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Skywatch: - Direct Cydonia/Giza Equation -

From: "Michael Lawrence Morton" <wrinchique@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 1997 17:54:41 PDT
Fwd Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 10:54:00 -0400
Subject: Skywatch: - Direct Cydonia/Giza Equation -


Here I will present detailed information on the precise latitudes
and longitudes of two major 'structures' at Cydonia (on Mars) and
the three main pyramids at Giza (Egypt), based on the
calculations of Carl P. Munck, which will reveal an obvious and
very direct relationship among these five structures.

Hopefully, this will help everyone interested in this subject to
better-understand this particular mathematically- based 'grid
matrix', which was evidently designed in very deep antiquity ...
and which has been re-discovered by Carl P. Munck.

It is my hope that this will also help to create additional
public interest in having the Mars Surveyor probe take
comprehensive high-resolution photos of the entire Cydonia region
on Mars.


A number of years ago (early 1990s or so) Carl P. Munck became
involved in looking at the detailed mapping of Cydonia done by
professional cartographer Erol Torun, who on his own free time
(he is employed at the Defense Mapping Agency) mapped Cydonia
using NASA photos from the Mars Viking probe which were taken in

Torun had been working with Richard C. Hoagland, and others, on
an analysis of these NASA Viking photos of Cydonia ... which
showed apparently anomalous 'artificial-looking' large 'objects'
or 'structures'.

Munck, based on what he was seeing on Erol Torun's map, proposed
that an ancient Martian Prime Meridian had passed through the
center of what became known as 'The D&M Pyramid'. The Earthly
analogue to 'The D&M Pyramid', Munck proposed, was The Great
Pyramid of Giza ....which, according to his findings from his own
research ... once marked a Prime Meridian.


(Bear in mind that Torun used the DMS system
(degrees-minutes-seconds) .... relative to the size of Mars.)

Cydonia Face .... LONGITUDE; 6.890283706 Mars minutes E. of Prime
                            Meridian as marked by D&M Pyramid
             .... LATITUDE; 41 (Mars degrees) x 11 (Mars minutes) x
                  10.03080581 (Mars seconds) = 4523.893421 North =
                                                        (1440 x Pi)
             .... GRID POINT VALUE; 4523.893421 / 6.890283706 =
                                                    656.56127 =
                                                   36/Pi RADIANS

The D&M Pyramid .... LONGITUDE; 360 (Mars degrees)
                .... LATITUDE; 40 (Mars degrees) x 52 (Mars minutes) x
                     4.773646584 (Mars seconds) = 9929.184894 North
                .... GRID POINT VALUE; 9929.184894 / 360 = 27.58106915

The Great Pyramid .... LONGITUDE; 360 (degrees)
                  .... LATITUDE; 29 (degrees) x 58 (minutes) x
                       53.09041428 (seconds) = 89298.07682 North =
                                                  2880 x (Pi Cubed)
                  .... GRID POINT VALUE; 89298.07682 / 360 =
                                        248.0502134 = (2Pi) Cubed

The Chephren Pyramid .... LONGITUDE; 11.77245771 seconds W. of Prime
                                  Meridian as marked by Great Pyramid
                     .... LATITUDE; 29 (degrees) x 58 (minutes) x
                          40.34387712 (seconds) = 67858.40132 North =
                                               (21600 x Pi)
                          (Note: polar circumference of Earth is
                           21600 nautical miles. There are 21600 arc-
                           minutes on the circumference of any Circle or
                     .... GRID POINT VALUE; 67858.40132 / 11.77245771

                                               = 5764.166072

The Mycerinus Pyramid .... LONGITUDE; 20.67085112 seconds W. of Prime
                                  Meridian as marked by Great Pyramid
                      .... LATITUDE; 29 (degrees) x 58 (minutes) x
                           27.79807592 (seconds) = 46756.3637 North =
                                  480 x (Pi Squared) x (Pi Squared)
                      .... GRID POINT VALUE; 46756.3637 / 20.67085112
                                 = 2261.946711 = 720 x Pi

I have developed the following equation which shows a very
direct, specific relationship among all five structures:

Cydonia Face(656.56127) x D&M Pyramid(27.58106915) x 5760 x (Pi Cubed)
     = Great Pyramid(248.0502134) x Chephren Pyramid(5764.166072) x
       Mycerinus Pyramid(2261.946711) = 3234137343.552

Notice that the number 5760 refers to the year of the ancient
Hebrew calendar which is the year 2000 A.D. on the 'modern'
calendar. The 'year' 5760 is discussed at length in the book "The
Bible Code" ... author Michael Drosnin, published by Simon and
Schuster 1997.

The number 5760 is an even multiple of 360 and (of course) of 720
.... and so, it is resonant with spherical and tetrahedral
geometry. (There are 720 degrees of corner-angle on the surface
of any tetrahedron).

Pi is a universal constant of Circle/Sphere math ...being the
ratio of Circumference divided by Diameter.

Munck has shown convincingly that Pi is an integral part of this
planetary grid matrix.


Recently, it was 'pointed-out' to me that 360 degrees on a Circle
originated "with the measure of time units" .... as in certain
celestial angles (in astronomy) being equal to certain numbers of
minutes, hours, etc. But this simply transfers the 'mystery' of
origin to the 'measure' of time!

I say, again, that 360 is 6 x 60 and that the number 60 is very
"geometric" .... it is evenly divisible by 2,3,4,5,
6,10,12,15,20,and 30. Zecharia Sitchin, in his work, devotes
quite a lot of space to explaining the "sexigesimal" system ....
a hybrid of base-ten and base-60 .... which was used prominently
in the ancient Middle East.

I think the designers of this planetary grid matrix had Nature in
Mind, because 360 seems to be a 'natural' for the number of equal
segments on a Circumference.

The implications of this relationship among specific 'ancient
structures' on two separate planets .... are enormous, to say the
least. This also supports the work which has already been done by
researchers such as Richard C. Hoagland, Erol Torun, Mark
Carlotto, and others .... including Zecharia Sitchin.

This directly supports the work of Carl P. Munck, of course.

Again; I hope that this will help to bring-about more public
interest in having the Mars Surveyor probe comprehensively
photograph the entire Cydonia region on Mars.

(c) copyright 1997 by Michael Lawrence Morton

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