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Re: Witness Anonymity

From: "Clark Hathaway" <earthwrk@doitnow.com>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 14:47:47 -0700
Fwd Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 23:49:07 -0400
Subject: Re: Witness Anonymity

> From: HONEYBE100@aol.com [Linda Cortile]
> Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 03:44:17 -0400 (EDT)
> To: updates@globalserve.net
> Subject: Re: Witness Anonymity

> >From: Clark Hathaway >earthwrk@doitnow.com>
> >To: UFO UpDates - Toronto  <updates@globalserve.net
> >Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: Witness Anonymity
> >Date: Sun, 5 Oct 1997 23:15:31 -0700

> Snipettes

> Clark Hathaway wrote:

> >I would like to offer that it would serve you better to practice
> >response rather than reaction.  Reaction is typical of the
> >actions observed in my fellow experiencers over the years.
> >I AM not going to attempt to speak for Julie, but I AM fami-
> >liar enough with your case to have some particular suspi-
> >cions myself as to certain circumstances.

> Sorry!   I'm Italian!   We're known for our reactions.  That's
> what makes us so adorable!  <G>  As far as your suspicions
> are concerned, I have a few of my own.  I wonder who I'm
> writing to that claims to know so much about my character.

Ms. Napolitano:

My first inner response was "oh no, here we go again". <grin>

Let me respond by stating that it is my conviction that Ethnic
Background has nothing to do with it. To be frank, I have spent a
good amount of the past sixteen years unraveling a lifetime of
personal destruction due to having been raised in an extremely
dysfunctional household. I long ago STOPPED making excuses
ethnic or otherwise for my BAD behavior.

It has been my observation that since you have joined this list, it
has steadily declined as to the amount of contributors. As to your
character, your actions speak for themselves.

> >Julianne IS a researcher and an honest one at that.  She makes
> >an attempt to take a look at all the data.

> What kind of data?  You know her...I don't!

That is unfortunate for you for obvious reasons.

> >Not only that, but Julie HAS experienced along with me some
> >rather extreme visitations since early 1995.  After leaving the
> >Sacramento area in spring of 1996, they stopped.  Although
> >these did not result in either of us being abducted, the events
> >had most of the 'trappings' most often associated with abduc-
> >tion experiences.

> Oh boy...here we go.

> snip...

You know, I find this extremely interesting. You have expectations
of everyone coming into contact with your tale, believing every nuance
of it. At the slightest sign of incredulity on the part of the observer
however, you bristle with righteous indignation.

How is this so in light of the fact that you are obviously discounting
my claim as to being a fellow experiencer and our (Julie and My)
claims of events as alluded to above?

> >It would better be defined as being a psychic occurrence.
> >It happened in the Astral plane of experience rather than on
> >the plane of third density.

> Clark?   You're New Age, aren't you?  Are you trying to convert
> me?  Sorry...I'm a Roman Catholic who has had a UFO experience.
> I'll keep an open mind.  Thanks anyway.

You see Linda?  You are here placing assumptions.
New Age is a term that only the ill informed would use to describe my
more intellectual pursuits. By way of a little education my dear ...
provided you are open to it, New Agers are Pop-Metaphysicians. That
is, those who take whatever sounds good at the time or that they think
looks good from a casual study of Metaphysics and run with it.

I have been active in the study of Metaphysics since the age of twelve.
I have been a student and researcher of UFOlogy since the age of nine.
I AM 54 years old.

To be clear on this, it is more appropriate for a New Ager to believe that
being floated through a closed and locked window from within a twelfth
story apartment constituted an event that took place in physical, third
dimensional, reality.

Relative to the above it is plain that I do NOT view these types of events
as being physical. I do view the events as being real in some cases
however, but as occurring on another level.

> >I happen to suspect that you agreed long time ago to fulfill a
> >purpose during these times. It is because of this that you were
> >targeted for thesevisitations and resultant interference.

> In other words, if I agreed to be abducted a long time ago
> because I promised that they could, they're abducting me now?

Not necessarily. Given that these events are indeed occurring,
it is certain aspects of your inner being that has been making
allowance for it. Given the veracity of your stated experiences
Linda, you know the answer inside as to why and how this
could be happening.

> So, if I demanded the keys to your car and all of your valuables,
> you'd give them to me because you promised long ago that
> I could have them?  I don't know what else to say, Clark.  I don't
> know much about this religion.

I AM not an adherent to any religion. Religion and dogma have
nothing what so ever to do with this. I was not referring to you having
given permission to be abducted. I was addressing a possibility that
you had during prior time, agreed to fulfill a service and that possessing
certain requirements to enable you being capable of performing this
service, it resulted in you becoming a target for these undesired

What I AM referring to in part is this. It has been my observation that
many abduction experiencers have a more attuned intuitive faculty than
would appear to be the norm. Many of these seem to have decided
metaphysical leanings. Often because of lack of coherent direction,
they get caught up in New Age pursuits that are a blend of mysticism,
UFOs and Aliens. They forget what it is that they have come for due to
the distraction.

I AM going to put this into context from my own personal experience.

I AM convinced that some UFO sightings are real. I find it difficult to
deny that they are due to my having witnessed them in broad daylight
from an estimated distance of less than a quarter mile as well as from
greater distances both during daylight hours as well as during night.
Likewise due to personal experience, I have to believe that some people
have truly experienced something that they remember as an abduction
by assumed  Alien beings based upon my own abduction experiences,
and those of others as recounted in numerous conversations.

I also believe due to a great many memories, that I have lived many
times before. Many of my fellow experiencers as it turns out, have
arrived at suspecting if not knowing that they too have lived before. Not
only that, but in a great many of these, the feeling also exists that they
are here for something that in most cases, they cannot quite remember.

I have discovered partially, why I AM here. I have discovered how to bring
these unwelcome visitations and interference in my spiritual journey to a
halt. I believe that there exist a great many of my fellow experiencers out
there who are in similar circumstance to those in which I found myself.

My apologies to those who resent an introduction of Metaphysical
subjects into a UFO forum, but from my perspective it is unavoidable as
the basis of cause for most UFO activity as well as labeled
'Alien Abduction' is definitely paranormal and is encompassed more
properly by the term Metaphysics and Quantum Physics as well or so
I AM informed.

> >You have been sold a bill of goods by those who perpetuated
> >the 'abduction' event(s) and it has been innocently perpetuated
> >by Mr. Hopkins and his colleagues.  No matter how good their
> >intentions, their efforts have neither served the experiencers nor
> >the general public's better interest.

> I don't know, Clark.  I think that the general public should speak
> for themselves regarding alien abduction research.  Abductees,
> I'm sure, have their own opinions too.

You have a point, but I hasten to point out that it is these salesmen
Themselves who are the sole spokesmen for their pseudo-scientific
pursuits, is it not?  I suggest that the public would be served far better
were there some counterpoint to them other than the obvious debunkers.

My purpose you see is not to debunk as I AM convinced that these
events are indeed happening to many people. It is just that I see them
from a different perspective.

I want to make some observations relative to your specific case if you
will kindly indulge me.

[1]  It is claimed that you were "floated through the closed window of
your 12th-storey East Side Apartment" by 2 or more Aliens to rise up
through a beam of blue light to enter a UFO hovering above.

{a}  Does this appear to be a normal third dimensional reality
occurrence to you Linda, or one more properly described as

{b}  Your story includes the reputed accounts of Richard and Dan,
two supposed independent witnesses who have to date not stepped
forward to identify themselves and offer corroborating testimony
in support of your account. I personally find it very convenient
that their stories apparently changed due to a likelihood of
their accessibility was considered as they were at first reported
to be policemen. Secret Service personnel would be far less
accessible. I consider it a nice touch, if extremely

{c}  Relative to these two supposed witnesses if indeed existent,
I fail to understand how they could identify you or any one else
given that the event occurred at night and at a distance far
above them. I defy you or anyone else for that matter to ID some
one from that distance without some sort of visual aid such as

{d}  It was also reported that a Janet  Kimble identified you
from the Brooklyn Bridge a quarter of a mile away. Not only that,
she performed this miraculous accomplishment despite the Bridge
Lights having been mysteriously extinguished as well as the
headlights of numerous headlamps of cars on the bridge at the

{e}  Relative to the above, how is it that this occurred, but
apparently did not make the next day's paper?  Surely, that would
make for some sensational reading. After all, newspapers make
their way through such stories.

Please do not attempt to fill me with rationalization that no-one
reported the event due to their being tired from a long day or
the possibility that nefarious agents of the secret government
intercepted their reports and frightened them into silence.

Kindest Regards...

Clark Hathaway

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