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{82} part 1 - United Kingdom UFO Network

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Subject: {82} part 1 - United Kingdom UFO Network

        ______ _______ ____
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 U K  /  /  //  ___/ /  /  '                               Sept 8th,  1997
     /  /  //  /    /  /  /  N E T W O R K                 part 1 Issue 82
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The United Kingdom UFO Network - a free electronic magazine with
subscribers in over 40 countries.

This issue comes in 3 parts. If any part is missing please mail:
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In this issue:


Special Guests to the UK.UFO.NW - UFO - IRC channel.

United Kingdom News

[UK 1] New UFO Explosions Over Scotland!
[UK 2] Proof Positive of Military Cover-Up of UFOs
[UK 3] Scientists step back 385m years
[UK 4] A starless night and the ghost bomber roams the skies

World News

[W 1] TWA Flight 800
[W 2] Lego UFOs
[W 3] Pilotless Stealth Fighter
[W 4] MUFON Skywatch Investigations August 1987
[W 5] Art Bell Show Satellite Hit With EMP?
[W 6] Cy Gilson Polygraph test of Travis Walton
[W 7] Mars Pathfinder - Still no signal
[W 8] First sighting of KGB X-Files
[W 9] Arthur C. Clarke - Why ET will never call home

Part 4


Special Guests to the UK.UFO.NW - UFO - IRC channel.

The uk.ufo.nw has had a very pleasant few weeks recently with
various guests attending our weekly irc meetings. The most recent
have been:

John Velez
Michael Lindemann
Matthew Williams
Stanton T. Friedman

All have spent at least a couple of hours answering visitors
questions live online. The number of people on channel during the
meetings has been phenomenal. We would like to thank the guests for
giving up their free time to be with us. We would also like to thank
everyone who attended the meetings for doing so.

It won't stop here though. We have more guests lined up for the
future. Dan Sherman (see e-zine issues 80 & 81) will be with us
later this year. Watch this space for more news.

The log of the Matthew Williams and Stanton T. Friedman meetings
will be sent out as special issues to subscribers shortly. Both make
a worthy read.

Full information on how to join us at our weekly irc meetings can be
found at the foot of the e-zine.

United Kingdom News

[UK 1]******

Source: Sightings on the Radio
From: Skywatch
Submitted by: Stig Agermose
Date: 23rd September 1997

New UFO Explosions Over Scotland!

At 2:30pm Tuesday 23rd September 1997, news reports came in saying
UFO's and bright lights were seen from Scotland to Tyne Tees on the
previous night from 23:30-03:30 22nd & 23 Sept.

The lights were witnesses by the residents up & down the East Coast,
Scotland & Tyne Tees areas.

These reports stated that many people had called local news and TV
stations having seen bright objects of various sizes and shapes
emitting bright lights and travelling at erratic speeds for a period
of time not yet established. The lights were observed shooting across
each other and then witnesses heard several loud explosions followed
by bright flashes and a crackling noise which in turn prompted the
immediate response of the nearby Rescue Services. The Life Boat and
helicopters were out searching the areas for any sign of wreckage
which at this time was thought to be a plane or other aircraft. Many
of the people that telephoned the Rescue Services said that they
thought that there had been a mid-air collision.

Today a MOD person from RAF Kinloss Craig Lindsey said that the
military are checking the area and have mounted an investigation into
the reports.

News is coming in all the time and I will be speaking to my source
tonight to get the latest, and hopefully some eye witness accounts to
report in the next few days will be available.

[UK 2]******

Date: 9th June 1997
Author: Matthew Williams

Proof Positive of Military Cover-Up of UFOs

By: Matthew Williams

Copyright  1997 You can reach Matthew at truthseekers@celtic.co.uk

Matthew Williams is a former civil servant who worked for HM Customs
& Excise Criminal Investigations department who since his own UFO
sighting, back in 1990, now investigates the UFO enigma full time. He
has managed to get the MOD to unwittingly admit that they knew the
whereabouts of UFO files which were listed missing - (which they
secretly had hidden) - whilst at the same time they were spinning a
web of untruths to public, press and MPs. He has also looked into the
governments investigations of UFOs and had uncovered the amazing
details of how one department, implicated in UFO investigations,
operates from a super secret facility in Corsham, Wilts which is
housed underground in 35 miles of nuclear proof tunnels. Matthew has
become a whistle blower on the existence of this base and a number of
other secret bases. Matthew believes in direct action to expose bases
and has been involved in some actions against bases in the UK.


The following information may to the uninitiated seem complex or
trivial so it must be clearly pointed out that the reasons for
providing this information are simple. The MOD says that there is no
cover-up over UFO information and also they state that there have
been no secret departments investigating UFOs. This we manage to
disprove along with uncovering a policy of downplaying the UFO
subject. The story gets even more interesting when you learn that
after we found out these facts in a MOD file the MOD removed the
incriminating file from public view. This file implicated Provost &
Security Services (based at RAF Rudloe Manor), which is a deprtment
that I have been researching for some years, as having investigating
the UFO subject - a point which they deny.

I have supplied snippets from the original government documents
which show the points we are making. If anyone wishes to get hold of
copies of the originals they can do so by visiting the Public Records
Office in Kew, London where the files can be booked out and

File no AIR 2/16918 provides the best evidence to show that in the
1960s there were no fewer than seven secret government departments
within the Ministry Of Defence that were investigating UFOs. Former
UFO public office investigator Nick Pope claimed that in his
experience there were no other departments investigating UFOs. We
have a problem with this statement in light of these new files which
show otherwise. Could it be that Nick Pope in his low ranking
position of Executive Officer (an entry level grade) was not aware
of these departments, or is he covering them up? When questioned,
Nick Pope assured me that he did not know of these departments when
he was working in the MOD and had no dealings with them.

When researching UFO files you encounter the thirty-year rule
problem. This means that any information which is released through
official channels is subject to a thirty year filing rule (sometimes
longer). This means that by the time the files reach our hands and
we learn things the departments which dealt with the information have
probably closed down or had their names changed and so we cannot
find out their current status or records, or even to make complaints.
The departments clearly named many times in this file have no other
documentation or references within the Public Records Office.
Consequently we suspect that this file was probably not meant to
reach the Public Records Office. Are we going a bit far in stating
this? Perhaps not when you learn that after researchers exposed the
file it was then removed from view at the Public Records Office and
only returned after questions being raised in the House Of Commons
by the Rt. Hon. Ieuan Wyn Jones, MP for Anglesey North.

The confirmed departments involved in UFO investigation that we know
of in the 1960's are:

* AMOC (Air Ministries Operations Centre)

* AIS (Air Information Service)

* AI(Tech)4a (Air Intelligence Technical 4a)

* AI(Tech)5b (Air Intelligence Technical 5b)

* AI1 (Air Intelligence 1)

* DSTI (Department of Scientific and Technical Intelligence)

* DDI-Tech (Department of Defence Intelligence Technical)

* Public departments investigating UFOs who were in fact simply
letter writers that fronted these other departments are DS8 & Air
Staff 2 & S6.

* CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has also conducted investigations of
the UFO phenomenon, and has recently finished an investigation a near
miss of a UFO and a jetliner coming which was making its final
approach to Manchester airport.

* Extra departments rumoured to be investigating UFOs include D155
and DI64.

The files which were used for the basis of these investigations are
as follows: AIR 2/16918, AIR 16/1199, AIR 2/17318, AIR 20/7390, AIR
20/9320, AIR 20/9321, AIR 20/9322, AIR 20/9994, AIR 2/17318, AIR
2/17526, AIR 2/17527, AIR 2/17982, AIR 2/17983, PREM 11/855.

We know from statements made to us by serving officers and also
former serving officers and officials, inside the MOD, that many
files exist which have never been released to the public. We also
hear from Lord Peter Hill Norton, Commander of the Fleet (MODs
highest position possible), that in his opinion there is a cover-up
and UFOs are of defence significance. He states that films and
evidence of UFOs are being withheld by the MOD.

A MOD ruling from 1967 meant that all UFO reports would be preserved
in the Public Records Office for viewing by the public, because of
renewed interest in the subject of UFOs. However if the seven secret
MOD departments were investigating UFOs back then, where are the
departments files relating to this? No files are available or due to
be released for these departments. It is as if they didn't exist and
efforts to find out if these departments moved on to have new names
have proved fruitless as this information is deemed sensitive and
cannot be given out to the public.

We know that documents exist which have not been released to the UK
public because these documents have been copied to the US government
and have been released to US citizens under the American Freedom of
Information Act. This release circumvented UK secrecy laws. Some of
these documents show that UFO incidents have taken place on UK soil,
involving American airbases. We also know that some of these bases
have had overflights of UFOs, which subsequently interfered and
rendered some of the nuclear weapons stored on the base inoperable,
e.g. the 1980 Woodbridge / Bentwaters incidents. The mere fact that
these weapons were stored in this US airbase on British soil is
still a top-secret. (Proof of the nuclear aspect is available in a
new book LEFT AT EAST GATE published by Michael '0 Mara books.) I
have just secured my own evidence of the Nuclear aspect at Bentwaters
by secretly visiting the site with a team of UFO investigators,
including Richard Conway and two original witnesses. We visited the
nuclear bunkers and will be releasing this proof soon.

Readers should note that the proposals for a UK Freedom of
Information act are clear in there being no responsibility for the
MOD to take part. (Although it is my understanding that some MOD
departments feel that they may be included so are preparing anyhow).
I feel this is an unnaceptable situation and would only support a
total government and military-wide Freedom of Information act.

When looking at the files which follow, remember that whenever the
MOD have been questioned on the subject of UFOs they have given a
statement that UFOs are of "No Defence Significance". Clearly the
files show that UFOs were of defence significance otherwise they
would not be investigating them at such a high level.


1. "Project Bluebook" was the USAF public project to investigate
UFOs using air force resources. Its leader, Dr J Allen Hynek left the
project in disgust saying that it was keeping the best and most
unexplained records away from the Bluebook files. Subsequently he
stated that the conclusions of the report, which were that most
sightings could be explained and that no evidence of
extraterrestrial life could be determined, was at the very best a
cover-up of the highest order. (There were secret level
investigations going on behind Project Bluebook which we now know of
as project Sign and Grudge.)

In this letter the MOD were writing to Project Bluebook and state
that UFO investigations were carried out as part of the MODs Air
Force Technical Intelligence Dept. Obviously the MOD, whilst writing
to another Military unit, were prepared to admit to their
investigations at a high level which is a point they would not admit
publicly. This then shows that investigations went on at a high
level than those of Airstaff 2a, the former office of Nick Pope.

MOD admit to a policy of playing down the subject of UFOs. In doing
this they avoid public or political pressure to mount a large scale
- probably public - investigation on UFOs. It is not the military's
right to make decisions that will affect politics. The military are
supposed to be under the control of government and not acting in
such a way as to dictate government policy.

2. Nick Pope was asked directly about Provost and Security Service
and RAF Rudloe Manors involvement in UFO investigations. He denied
any knowledge of these facts although he was in office at a time
when Kerry Philpott (Nick Popes successor) alleges that they sent
reports to him. Work that out!

Here we see a file letter showing that Provost & Security Service
were investigating UFOs and that the files were classified as
CONFIDENTIAL (a little hard to see on this photocopy). We also see
that the MOD sent out officers to interview witnesses which may give
rise to certain cases of "Men In Black" or "Men from the Ministry"
visitations that have been reported by witnesses over the years. The
MOD have denied that they ever sent out officers to visit witnesses.
Nick Pope in his book OPEN SKIES CLOSED MINDS very firmly states the
opinion that no MOD officers went out to visit witnesses and
believes that these "MIBs" were just oddball characters - "Walter
Mitty characters" who "dressed up" to scare witnesses and were
nothing to do with the MOD.

In fact this file gives the name of the officer who went out to
interview the witness and page 2 of the report (which is not
included in this file) goes even further into the fact that officers
visited her on a few occasions. The witness, Mrs Ann Henson has now
been visited by UFO researchers who confirmed that she was "advised"
by the MOD to not talk about her sighting to press or public and not
to discuss the MOD investigation. She kept to this silence for 30
years until she was contacted by researchers. My question is how many
other witnesses have been "advised" not to talk by the MOD in this

Provost and Security Service is the department which has been
rumoured for many years as being involved in UFO investigations and
was first exposed in such a role in Timothy Goods book Above Top
Secret. I featured my investigations into Rudloe Manor Alien
Encounters a few editions ago and now it is clear the importance of
this and other departments in the whole UFO investigations network.
Provost & Security Services are based at RAF Rudloe Manor. Another
interesting feature about RAF Rudloe Manor is that most of its
facilities are housed underground in a labyrinth of 35 miles of
tunnels. I have never heard any rumours of aliens down there, though
- just a lot of intelligence work and war time control operations.

3.  MOD have made statements that no UFO reports were classified
secret yet in this Intelligence report, from one of the Secret UFO
investigation units, we see the word SECRET clearly used.

The report describes an object which was moving at speeds EXCEEDING
1400Mph. No explanation could be found for the sighting. The speed
was faster than any aircraft of the day.Officers who were
experienced in radar made the statement that the reported contacts
were not those of any conventional aircraft.

We read that the MOD were unhappy to see reports of UFOs getting to
the press and deny that the sighting was not backed up with radar
evidence. This is clearly disinformation being fed to the British
Public - proof again of a cover-up.

The tone of this statement shows us that these secret investigators
would pass on recommendations to civil servants in the publicly
known UFO reporting departments (Nick Popes office) enabling them to
make statements fit for public consumption. In this way the secret
units could operate their investigations without being hindered
because the names of these departments were hidden from view by the
"front of shop" Whitehall MOD office writing replies to people.


Some of the other documents available in UFO files include radar
tracking of objects by the military. One incident which occurred in
West Freugh which was forwarded to secret department DDI Tech was
that of a set of five objects, which were measured to be as big as
ships, which proceeded from 50,000ft to 70,000ft. A second radar was
switched on and confirmed the objects at this height. The considered
expert opinion of the military was that these objects were indeed
unidentified and of an unknown type and origin. The radar operators
were able to rule out the possibility of radar interference or that
they may have misidentified charged clouds etc. This makes the
incident very worthy of note.

Other incidents include similar radar tracks of objects which
travelled at speeds in excess of 4000 MPH. These speeds are faster
than any known aircraft can achieve today, let alone back then in
the 1960's!


In and around March 1995 the file which contained so many of these
revelations about departments in the MOD investigating UFOs went
missing after Nick Redfern was filmed for a documentary called Out
Of This World. The official explanation for the missing file was that
it has been misfiled. We suspected otherwise but it took the
intervention of MP Ieuan Wyn Jones asking a question in the House Of
Commons to bring the file back. The file was returned two days after
the question being tabled. Still the excuse that we were given was
that it had indeed been misfiled - this was after one year of
looking for it and one major file search (known as a census).

In a visit to the Public Records Office in 1996, myself and Richard
Conway and Chris Fowler were told by Vivian Bales that the file was
probably with the MOD as they often recalled sensitive files which
they may have released information in by mistake. It was her opinion
that this is possibly what had happened. We did not prompt her for
this explanation and she gave it to us as an unofficial comment. It
seems she may have been telling the truth as we shall see.

I didn't buy the official missing file story so went on my own
search for who might have had the file at the MOD. I used contacts I
have in government to give me a lead about where inside the MOD where
I might find an answer. I was given the details of a small department
which is housed inside the Metropole Building in Northumberland
Avenue. This is the Central Records Management Unit and after
speaking to the staff there I was put onto the Deputy Departmental
Records Officer, Mr I D Goode. Mr Goode checked his records and
confirmed that he had records on the file being inside the MOD and
sent to a department in November of 1996. He could not tell us which
department because he said this was against the rules, but confirmed
to me that by his records someone at the MOD had the file. I asked
him to be very sure of what he was saying and he re-confirmed the
details to me verbally and then by letter.

This proved that an MP and members of the public were being lied to
about the whereabouts of this file. Both the MOD and Public Records
Office had assured us that they had carried out proper checks on the
whereabouts of this file. If they had then surely they would have
found out that it was booked to MOD. The fact that we were not told
which department was dealing with the file was proof that there was
some collusion behind the scenes.

The final part of the saga is that an official clamp-down has come
into force, and now we are told by Kerry Philpott of the MOD
official UFO cover-up department that Mr I D Goode was in fact wrong
and had made a clerical error and the records he had should have read
Nov 95. This letter should not have come from Kerry Philpott anyway -
it should have come from I D Goode who had made the statement to me
in his previous letter. Why does it always happen when someone asks
about UFOs or writes to government officials that a clamp down on
details happens and you get a reply from Kerry Philpott? Why is it
also that government denies that many other departments investigate
UFOs and then send their watered-down conclusions through Kerry
Philpott and Airstaff 2a for dissemination to the public. Well I
think the answer to that question is obvious from the above.

One thing is now clear, we have the ammunition to fight the
government over the files of these seven secret departments who
files do not appear in the Public Records Office. It has even been
hinted to me by one insider that if any files for these departments
did exist that they would not become public because most of these
files are Defence Intelligence orientated and these types of files
rarely get released, if at all! My source also tells me that these
files would most certainly be screened for department names which
were not to be public and our departments would probably come into
that category. So a fight, it will probably have to be!


What we have here is clear evidence of the Ministry of Defence being
involved in playing down and covering up UFO sightings. UFO reports
were classified as secret and details probably were not meant to be
released to the public. Procedures were in place for the secret
departments to lie to the public about conclusions of their
investigations through the front of the Whitehall civil servant
departments. We also know that the enormity of the sightings that
were being reported back then show that UFOs were of extreme defence
significance. Lastly we now know that the MOD were sending out
officers to interview witnesses and these said same officers were
trying to silence witnesses. It all fits together nicely.

What we now need to know is where did those departments go and where
do they operate from today. We also need to know where all of the
investigations files from the many years of UFO research these
departments have carried out. We are preparing to find these
departments and to ask for the files. We will bring you further
updates of any information we gather. Readers will be very
interested to read about even more of the revelations in a new book
by author Nick Redfern which will be released in September. It is
called "A Covert Agenda" and will be published by Simon & Schuster.

[UK 3]******

Source: Daily Mail newspaper
Date: Thursday to October 1997

Scientists step back 385 million years

A set of ancient footprints discovered in Ireland may be the oldest
in the world, scientists said yesterday.

They were made by a 3ft long salamander like amphibian known as
tetrapod, which was one of the first creatures to emerge from the

The creature lived around 385 million years ago - long before the
first dinosaurs or mammals..

The fosilised trail, leading 60ft out of the sea on Valentia Island
off County Kerry, is said to be so valuable that round - the - clock
guards may be needed.

[UK 4]******

Source: Daily Mail newspaper
Date: Thursday to October 1997

(see e-zine issue {73}for original story - available from:)

A starless night and the ghost bomber roams the skies

By Chris Brooke

For years, the mystery of the ghost bomber has been part of the
folklore of the district.

On starless nights, sightings of the fuzzy image of a World War II
Halifax airplane would frequently be reported in the skies above the
remote East Yorkshire village of Wetwang.

With no other explanation to hand, locals speculated that the area
might be haunted by some tragic pilot who perished in an act of
wartime heroism.

The legend of the ghost bomber spread, until an aviation buff in the
neighbouring village of Fridaythorpe admitted: "Er, sorry - but it's
probably all my fault."

Richard Triners hobby is sketching. His favourite subjects are old
aeroplanes...and occasionally, to give him inspiration, he projects
a picture of an old bomber, on the night sky.

The 52 - year - old former RAF personnel officer began his night
time projections when he moved to the area seven years ago.

It was at the time that the first sightings of a mystery four
engined wartime bomber in RAF colours were reported.

He carried on, unaware of the stir he was creating five miles away
in Wetwang.

"All the local papers carried stories but for some reason I didn't
see them," a sheepish Mr Triner said yesterday.

"Then a friend told me about the latest spate, which started three
weeks ago.

"That's when I was playing around with the image of a Halifax bomber
to inspire me to sketch it.

"I thought then that I'd have to tell people it's me, but I hope
everyone can see the funny side."

Mr Triner, who cares full time for his disabled wife Susan, added:
"it might seem an eccentric thing to do but it's harmless and I'm
very sorry if I've upset anyone.

"I use a 100 - watt projector and need very dark nights, usually in
the early morning. I can't always get the image in full focus, some
times it works, some times it doesn't.

"A ghostly appearance could be explained by the fact that the image
often gets blurred.

"It can look spooky and with clouds rushing past the image it looks
like it's moving. Over the years it might have looked like the
Battle of Britain out there."

Not all the locals, however, are convinced by Mr Triners explanation
for the dozens of appearances of the Wetwang bomber over the years.

He projects images of the Halifax only at night and when conditions
are cloudy to give the best chance of a perfect image - and many
people claim they have seen the ghost airplane during the day.

World News

[W 1]******

Source: Teletext - World News
Date: Thursday 25th September 1997

TWA Flight 800

USA: Investigators believe that bundled wires may have caused the
explosion that brought down TWA Flight 800 last year, killing 230

[W 2]******

Source: Teletext - Factfile
Date: Thursday 25th September 1997

Lego UFOs

Danish toy giant Lego is pinning it's hopes of a Christmas jackpot
on it's new range of high-tech UFO toys.

[W 3]******

From: "Brian Straight" <briansxx@iquest.net>
Source: Sunday Times newspaper
Date: Sunday 21st September 1997

Pilotless Stealth Fighter

IN THE week that the future of America's F-117 stealth fighter is
uncertain, following an unexplained crash at a Baltimore airshow, an
American military contractor has revealed its plan for a
next-generation, pilotless stealth fighter capable of flying at
hypersonic speeds.

The Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) has a wingspan of about
27ft, and each fighter will cost about $12m (7.7m). The American
air force hopes the first UCAVs could begin service in about 2005.

The UCAV's tail-less design and futuristic rounded surface will
allow it to avoid enemy radar, and an onboard computer will
constantly randomise its flight path to confuse enemy tracking

Northrop Grumman, the Californian defence contractor that also built
the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, is developing the first UCAV, which
will use the same radar-deflecting material as the B-2.

Greg Zwernemann, manager of advanced uninhabited concepts, says the
UCAV will be used for dangerous missions such as deep strikes into
enemy territory and attacking heavily guarded enemy bases.

-[continued in part 2]-

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