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Abduction Sat 4 Oct 1997

From: wlmss@peg.apc.org [Lawrie Williams]
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 07:36:06 +1000 (GMT+1000)
Fwd Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 20:34:33 -0400
Subject: Abduction Sat 4 Oct 1997

Abduction Oct 4 1997

My informant is D, aged 16. She has a girlfriend K, also 16.
I interviewed D on Oct 3 1997 and reported to the Internet
that she had seen an orange glow in a nearby paddock a week

On Sat night Oct 4 1997 the girls D and K were sleeping in a
room at the home of D.

K awoke to a light, departing. She awoke D, who also saw it.

K had seen it in more detail. D sketched it for me as K had
described it to her. It had a central light and nine lesser
lights around it in a square. Sparks or lights were streaming
outwards from the inner light to the lesser lights.

K remembered more. Through the past week she has kept insisting
that it was not a dream. She says she was on a "spaceship". She
says was on an operating table surrounded by small beings. She
saw them slice her belly open crosswise, then she was running
through the woods with her baby, and they were chasing her,
trying to take it off her.

I told D that she could reassure her friend she would come to no
harm. I was told J is not afraid, just very curious. Neither girl
would dream of trying to tell their parents about this.

I told her in my opinion the visitation was by an actual craft
with humanoids, because this is consistent with similar incidents
taking place around the world. I said the experience would have
slipped into a dream, like the part about running through the

I told D that K could expect a phantom pregnancy, but that it would
be ended with another visitation. I said this could be three months,
but that perhaps someone on the Internet could give me a more likely
"term". (K is unlikely to be pregnant by any human, so it looks like
a classic potential "maiden birth", what is mistakenly known as
"virgin birth" since ancient times - a mistranslation.)

I told her that it could be possible that the purpose of all this
was to make hybrids, half like us and half like them.

Because K is of a fairly strong Christian background, I warned
D about the dangers of K being attracted into a cult which uses
the old ideology and paints it onto a framework that includes
spaceships and other modern terminology. I said that if this
girl now develops an inner voice it is likely to claim to be
a saint she is familiar with.

I said that she could also expect some of a wide range of known
paranormal effects like clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral travel,
oob's, levitation or long-striding. We agreed the levitation would
be the most fun. The girls are not overly familiar with current
UFO mythology and were unaware that K's experience seems to be a
classic abduction of its type. I confess I was fairly bemused to
hear almost a stereotyped description but I am sure it is authentic.

My informant was also startled to see a tiny person dash across her
bedcovers. She seemed to think it was an actual hallucination rather
than an illusion, after I described the perceptual difference between
the two. I told her that calling it an hallucination did not mean a
humanoid had actually not been there. This happened days after the
actual visitation.

(Note: I have heard this type described as a Ma Lei, they are not
directly associated with the UFO. I have not quite figured out
just what their role might be. I think they supervise the
breeding stock more carefully than we might imagine.)

Note that this is not something that happened a year ago or to a
FOAF. I am right here following this one, with care and respect
and more than a little awe.

I'm tempted to have a go at capturing the craft when it comes back
as it most certainly will. I know exactly what to do and it is
infallibly low tech. It would be something of a challenge, mainly
enduring mosquitoes and boredom waiting for it to turn up. So I
think I'll give it a miss. I'd do it for money of course.  : )

BTW D and K are not their real names.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

D reviewed the above file and said it was OK. I also have met
her mother who mentioned that D was very frightened every night.
She seemed to want me to reassure her daughter. I said I could
not do that honestly, save to say she was probably not going to
be harmed that the perceived phenomena would fade over a few
months, indeed they were likely to suddenly come good and seem
benevolent. The mother knew more than I expected.

The mother challenged me to suggest what "they" could want with
her daughter. In light of the conversation I'd earlier had with
D, and as D made no suggestion, I had to say I did not know. I
just quoted Charles Fort: "We are farmed."

D also claims that the "scar" behind her ear that she got after
the childhood visitation has returned. Both she and her boyfriend
attest that it was not there before last weekend. I saw three
brown blobs there like normal skin discoloration you see in
blonde people. But I took a photo of it anyway.

On the night of 6 Oct 1997 I slept with the curtain removed from
my window. Next morning while having a shower all my neck muscles
had a spasm and I could hardly move it for two days. A tradesman
in a nearby town had the same thing happen to him. It seems like
fibrositis and I suspect mosquito bite but it seemed an unusual
coincidence. I mention it in case there is an association.

I recall accounts from about 1995 where women did in fact give
birth to a "grey". I guess this could happen if for some reason
the UFO responsible could not return or the implanted mother
should be removed. I wonder what the upshot of these incidents
were. I'll say this. Life is not boring. Anyone who thinks it
is should pull their head out of their ass.

Naturally I shall have to spare no effort to protect these girls
from exposure and intimidation, however I have already been in
touch with several local UFO groups to let them know this is
going on.

I shall report further, and seek to make a direct interview
with K if it seems warranted. I hope I have done right so far.

Lawrie Williams_______________________

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