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Re: Did Satellites Image Phoenix Lights?

From: Stig_Agermose@online.pol.dk (Stig Agermose)
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 03:22:18 +0100
Fwd Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 22:27:26 -0400
Subject: Re: Did Satellites Image Phoenix Lights?

Bill Hamilton writes:

>From: William.Hamilton@pcsmail.pcshs.com
>Date: 17 Oct 1997 20:08:35 UT
>To: updates@globalserve.net


>I have reported previously that I had gotten word that NORAD
>had detected a "fast walker" on March 13th.  Some satellite
>tracked an unknown intruder into US air space.

>Also previously reported was the interview with the president
>of American Computer Company, Jack Schulman, talked about
>an Air Force satellite that had been disabled on March 13th.

>This is a follow-up on those reports and I have Linda Howe
>checking into this further.

>One of our prime Phoenix witnesses, Mike Fortson, is responsible
>for tracking this story.

>The Army wants to shoot down an Air Force satellite with its
>MIRACL laser installed at a sprawling base in the New Mexico
>desert.  The target is the Miniature Sensor Technology Integration
>satellite, MSTI-3.  The Air Force craft is the third in a series
>of research satellites meant to improve the tracking of missiles
>from space.  The satellite, about the size of a refrigerator
>and weighing 450 pounds, has telescopes and cameras for observing
>hot rockets as well as the cool Earth, its imaging systems working
>like those in spy satellites.

>The camera on the satellite can see objects on the ground as small
>as 30 feet across.

>The satellite maker -- SPECTRUM ASTRO -- right here in Gilbert,
>Arizona opposes having MIRACL fire its beam at the $60 million craft.

>Mike Fortson called Spectrum Astro to talk with one of the engineers.
>This engineer confirmed that on MARCH 13, the MSTI-3's batteries
>suddenly went "dead" but now are functioning properly and he
>cannot understand why the Army wants to destroy this satellite.

>We now know that the first sighting in Arizona on March 13th was
>at 5:30 pm mst in Crown King, AZ.  Witnesses saw 3 solid V-shaped
>craft and also stated that 3 F-16 fighterss came from the south
>only to see the V's disappear and reappear minutes later when
>the fighters left the area!

>Admittedly, there are gaps in our knowledge of events on that day,
>but new information is beginning to paint a picture of something
>extraordinary.  I hope to follow up this report with more later.

>Linda may be reporting on these developments on DREAMLAND with
>Art Bell this Sunday.


>Bill Hamilton
>Exec Director
>Skywatch International	   =09


>Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 08:55:32 -0400
>From: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
>To: updates@globalserve.net
>Subject: UFO UpDate: Did Satellites Image Phoenix Lights?
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This is a transcript of Linda Howe's Dreamland interview, in which
Shulman goes into the particulars of the story. It can be found at:



Art Bell Message Boards


Jack Shulman on Sept 14, 1997

Transcribed by Chris Terraneau (terranea@nicimg.com)

sysop - 02:03am Sep 17, 1997 PDT (#1 of 1)
Keith Rowland

>From Art Bell's Dreamland radio program, 14 September 1997:

LH =3D Linda Howe
AB =3D Art Bell
JS =3D Jack Shulman

LH: Well, last Sunday on Dreamland and Monday night's Coast to
Coast, I reported about the American Computer Company's website
containing information from a consultant, who works for both the
military and ACC concerning satellite communications systems.

The consultant alleges that the Department of the Army retrieved
debris and advanced technology in July, 1947 from two delta-
shaped extraterrestrial craft at a crash site in the vicinity of
Roswell, New Mexico.

Some of that extraterrestrial technology was then hand delivered
in September, 1947 to Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey
according to this consultant. There he said, scientists
back-engineered and filed for a patent on what became the
transistor made of nearly pure silicon with traces of arsenic and
other elements. More technology, such as integrated circuits,
digital processors and modems followed from further analyis of
the extraterrestrial technology, according to the consultant.

Since my reports last week, many people have contacted me, some
engineers, to argue both for and against the consultant's claims.
In an upcoming Dreamland I hope to provide more information about
the differences between the germanium diode that existed prior to
September 1947 and the silicon transistor that emerged at Bell
Labs in 1948, a few months later.

But tonight my focus is on my trip to Cranford, New Jersey
yesterday, September 13th to meet Jack Shulman, chairman of the
American Computer Company, and to see his offices.

American Computer Company is located on the second floor of a suite of
offices in a business park. To get to ACC's floor you have to pass a
security guard, and at night there are laser monitors at the outside
doors. If they are interrupted signals go directly to security and to
the local police department - all of which were demonstrated for me
while I was there. However, Schulman showed me the pulverized glass
left in the tracks of what had been the original ten foot high glass
door to ACC's office before the middle of August. It was smashed by
something to pieces no bigger than B-Bs, a week after he posted the
consultant's information on ACC's webpage at the consultant's request,
and, only two days after ACC's fax machine received what appeared to be
a classified military communication that the consultant said was
connected to the strange lights seen by hundreds of people over Arizona
on March 13th, 1997, and reported here on Dreamland, Coast to Coast,
and in the national media.

ACC's security and local police did not know how intruders got past the
laser alarm system, nor why pulverized pieces of this huge ten foot
glass door were scattered for fifty feet down the hall toward the

Before the breakin, Shulman had reported the unusual military fax and
its content to the Central Inteligence Agency out of concern that he
had a classified document that might be urgently needed by someone in
the government. The CIA duty officer he reached listened to Shulman
read the fax, and said, quote, "Oh, that's an asset of the United
States Air Force", and suggested Shulman contact the Pentagon. He did,
and then two days later the ACC office was broken into, before anyone
from the government had come for the fax.

Now here is Jack Shulman from ACC...

JS: We started to get these pecular faxes, and they were about the very
asset that the consultant had told me had been shut down by this alien
fly-by on March 13th.

LH: ...That ended up...

JS: That ended up over Arizona, apparently, and being reportedly seen
by thousands and tens of thousands of people in Arizona.

LH: Can you elaborate about what the consultant saw and knew in terms
of actual fact concerning a flyover by a non-human inteligence?

JS: I beleive that this was not just over Arizona, but was detected in
outer space. He stated that there was something that flew over, that it
had lights, and was quite obviously some form of craft. And that there
was in fact a piece of equipment that the Air Force uses for
surveillance that sits over the United States, and that this vehicle
flew over and deactivated it. It didn't destroy it, but it shut it

Interestingly, those odd faxes that we received here, to the tech
support fax machine that you saw as you walked in - we use that as a
tech support fax - that caused us after we put the article on our
website, to become alarmed that we were receiving classified military
faxes at our fax machine from a computer that we had developed at
American Computer that is in use, it turns out, by this particular
surveillance system. And that somehow it was trying to contact us which
seemed a little strange - why would this computer be trying to send
messages to its original manufacturer? We discovered that the Air Force
equipment had originated the materials in question that ended up at our
fax machine, and we subsequently contacted the nearest possible source
of that information and told them that we had received these classified
faxes or fax. And that these things we felt was information that
belonged to them and they asked us to secure the fax.

LH: How many faxes did you receive?

JS: Just one, and it was cryptic, and I received two copies of it.
Cryptic in the sense that it was obviously a military communications
message, and it was not addressed to us. But it had a heading that said
"no origin, destination: American Computer Company".

LH: No origin?

JS: No origin... Now the message format was a telex message format, and
I recognized the format as having been something that we would commonly
use with the computer in question, and that's of course why I thought
the computer in question was having a nervous breakdown, and had gone
through its database, found our fax machine number and called it and
faxed the message to us that it was crashing, or going down. I couldn't
imagine how something in space could communicate to me at a fax
machine. It was bizzare, strange, and so I assumed that somehow the
message had gotten routed to us, because it was a damaged message,
someone had seen American Computer on it, found our contractor's
fax-back telephone number for support, and sent it to us. So I was
basically trying to trace back to whoever had sent it to me. It was a
very strange fax to receive.

LH: Can you tell me what the content was?

JS: It referred to something which I have since been advised by our
counsel I should not not identify the name of the asset for reasons of
liability. So I can't name the device but I can say it just said this
device is going down and had a series of codes on it. It was in telex
transmission format, and it had an origin, time and date, a subject
indicating that the device was going down, and then all the error codes
associated with the device's failure. Whoever sent this to us, or
whatever sent this to us, wanted us to know that this device was down.
But that it had gone down, and the message looked like it had been
coded to represent that it had gone down the night before. Or that day.
Which was intersting because to the consultant, later when I discussed
this with him, he said no, that was in fact the object that was
disabled by that fly over in the middle of March that ended up being
seen by all those people in Arizona.

So he provided the missing piece that traced it back to the disablement
of this satellite, or whatever it is.

LH: Has the consultant though, ever said to you directly that he has
had himself conversations either with people in Bell Labs or the
Defense Department that he consults for, who has specific knowledge
about any actions or intent of these extraterrestrial inteligences that
gives them concern?

JS: I think the disablement of this particular asset upset them, and
there may have even been forms of observation of our planet, and I
think you know some people have been involved with examining cattle
mutillations and so forth, that have raised grave concern in their mind
that probably where in fact, I, and the consultant would differ with
their military thinking because in fact I beleive the public has a
right to know. Even if it represents a threat, because we need to have
a hand in the decision. We don't elect our public officials and have
our public officials create the rules, like the Constitution, the rules
of military conduct and so forth for no reason. We don't put it into
the hands of an inner sanctum, and we don't put it into the hands of
senior military leaders per se, without them first having to consider
the fact that they are our employees, not our masters. This matter is
something which perhaps is of such epoch-making or Earth-shaking
importance to humanity that I think that the general concensus of all
parties is required. Unfortunately I don't think that that particular
opinion is mirrored throughout all parts of our government.

LH: What if this extraterrestrial inteligence in fact wants the Earth
and Earth life to survive and that it's intent is to make sure that
humans, who seem to be on a self-destructive path in their own
environment, do not destroy the planet? What if this is a
positive-oriented extraterrestrial inteligence?

JS: Then I think I'd have to give them tremendous points for logistical
understanding of humanity's pyschology because if in fact the military
holds the viewpoint that I don't agree with, that the (garbled) doesn't
agree with, that is that they are potentially a threat to our
existance, that would be one very good way: park a few ships off our
bow and fly them by every once in a while to scare us into proceeding
with caution. That in fact would scare the military to such an extent
that they would, since they would beleive that they had no way of
defending against these aliens, that they would not provoke them. And
that would be one of the first things that would lead to a lessening of
agressiveness on the part of our own military.

(end of interview of Mr. Shulman)

LH: Now I know that your communication from the Area 51 person was
alleging concern about something not benign. And so that's a big
question mark out there, Art. After receiving the fax, and the
mysterious break-in, Shulman had to call the Pentagon again, because no
one had responded. And finally two Air Force Office of Special
Investigations agents from McGuire Air Force Base visited Shulman at
ACC and grilled him about the fax. Then they took the fax and it's copy
and Shulman has not heard back from anyone in the government since
August. Curiously, he told me that he has heard from current Bell Labs
employees, anonymously and by untraceable e-mail. He said that several
have asked questions or made statements referencing secret underground
installations at various Bell Labs facilities, but that he (Shulman)
does not know why.

AB: Wow!

LH: And if this March 13th date and that flyover had some connection to
this mysterious fax, and is an inside to military concern about what
was in the sky over Arizona, again that policy of silence that always
seems to be there might be explained.

End of transcript..


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