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ACC: Remarkable Update By Bob Wolf

From: Stig_Agermose@online.pol.dk (Stig Agermose)
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 12:45:50 +0100
Fwd Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 20:17:45 -0400
Subject: ACC: Remarkable Update By Bob Wolf

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ACC/Transistor Origin Update
and Did the Air Force
by Bob Wolf

(Note: The following key points were edited from
Bob Wolf's lengthy ACC update by Stig Agermose)

Scientists at S.G. Thompson, RCA Research, Lawrence Livermore, NASA,
ACSA, Sarnoff Research and the Department of Defense all agree that the
Transistor was "brand spanking new" in December of 1947, had no
precedent and appeared to be inadequately and hastily researched, and
was unconnected to any prior technology.
Also: Nasa Astronaut Edgar Mitchell agrees with the basic idea of the
technology transfer at that time and later, "from a UFO captured by the
Defense Department". (See http://www.sightings.com/ufo/mitchell.htm
- editor's note)
And: if you really knew anything about the Transistor's
phenomenological physics, you would know that there is NO WAY that
William Shockley could have stumbled onto it by studying "High Back
Voltage" Germanium Diodes.
Or, hundreds of others who studied such Germanium diodes would have
noticed the phenomena. I feel, from reviewing the patent with an
ex-Patent Office examiner, that Bell/Shockley (and Bardeen and
Brattain) was "painting a rainbow to convince the RUBES" back in 1947
that was pretty common as people were not as thorough as they are today
in analyzing incoming patents for "flawed history" - and if you know
the patent process, all he has to do is CLAIM "original authorship" of
an idea (it doesn't have to be accurate, just unique, original and not
previously patented) and nothing more, if it can't be DISPROVEN by the
patent officer at the time, one gets the patent.
The US Department of Commerce, Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) is
running "a great game" - or so it appears. And if you know the ups and
downs, you can turn a sows ear into a silk purse, even if it doesn't
belong to you, as AT&T did in 1948.
No matter how great a Scientist Shockley (and his partners were) -- His
Transistor story is nonsense and the entire story must have been made
up by Bell to hide the origins of the Transistor at the Defense
Department's Army Research Institute or Air Force Labs, at least, and
possibly, from the Roswell or other UFO captured by them. His story and
every related author who wrote one BASED ON SHOCKLEY's ACCOUNT -
incidentally - since 1948, have become nothing more than the recasting
of false lines of assumption that research on Diode Rectifiers (which
are unipolar current conductors AND NOTHING MORE) led to the remarkable
Transistor (which is a bipolar, configurable, variable switch and
amplifier that has properties that we discover anew every year - note
the new "multilevel switches" INTEL and IBM are claiming will
revolutionize memory - announced in the last few weeks).
As Bell unravelled the mysteries of the "unknown object" newly given
them (as now verified by Don McNally and the US Department of Defense)
in August of 1947, Bell proceeded to patent and patent more and more
electronic concepts -- all derived from the "unknown object".
American Computer has received VERIFICATION from the Defense Department
that the "object" in the possession of Bell from which Bell created
"doctored up patent applications, as if they were there own patent
ideas" (and that's a direct quote) derived from a "Special Contract"
between the "Defense Communication Development - Extreme Wavelengths"
Lab at Bell Labs Holmdel, and the US Department of Defense, who
provided AT&T the "object" which was unsuccessfully analyzed by
scientists at the Air Force Laboratories, then forwarded to Bell. The
DoD has indicated it is not fully aware of why it did not retrieve the
"object" given Bell back, nor why it did not enforce the US Laws
prohibiting it from giving Taxpayer Property to Bell Labs for its own
profit in 1947.
They do, however, indicate that Bell scientists at AT&T's sole "science
and technology research" in the Transistor, by December of 1947,
consisted of "examing the device under microscopes, testing it with
electronic probes, conjecturing on how it might work, then trying to
duplicate some of its function" -- all of which was research work paid
by the DoD and all of which was supposed to be turned back over to the
Air Force Labs, in Massachusetts by January of 1949, without Bell Labs
retaining any copies - by law. It wasn't turned back over and Bell kept
the originals, or so the DoD feels. Due to the reorganization of the
Army Air Force into the United States Air Force, in 1947/48, and
movement of laboratories around the US, through what the DoD has
indicated was a "trick of fate", it (the "unknown object" - from an
extraterrestrially developed technology) was never retrieved from Bell,
AND after some years, the "forgetful" Department of the Army forgot,
and successor staff never even NEW that the technology became Bell Labs
defacto property "by default", that is, until a subsequent
investigation some 25 years later, when, in fact, Bell was forced to
return the original device "to the National Storage Archives", but DoD
was unable to do anything about the Trillion dollars in windfall
profits that Bell had derived from the transfer.
So, people, I guess that's why they are keeping it all a secret: the
Army mucked it all up and the Air Force lost it. And guess what,
OUR OWN PROPERTY!!! Typical. And over the years, AT&T has bought and
paid for Governmental personnel and officials to "look the other way",
so the Public would never suspect a thing!
I understand a very wealthy billionaire has offered American Computer a
ton of money to help the Air Force OSI find the "now missing UFO",
which apparently, has also been "misplaced" due to secrecy compounded
upon secrecy compounded upon misdirection compounded upon
counterintelligence method compounded upon secrecy, or so the rumors
are flying.
Jack Shulman, whom I called today to try to confirm the story,
indicated he had promised the Air Force not to reveal its statements
until it had sufficient time to verify "certain facts", yet said to me
by phone this afternoon that he might have "heard a rumor that the USAF
misplaced it's UFO" as a result of the depths of paranoia and its own
covert operations, and then he commented:
"How do you lose a UFO?"
We both laughed for a full 5 minutes. Then we ended the short telephone
Force in 1947 that reported to General Dwight David Eisenhower) which
then was secreted first in Roswell, where electronics were "lifted" to
Massachusets (to an Army AF lab there) then to Holmdel (to Bell Labs),
then two months later the UFO was transported by night to Wright
Patterson, then much later it was transfered and stored at a
supersecret weapons laboratory in, of all places, ROME, NY (all roads
lead to Rome) at Griffiths AF Base, later repaired and test flown, and
pieces of which were transported to the Pentagon, examined, and later
disseminated, exactly as suggested by Ed Mitchell, and described by
Col. Phillip Corso, to various companies for duplication and
It was Eisenhower who hid the technology, after Truman tried to
interfere, and it was Ike who caused AT&T and other companies to be
able to use pieces of it, by direct Executive order, it was
Eisenhower's way: he was a fan of "doing it quietly, in the back door,
out the front", it was one of his basic political tactics - quiet,
behind the scenes "manipulation".
Oh, yes, and some information from the UFO went to NASA...
And now, because of all the mighty efforts to hide its existence, the
Air Force has "misplaced it" and can't seem to find it's whereabouts.
Or so they say.
I'm guessing:
For their next trick, ACC will cause the US Air Force to go back on
General Shalikashvili's "sneering disclaimer", agree with various Nasa
officials, including Dr. Edgar Mitchell, and with Col. Corso, and then
publically admit they have Alien Technology in their possession, and
admit that BELL LABS did receive "pieces of the UFO" that they
subsequently turned into the Transistor, and other inventions that gave
them a technological advantage that has never been surmounted.
-- Bob Wolf

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