0400
>From: Peregrine Mendoza <101653.2205@compuserve.com> [Peter Brookesmith]
>Subject: Questions for Abductees
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>

>The Duke of Mendoza presents his compliments.

>>From: wlmss@peg.apc.org [Lawrie Williams]
>>Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 04:57:14 +1000 (GMT+1000)
>>To: updates@globalserve.net
>>Subject: Questions for Abductees

Hello Lawrie, the Duke, (and all others that have expressed their
opinions of Lawrie's handling of these girls.)


I know that you only tried to do your best and that no harm was
ever intended by you, to the contrary, it is clear that you were
trying to help. But,...at some point in the game the peer review
that you have recieved on this list (and such a unanimous one
from so many people on both sides of the fence) that it has got
to reach you. Judging from your defensive response to my post
that hasn't happened yet, so I'll just remind you that the road
to Hell is paved with 'good intentions!'

Mendoza wrote,

>Nobody knows (except, it seems, you) what happened to them. Instead of
>trying to find out what did occur, you make one monstrous assumption and
>then tell this kid that she can expect to be rogered and made pregnant by
>an alien. Terrific.

Not terrific, horrific!

>Now here is this little gem:

>>you should know that the person in question K was
>>not distressed before or after the experience. I have never even
>>met her in fact!

>So, never having met her, on what basis can you *possibly* judge
>her reaction to the alleged events or to your thoroughly stupid,
>unjustified and (let's think the best here) irresponsible prediction?
>How did you communicate? By phone? Fax? E-mail? Tell, please do.

Peter said it first and makes the point as clearly as anyone
could so I won't reiterate it Lawrie but I think the point is a
valid one.

>Why am I so bloody annoyed?

>Gather round children let me tell you a tale:

>Sir Cedric, a handsome but somewhat self-absorbed youth,

(snip the saga of Sir Cedric! <G>)

>(Curtain, seditious jeers from peasants and groundlings, &c)

>The only connexion between you and Sir Cedric in this parable is
>your prattishness and your incapacity to judge a situation from
>anything but your own point of view. Do you get the point?

Do you Lawrie? The things we say to those who are in a vulnerable
state (especially in the case of inexperienced young ones) can
have life altering effects. What you did (with all the good
intentions in the world) was to hand that girl a lit stick of
emotional and psychological dynamite! The fuse could go at any
time. Because she seems OK now doesn't mean she won't be tomorrow
when you have been long gone from the scene. She may have an
adverse reaction (at any time) Do you understand the possible
negative implications of your actions?

>>Nobody can say I am not even-handed in the people I upset.

I'll give you that one Perigrine! <G>

PB> True. Some might pause at the significance of this. After all Messrs
>Velez and Turrel (on one side, and also abductees) and Mendoza and
>Malone (on the other) are not exactly famed for their luvvie-duvvie
>agreement on what abductions really are. But they are agreed that
>the welfare of the experient is paramount. You've just royally screwed
>this up, potentially (assuming the lady K is not having you on -
>ever think of that?). When a mob of such generally opposed persons
>jump on you with both feet, does it not cross your mind - never a
>long journey, it would seem - that you might be just a teensy, eensy,
>weeny bit mistaken? Apparently not.

Actually she's accomplished a bit of a minor miracle. She
actually has you, me, Roger, Jerry, (and countless others) to
agree on one thing unanimously! It's actually quite a novelty to
find us all wearing the same colors. But it's for a good cause
and I respect all of you for speaking out. I only hope that
Lawrie listens for the sake of any future "conversations" she may
conduct with someone who suspects that they are being abducted.
Especially a minor! For legal reasons alone she should have
declined involvement.

>Somewhere or the other Plato has Socrates say to an acolyte: "Go,
>tell no one, and drown thyself."

I don't know about hari-kari but I do hope that Lawrie learns
from all of this.

>What you are up to now is potentially dangerous, deeply stupid, and
>without an iota of concern for the consequences to the subject
>in question. You show how truly half-witted your ideas are by the way
>you *defend* them and dozy actions.

Blunt, but it's justified. Needs to be said in as perfunctory a
fashion as possible. Testify Mendoza! <G>

>How old are you, by the way?

Was wondering that myself!

John Velez, E pluribus unum

                              John Velez

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