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Re: Hillsboro, OH UFO Pursuit w/Clermont County

From: Kenny Young <task@fuse.net>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 12:38:10 -0700
Fwd Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 02:29:47 -0400
Subject: Re: Hillsboro, OH UFO Pursuit w/Clermont County

The month of October has historically been a good one for UFO sightings,
and this year seems to be no exception.  From the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana
regions, we have had 9 reported sightings since September 24.

Within the last two weeks, sky conditions in this region haven't been
exceptionally crisp and clear for good viewing conditions.  There was
some haze present on the clear nights we have had.  therefore, I would
conclude that October atmospheric conditions have played no part in
any reported UFO sightings thus far, as we have heard so often in the
past (for example, a clear October sky makes airplane headlights from
far away look much closer, same with stars, planets, etc).

I initially thought the Greenwood, Indiana case which was reported by
a Navy enlisted man to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base -- details
at   http://home.fuse.net/task/OCT97.htm#Greenwood_INDIANA_UFO
was explainable as being the Space Shuttle/MIR duo traveling overhead.
I was wrong, however, as the shuttle/station team was not listed as
being visible over this area at the time.  This case presently remains

In review of two cases (recent Clermont County with video and a UFO
sighting in Middletown last Friday night) where the descriptive
details of the sightings were similar, I theorized that the possible
explanation for these cases would be SATURN.  If interested in
reviewing the data, go to:

I concluded SATURN because both events were viewed to the SOUTHWEST
at around the 8:00 to 8:30 p.m. time frame, when Saturn is visible.
I also considered if the air traffic as reported in the CLERMONT
COUNTY action complicated the event, and thought this detail would
strengthen the SATURN explanation (especially if the witnesses
mistook the celestial object as being amongst the airplanes,
thereby giving it a 'hovering' illusion).

However, thanks to MIKE FRIZZELL, he advised the following:

	Saturn was visible, almost due east, at 8:00PM EDT on
	October 14, 1997 as its rise time was 6:54 PM EDT given
	an observing location of Cincinnati, OH. Also, the moon,
	which should have been nearly full, was in close
	proximity to Saturn as its rise time was 6:21 PM EDT.
	Both were located roughly 30 degrees off the horizon.

Given this added data, the SATURN explanation is greatly weakened,
as the witnesses described the object to the southwest of their
vantage point, not due east, as where Saturn would have been situated.

In addition, new information has been brought to our attention
courtesy of Paul Althouse of MORA.  He conveys of two corroborating
reports he received, the details of which have similarities to the
reported Clermont County Airplane/UFO incident.  The report he
received was from Hillsboro, Ohio (Highland County), which is 31.5
miles northeast of the October 14 incident in Clermont County.

The first report was from a Hillsboro resident reporting a large
number of airplanes flying over her house at 2:15 p.m. on Wednesday,
October 8.  There were 12 or 13 large jets, in no specific formation,
flying around randomly. She did not know what kind of jets they were,
but said they were larger in size then those normally seen in the area.

The second report received by Paul Althouse advised of a second
Hillsboro resident also complaining of the jet activity.  This person,
however, reported a large triangular shaped craft surrounded by
approximately 13 jets. As the jets continued to fly around the object,
it suddenly rose straight up and dissapeared from sight. It was assumed
that this alleged craft held a level orientation as it rose straight up
and out of site.

Mr. Althouse is hopeful to acquire more information from the witnesses,
and has been informed of the report from Clermont County on October 14.

The Hillsboro event happened within a section of airspace over Southern
Ohio that is reserved for military flights.  The air corridor is called
'THE BUCKEYE MOA,' and the 2:15 p.m. time frame from the Hillsboro
report does fall within the times allowed for maneuvers in the BUCKEYE
MOA, as per details released through an AUG. 15th FOIA response from
FAA Director of Air Traffic (details enclosed below), which reveals the
boundaries of the corridor, operating times and controlling agencies.
[Excerpt from FOIA response enclosed below]

These cases are presently under investigation


Buckeye MOA, OH

Boundaries:  Beginning at lat. 38 deg. 54'40"N., long.
83 deg. 54'45"W/; to lat. 39 deg. 10'45"N., long. 83 deg. 53'00W.: to
lat. 39 deg. 27'45"N., long. 83 deg. 23'00"W.; to lat. 39 deg. 24'20"N.,
long.   82 deg. 49'30"W.; to lat. 39 deg. 18'00"N., long. 82 deg.
44'15"W.; to lat. 38 deg. 58'45"N., long. 82 deg. 50'00"W.; to lat.
38 deg. 47'00"N., long. 82 deg. 58'45"W.; to lat. 38 deg. 46'20"N.,
long.  83 deg. 14'20"W.; to lat. 38 deg. 52'15"N., long.  83 deg.
34'00"W.; to point of beginning.

Altitudes:  5,000 feet MSL to but not including FL 180.

Time of use: 0900 - 1600 Tuesday, Friday and Saturday; 0900 - 2200
Wednesday and Thursday; other times by NOTAM.  Airspace will not be
scheduled between 2200 - 0700.

Controlling agency:  FAA, Indianapolis ARTCC

Using agency:  178th Fighter Group, Springfield-Beckley ANGB, OH


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