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Alfred's Odd Ode #191

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 17:44:55 -0500
Fwd Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 20:05:25 -0400
Subject: Alfred's Odd Ode #191

Apology to MW #191 (For October 19, 1997)

"You're writing way off topic on political matters"!
"Sociology distracts from the search we enjoy"!
"What do you gain as you bad mouth our nation"?
"Where is your loyalty, and where's it employed"?

It's political matters that _cause_ obfuscation.
It's our hate for each other where UFO's hide.
I'd feel _much_ different were I born in Burundi,
And I'm loyal to self, and with self I confide.

"What's all this blather regarding conspiracy "?
"Why do you brood on old history gone passed"?
"How do you speculate watchers from space"?
"Why do you dwell on the misery impasse"?

CIA, ATF, FBI fill the papers!
Our history's GONE, we don't KNOW what occurred!
Life from some stars are conclusions of science,
And I "dwell" so the "impasse" will at last be concurred!

"What is your profit, if what you say's true,"
"And a few have the rest by the balls"?
"Your success is deterred, as you gain further notice,"
"Even death more assured -- at their beck, at their call"!

I'm not in it for profit -- I just write what I'm seeing.
I don't want you confused that your care's in their heart.
It's the writing itself that provides me a wage,
And my death will become them that, each, take their part!

"Work's more impossible, the word will go out."
"How will you teach to a classroom of kids"?
"How will you square all the lies and the dissonance
"To collections of young minds that don't know how to bid."

I can teach in a class where they think it wont matter.
My children can't read, or divide, or subtract=85
I'll tell them the truth as I feel that I know it
I'll perform enthusiastically, and I'll teach them with some tact.


=85And the whole bleeding time I teach in a special ED classroom I
will go to bed, every night, knowing unquestionably that I am
doing a GOOD thing, and the attendant shaving the following
morning will _not_ be a problem=85perhaps I will even learn to
forgive myself for my participation in Viet Nam.

Viet Nam? Let me tell you about Viet Nam. My participation was a
rook, a farce, a sham, and an atrocity.

Since the beginning of time, probably, those fantastic people
have beaten back every attempt to subvert or enslave them.
Decades ago, right after the first world war, they came to us for
association and aid. Wilson, Truman, and then Eisenhower rebuffed
their extenuation fueled by callous, indifferent and inhumane
racism. The French tried to continue an exploiting and unethical
colonial imposition, until the "little brown men" tired of the
abuse and disrespect, and ran imperialistic frank's froggy
bottoms from Asian soil. In a pique of punctured eurocentric
pride the United States tried to bring Viet Nam to heel, and was
in turn driven from the land squealing like Ned Beatty in
"Deliverence". Once we were gone, the Vietnamese let the Soviets
know where the bear went through the buck wheat, and then not to
be out done -- they kicked Chinese BUTT, when Peking started to
make an incursion from the north. They have resisted ALL
historical attempts to treat them with anything but the most
profound respect=85

These people beat back the late 20th century WORLD, and SURVIVE
to tell the tale!!! <<<It rather paints them as UBUR-MENCHEN --
doesn't it!>>>

Again -- years later, after decades of misery, tragedy, and
destruction, the people of Viet Nam are once again making
overture for association, and aid. Hopefully, this time, we will
bind ourselves to them with bands of honesty, trust,
evenhandedness, appreciation, and the love of brother/sisterhood.
We should _try_ to mix our essence with theirs -- the only people
to beat us in a war, we _better_ make them friends -- hell, we'd
do _well_ to make them a State! We tried, stridently, the
alternative, and it blew up in our arrogant, ethnocentric faces.

For my part, forgive me, people of Viet Nam, I knew not what I
was doing=85

Know that you have my support, my admiration, and my respect. To
the survivors of those lost on our side -- read a book, become
informed, cop to our hideous, unbalanced, and contrived
blunderous shortsightedness and waste -- COP, and move on. We
were beaucoup, number ten, dinky dow -- let's admit and get over
it! Demand our government give Viet Nam the recognition deserved.
It's just the way to get UFO's to come out of hiding -- probably
the only way, and an illustration why I always write on topic.
You have to drain the swamp (excuse the metaphor) to even SEE the
alligator shredding your butt cheeks.

Explore the Alien View?


"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from
afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, while burning at the
fundamentalist's stake for wanting to get the word out.


Government or Social Harassment REPORT - Presently, "ZERO" Personal
HARASSMENT; however, the harassment index is infinite for each of us.
Consider the hic-cup in the world economy when Greenspan has a nocturnal

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