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Re: The Decline and Fall of American Ufology

From: wlmss@peg.apc.org [Lawrie Williams}
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 22:40:25 +1000 (GMT+1000)
Fwd Date: Thu, 09 Oct 1997 21:24:14 -0400
Subject: Re: The Decline and Fall of American Ufology

> Date: Sun, 5 Oct 1997 03:01:27 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Gordon@home.com
> To: updates@globalserve.net
> Subject: The Decline and Fall of American Ufology

> Everything centers around some of the most dramatic photos
> taken of what is alleged to be a UFO, which for months, continued
> to buzz Ed Walters and virtually, as reported, harassed him while
> he shot the photos......

The Four Axioms of UFO Science

Does anyone believe the Walters photos are a hoax but telepathy,
exotic humanoids, hovering craft and blue beams are axiomatic?

Does anyone believe the Walters photos are real but telepathy,
exotic humanoids, hovering craft and blue beams are unlikely?

I think most people have made up their minds either way by now, and
those who believe the photos accept that the other effects do occur,
and those who think they are a hoax have real problems believing that
the rest of Ed Walters' account is true too.

UFO can function as a valid and productive science if those who are
involved can agree on axioms.

It is clear there are two very distinct groups at this stage in
ufology, so each group needs to set its own axioms. Otherwise nobody
is ever going to get anywhere!

For the skeptical side, the debate might concern itself with the
question of elaborate psychopathologies and the identification of
earth lights. That these phenomena occur can be accepted as axiomatic
and a useful framework of knowledge can be built up from this position.

For the believer side, the debate needs to concern itself with the
nature of telepathy, the description of UFO crew, the mission of
their craft and the technologies these entities deploy.

If ufology fails to recognize this great divide, it will be forever
at cross-purposes, as we have seen with the Great 1997 UpDates
Debate about the 1987 Ed Walters Photos.

I was on the earth lights side when I went to an area where a major
ufo flap was in progress. I spoke to many witnesses, read newspaper
articles galore and had a telepathic experience. You can be sure I
came home a believer. Indeed it is amazing how convincing an experience
it is once you encounter telepathy, exotic humanoids, hovering craft or
blue beams. Yet never do these experiences turn believers into skeptics.

Odd thing, that.

Since there is a natural progression from skeptic to believer it is
proposed that the believer side be identifed as UFO Science and the
skeptic branch as a dissident group within UFO Science. Thus there
is no need for rancour or further disruption.

This ability for any person to visit an area where a UFO flap is on
gives UFO science the verifiability and replicatibility that is
required for it to qualify as a science. It means hypotheses which
have given rise to predictions can be tested. It provides a means of
adding to the cumulative data base.

UFO science can use the above axioms (telepathy, exotic humanoids,
hovering craft and blue matter-energy beams) as a basis for defining
its own language. It need not allow itself to be hamstrung by being
engaged in a perpetual bitter rear-guard action dealing with people
who have not "qualified" themselves by accepting the basic axioms of
this field of study.

Yet this latter group can remain under the umbrella of ufology
where they can conduct a rightful search to disprove any or all of
the axioms or to show that there are better ways to account for
observed phenomena.

Science once refused to accept that rocks fell from the sky. It took
a fabulous meteor shower to convince them otherwise. Once it was
accepted as axiomatic that rocks did fall from the sky it became
respectable to go out and collect and study them.

At this time ufology has to deal with a flood of sightings and much
detailed witness testimony. If the four axioms are recognized then
it will be possible to assemble all the known information, develop
hypotheses, make predictions, construct theories from the results of
further observations and in this way extend the science of UFOlogy.

The birth of a meaningful science never had to wait until everyone
got on board, especially if progress is persistently thwarted by a
cynical minority. I started the Gulf Breeze discussion with an
innocent posting in which I mentioned the implications of these blue
transporter beams seen or experienced in many different situations
by hundreds of reliable witnesses. The ad hominim attack on Ed
Walters and the repetition of all the old discussions ended further
useful discussion. One wonders if this was accidental.

It is agreed that not all of the mystery surrounding ufology can be
ascribed to aliens. If I were assigned to hamstringing the ufology
community I'd go to a UFO conference and wait until a skeptic was
well into an emotive presentation. At that point I'd release
imprinting molecules into the air. Imprinting molecules lock
whatever feeling is uppermost firmly into place. i.e. Brainwashing
is not needed, just a dash of dye at the right moment! Its
fabulously easy and wonderfully effective.

But I do not suggest that anyone accept that the above scenario
has happened as axiomatic. It just seems probable when compared
with other situations where public opinion formation has been
given high priority by the U.S. State Department.

A realistic objection to adopting UFO science as axiomatic is that
the axioms might turn out wrong. But then Newton's Laws of Motion
were wrong, yet they served as the foundations of Physics for
centuries afterwards. At least there was something to work with.

It is ironic that although ufology is not recognized as a science by
most people who practice Science, ufology tends to derive its ideas
from the main body of science -  where it is essentially taken as
axiomatic that UFO's do not exist. This is not at all healthy for
UFO Science since it must draw on a theoretical framework that
clashes with its own in vital places.

Certainly UFOlogy will be at first a dissident science. How long
it takes to become fully recognized will depend entirely on how well
it performs at the theoretical and technical levels. There could
be no better time than the present to start.

Lawrie Williams_________

Proposed Axioms for UFO Science:

1) Telepathy can occur during UFO contacts

2) Humanoids might be seen when a UFO is near

3) Some UFO's are hovering craft

4) Some UFO's operate a beam that transmits matter

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