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{82} part 2 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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Subject: {82} part 2 - United Kingdom UFO Network

        ______ _______ ____
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 U K  /  /  //  ___/ /  /  '                               Sept 8th,  1997
     /  /  //  /    /  /  /  N E T W O R K                 part 2 Issue 82
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The United Kingdom UFO Network - a free electronic magazine with
subscribers in over 40 countries.

This issue comes in 3 parts. If any part is missing please mail:
ufo@holodeck.demon.co.uk giving the issue number. The issue will be
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"Real-time datalinks between operators on the ground and the weapons
system mean that we can attack without risking an air crew," he

According to an American air force report on UCAV technology,
intelligent programs will also be used in the aircraft's onboard

Zwernemann says that after take-off from an American airbase the
UCAV would be guided towards targets by GPS, the global satellite
positioning system. A second, smaller version that can be launched
from current bombers is under development and will increase the
UCAV's range.

Once over hostile terrain, a constantly updated map of known
defences will be used to pinpoint targets. Human operators will then
take over to launch and guide missiles.

Although the American military claims that most of the technology it
intends to use to control the UCAV does not yet exist, a recent report
reveals that there are already plans to use virtual-reality (VR)
technology and even holographic displays to allow operators to control
the UCAVs easily.

The report also hints at the operators' ability to reshape the plane's
entire wing, not just the rudders used in current plane designs.
Several air-force contractors are working on such systems, and have
already flown prototype versions.

It is envisaged that operators will enter a room containing
holographic displays and VR equipment, and because each UCAV would
require attention only when near a target, each operator could control
several units during a shift.

Once the UCAV launches its payload, a "return-to-base" agent is
activated, which can then fly back to a pre-programmed base without
operator intervention. The agent is also able to recalculate
constantly its course to evade detection by enemy radar.

The report also recommended that the air force "aggressively encourage
and exploit" thought-control systems, now being developed, to allow
the disabled to move a computer cursor on screen.

The main advantage of not having a pilot on board is that the plane's
performance does not need to be stifled to ensure a pilot survives.

Whereas a normal plane can accelerate only at about 10G, the UCAV will
have an acceleration of about 20G, allowing it to outrun most current
missiles. Because there is no cockpit, the design is flatter, making
it even less visible to radar.

Northrop Grumman's UCAV also includes a third wing, called a delta
wing, on the front of the aircraft. This increases manoeuvrability,
and the air force believes it will allow the fighter to dodge

However, the delta wing, when combined with the plane's speed, also
dramatically increases the stresses on the UCAV's airframe and would
kill a pilot instantly.

Initially, the UCAV is likely to use existing fighter jet engines.
However, the air force has revealed that a future version is likely
to use a combination of existing jet engines and new, air-breathing
engines capable of reaching hypersonic speeds of up to Mach 15
(about 5km a second). The UCAV will also have an altitude range of

According to the report, this will allow accurate strikes to be
carried out anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes.

Although Northrop Grumman and the air force have not yet revealed
exactly what payloads the UCAV could carry, the air force has
admitted it is developing a high-powered airborne laser (ABL) to
destroy slow-moving targets such as missile launchers. Several
fighters could work together to destroy larger targets with an ABL.

The UCAV will also be able to carry a range of guided missiles
weighing up to 1,000lb.

The air force also revealed plans for tiny microexplosive missile
systems, carrying only a few grams of explosive, that could be used
to track and detonate when they hit an individual soldier moving
round the battlefield.

[W 4]******

Source: Sightings on the Radio
From: George A. Filer: MUFON Eastern Director
Date: August 1997

MUFON Skywatch Investigations August 1987

In July, UFO air crews were on vacation, but August activity has
suddenly increased.


(Case 97/8/6) David Stein, a computer expert was driving home late
from work on the Garden State Parkway, when he saw blue circular
lights low over the highway. At approximately 10:00 p.m., his and
other cars started slowing near the Hazlet exit about twenty miles
south of New York City. The bright blue lights were not blinking, but
seemed to contract and expand in intensity causing traffic to stop
and look at the amazing sight. The UFO moved up and down and to the
left and the right of the roadway. David believes other drivers must
have seen the low flying craft, because so many cars stopped on the
heavily traveled highway. The craft appeared as a disc about three
inches in diameter at arms length. David estimated its actual size
was much larger than an automobile. After the traffic stopped, the
bright blue lights suddenly flew off to the west between some trees
at high speed and then traffic resumed. David Stein was very shaken by
the sighting. He said, "He had always been a skeptic about UFOs, but
not any more. I feel no helicopter or other craft could perform those
maneuvers." Further investigation is continuing.


(Case 97/2/20) John Thompson, GA State Director has finished the
investigation of a sighting over La Grange. The witness, a mechanic,
saw four bright white lights in the Northeast sky. Each light was
larger than Venus and formed a rectangle that stood 45 degrees above
the horizon. He slowed his vehicle to obtain a better look and his
truck lights angled up on a hill. The four separate lights suddenly
merged at instantaneous speed, and then flew almost straight up. The
lights were like spotlights, brighter and larger than anything the
witness had ever seen in the sky, except for the sun or moon. Total
viewing time was over a minute. The exact date of the sighting is
unknown, but occurred in the second half of February of this year.


(Case 97/6/17) Jean and Eugene Brown MUFON State Section Directors,
field investigators Carol Hammond, and Polly Bryer have finished the
investigation of a Tampa daylight sighting. Olga Booker, the primary
witness was driving home at 11:20 a.m. when she spotted what she at
first thought was a blimp with red and white lights. She then
realized it was not blimp and started to follow in her car. The
object was moving slowly from the south to north low over some trees
and buildings looking like a heavy iron pot. The object was pyramid
shaped with one side slightly curved with three pulsating orange to
red colored lights on each corner. There were also a series of white
twinkling lights on the UFO. About thirty lights were on the rear
curved portion of the car sized object. It was flat like a pancake
and had no wings, tail, or windows. It was a dark green/grey/brown
color. It had scratch or grain like lines running left to right that
reflected a copper or gold like color on its surface. Two male
witnesses also saw the object. One looked at the UFO and said, "What
is it?" It flew off to the east at high speed.

The object was sighted just a few miles north of MacDill Air Force
Base and coming from that direction. The Air Force said, "It was not
theirs." Olga appeared on local TV showing a drawing she made of the


(Case 97/08/11) In Key West, Shayna Szmiot reports seeing a hazy ring
around the moon. She stated then, "There were flashing lights similar
to a police car that zipped around the moon and passed over my house
within 20 seconds. It then showed a strobe light then disappeared
within 30 seconds with a similar flash of bright lights!!!! Their
phone number is: 305 295 1356 Shayna address is: 1411 Truman Ave. Key
West, FL 33041. Thanks to John Thompson, GA State Director and ISUR.


Mr. Hutch, age 24 reports sighting two UFOs at 12:20 a.m., August 12,
1997 near Buffalo, in central Kentucky. He and his wife saw two
objects moving directly overhead at a high altitude but, too far away
to tell the size or shape. They looked like stars, but were moving
fast in random patterns. They moved too fast for normal aircraft, and
too erratic for the meteors. They both seemed to be moving at same
time, but not in same format or direction. It was a warm, dark night,
there was a slight mist in the air and storms were forecast. The
craft darted around the sky for 15 minuets The sighting took place
near an urban area, where there is an air route close by. Thanks to
B.U.F.O.D. Website Case R207, Ben at Ben@abcfield.force9.co.uk or



On the evening of Friday, July 25, 1997, Cliff S. and his young son
were in their pickup truck going west on Farm Road 1488, in eastern
Texas when they saw something unusual in the sky. In their farm
county, Cliff explained, "They're used to seeing air traffic traveling
between Dallas and Houston in a north-south direction. So when a
strange object appeared in the western sky, he took notice. They saw
two bright beams, a blinking red in between rather unusual in the way
it was going. It seemed to hang in the sky and not move, so we
watched it for a while. I reached back and got my binoculars (which)
I'd left in the truck since the (Hale-Bopp) comet, and pulled over. I
looked at it. It was about the size of an airliner, but much closer. I
could see a faint gleam of a cockpit in the middle, with window
panes. I was having a weird feeling, such as I remember having as a
kid whenever I'd seen unusual things in the sky." Cliff's son took the
binoculars and confirmed the sighting. Then Cliff watched and said,
"Now that I realized that they were very close, I couldn't hear any
sound. I turned off the truck engine to hear better, and we both got
out. It was just overhead, but the only sound around it was like its
wings cutting through the air. Directly overhead...we couldn't see
the outline, but it seemed triangular. It was black or dark. No red
lights visible from below. A pair of white lights close together, side
by side...then another pair behind it, less bright, then another
pair, bright again, at the rear. They also had two bright white
spotlights at the tip of each wing. It seemed to be following our
(farm) road to the east, and would slowly bank to one side, then to
the other." (Many thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. for this news story.)
UFO ROUNDUP, #31 Editor Joseph Trainor, Masinaigan@aol.com


On 5 Aug. 1997, in Ash Fork, AZ. Wheels Wegener II reports seeing two
sets of very bright blue/greenish lights. There were five or so, he
cannot remember exactly how many. He reports, "The lights were
hovering over peak across the valley from where I live with one
American made chopper with them. The chopper was in area the day
before. One set of lights turns on end, and drops into the top of the
mountain, or behind it, then comes back up and into horizontal
formation and all three leave. A couple of days before, a bright
silver ball was in the sky moving toward Phoenix. It vanishes into a
bright blue circle and then the blue circle vanishes. Thanks to
Wheels165@aol.com and Skywatch International at Skywatch@wic.net


Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, the first Director of the CIA
(1947-1950). Stated in 1950, "Unknown objects are operating under
intelligent control. It is imperative that we learn where UFOs come
from and what their purpose is." The source for this quote is: Bruce
Maccabee, Maryland MUFON State Director

"What The Admiral Knew: UFO, MJ-12 and R.Hillenkoetter,"
International UFO Reporter, Nov/Dec., 1986.


Jerry Washington, Kentucky MUFON State Director provides us with
several paragraphs out of chapter 13,"Enemy Attack and UFO Potential"
of the "Fire Officer's Guide To Disaster Control, (2nd Edition)." The
authors: William M. Kramer, Ph.D.,District Fire Chief, Cincinnati
Fire Division, and the Director of Fire Science, University of
Cincinnati; and Charles W. Bahme, J.D., Deputy Chief of the L.A. Fire
Department (Retired), Captain, USN Reserve and Attorney at Law, have
penned the vanguard publication used throughout the fire and disaster
control fields as a teaching tool.


In this chapter we will now turn our attention to the very real
threat posed by Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)...if the apparent
visits by alien beings and their space vehicles should pose any type
of threat, it will, as always, be the fire service that is called upon
to provide the first line of life-saving defense and disaster

Hence, as we near the year 2000 and move beyond, any comprehensive
disaster plan should address the potential for panic and other
deleterious effects that might befall a populated area when
unexplained phenomena occur. We will see, as we continue our
discussion in this chapter, that widespread blackouts, communication
disruptions, and other potentially disastrous conditions have been
linked directly to UFO sightings. Hence, fire service leaders who
want to ensure that their disaster planning is complete will not
neglect an appendix to outline these things that could be done in
preparation for an occurrence of such phenomena...

The subject of UFOs was not included in previous editions of this
book. The first edition was the "Handbook of Disaster Control" which
Chuck personally published in 1952 following his release from active
naval duty in the Korean War. Although his services in the conflict
as Security Coordinator for the Chief of Naval Operations involved
the creation of a worldwide disaster control organization for the
protection of the physical properties of the Navy, it must be admitted
that the directives approved for this new organization did not
reflect any significant concern for a flying saucer threat to its
shore establishment. That was in the 1950s. Now that we are in the
1990s it is doubtful that the UFO potential would be brushed off so
lightly by our military security forces. This change of attitude was
evidenced as far back as December 24, 1959, when the Inspector
General of the Air Force issued the following Operations and Training
Order: "Unidentified Flying Objects -- sometimes treated lightly by
the press and referred to as 'Flying Saucers' -- must be rapidly and
accurately identified as serious Air Force business..."

[W 5]******

Source: Sightings on the Radio
Date: 12th September 1997

Art Bell Show Satellite Hit With EMP?

David Kressman, Director, STA


Art Bell hosts "Coast-to-Coast AM," a nightly talk show from Pahrump,
Nevada, a small town near "Area 51" (an airbase which the U.S.
government officially denies the existence of, despite the massive
size of the complex. UFO's are frequently seen near this site.) Art's
radio program is relayed from the studio in Pahrump to the network
headquarters by satellite GE-1. At about 1AM EST, Friday, September
12, 1997, he designated one phone line for Area 51 employees to call
in and "spill the beans." Several interesting and convincing callers
took the bait. Then came one bizarre call from an obviously
distraught and terrified man who claimed to be a former Area 51
employee recently discharged for "medical" reasons. He cited
malevolent extraterrestrials at Area 51 and an impending disaster
that the government knew would take out "major population centers."
Midway through this call (according to GE engineers) the satellite's
"Earth sensor lost lock" and the craft rolled into an attitude where
it no longer pointed at the uplinks, causing 50 channels to go
off-air for about 30 minutes. Shortly after the outage began, the
live internet video feed from Art's studio was lost as well.

Unaware of these events, Bell continued talking to the caller for
another minute during the outage until he heard a scream and the
phone went dead. A reporter from Penthouse visiting the studio to
gather information for a story about the program witnessed the event
and furiously took notes. Minutes later, Bell received a call from
his network on a conventional analog "hotline" saying that he was
"off the air." He checked the uplink transmitter and saw that it had
suffered complete loss of communication with GE-1. At this point they
resumed transmission on a 56k digital phone line and went back on the
air. Then the analog "hotline" to the network cut out and Art was
unable to speak to network engineers.

One of the first callers after the outage was someone who claimed to
be from Area-51 "security." He said that his job was to "close gaps,"
the network had been "pulsed" and that we "would not hear from the
caller again." (An ElectroMagnetic Pulse is a method of overloading
electronic equipment in a target area; EMP generators were funded
under the original SDI research. The phenomenon was discovered by
accident during the 1960's when the phone network in Hawaii was
disabled by a nuclear test 800 miles distant.) Speculation about an
EMP continued as this was "verified" by several callers:

A man from Kingston (also near area 51) said he was on hold waiting
to go on the air, and both his home telephone lines went dead.
Another caller, an RF engineer employed at Hughes AeroSpace in Tucson
(and an expert on EMP shielding), stated that he had suffered "cloud
bounce" from the pulse and his personal computer and digital watch
were wiped clean.

A third caller reminded the audience that author Nick Begich stated
in his book "Angels don't Play this HAARP" that a military antenna
array in Alaska has the capability to remove individual satellites
from service and generate such pulses. (Incidentally, the HAARP design
bears a great similarity to the work of Nikola Tesla, who publicly
made claims about the potential of his inventions to generate EMP
anywhere on the planet.) Finally, another caller reminded the audience
of an event several months prior where it was confirmed that a number
of employees at the Cheyenne Mountain nuclear-hardened underground
base convinced as many friends and family as they could to move
immediately to a remote location in South America.

Art closed the show by speculating on whether (in the mind of the
government) the "enemy" of National Security had now become the
American people.

[W 6]******

Date: 4th February 1993

Cy Gilson Polygraph test of Travis Walton

The Final Test

The following report on the final polygraph examination of Travis
Walton was actually sponsored by a skeptic, Jerry Black. The test
was performed with the latest state of the art equipment, by Cy
Gilson, the most highly respected polygraph expert.

4 February 1993

Mr. Jerry Black
Blanchester, Ohio

Dear Mr. Black,

On February 4, 1993, a polygraph examination was administered to Mr.
Travis Walton. The purpose of this examination was to determine
whether or not Mr. Walton was being truthful in his statement about
seeing a UFO and being abducted by the UFO plus other facts
surrounding the abduction.

During the pretest interview, Mr. Walton said he had worked for Mike
Rogers intermittently for about six years on a seasonal basis. He
never socialized with any of the crew.

On November 5, 1975, they had worked a little later than usual trying
to meet the contract commitment. By the time they were driving back
to town, the sun had gone down but there was some light, like

As they were driving, he could see a glimmer of light in the trees
ahead. At first he thought it may be a downed airplane. The light
was unusual. As they neared a clearing he saw the object he called a
UFO. This object will be referred to as a UFO throughout this report.

As the truck came to a stop, Mr. Walton got out. Believing it may
take off, he walked briskly towards the UFO but slowed his pace
before reaching it. He described it as being round and hovering about
20 feet above the ground. He did not go underneath it but stood there
looking up at it. He said the UFO started to wobble slightly and make
a noise. Mr. Walton said the noise was like a low rumble that
developed into a higher pitch that seemed to increase in frequency.
At this point he became afraid and decided to go back to the truck.
He recalls being hit with an electrifying type of shock that stunned
him, leaving him unconscious.

He recalls he slowly regained consciousness. He found himself in a
small room that was damp or humid. He had pain throughout his body
but mostly in his chest and head. He then saw three creatures he
described as being about four feet tall with large, dark eyes. He was
lying on some type of table. As these creatures approached him he got
off the table. There was some type of shelf near the wal1 where he
found a straight pipelike object lying on it. He describes it as
being round like a piece of pipe but lightweight. He cannot recall if
it was solid or hollow. He picked it up and started to lash out at
the creatures to keep them at bay. The creatures left the room by an
open doorway, turning right.

Mr. Walton walked to that doorway, looked down a hall and he went
left. He walked into another room, trying to find an exit from this
enclosure. He did not know if he was in a spaceship or a building. A
humanlike creature came into the room, took him by the arm, leading
him to another very large room where several more humanlike
creatures were. By this time most of the pain was gone. He was forced
down on a table and had a mask, similar to an oxygen mask, put on his
face. He does not remember anything else until he awoke next to the
road, just outside Heber. As he regained consciousness, he looked up,
seeing the UFO or one similar to the original one, hovering overhead.
As he looked up at it, the UFO sped off into the sky.

Mr. Walton said his story is true. He said accusations made about
him are lies. He had not been on any drugs of any kind. He was not
hiding out somewhere on the Gibson ranch. He urinated in a jar and
this sample was given to Dr. Kandell later that same day. Mr. Walton
denies he conspired with Mr. Rogers to perpetrate a hoax to help him
get out of the Turkey Springs contract with the Forestry Service.

Two series of questions were asked to cover all the areas we believe
were important.

The relevant questions asked and the answers given are as follows:

Series #1:

Question #R1:

On November 5, 1975, in the forest area called Turkey Springs, did
you see a large glowing object hovering in the air?

Answer: YES

Question #R2:

While you were standing near that UFOlike object, did you believe
you were struck by an energy source emitted from that large object?

Answer: YES

Question #R3:

After regaining consciousness in a small, humid room, did you see
nonhuman creatures with large dark eyes?

Answer: YES

Question #R4:

Did you conspire with your brother Duane or anyone else or act alone
to stage a hoax about your UFO abduction?

Answer: NO

Series #2:

Question #R1:

Between November 1 and 11, 1975, did you use any drugs, either legal
or illegal?

Answer: NO

Question #R2:

Between November 5 and 10, 1975, were you hiding anywhere on the
Gibson ranch?

Answer: NO

Question #R3:

Was the urine sample given to Dr. Kandell on November 11, 1975, your
first voided specimen following your UFO experience?

Answer: YES

Question #R4:

Was this UFO incident a conspiracy to help Mike Rogers get out of
his Turkey Springs contract?

Answer: NO

Mr. Walton's physiological responses were monitored during the
presentation of these questions by means of a Scientific Assessment
Technology's Computer, Model CAPS 700. The following responses were
recorded on this instrument's strip chart: relative blood pressure;
skin conductance; thoracic and abdominal respiration. Data from
three presentations of these questions were respiration. Data
obtained for each series, and were subject to numerical scoring and
computerbased analysis.

The numerical score of Series #1 was +34. The numerical score of
Series #2 was +26. In the system of numerical scoring developed and
validated at the University of Utah, total numerical scoring of +6
or more is considered indications of truthfulness.

The computerbased analysis returned a posterior probability of
truthfulness of .964 in the first series, and a .961 in the second
series. These indicating that charts like these produced in each
series, by Mr. Walton, are produced by truthful examinees 96% of the

Based on the numerical score of the polygraph charts and the
computer based analysis, it is the opinion of this examiner that Mr.
Walton was being truthful when he answered these relevant questions.


Cy Gilson

Thank you, Jerry Black! These examinations clear the air with a
thoroughness, an utter finality, which can't be refuted. Cy Gilson
used a widely practiced, extremely accurate, stateoftheart method
developed and perfected at the University of Utah. This involves a
computerized monitoring and analysis of the tracings along with a
pointscoring system of the charts applied by the examiner.

In summary: The computer put all three of us near the top of the
range designated as conclusively truthful (almost no one ever
achieves the theoretical maximum of 1.00), with me at .964 and .961,
Mike at .990, and Allen at .993. On the numerical score I was first
with +34 and +26 points, Mike had +31 points and Allen had +22

- Travis Walton

[W 7]******

From:  owner-iso_update@lists.primenet.com
Date: Friday 3rd  October 1997

Mars Pathfinder - Still no signal

The Mars Pathfinder spacecraft team has been experiencing
communication problems with the lander spacecraft on Mars. The last
successful data transmission cycle was completed Saturday morning,
September 27, 1997 at 3:23 am (sol 83).

On September 27, at 11:15 pm, (sol 84) no signal was received. The
spacecraft was powered on at 2:00 am local Mars time to perform
early morning weather measurements and sky images. The lack of a
signal, at that time was thought to be caused by a possible reset,
ground system problem or low voltage condition. A reset or a low
voltage condition, caused by the aging battery, would cause the
spacecraft sequence to automatically stop and not execute its planned
communication with earth.

On September 29 at 1:30 am (sol 85) the team attempted to command
the spacecraft to send a carrier signal to earth over the low gain
and high gain antennae. Neither signal was received.

In the early morning of September 30 (sol 86), the team again
attempted to command the spacecraft to send a carrier signal to
earth over the low gain antenna. This attempt was done at Mars local
noon in order to ensure maximum power on the solar arrays in order to
power the s/c transmitter . No signal was received. At this point a
preliminary assessment was made of possible problems. As in the
past, loss of communication can be caused by problems with the ground
system, flight software and/or flight hardware.

On early Wednesday morning, October 1, (sol 87), assuming a possible
hardware problem, the team commanded the spacecraft to switch to its
auxiliary transmitter. At first no signal was received but at
approximately 4:23 am, a signal was received that lasted for about
20 minutes. The team also attempted to power on the secondary string
of the main transmitter but no signal was seen.

Thursday morning, October 2, (sol 88), the team attempted to get
digital data from the auxiliary transmitter. During the beginning of
track the spacecraft auxiliary transmitter signal was seen again.
The signal turned off at 11:30 local solar time on Mars indicating
that the s/c computer had enough power to wake-up and turn off the
transmitter. Because of the late wake-up there was no time to
attempt to receive digital data from the s/c. At this point the team
assessed that the s/c may be seeing extra loads on the bus resulting
in late wake-up times. Since this could be related to a battery
failure, commands were sent to put the spacecraft in a mode where it
does not use the battery and takes it off-line. It is not clear
whether these commands were received.

October 3, (sol 89), the team once again attempted to get digital
data on the auxiliary transmitter. No data was received. However, the
time of day in which it was necessary to try and send data due to
tracking station elevation requirements may have been too early for
the s/c to have been awake. A later attempt was made to send and
activate a sequence on the s/c which put the Pathfinder in the safest
state possible for a potential non-operational battery. There was no
signal indicating that these commands executed on the s/c. The
problem of not seeing this signal could have been ground station

-[continued in part 3]-

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