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Researching Abduction Cases

From: John Velez <jvif@spacelab.net>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 14:31:00 -0500
Fwd Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 19:13:42 -0400
Subject: Researching Abduction Cases

Hello All,

There has been a thread running about an abduction case that is
being investigated by someone on the list. I didn't want to
respond directly in the thread because I don't want to get into a
situation where my comments are taken personally. Ergo, this new

Abduction research -must be- taken out of the hands of amateurs
and para-professionals. Not so much for the sake of the research
itself, there are many 'amateurs' that can do as competent if not
better job than some pros, but for the sake of the well being of
those individuals reporting.

The assumptions and beliefs of the person investigating a report
of abduction should NEVER (under any circumstances) become a part
of the picture. Yet in recent posts all I hear is assumption and
personal beliefs wild interpretations and pure new age
philosophy. Not a shred of anything
objective/methodical/empirical or even a well thought out course
of action for that matter.

A dangerous game to play with someone elses mind and life. You
can't "practice" on -live ones- in this business. People can end
up hurt or at best come away more confused than when they started
their investigation. If you're not sure, or confident that you
know what you're doing, or simply lack the proper experience you
have -no business- doing it. Refer them to someone who is. An MHP
at the very least. I do it automatically with anyone that
contacts me.

I'm working hard to try to steer abductees away from amateurs. It
is my firmly held oppinion that unless and until abductees begin
reporting their experiences to mainstream professionals such as
family physicians, trusted counsellors, etc, we will never get
the attention and the serious investigation that we need.

Abductees will never recieve proper treatment or even objective
handling at the hands of the amateurs. They can only get sold
whatever 'explanation' the paraprofessional believes in
him/herself, or they will get sold whatever bill of goods he or
she is selling that week.

This is serious business, peoples lives are quite literally at
stake. It's not the "walk in the woods" adventure some percieve
it to be, or worse yet as evidenced here on UpDates, an excersize
in superimposing personal belief by those working with abduction

You wouldn't presume to do brain surgery, or treat someone who
has a mental disorder unless you have the expertise and
experience to do so. Working with someone who suspects that they
are being abducted requires the same level of experience and
expertise. What I see happening here is children playing doctor
with real scalpels and live patients!

I'm working hard to get AIC (Abduction Information Center) open
so that people will have a safe and sane place they can come to
for the best information and advice that's available. People
desperately need an alternative to all of the tripe and
misinformation that's out there.

THIS IS NOT A GAME! Peoples lives are at stake. At AIC I'm going
to encourage as many people as I can to turn to their local
health care and counselling professionals. Shit, I'll go first!
(I have already had ny self psychologically evaluated, and
reported to my family physician.) If I have to, in order to set
an example, I'll report my kidnapping to the goddam FBI. Old man
Klass is right about that one, if ALL of us reported the
abductions to the FBI they might perk up and pay some attention.
There is power in numbers. I hope to gather as many abductees as
possible under one roof. As a group, we can push in directions
that will help us to get the answers we so desperately need. (WE)
will make things happen.

John Velez, Abductee Union Rep.

                              John Velez

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