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Re: Solved Abduction cases?

From: Greg Sandow <gsandow@prodigy.net>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 10:04:42 -0400
Fwd Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 20:21:56 -0400
Subject: Re: Solved Abduction cases?

Dennis asks a question that really has an easy answer.

>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
>From: Dennis <dstacy@texas.net> [Dennis Stacy]
>Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: Solved Abduction cases?

>It won't come as a great revelation here, but there is an awful
>lot about abductions that don't make sense. For example, if alien
>technology is so advanced (the ability to hover invisibly, beam
>people through solid objects,etc.), why are the aliens' medical
>procedures so little advanced by comparison? Why have to abduct
>so many people (if the numbers claimed have any validity) to
>obtain sperm and ova samples? Seems to me if you could beam an
>entire body up, you could simply beam up the sperm without anyone
>being the wiser. Fact is, we seem further along the artificial
>insemination and gene manipulation areas of technology than the
>aliens allegedly are. It's rather as if we were to land men on
>Mars while still trying to send signals back to Earth by
>reflecting sunlight off  mirrors.

C'mon, Dennis, read the abduction literature (and tell Jaques Vallee,
who makes the same point, to do some reading, too).

You don't need to believe that any of this is real, but it's clear
from all the descriptions of alien activities that they need our
participation. There's far more than mere sperm-and-egg dancing
going on.

Supposedly they make women cuddle hybrid babies. They invent
games to make children practice telekinesis. They create r
elationships, bringing abductees together (Linda and Richard,
remember?). They deliver environmental messages, which even
if they're not genuine might involve a study of our reactions. They
do the procedure David Jacobs labelled "mindscan," fastening their
big black eyes on ours, and somehow entering our minds.

Again, Dennis...you don't have to believe any of this goes on. But
it's all in the abduction literature, and outlines a scenario in
which the aliens cultivate relationships with us. They may also
be using all the advanced technology you decide they ought to
have -- while reverting to elementary procedures to make sure
we know what's going on.

Time to retire that tired old Vallee argument.

Greg Sandow

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