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DISPATCH # 72 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScope

From: ParaScope@AOL.COM
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 21:52:48 -0400
Fwd Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 20:06:07 -0400
Subject: DISPATCH # 72 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScope

DISPATCH # 72 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScope

S O M E T H I N G   S T R A N G E  I S   H A P P E N I N G


Quote of the Week

"The great advances of civilization, whether in architecture or painting, in
science and literature, in industry or agriculture, have never come from
centralized government."

-- Milton Friedman

Rant of the Week: "Deni All Knolge"

Every week we pick the wackiest, scariest, nastiest or funniest rant from the
hundreds of letters received by us here at ParaScope headquarters, and
present it to you as our Rant of the Week. This week, "Matt" leaves his
spell-checker at home as he dashes off a plea for details on any sightings of
the infamous Men In Black. But what does this have to do with Oprah!? Enjoy.

"Listen carefully. I wish to know of any men in black sightings around the
world. If it has to do with MIB give me the scope.You can contact me at AOL.

"That is all.

"Please deni all knolge of this message."

[Reprinted with spelling and grammar goofs unchanged. Names changed to
protect the ranters.]


Things That Go Bump Online

ParaScope is working on a killer line-up of creepy tales and spooky stories,
just in time for Halloween. Actually, we're a bit early, but that gives you a
chance to get the jump on your friends and read up on everything from the
Ghosts of New Orleans to the mysterious case of the Spastic Elastic Gastric
Plastic. No one knows the weird, the scary and the just plain creepy like
your old pals and ParaScope, so check back every day from now through
Halloween for the latest stories, scoops and insights into one of our
favorite holidays.


CIA InTERRORgation Manual Available in Print

"Resistant sources" can be broken with carefully chosen, concentrated
psychological forces, according to the CIA's 1963 guidebook on interrogation.
The "KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation" manual, declassified in
January 1997 after the Baltimore Sun threatened to launch a Freedom of
Information Act lawsuit, offers an inside view of the agency's hostile
interrogation strategies -- methods for inducing mental and physical agony.
Throughout the manual, the CIA cites its covertly funded mind control
research to explain the optimal means of making people talk.

ParaScope was the first news service to make this important document
available on the Internet, and now ParaScope is the first publisher to make
the KUBARK manual available in print to the general public. Serious students
and critics of the CIA will want a hard copy of this document for their
libraries, and ParaScope's meticulously-proofed verbatim transcript is a
bargain at $5.95.

To order send $5.95 to:
ParaScope Kubark Offer
P.O. Box 6
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Coming Up Next Week!

Catch all these stories next week on a daily basis on America Online, or all
at once next Friday on the web site!

Roby Ridge: Standoff in Illinois

For nearly a month, an 18-man tactical squad has surrounded the home of
Shirley Allen in Roby, Illinois because she refused to submit to a court
order for an involuntary psychiatric examination. As the situation drags on,
many concerned individuals are beginning to question the legitimacy of the
police seige. Are the cops just doing their jobs, or are they acting as Big
Brother's Thought Police?


UFO Roundup

All the latest UFO news and sighting reports. Aussie helicopters stalked by
UFO; black helicopters sighted in three states; controversy over a British
UFO sighing & more.


Varginha Incident Update

Were live extraterrestrials captured by the Brazilian military in January,
1996? Several eyewitness "close encounter" accounts led to these allegations,
and now a new eyewitness has come forward with information about the case
which was previously unknown. Bob Pratt, a UFOlogist who has closely
researched the Varginha Incident, reports on the latest news in this
controversial case.


Conspiracy Newsline: Updated Daily

Conspiring minds want to know! Appeals court orders New Orleans DA to turn
Jim Garrison's JFK files over to the Assassination Records Review Board;
Supreme court rules that the FBI does not have to purge its files on a
citizen's legal activities; new report recites tired old conclusions in the
latest Vince Foster suicide investigation & more news.


Ghosts of Old New Orleans

New Orleans native Adrian Nicholas McGrath provides an in-depth narrative
history of thirteen of the more celebrated ghost stories from the Crescent
City. From the haunted streets of the French Quarter to the spooky tales of
the St. Louis Cemetery, you'll find plenty of big chills in the Big Easy,
complete with atmospheric photography by the author.


Halloween Fortean Slips!

D. Trull serves up a special Halloween edition of dispatches from the
paranormal fringe.

Ex Ghost Facto: A court rules on the legality of selling a haunted house
without advising the purchaser of its haunted history.

Chop Logic: Macabre tales of demonic dismemberment and a severed head that

Electronic Possessions: A mysterious digital poltergeist attacks the heart
and soul of a family -- their phones and TV.

Spastic Elastic Gastric Plastic: Kids' Halloween prank creates the modern
 miracle of edible plastic.


In Search of the Pink Lady

Some 80 years ago, a young woman fell to her death from the upper levels of
the Grove Park Inn, a posh hotel in Asheville, North Carolina. No one knows
if her death was accident, suicide or murder. In the years since, the
historic resort has been said to be haunted by the Pink Lady's restless
spirit. Ghostbuster Joshua P. Warren reports on his search for real evidence
of the spectre's existence.


Receive Free Money For Playing A Game!!!

As a special, limited-time, you can receive a $5 rebate for Temujin? -- a new
supernatural adventure game from SouthPeak Interactive. Temuejin features
intriguing characters, challenging puzzles and the revolutionary Video
Reality? - the all-immersive technology that puts you in the game.

Simply stop by your local retail store and purchase Temujin before the
November 30, 1997 deadline.  Temujin is available at CompUSA, Electronics
Boutique, Babbages, Egghead, Circuit City, Best Buy and Computer City.  Then
mail in your original, dated sales receipt, the UPC code from the bottom of
the box, along with the following information and the handwritten code
"parascope-Tem1" to:

email address_______________________________
Phone #____________________________________

        In the United States, mail to:   In Canada, mail to:
        SouthPeak Interactive             SouthPeak Interactive
        Temujin Rebate Offer              Temujin Rebate Offer
        P.O. Box 2575                          P.O. Box 2576
        Ridgely, Maryland 21681         Ridgely, Maryland 21681

Submissions must be received by January 31, 1998.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for
delivery.  Offer valid in the US and Canada only.  Rebate checks will not be
mailed to PO boxes, unless accompanied by a street address.  Limit 1 per
household. Hurry before it's too late!


Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing!

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you're not? Starting to think you've made a wrong turn off the info highway?
Well, we're only going to go over this once, so listen up! To unsubscribe
yourself from Dispatch:

1) Send e-mail to: listserv@listserv.aol.com

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That's all there is to it!

Likewise, to unsubscribe:

1) Send e-mail to: listserv@listserv.aol.com

2) In the body of your mail, type: subscribe dispatch


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