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Pt. 1 - Matthew Williams - UK.UFO.NW

From: United Kingdom UFO Network <ufo@holodeck.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 20:39:05 +0000
Fwd Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 19:48:58 -0400
Subject: Pt. 1 - Matthew Williams - UK.UFO.NW

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     /  /  //  /    /  /  /  N E T W O R K                          part 1
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Matthew Wiliams on the UK-UFO-NW IRC #UFO Channel

This is a cleaned up log, of the United Kingdom UFO Network Saturday
27th Sptember 1997 IRC meeting on #UFO with guest Matthew Williams.
Matthew kindly gave up almost three hours of his spare time to answer
some questions for the regular members of the channel, below you
will find a list of questions that was asked along with his replies.
The name in between the < >'s e.g. is the nick name of the IRC user
asking the question and where you see <truthseek> is of course the
start of Matthew's reply.


We would like to thank Vadir for arranging this meeting with
Matthew Williams

We would like to thank Matthew for attending this meeting and
answering the questions put to him

We would like to thank all the people involved in asking questions

We would like to thank everyone who attended this meeting

This meeting was moderated by Crow and Raine

*** Raine changes topic to "Matthew Williams Moderated meet, plz msg
your questions to Raine and NOT the guest speaker"

<truthseek> I have got a cuseeme feed if anyone wants to log on

<truthseek> the IP is

<Crow> ok all we will be going into moderated mode shortly channel
#ufo2 will be open for unmoderated disscusion

 hmain. h tml

<truthseek> guess that means we start

<truthseek>I suppose I will start then; hello everyone. Thanks for
coming. My names Matthew Williams

<truthseek> I think there is some sort of moderation on so you need
to address your questions as a /msg to the moderator

*** John_z sets mode: +m

<Rainey> Hello everyone, I would just like to say thank you to
Matthew (truthseek) for coming to the meet to give us some
information and answer your questions, the meet will be moderated,
could you please /msg me with your questions and not Matt, thank you.
Matt could you please give evryone an introduction

<truthseek> he will pass them to me I believe and I will then reply
in public - am I right? Mr Crow?

<Crow> yes we will pass them to the channel matthew

<truthseek> I am based in the UK, Wales to be precise. I started in
UFOs in 1990 after I had a sighting of a major unexplained
paranormal event - 1 200ft yellow triangle sitting on the side of a

<truthseek> I am very sympathetic to peoples cliams but not
gullible. I now predominantly research UFO and government cover up
stories. I have seen ghosts and had out of the body experiences and I
used to "work for the government" - hoho.

<truthseek> Ask me about that one if you dare! I have been looking
into an underground base in Wilsthire called Rudloe Manor which used
to investigate UFOs for the Ministry Of Defence.

<truthseek> This was long denied but myself and a few other
researchers got files which proved it, then the fun started when the
Govt. nicked the files. We got them back after using an MP to raise a
question about the affair in the Houses Of Parliament. We also showed
that the same MP was lied to!!!

<truthseek> Lied to by the MOD. He is not happy and the story goes

<truthseek> Currently I am sitting here in my room with a camera
pointed at me. If anyone wants to see me

<truthseek> I am on CUSEEME under IP number r

<truthseek> also I have loads of files and pictures for you to
download on ftp://members.aol.com/alienep/irc/

<truthseek> or you can ask me nicely if you can use my anon ftp
server which is online now - try the FTP on AOL first though as it
will be quicker for you.

<truthseek> I have contributed to TV, Radio and video productions on
both sides of the camera. I have a regular feature on LiveTvs "THE

<truthseek> I am totally commited to UFO truth and don't like
charlatans and I expose facts about the subject which some dont want
to hear - I have got a name for myself as a bit of a troublemaker,

<truthseek> both in MOD circles and and in UFOLOGY. I don't lie

<truthseek> I have researched the abduction phenomenon and worked
with regressionists.

<truthseek> Fire away....??

<Crow> ok you ready for the first question matthew, also when you
have answered could you please signal us with ?? at the end of your

<Miki> If there is something sinister going on, will not his
interest force it to go underground again?

<truthseek> Perhaps but we have to try and root out all secrets.

<truthseek> I dont believe that the GOVT have a right to withold
these things from us. Yes I see your point and it is quite likely
that all UFO functions at Rudloe Manor have ceased since our
interest. We are not totally sure about this though so perhaps they
are still there. I keep the best till last and there are some things
I am researching RE secret bases that I haven't told people yet.

<truthseek> This will shake the tree. Thanks for this. ??

<hackit> ask him if he knows anything about secret research bases in

<truthseek> Well the whole of the East Coast is riddled with
underground facilities. I suppose you know this already,

<truthseek> I did a feature on this will is available for doanload
on the sites called bunkerbusters.txt

<truthseek> this covers a few east coast bases - I know that they
are very secret. Some of the facilities are used for RAF operations.
I do not know which may have secret experiments.

<truthseek> Going on but I do know that there are many which are
connected to the NADGE radar system, which reaches

<truthseek> into Europe and therefore gives a wide UFO scope for
those who are watching...

<truthseek> I hope this answers the question... Ask me a specific
area if you wish. ??

<BonzaiBon> First question is what is the most well-known
underground base that you are aware of and where specifically is it
located at? What is this base's prime objective and how did you come
across this information?

<truthseek> RAF Rudloe Manor is the biggest and best I know of. It
has 35 Miles of underground interconnecting tunnels

<truthseek> it will be used as a bunker for the royal family. It has
a nuclear generator. It has hospitals, pubs and recreation facilities
based underground.

<truthseek> It also was the centre for UFO invetsigations in the
1960s and collected ufo reports up until 1992.

<truthseek> We suspect the may still be doing something with UFO
reports there today but short of breaking in we are not totally

<truthseek> We have heard rumours of work continuing and this seems
reasonable. I hope we find out more soon. ??

<Ufochaser> Do you know about the Deep Underground Military Bases in
the US?

<truthseek> Yes, I went to Area51 before they shut the border. This
was in 1993, so I was kind of an early bird on that one ;-)

<truthseek> Also I know about many facilities in California such as
edwards and the

<truthseek> Antelope Valley one with the retractable radar cross
sction thing...

<truthseek> The whole point is with underground stuff is it is
essential for military to use bunkers because nuclear explosions
kill troops - as you guessed ;-)

<truthseek> So they have to build extensive facilities. They just
don't like to admit to it.

<truthseek> Some are in use, some are closed - some get transferred
to other projects. These ones sometimes go under-cover and could be
home to black projects.

<truthseek> It is exactly the same here in the UK. The bases get
sold from the MOD to public companies which are nothing more than
fronts for the MOD.

<truthseek> These bases have underground tunnels beneath them, and
they are in use.

<truthseek> We caught the MOD doing this at a place called Monks
Park and we penetrated the base to see what was down there. It was
immense! I do not use the word lightly. ??

<{ChuD}> "Do you feel that perhaps the government are covering up
all ufo information for a good reason and its for our own benefit to
now know?"

<truthseek> No it can never be for a good reason. This is how I see

<truthseek> If you have a secret and you don't want people to know
for a good reason... when people get close to the truth

<truthseek> or stumble on the truth you have to shut them up. This
means people get treated badly. I think that some people have been

<truthseek> persecuted for their research efforts. This can never be

<truthseek> When it comes to the the security codes for nuclear
missiles - yes keep it secret.

<truthseek> When it comes to UFOs, we have a right to know so tell
us the truth, no matter how much it may frighten us.

<truthseek> I suspect the real reason they don't tell is because it
is not us who will be frighetened but it is they who are frightened
of us knowing the truth and empowering ourselves.

<truthseek> So I can never agree with secrets of this type.

<truthseek> Thanks for that ??

<bambina> Matt, I am the Assistant National Director for
SUFOIT/PARA-4(scient ific UFO investigative team/Paranormal Activity
Research Associtation. I and my members are looking into the
underground facility at Raven Rock, PA, USA, and the Lake Ontario
Bases. Do you have any infomation on these?

<truthseek> PS IP is my CUseeME camera ;-)

<truthseek> Wow thats am impressive title ;-)

<John_z> download cuseeme at http://www.cuseeme.com (9MB)

<truthseek> No I have never heard of those - I am not a total USA
bunker expert. I know a few of the main ones and a few speculated
ones such as Dulce but I am not a great expert. I would love to see
what you have to say on it though if you want to email me something.

<truthseek> To anyone who wants to email me its:

<truthseek> I publish a magazine and ezine called Truthseekers
Review, I can put your articles in if you submit them ;-)

<truthseek> ??

<Crow> Do you think Nick Pope really knows about Rudloe manor, and
is for unknown reasons denying any knowlege of it and if so why do
you think has says he has never heard of the place before?

<truthseek> He used to say he didn't know about it. He was being
coy. He was then forced by us to admit that he knew about it

<truthseek> but he then said that he was SURE it didnt do anything
important to do with UFOs.

<truthseek> Well thats a big turn from "I dont know", to, "It does
nothing", which makes me a little suspicious

<truthseek> We cuaght him out on this and at the same time got Govt
docs proving it was involved in UFO research

<truthseek> in the 1960s thru 92

<truthseek> and we showed him this proof and he just scoffed and
said that he never had any reports from them

<truthseek> ... interesting considering they were dubbed by the MOD
as the "central co-ordination point for UFO reports"

<truthseek> their rank and title and job descriptions put them many
levels above Pope so we put it to him that perhaps he was not the
main arm of the MOD

<truthseek> for UFO investigations and that they were the main
people. He did not want to accept this.

<truthseek> He said whilst he was at the MOD he knew of no other
departments that dealt with UFOs other than those under him.

<truthseek> Well these people at Rudloe and a few other places were
above him and weren't telling him what they were doing.

<truthseek> They even were supposed to send their fuinal reports to
him for guess what - filing.

<truthseek> He says that there was nobody looking at his case files
whilst he went home from work - we contend that they never needed to
because they had better ones than he did and he was only fed the
dross reports to keep him happy.

<truthseek> This is the way the cards seemed to have stacked against

<truthseek> It does not put him in a good light. ??

<Crow> thanks matt

<stu7> ...Matthew...everyone is talking about the "traingular"
ufos...have you researched those at all ?

<truthseek> Yes and no. I saw a triangular light myself which
sparked my interest as you heard earlier

<truthseek> but I have not had many reports of those myself. I know
some people who specialise in that sort of area. I know that they
are being seen all over the country.

<truthseek> I would also offer that because of the triangle hype
that exists today a lot of people are misidentifying aircraft as
triangular UFOs

<truthseek> I have infact seen, and digitally analyised some UFO
footage which were cliamed triangle. ufos. They were aircraft.

<truthseek> Omar Fowler is the UK expert on this subject email me
and I will forward you his details. He even

<truthseek> publishes a magazine on the triangles.

<truthseek> Hang on a minute, guess what I nearly forgot I saw a
completely unknown form of aircraft in Yeovilton coming out

<truthseek> of the RNAD Yeovilton base. I didn't see this bit, but
it aparently went nearly straight up.

<truthseek> I saw the shape and drew it and gave it to aircraft
enthusiasts and they could not identify it. This was in the early
part of this year. ??

<hackit> ask him how he penetrated monks park and did he relise it
was used for certain purposes.

<truthseek> Well the report will appear in the next UK edition of
Alien Encounters magazine in full. It reads like a boys own tale

<truthseek> me and Richard Conway sneaking in past guards and going
down a tunnel entrance

<truthseek> we set off alarms going in but ran, ran, ran along
corridors and hid down the 1000th alleyway. I think because they get
a few false alarms

<truthseek> they thought we weren't in the tunnels so didn't search
for us. We were lucky.

<truthseek> When we tried to get out we neard automatic rifle fire
as well as shotguns. This showed that the nearby MOD base had their
guards come over to help out

<truthseek> with security - so much for this civilians owned base

<truthseek> We had to get out via a back door and set off other
alarms. They were firing at us as we ran. I don't know if those
shots were in the air or at us.

<truthseek> Thankfully we got away with good photos a good story and
our lives.

<truthseek> As for what was the base used for. Well I guessed it was
used for something connected with Rudloe Manor because they
interconnect via underground tunnels - this we know.

<truthseek> There were storage bays with hi-tech gear in them. We
saw satellite transmission stuff and weapons parts.

<truthseek> We also saw a bay marked CIA - but this could mean
something else to the MOD, I dont know.

<truthseek> We only looked in a few boxes.

<truthseek> Hope this answers the question. ??

<Crow> sure does matt

<Hideout> Do you think that there could well be ordinary civilians
working in these bases or are they so top secret that they wouldnt
let this happen?

<truthseek> Well this base is storage by the looks of it. That is
why it was able to be sold off. I think the really secret stuff they
still hold on to as RAF bases.

<truthseek> I know that there is a secret base which is totally
covert near Rudloe Manor called the CCC

<truthseek> and this is completely UNMARKED.

<truthseek> This is very high security and we penetrated that one
too - I did this for a sighting TV show and we got quite far in.

<truthseek> It is going to be on sightings soon. The guys filming it
said they had never had so much excitement!

<truthseek> I love taking TV crews into dangerous situations

<truthseek> We got taken out by the guards who foolishly opened one
of the security doors by mistake. They must have thought we were
service personnel when they saw us on the CCTV. When we got inside
they realised their error and came and got us.

<truthseek> One of the guards locked himself inside a security
compartment in his rush to get us he typed in the wrong code on a
keypad. We filmed all of this.

<truthseek> Keep an eye out for it. Rudloe Manor featured for the
first time in the US. I can't help but feel a bit proud ;-)

<truthseek> Thanks ??

<Vad> truthseek: do you know how the radar tracking facilities at
rudloe compare in comparisson to other large gov. bases in the
world, and do you have any idea of just how much unusual ufo activity
is logged day to day? <truthseek> Good question

<truthseek> Well heres the good answer. Rudloe has what it terms as
lodger units on its base facilities.

<truthseek> These lodger units function seperately from RUDLOE
itself but are housed there.

<truthseek> One such lodger unit is the CDCN which stands for the
Command Of the Defence Communications Network.

<truthseek> Sound important.... well it should. Its the MAIN HUB of
all British military data, voice and radar signals

<truthseek> They have uplinks off the Rudloe Site at a place called
Colerne Airbase (which is the best, most functional disused airbase
I have ever seen!!! - check your ordanance survey maps to see it
called a disused airbase!)

<truthseek> The uplinks are to the SKYNET sattelite systems which
allow vocie and data comms for the Mil.

<truthseek> One othe rthigs they do at Rudloe is to monitor the
Radar screens of all UK radar stations. This allows them to plot and
plan wars because in another part of Rudloe there is a backup war
command centre.

<truthseek> These stations, if they send any data comms or voice
comms about any matter CDCN can pick it up.

<truthseek> If they see UFOs on Radar then CDCN and others are
almost sitting in the background watching too.

<truthseek> This means that they could be watching for UFOs full
time. I know some stuff about that and will hint at this time that is
exactly what is happening but I can't go into further details until
some things are checked.

<truthseek> Thanks ??

<JeroenW> Question: Have you heard of Alien delegations being
located in Underground bases... either by themselves (As in alien
civilizations created some Underground bases) or as
ambassadorshoused in bases made by co-operation between aliens and
humans. It is said that the centrum for this is located in Alberqurqe
(spelled the name wrong).

<truthseek> I know the place but I ant spell it either ;-)

<truthseek> I didn't know about that but it is interesting. I hear
it all the time but it is always from distant sources. Some of the
closest sources I have got to on rumours such as this are unreliable
to say the least. This is a shame.

<truthseek> I have also got some people saying the same things to me
about the UK having such bases. One rumour surrounded a base on
Ilkley Moor in the UK

<truthseek> which is supposedly connected to Menwith Hill NSA

<truthseek> yes folks MENWITH HILL NSA listening station in the UK -
so secret they won't talk about it in parliament!

<truthseek> ho hum

<truthseek> BTW everyone I am listening to the soundtrack of
Stargate the movie - good mood music. ??

<Crow> heh

<bambina> Matt, it is said that the triangle UFO's are a US and UK
invention, with a little help from alien influence. What do you

<truthseek> quite possible. I hear pro and con to that.

<truthseek> I hear that we have the technology to do this and have
done so at places such as RAF Wharton in the UK.

<truthseek> It is a dvelopment base for British Aerospace.

<truthseek> Then I hear the stories about the triangles and
abductions - which doesn't neatly fit the pattern of MOD activity...

<truthseek> and some of those possible alien triangles are much
bigger than any fighters - and to be so big and silent....

<truthseek> if they have this technology then we are being lied to
by our GOVTS big time. If it were true I would be fighting my way
into those bases to expose it...

<truthseek> in reality though I suspect we have small scale RPV
triangles and thats about it.??

<SUFOIT\PA> How deep do you think is the USA's involvement in UFO
sightings in the UK? Worldwide?

<truthseek> Well one or two unreliable sources place involvement as
very high. I can't see it myself. I think the US if they have secret
technology would fly it out of the UK.

<truthseek> Thats for sure.

<truthseek> If they were to try and develop technology with us here
in the UK then we would have access to those secrets too and could
develop these things into our aircraft.

<truthseek> If we are in on a much darker secret level with the US
and involved in the abduction stuff - then I would be worried but I
see little evidence of this coming from my abductee witnesses.

<truthseek> I think we are probably looking at joint co-op on
research and investigation and perhaps coverup on the subject.

<truthseek> I nor nobody I know and respect can say if this is good
or bad.

<truthseek> I have got a case at the moment which implicates the US
in flying crashed UFO techno with the UK

<truthseek> This is my first case of this type. I have not got a
clue which way it will go - will it get proven or will it not be able
to be proven or will the witness turn out to be unreliable. I just
dont know. I hope for the truth whatever. Thanks ??

<watch^dog> Indiana State Director for SUFOIT/PARA-4 here, How do
you handle a situation when you catch someone in a lie, or deception,
or when presented with undeniable information, brushes it off as

<truthseek> Well sometimes I walk away and let other people deal
with it or sometimes I take the bull by the horns and sort it out

<truthseek> It depends on my mood.

<truthseek> If you knew what has been happening to me lately with
**** from certain UFO research orgnanisations and persons you would
be shocked...

<truthseek> things are not good at the top of British Ufology. There
is much absue of witnesses and people

<truthseek> not taking ethical points seriously in UFO research. I
have just dealt with a serious matter in one organisation I belonged
to. Because of my

<truthseek> mistrust for their operating policies after I did what I
had to do, I resigned. I could not associate with them after this.

<truthseek> Thanfully the situation I came to them with was resolved
and the guilty parties are out to. I just thought the whole way it
was dealt with left a lot to be desired.

<truthseek> I have had some bad ufologists threaten me with physical
violence. In this instance I called the police because I feared not
the person but that I was being set up.

<truthseek> I had serious reason to believe this.

<truthseek> So I suggest that however you deal with these problems
you do it openly and honestly and with the full co-operation of
others because when you take up the challenge to clean up some things
that certain people

<truthseek> dont want cleaned up, you face trouble and will need

<truthseek> Hope that answers you? Just don't lie down, just choose
your moments to take action. ??

-[continued in part 2]-

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