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Alfred's Odd Ode #190

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 16:22:38 -0500
Fwd Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 17:48:08 -0400
Subject: Alfred's Odd Ode #190

Apology to MW #190 (For October 15, 1997)

Grab yer fishin' gear, git over here, =85 sail in my ship!
The ship? Imagination! =85Copped from Carl, nicked it quick!
Saved from dusty hangers, in a daring daylight raid,
A stellar craft with thought quick drives that moves in time and space!

This ship is mine, and I can sail it to the bottom of your mind.
I can show you things constructive you can treasure as a find.
We can shrink down real tiny like the microbe in your gut.
We can stretch, engage, improve your lot, or gouge you from your rut.

Leave Imagination in the air a moment, and sit in my back yard.
And look south southwest about half way up, and let down all your guard.

See thought quick, a brilliant peek, a streaking white hot meteor
That cracks the sky a twelve inch slash -- a millisecond theatre!

Oh the meteor was impressive, but it was out just like a flash bulb.
A single strobe of white hot light, and then light was gone, Bob <g>.
It's what came after ruled my day, and makes me write these lines;
It's what I saw when light was gone, and it wasn't in my mind.

For a second or two in a light of it's own, was a reddish glowing tail!
A churning urn of burning plasma=85lit by an object to scar heaven's pale.

A slender storm of billowing cloud, colored violet and gold,
It marked the eye with violence that can scarcely be retold=85

But, let's get aboard, and off to fish -- in a catch/keep kind of program.
Some stuff caught you might let go, and become a part of the problem.
You must keep it in your memory, and with a smile carry on,
Or reality can drag you down, and you're blown away and gone.

So now let's settle in, in comfy chairs, and pass some drinks around.
The robots give you back rubs as a buzz "what now" abounds.
Let's go see those "Hooter's" people, as they light up all my dials.
You know=85the chain of bar and grills that fills the watcher's files.

A corporate bunch that makes a girl a life support for tits=85
Hey -- I don't make the news, I just write the news you miss.
So we zip to Hooter's HQ, such a fine appointed suite.
These guys live 'right', I hope to snort, they're living real sweet.

Behind closed doors consumption goes beyond the mere conspicuous.
Mellifluous is their rhetoric, but their attitude? Contemptuous!
What's this to do with UFO's you ask with strident spunk?
Well -- UFO's are flat not seen, or believed not seen, while drunk.

More on Hooter's later, but I had it on my mind.
I own the ship we fly in, and we'll steer where I'm confined <g>.
Conscience is a righteous bitch, and the best use of my metrics
Is to throw the light in to the dark, eschew distracting hat tricks.

Where to now? Have we got time -- to visit someplace neat?
Some place of nifty secrets? Some place a real treat?
How about a near earth asteroid, a place we would be living
If William Gates got off  his butt -- was a thoughtless bit more giving.

We are THERE! =85 a monstrous lump of metal, rare and worth it's
Shall I tow it back for high earth orbit and sell it short for billions?

No, we'll leave it here, a threat so dear that humankind will move,
And elevate its spirit to a sweet spot in the groove.

Let's go now where _you_ want to, you have command control.
Any where in space and time? Any place you might extol?
Any time that is in real time, but be careful where you visit.
Because you carry what you witness, and it may be painful, is it?


I was out in the morning an hour before dawn on a school day, watching
the sky. I thought something had plopped into my highly prized Southern
Pecan coffee, an insect or singularly accurate bit of bat guano. I
looked up into the sky about 45 degrees thinking about bats, and
insects, and dear wasted coffee beans -- and what I saw made me forget
all about coffee of any stripe! Right IN my line of sight appeared a hot
white streak, about a foot long held at arms length -- a thought-quick
burning plunge of incandescent meteor, top left to bottom right, a
thirty degree from horizontal slash of white hot strobe! Now the meteor
in itself was astonishing -- but what made me forget my cup was what
occurred immediately after.

In the wake of that meteor, and on brilliant, glorious, and violet
tinged FIRE was a momentary string of visibly churning, interior lighted
thunderstorms laid end to end like the length of a squirming glowing
serpent -- the upper atmosphere set to torrid FLAMES by the friction of
the penetrating meteor. And then=85<and then!> -- so faint that it was
almost lost in the soft sounds of a lower Alabama pre dawn, =85a small
earth shaking thump of the meteor's passage=85 I exclaimed an out loud,
very serious "wow",  took a good slug from my coffee cup=85,and remembered
the bat guano -- <A-heh>  I kept it down, but got some fresh coffee, and
thought about sounds from a coffee cup that stop movement, and compel a
person to look, just so, into a starry, starry pre dawn sky. But for the
sound in my coffee cup I would have missed the entire spectacle. That's
the stuff I live for.

Explore the Alien View?


"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from
afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, while burning at the
fundamentalist's stake for seeing beyond the glowing sky.


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HARASSMENT; however, the harassment index is infinite for each of us.
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