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The 'Alien Embryo' Hoax - Disinformation Ploy?

From: jared@valuserve.com (Andromeda.net- Anderson, Jared)
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 20:08:55 -0700
Fwd Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 01:56:49 -0400
Subject: The 'Alien Embryo' Hoax - Disinformation Ploy?

 By Jorge Mart=EDn - UFO Researcher - Puerto Rico

Suspecting foul play in this incident, due to the many
contradictions and strange angles in it, we continued
investigating the matter further, arriving to the conclussion it
was all a hoax designed to embarrass and discredit both the UFO /
alien situation in Puerto Rico, as well as to discredit those
involved in serious research on this phenomenon.

Mrs. Alma Rivera, press officer of the Forensic Sciences
Institute of Puerto Rico, explained to us, during an interview,
that at the moment of the incident they could not say that the
"embryo" was really a small plastic figurine inside a small
crystal jar - keychain. She explained that they must stick to law
13, which describes the forensic investigations protocols, and as
the small jar and its content was part of the evidence picked up
at the crime scene, they could not say anything about it until it
had been analyzed by a forensics chemist [the bottle itself, the
liquid contained in it and the figurine itself. "We can not do
otherwise - she said. For example, the liquid inside the jar
could have been some type of poison, or some type of illegal
drug, it could be related to the death of the victim, therefore
we must check everything throughly. It was part of the evidence
gathered, and it had to be treated as such."

We understand this, but it sounds illogical if we take in account
the overall situation that developed that day. A simple
preliminary statement in the sense that it was a keychain, a
plastic figurine, would have straightened everything out. But was
everything the product of a mere misunderstanding? The results of
further investigation imply a different scenario.

We asked Mr. Banojian, from WAPA TV, Channel 4, for a copy of the
original unedited hard copy video taped at the crime site by
S=E1nchez.  A through frame by frame examination of the video
showed the dead man was not wearing a military uniform, as
originally said. Also, according to several forensic sciences
witnesses, as well as policemen at the site and others, there was
no military suit and no manila envelope with the words 'Base
Ceiba' written on top of it. The 4 x 4 black vehicle, allegedly
observed by witnesses and policemen, according to cameraman
S=E1nchez and channel 4 news department never existed. These were
incorrect details that came out from the channel premises.

The images of the crystal vial wich contained the alleged
"embryo" always showed it from its sides, never showing the top
of it, its cap. 'Someone' tried his best not to film the top of
it, but inadvertingly did so for a couple of seconds. While
checking it frame by frame, we found it showed a small hole on
its top, a hole compatible with the one in the keychains
mentioned in the TV report.  This implied someone in channel 4
had to know about it being a figurine and not an "alien embryo"
from the beginning, that it was all part of a
misidentification... or a hoax. But strangely, they continued on
with the story.

If this was the case, why did the police officers at the crime
scene reported a "fetus of non human appearance" in their
official report? How could the forensic sciences representatives,
detectives and a district attorney be confused about it being a
biological organism, sending it to be analyzed?

Also,after double checking with other sources we have inside the
Forensic Sciences Institute, sources we trust, we concluded that
everything the confidential source who allegedly worked in the
institute [please refer to our previous preliminary report], who
had contacted our common friend, told us the night after the
incident, about a federal government covert operation going on in
the institute pertaining to this case was not true. It was all
disinformation, a lie.

If this was the case and the institute's personnel knew that
everything was a fraud, then the alleged physician who made a
phone call [according to what channel 4 news department director
Enrique Cruz and Mr. Banojian] from their premises, to the
Forensic Sciences Institute, either lied or was lied to when he
said the important inside source he called there told him that
"...even though we haven't analyzed it completely, I can tell you
that it is neither something human nor any type of animal we know

Taking all of the above in account, it is obvious that 'someone'
wanted to disinform the public and ridicule both the UFO / alien
situation in Puerto Rico and abroad and those of us who seriously
research and report on it, using the media, something that has
been going on already for a couple of years now. The following
are some examples on this.

1. About three years ago we were informed by some friends of a
catholic priest that was organizing a UFO cult group with a
mixture of beliefs such as aliens and UFOs mixed with angels, the
Virgin Mary, and new age ideas, in the southwest of Puerto Rico.

The man was a priest at the Church of Hormigueros, a town in the
southwest region, but his actions became even more suspicious
when he started saying to the group's members that "...many
special children had to be born, that the extraterrestrials
needed them [specially the women] to colaborate in bearing this
children [of course sexually and with his active participation in
the process]. Eventually we came to the knowledge that this
'priest' was really a spanish CIA operative that had been brought
to Puerto Rico years ago from Nicaragua.

As he said to some members of his group who talked to us on a
confidential basis, he was a CIA operative in Nicaragua who was
in charge, as well as others, in 'marking' for death some members
of the Sandinista movement in that Central America nation. Being
discovered by the Sandinistas and marked for execution by them,
both the CIA and the Catholic Church, acting in accordance
urgently created a false priest identity for him and got him out
of Nicaragua, helping him escape and bringing him to Puerto

According to ours sources within the group his job here was to
organize a UFO cult group and create a major scandal which would
include reports of degenerate group sex orgies with a blend of
wild religious and metaphysical beliefs and rituals in which our
name would come out, falsely, as one of the leaders, in an intent
to discredit our reputation.

The priest told the members of the group that I was dangerous
because I was reporting on the UFO / alien situation in Puerto
Rico and had a clear view of it, and was relaying this view to
the public and this could not be. He even trained some of the
group's members to physically 'neutralize' me, should there be
need for this. Informed on this we denounced everything in our
radio programn and the operative was ended.

Eventually, he was taken out the country by the church as several
husbands of some of the female members of the cult group
complained about and denounced to the church archdiocese and
bishop of Mayaguez, in charge of the Hormigueros Catholic church,
that the 'priest' was sexually involved with their wives, and
threatened to "...blow his head off if he wasn't removed."

Several such UFO cult groups have flourished recently in Puerto
Rico, and there's an interesting pattern in them, most of the
leaders of these groups are men from central american countries
who have strong background ties with either the U.S. military /
intelligence community or NASA. Is this just coincidence?

2. In june1996 we were given an audio cassette tape with the
alleged recording of an air combat between several U.S. Navy and
several flying saucers which escorted a huge alien mother ship,
allegedly nortwest of Puerto Rico. Allegedly, the recording was
made by its owners when they were talking by phone and there was
an apparent accidental technical malfunction wich allowed another
communication to cross with theirs.

The recording allow you to hear the owners comments on what they
are hearing and apparent communications between a U.S.  carrier,
someone apparently in a military base and the pilots of some of
the alleged U.S. interceptors. Even Air Force One is included in
the communications mel=E9e. At one moment it is reported that
several of the jets are downed by the alien crafts and that some
of the UFOs have been destroyed.

One of the UFOs was reported as crash landing in El Yunque rain
forest, in Rio Grande, east of Puerto Rico, and being captured by
U.S. Navy forces there. Examining the recording with several
consultants who collaborate with us, U.S. military retired
officers, we all came to the conclussion that it was a fraud, a
forgery, as the techical lenguage used by the alleged military
personnel and pilots in the recording was not the one officially
used in such combat situations.

Obviously, again, 'someone' was trying to disinform us with the
apparent intention of getting us to make unsubstantiated comments
on the recording, to later ridicule and discredit us, possibly
after revealing everything as a hoax.

3. 'Coincidentally', at the same time the recording was sent to
us, the leaders of a 'UFO investigations group' organized by
those days in Puerto Rico, that dresses in black swat like
uniforms and behaves in a very suspicious manner, began
disseminating all over Puerto Rico several color photographs of
an alleged alien laying on a hospital examination table. The
story behind the pictures was that they showed an alien captured
by U.S. forces during the crash of a UFO in El Yunque rain

The pictures were eventually shown in TV, where another alleged
'UFO researcher' presented them as bona fide photos of the aliens
of the Roswell case. In reality, the photographs were those of
the rubber prop dummies made for the Showtime movie "Roswell",
produced by Paul Davids.

This same group has participated in other hoaxes, as we will see
below, and we must ask: Why is a UFO investigations group
disseminating disinformation and hoaxes on this matter, instead
of doing everything possible to do serious research and report on
it with the upmost ethical behavior? I think the answer is
obvious to all of us in this field.

4. On the night of may 5, 1997 a UFO crash was reported as having
occurred in the town of Lajas, Puerto Rico, in the southwest.
Having had people there that night and going there ourselves that
same night, we became aware that nothing like that had happened
at the site.

A fire at the site was due to dry pasture fires in the area due
to a very heavy drought season Puerto Rico was going thru at the
moment.  The false 'UFO crash' incident was fabricated by a self
proclaimed 'UFO investigator' of unethical behavior, a self
proclaimed contactee and cult leader in the area, and the leaders
of the 'UFO investigations group' mentioned above.

Several representatives of all the puertorican TV channels news
department told us they knew everything was a fraud, a hoax, but
nevertheless all of them presented the case afterwards in their
broadscasts as a genuine. Eventually, it was obvious to all that
no such thing had happened and it was all a lie, a fabrication
perpetrated by those already mentioned.

The southwest region of Puerto Rico has been, for decades, the
site of a strong alien /UFO activity which seems to imply there's
an alien underground base in the area. This unfortunate episode,
created by individuals who are only looking for publicity [and
maybe to discredit everything], has served the purpose of casting
some doubts on the credibility of the many real and important UFO
related incidents that occurr in that area.

Simultanously with this, a female news reporter from one of the
channels, asked us to give an opinion on a video image of an
alleged brightly lit UFO taped by a woman in the town of Adjuntas
that same day. As the image looked suspicious we asked her and
her husband, her cameraman, if they had been to the actual site
where the "UFO" was seen, because by the type of glare it could
be a mere reflection of the sun over a residence window panel.

They both assured to us they had been at the exact site in the
mountain where the ufo had been and there was nothing there but
grass and brush, dense vegetation. As in the "alien embryo" case,
motive of this report, we expressed our concern on giving any
cathegorical statements on the matter.

We said that as we had not been at the site to examine it nor
spoken with the alleged witness who videotaped the 'UFO', and as
we were only looking at the image of something on a video, the
only thing we could say was that "...there seem to be something
there, but we can't say anything about it until more scientific
analysis is made on it and more data is obtained." I was
surprised later on that same day when a reporter of another
channel presented the same video and explained that the 'UFO' in
it was only the reflection of the sun on a glass window panel in
a residence located in that mountain. The female reporter and her
husband had lied to us...Maybe with the intention of ridiculing
and discrediting us? Again, if that was their motive, it did nor

5. Lately, several local TV programs have interviewed charlatans,
self proclaimed contactees and 'alien ambassadors' whose wild
claims helped ridicule the phenomenon.

Again, was the "alien embryo" episode a disinformation ploy? If
so, why? The situation described below may give us the answer to

The Caribbean National Rain Forest, located in the Sierra de
Luquillo, east of Puerto Rico, has been another site of heavy
alien / UFO activity in our contry for decades [and apparently
for centuries, if we take in account many legends that go far
back to the times of our extinct indian ancestors.] Among the
several strange situations that occurr there, there have been
numerous mysterious dissapearances of children, adults and U.S.
military personnel.

Recently, another such incident happened in august 1997, in which
Dr. Darby Williams, Dean of Bowling Green University, in Ohio,
U.S.A., dissapeared there. Fortunately, he reappeared after 12
days, but everyone was concerned and stranged that local and
federal authorities would not let him speak freely with the
media, and the few things he said were not logical.

But his case opened a pandora box, because it made us
puertoricans remember other such situations in the forest, as
well as many incidents in which people claimed having had
encounters with either alien humanoid type creatures and UFOs.

These reports motivated reporter Carmen Jovet to do a special
program of the matter, analyzing Williams's case as well as the
many strange incidents in the forest. We helped her in the
production of the special. Several very reliable witnesses
related their accounts on their experiences in El Yunque. Some of
them, while lost in the forest, encountered strange humanoid
beings, others encountered Grey type aliens and enigmatic 'balls
of light' that behave intelligently.

Pictures of two grey type aliens taken up in the lane that goes
up to Mount Britton, in the forest, were shown during the
special. Also, two military helicopter pilots and officers from
the national Guard talked about their frequent encounters with
UFOs coming out from or going into El Yunque rain forest. Also,
other things pertaining to the possibility of the existence of
secret U.S. military facilities in El Yunque wich deal with the
alien situation there, were discussed. Without a doubt, the
program made an impact on the audience, as everything was
discussed in a very serious fashion and all witnesses were
reliable. Our people, the audience, realized something is really
going on pertaining to the UFO /alien situation in Puerto
Rico...and 'someone' seemed to be very concerned and very upset
by this. After participating in Carmen Jovet's production we have
felt a lot of pressure, apparently from government agents, and
several threats to our life. Apparently we touched a sensitive
nerve somewhere.

To this 'someone' this was unacceptable, the panorama had to
change. Therefore, what a better way to do this than creating a
situation such as this "alien embryo" thing to ridicule
everything and at the same time try to embarrass those of us who
inform seriously on the alien subject?

As both I and veterinarian Dr. Carlos Soto are very careful with
the comments we make while investigating something, the intent on
discrediting us through this did not work, as we expressed our
concern on the fact that we were only viewing an image in a
video, not analyzing the actual alleged organism, and therefore
we could not say anything cathegorical about it. But this
incident helped us become aware that the media in Puerto Rico is
being used, specially the TV channels, to disinform about the UFO

Jorge Mart=EDn

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