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{82} part 3 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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Subject: {82} part 3 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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 U K  /  /  //  ___/ /  /  '                               Sept 8th,  1997
     /  /  //  /    /  /  /  N E T W O R K                 part 3 Issue 82
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The rover continues to be in a contingency state. Sojourner will do
nothing until Sunday, October 5 (sol 91) and then will begin to
drive in an arc around the lander.

The team continues to investigate a number of possible scenarios.
Since so little information is currently available from the s/c the
number of possible scenarios is large. However, since the s/c
battery has exceeded its expected lifetime by a factor of 3,
scenarios associated with the degradation of the battery are probably
most likely. Learning how the s/c operates without the battery is
something the team is in the process of doing.

Although the Pathfinder mission has extended far beyond its expected
lifetime, the team is currently doing everything possible to attempt
to get back on schedule with Pathfinders extended mission. -- In
Search of: http://www.in-search-of.com For questions
e-mailto:Ask-Dr.Dan@in-search-of.com or:

[W 8]******

Source: News Of The World newspaper
Date: 28th September 1997
From: Calb1701@aol.com


The clearest photos ever taken of UFOs have been unearthed in a
massive KGB archive hidden since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

And the dozens of pictures PROVE we are being visited by aliens,
says the first Western expert given access of the incredible X-Files.
British-born Philip Mantle showed some pictures exclusively to the
News Of The World. He said: "They're fantastic, among the best I've
seen." "Most UFO photos are taken at night, but these are all
daylight shots of great clarity." Explained Philip: "In the 1980s the
KGB instructed military personnel to report to report any sightings.
Their files are huge, the biggest UFO study in history. "The
information in them is superb and no body outside Russia ever knew
about them."


News of the archive comes just after 48 hours of Swissair jumbo jet
captain insisted he had a "spherical" UFO at 23,000ft over New York.
And a flying saucer features in one of the best KGB-file photos.
Taken in Moscow on October 13 1990, it clearly shows a dark craft
flashing by residential tower blocks at high speed. Author and
lecturer Philip, 39, of Leeds, a former investigations chief of
British UFO Research Association, concludes: "This is going to show
that there ARE strange things in our skies.  They are either aliens
....or something even more sinister. "I am sure the truth will come
out." US investigations have now revealed evidence of alien
technology implanted in humans. California surgeon Dr Roger Leir has
removed three "highley anomalous implants" from a couple who claimed
to have had UFO encounters. Two were removed from the woman's toes.
The third was in the man's hand. And all were attached to nerves were
known to exist. Dr Leir, working with Houston-based alien
investigator Derrel Sims, said the implants were ultra-hard magnetic
cores surrounded by a dense grey membrane which could not be cut.


The membranes, made of tough proteins formed from skin and blood,
prevented signs of inflammation or rejection. No one knows how the
objects entered the body because no scar tissue or entry point was
found. Dr Leir said "If these can teach us how to prevent tissue
rejection, we could revolutionise surgery."

[W 9]******

Source: The Times newspaper
Date: 5th August 1997
From: "Brian Straight" <briansxx@iquest.net>

Arthur C. Clarke on the myth of the extra-terrestrials

Why ET will never call home

It is probably too much to hope that the US Air Force's belated
revelations about the source of many UFO sightings will put a stop
to this tedious nonsense. Could anyone ever have seriously imagined
that the Earth's skies have been full of alien visitors for the past
half century, without the matter being settled one way or another?

For decades now, the radars of the great powers have been able to
track all objects much larger than a football that come anywhere
near our planet. Of course, it may be argued that alien spacecraft
invariably use Stealth techniques  but it is hard to see why they
should bother, since they seem so willing to make contact. In any
case, that would hardly help them to evade detection by the legions
of amateur astronomers who constantly scan the skies.

Though it is perhaps unkind to do so, I would like to remind the UFO
fanatics how earlier, widely accepted stories of alien meetings
turned out to be ludicrous fabrications. Does anyone still remember
George Adamski's Flying Saucers Have Landed? He reported cities on
the other side of the Moon, and I believe there was once a lady who
made a good living lecturing about her honeymoon on Venus.

Well, we have seen the lunar Farside (and I've never forgiven the
Apollo 8 crew for resisting the temptation to report a black
monolith there) and we know that any Venusian rivers are likely to
consist of molten lead. We will have to go further afield than our
immediate neighbours to look for intelligent life  perhaps life at

What is particularly ludicrous is the widespread idea ( la
Independence Day) that for several decades some super-secret branch
of the United States Government has had alien spacecraft  and aliens
in its possession. Anyone who will believe that will believe
anything. I have known many of the people who would have been
involved in such a cover-up, and I can assure you that it would have
a half-life of about 48 hours. As one Pentagonian once remarked
sadly: "I wish it was true then all us majors would be colonels." I
think that settles the matter; but then of course, I may be part of
the conspiracy.

Indeed, at least two of my friends were on the CIA committee looking
into the UFO question, at a time when it was seriously considered
that spaceships might be involved. One member (the late Professor
Luis Alvarez, now famous for his theory that dinosaurs were
exterminated by an asteroid 65 million years ago) told me how easy it
was to dispose of most of the sightings, because the average observer
simply does not know how many remarkable things there are in the sky.

Frankly, if you have never seen a UFO, you're not very observant  or
else you live in the city and don't have access to the sky, which
nowadays is an all-too-common state of affairs. I have seen at least
ten UFOs, and several of them were very convincing: it took quite an
effort to convert them into Identified Flying Objects. And I still
can't get over the fact that my most dramatic sighting was from
Stanley Kubrick's penthouse on the upper East Side  the very night
we had decided to make a little home-movie together. (I'm embarrassed
to say that the brilliant light we watched moving across the sky
turned out to be the Echo balloon satellite, seen under rather
unusual circumstances. Also, Stanley and I were in somewhat exalted
mood, and perhaps not as critical as we should have been.)

One of the chief reasons I have never been able to take reports of
alien contact seriously is that no spaceship ever contains aliens
the occupants are always human! Oh, yes, they do show a few minor
variations such as large eyes, or pointed ears (Hi there, Mr Spock!)
but otherwise they are based on the same general design as you and

Genuine extra-terrestrials would be really alien  as different from
us as the praying mantis, the giant squid, the blue whale. Nature is
incredibly ingenious: just look at the fantastic variety of
creatures on this planet. We are products of thousands of throws of
the genetic dice; if evolution was re-started once again on Earth, at
any point the branches of the tree of life might have taken a
different direction  and we would not be here. But something would be
 . .

The recent excitement about Mars has again focused public interest
in the possibility (most experts would say the the probability) of
life on other worlds. However, we should not expect too much even
from the fantastically successful Pathfinder mission.

Watch out for Mars Surveyor, next month  though, personally, I have
considerably greater expectations for life beneath the ice-floes of
the Jovian satellite Europa, for reasons given in my book 3001: The
Final Odyssey.

With any luck, within the next few years (what a millennial present
that would be!) we may have an answer to a question that has haunted
mankind since our first ancestors started looking at the skies. And
let me give the last word to the brilliant team of engineers and
scientists at the Jet Propulsion Lab who have amazed the world with
such detailed close-ups up of the Red Planet.

In reply to my message: "Hope Rover's hub-caps aren't stolen
overnight," they responded: "But how exciting if they are . . ."

And who says that scientists have no sense of humour?




By D. Lynne Bishop

A FEARFUL SYMMETRY Copyright 1995 by D. Lynne Bishop

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,
stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any
means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or
otherwise without prior permission of the publisher, except by a
reviewer who may quote brief passages.

First Printing September 1995

Printed in the United States of America




I now knew the hidden information that had lain behind my amnesia,
but it gave me little comfort. I had opened a Pandora's box, and like
the figure from Greek mythology, had watched in horror as all manner
of things foul in nature had sprung forth. And yet, like Pandora, I
could no more close the lid on the revelations that were forthcoming
than she could. I could only hope that personal growth and
understanding would be the ultimate result of my actions.

During my search for answers in the midst of the maelstrom, I had
drawn my sister into the vortex. She, too, began recalling
fragmentary dreams, and subconscious promptings from old, buried
memories. Many of the fragments suggested that she, too, was tied
inextricably into the alien abduction phenomenon. The ever-widening
pattern of involvement distressed me terribly. I could hardly bear
the thought that Mother and I were a part of it, much less my
fraternal twin sister. The implications of inter-generational alien
intrusion were more than I wanted to contemplate--and the fact that
my sister had children made the implications even more frightening.

My sister's curiosity was aroused by the possibility of her
involvement, so a session was arranged for her, to be held July 12.
While she knew of Mother's and my sessions, she was not aware of the
details derived from those sessions

On July 12, 1992, my husband and I drove my sister and her husband to
the arranged session. Excerpts from that session are included here.

During the pre-hypnosis discussion, my sister described several
"dream" fragments, which would be explored during the session. There
was also a discussion, included here, that had direct bearing on the
potential inter-generational aspect of the phenomenon, relating to
the possibility of implants in abductees. At this point, my sister
was not hypnotized:

John: Okay. You've written about a possible dream that might not be a
dream. About what age would you have been?

Laura: I think I was about twenty . . . maybe nineteen.

John: So that would have been about 1972 or '73?

Laura: Uh, huh. There might be two incidents. In one, something is
going on, and I was in bed. Something disturbed me . . . so I get up,
and I know other family members are there. I know the aliens are
coming in. So, anyway, we're going to try to prevent them from coming
in, but I know there's nothing we can do to prevent it, really. By
that time, I'm in the living room, and I see something bright. Then
there's a panic goin' on, or something . . . and we're trying to lock
doors. But we always have trouble locking them; they don't work well.
So, we're in the living room, and I knew they were going to come down
the chimney. I knew they were on top of the house and out back--we
were surrounded.

John: Okay. What's the next thing you can recall?

Laura: The final thing I remember is being in the living room, and I
thought this part was so funny, because I had frozen, and had told
everybody to just freeze and act like statues. I remember all of us
being frozen in these positions, and thinking I had told them to do
that. (Laugh). I thought . . . it was like they couldn't see us, if
we couldn't see them. Then I felt . . . like a . . . a semi-float
feeling. It wasn't like I was walkin' with them or anything like
that. I just . . . had a view of the fireplace and everybody still
standing there. That's all I remember. But when I woke up, it was
much more clear. I wanted to go wake everybody up and tell them, "My
God, I've been on a UFO!"

John: Have you and your sister talked about this?

Laura: No. I haven't discussed any of this with her.

John: You mentioned that your children had a lot of nosebleeds . . .
Tell us about those . . .

Laura: Both my sons had a lot of nosebleeds. One of them . . . I took
him to the doctor . . . I think he was in about the 2nd Grade, so
this would have been late '80's. And, uh . . . he had a hole . . .
(laugh) . . . and, uh . . . that never did freak me out until now.
I'm not real freaked out by it, even at this point, you know. But,
the doctor said, "The vein has a hole in it. Take a look." And I did.
It was circular . . . and I saw it with my own eyes. The doctor
cauterized it.


John: (Setting the time-frame) . . . And you can recall the early
'70's . . . the house and your family, when you were around nineteen
or so . . . and you can begin to describe all that you see around you
 . .

Laura: The bedroom has red wallpaper, and the bedspread is gold. The
light is a chandelier. The closet is dark . . . with a sliding door.
I'm gonna sleep. It's getting dark. It's nighttime.

John: Is there any action?

Laura: I'm getting up. It's really dark. I'm in the hallway now.
There's dark paneling and red carpet, and the bathroom is blue.
There's a light on, somewhere. I go look out the front doorway. I
might have heard a car . . . maybe a motor. I thought it was a car.
The fireplace is on my left, the TV's on my right. I'm sitting on the
fireplace. I don't know why I'm there. There are newspapers there,
and I think about reading one. Then I go to the backdoor.

John: As you go to the backdoor, are you alone?

Laura: I'm not sure . . . (my sister) might be there. But I wouldn't
want her to be there. I'm afraid something would happen to her.

John: It's okay, it's all right to see everything now. You're safe;
you can know what happened . . .

Laura: I think she's there, and we're talking about the barn . . .
about going out there. There was a green light, or maybe blue . . .
She's telling me about it. She went to the patio, but I'm not going
to go. I see something white in front of the barn . . . silver in the
center with a white glow around it. It's pie-shaped and as big as the
barn. It whirs. There are three legs . . . it's sitting on them. It's
pretty low, but you could walk under it.

John: Are you alone in the house now?

Laura: Everyone's asleep except (my sister). She's awake, see . . .
She's right there. I think she wants to go out there, but I don't
think it's a good idea at all. I'm not goin'

John: Take another good look . . . and see if you see anything else .
 . as you look out there.

Laura: It has little windows in the middle. They're square. There's a
blue light coming out of them. The grass is moving underneath in a
circular pattern. It's bent flat.

John: What's the very next thing that's different; that changes the

Laura: We went outside and looked at the light and the backdoor. And
the trees . . . I just went as far as the trees. (My sister) went
clear up toward it . . . but I'm not goin'. There are two little
friends . . . two little beings. They're holding her hands, one on
each side. They're little and skinny . . . and there's an orange
light. I keep trying to figure out what that might be. The light from
the craft makes them appear to be different colors.

John: What would their actual color be? Describe what they look like.

Laura: White. They don't have clothes. They have three long fingers,
and one that might be a thumb, but it's in front . . . in the wrong
place. The fingers are long and rubbery. I think they have mittens
on. Their arms are long. They have big heads and they're bald. Their
face gets kinda longer on the side, though. They're squashed . . .
and then kinda gets concave a little further down. They don't have a
nose--it's all flat back down there to the chin line. I don't see a
mouth. I think they wear a mask. It's kind of on the top half, and
their eyes are covered up. They're almost as tall as my sister. They
wear helmets. The fingers are bulbous on the ends.

John: And what are they doing?

Laura: They're walking toward the craft with my sister. Their
movement is just . . . smooth. I can't tell if my sister's walking.
She has on a long nightgown. I just stay by the tree. I don't think I
can move. There's a door on the craft that opened . . . on the front
toward the bottom. There's a black and gray light. The door opened
like a camera iris. And they're going to go up. The gray light is
solid, but it's got sparkles . . . pink sparkles. And they go up the
light into the craft, and then the door closes.

John: And then what happens?

Laura: I waited by the tree, and then the door opened and she came
down that gray thing, again. She's really quiet, doesn't say
anything. I think she's going to go back into the house. I'm going to
follow her . . . I know the spaceship will go away soon.

John: How old are you and your sister right now, as you're standing
by that tree?

Laura: I think we're about sixteen . . . maybe seventeen.

John: (Since this episode was new, and not related to any of the
dreams she'd had, the hypnotist initiated a new line of questioning,
in an attempt to bring out the dream memory.) . . . Now that you've
seen the craft, it won't be hard to remember the other time, when you
felt you needed to protect your family . . . go to that feeling . . .
perhaps you can notice how old you were . . . at that time . . .

Laura: Younger, I think. 'Bout ten years old.

John: Okay. Perhaps you can recall what you were doing; why you might
have felt protective at some point . . .

Laura: I think it's because we had just moved there. That's why it
all happened, I think.

John: Go to that first time . . . you can remember that first moment
and where you are . . .

Laura: I keep thinking it's because she's under the . . . by the
pond, where the tree is that she buried her little horses. I think
it's because she was down there alone all the time. There's something
down there, behind the pond, where it runs off . . . I think she
found something. She showed it to me . . . it looked like a
diamond--but a mirror. It was reflective . . . triangular. I think
she buried it under the tree. It was really pretty, shiny . .

John: Why did she bury it?

Laura: She put every . . . she buried every . . . her stuff. It was
all buried there. Little horses. When they broke their legs. It was
funny to me. I thought it was funny. I laughed.

John: Oh, when they broke their legs, she had to put them out of
their misery?

Laura: Uh, huh.

John: Why would she bury this diamond-shaped thing?

Laura: I think she liked it. And so she put it there so she'd know
where it was.

John: Was she not supposed to show it to anybody?

Laura: Probably not, but she showed it to me. She treated it like a
big secret.

John: And who gave it to her?

Laura: I don't know . . . She showed it to me behind the pond.
(Chuckle) . . . Maybe a man gave it to her, if she didn't find it. I
didn't find it with her; she just showed it to me.

John: Okay. And so, at age ten, we were talking about a time when you
felt a need to protect the house . . . that you felt "they" would get
in, no matter what. Can you describe where you were when you had that

Laura: I was in the front bedroom. There was something bright outside
the window. It was round, like a basketball. It was in the sky,
coming down. It's across the street. I think it crashed. It was
mostly white . . . it was like a meteorite. Only it wasn't quite that
fast. And it kinda glowed. I stood at the window and watched it come

John: What's the very next thing you do?

Laura: I think I'm just gonna stay. I'm just gonna lay in my bed. I'm
gonna cover my eyes with my hands and not look . . .

John: But what about everyone else in the house?

Laura: I'm not gonna think about 'em.

John: What are you gonna do?

Laura: I think my mother would get up. Anyway. She would get up, and
she'd open the door--the front door--anyway.

John: So your mother got up?

Laura: Uh, huh. I think she opened the front door.

John: So, where's your sister?

Laura: She's on the other bed, and she's sleeping.

John: So, why would you need to hide in bed?

Laura: I don't know. There are . . . all those things . . . I just .
 . I wouldn't wanta look. I wouldn't wanta look.

John: So, what did you do?

Laura: I got up with my mother, and went to the door with her.

John: What did you see, when you went to the door with her?

Laura: People . . . I think. But they're . . . hmm . . . I bet
they're . . .

John: Are they neighbors?

Laura: No. Not really. There are two or three people there.

John: What do they look like?

Laura: They're like . . . dark . . . clothes. It's like a dark blue,
really. Midnight blue. And they have a different . . . they're
wearing weird hats. (Nervous laugh). They look like sailor hats . . .
Little Boy Blue hats . . . like . . . they're so weird!

John: And what happens? What does your mother do?

Laura: She let them come in. I think she felt like they needed to
use the phone. They're in there, using the phone. I think they just
wanted to come into our house. That scared me.

John: Well, how do they look, themselves?

Laura: They look like . . . identical triplets.

John: Triplets . . . Can you describe their faces?

Laura: They have dark eyes . . . dark brown eyes . . . really dark
brown. They look . . . more like . . . Oriental . . . crossbreed. One
is kinda tall, and there are two shorter ones. The eyes are bigger .
 . weird looking . . . there are no whites around the eyes.

John: Do they do anything?

Laura: They really . . . (laugh) . . . They like us. They were happy
they came there to use the phone. I don't know why they want to use
the phone. They pick it up, but I don't think they really use it.

John: When they talk, what is their voice like?

Laura: They make you think you're hearing them.

John: Take a good look, and zero in on the face.

Laura: Hm . . . They're full, though. They have lips and a little
nose. No teeth, but they kind of smile.

John: Okay. Be very aware of the next thing they do, and who all is
in the room with you.

Laura: I think all of us came in. My brother and sister, too. We're
all just listening and standing there, looking. They don't really use
a voice, but they're talking to us. I don't really want to listen.
I'm just bored, or something. But they were really happy when they
came in the door. They were glad to see us . . . almost smiling. I
don't know what they were saying, because I was so impressed with
their dumb hats. They acted like they were gonna use the phone, but
didn't really. I think it was just a good excuse to get in the door.
My brother and sister were listening to them, but I was bored. I just
kept staring at them. Their eyes were dark, Oriental-looking . . .
Egyptian-looking. Kinda elongated. But they're just so dumb looking,
'cause they need to take those hats off!

John: Could you tell what color their hair was?

Laura: If they had eyebrows, they were really pale. I don't see any
hair at all.

John: Can you describe their outfit a little more?

Laura: Midnight-blue clothes. It's a one-piece, tight- fitting.
They're probably uniforms. It's got a gold stripe on it, vertical to
one side. And on the hat, too. (Laugh) . . . That's why I thought it
was so ugly.

John: Do you have any idea how long they stayed?

Laura: It was all night, I think. They talked to us . . . but I
thought it was boring. And then they left. They walked in unison,
like triplets. They all moved together, and they walked back up the
road to the hill . . . where the light came down.


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