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Re: Witness Anonymity

From: "Clark Hathaway" <earthwrk@doitnow.com>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 20:30:40 -0700
Fwd Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 01:24:32 -0400
Subject: Re: Witness Anonymity

>From: Christopher Penrose <penrose@sfc.keio.ac.jp>
>To: updates@globalserve.net
>Subject: Re: Witness Anonymity
>Date: Tue, 7 Oct 97 03:40:30 +0900

>>From: "Clark Hathaway" <earthwrk@doitnow.com>
>>To: "UFO UpDates - Toronto" <updates@globalserve.net>
>>Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: Witness Anonymity
>>Date: Sun, 5 Oct 1997 23:15:31 -0700

>>> From: HONEYBE100@aol.com [Linda Cortile]
>>> Date: Sat, 4 Oct 1997 18:54:39 -0400 (EDT)
>>> To: updates@globalserve.net
>>>Subject: Re: Witness Anonymity

>>Ignorance of Universal Law does not constitute a valid excuse.

>This is depressing.  Just where exists any so-called "Universal Law"
>and why do you waste our bandwidth insisting that Linda adhere to it?

First of all, I don't recall insisting anything. I certainly did not
suggest or
insist as you term it that she adhere to anything. Perhaps beside self
stated depression, you also suffer chronic Myopia. You were obviously
not reading very carefully. I was referring to the beings who perpetrate
the abductions and those who collaborate with them.

As for wasting bandwidth, I suppose that I didn't realize that you had been

appointed the KEEPER of the list. Hmmmmm... or are you just another of
Ms. Napolitano's groupies?  <EG>

Universal Law is not so-called, it is self evident.
Simply put: One may not interfere with the spiritual path of another
without dire consequences. Although these are not always readily apparent,
they exist none the less. I can provide much bibliography if you wish.

>People, the obsessive lack of civility on this list, in particular the
>offensive hostility that Linda Cortile is experiencing is embarrassing.
>Please stop wasting our time and bandwidth with such vacuous dreck!

Again bud, who appointed you the keeper of this list?

What makes you think that Ms. Napolitano has the right to label
other people and flame them when they write something that she
doesn't necessarily agree with without reprisal?

>Julianne, Clarke, etc., I don't know you people. However, I do know
>that you have some desire to be taken somewhat seriously as
>researchers of abduction phenomenae.  I really can't take you
>seriously until you can show a modicom of respect for a reputed
>abductee, Linda Cortile, and/or actually share some useful, topical
>information.  You make very clear instead that you are hateful baby
>vipers with nothing better to do than to snap your tenuous jaws.  If
>you need to chastise Linda for what you feel is naivete on her part,
>or if you need to challenge her to a mud wrestling duel in Atlantic
>City, send her some email.  Don't email the list.  I have seen the
>"sweetie" un-repartee a few too many times this week.

Look Pal,  don't give me the poor lil abductee routine. From your
rhetoric I gather that you know little of the subject. The sooner
that Linda comes to an understanding as to her true part in all
of this, the quicker she will be able to put it behind her. I do
not hate anything or anyone. I do experience intense dislike for
some circumstances as well as various actions of others.

I AM a multiple abduction experiencer like Linda claims to be.
I spent more than two years involved in an abductee support group that
served more to support the so-called Therapist's views than support the
reintegration of the experiencer. I witnessed group manipulation by this
egotist and the action of magnified peer pressure upon those who had
trouble swallowing the party line. As this person made TV appearances,
wrote books and made spoke at various UFO conferences, it soon became
plain that he was making money at these endeavors.

Therefore aside from reasons that will become plain with further words
below, I take a somewhat skeptical view of those who are involved in the
field of Abduction Phenomena Research.

>And Linda, you seem to enjoy the onslaught!  But please, we understand
>your feelings about the use of your name and your child's video; I
>think a lawyer may be more eager to listen further at this point.

Simply put, Ms. Napolitano enjoys being the center of attention.
The 'star' of the show. I might add that since this star came on stage  the
roster of quality contributors to this list has dwindled.

The fact still remains that she IS responsible for the video being made in
the first place. Had this not occurred, she would not have experienced that
which has given her reason to whine. What could be more plain then that?

She and every other Abduction experiencer truly needs to do some deep
self examination and come to an understanding as to their responsibility
as to their part in what happened to them. Once that they do that, they
can begin to bring a halt to these experiences and to heal.

>"Re: Witness Anonymity" is starting to look like this week's "thread
>of shame" on the Area 51 mailing list.  UFOlogy is showing its best
>face to the world.

Well, wrong area.
This is not the Area 51 Mailing List, nor is it the  "Linda List" either.

Now I have a question for you.

Why do you insist on tying UFOs to abduction phenomena when there
exists except in one case, absolutely NO evidence of the physical or
circumstantial variety that they have any connection?  It is assumed!

The one exception and that on strong circumstantial evidence only, is
that of Travis Walton.

Think about this. Information deriving from genuine abduction experiences
is controlled by the perpetrators themselves!  The perpetrators can and do
appear to the abductees any damned way that they please. For we, the
people who are experiencing these phenomena to accept at face value
whatever is being presented to us by these perpetrators as truth and
constituting the reality of what is, is not only extremely foolish, but
damned dangerous as well!

Finally Chris ... you may not like metaphysics being introduced
into a forum such as this. Too bad. Like it or not, there remains
quite a bit of paranormal phenomena associated with close UFO
sightings. This is self evident to any one who has done their
home work. Why so many choose to ignore these data is beyond my
nderstanding other than they feel extremely uncomfortable with
it. That the abduction phenomena is neck deep in the paranormal
is a gross understatement. Plainly put, there is far more that is
going on here than meets the eye. Attempts at mundane
understanding just don't cut it. If they did, some of the assumed
'professionals' would be much closer to a solution than they
apparently are.

In closing I wish to state that there are in fact NO
professionals in either of these fields. No one discipline has a
better take on what is occurring than another except for possibly
parapsychology coupled with archaic metaphysical philosophy and
history. It is an extremely unorthodox phenomena and as such,
perhaps demands an unorthodox approach. I have found some
solutions for myself that have worked. We went through an entire
year of visitation and attempted interference as well as
abduction that all failed. How many other abductees have you
witnessed that could make the same claim?

More importantly and perhaps revealing, given the chance how many would
take it and see a stop to the visitations and abductions?  <g>


Sincere Kind Regards...

Clark Hathaway

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