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Re: Gladness and Sadness

From: JJ <JJ@mail.per.to> [Jennifer Jarvis]
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 1997 22:54:08 -0400
Fwd Date: Mon, 06 Oct 1997 23:12:57 -0400
Subject: Re: Gladness and Sadness

>From: dgullick@interlog.com (David Gullick)
>Date: Mon, 06 Oct 97 14:09:34
>To: updates@globalserve.net
>Subject: Re: Gladness and Sadness
>>Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 07:28:13 -0400
>>From: JJ <JJ@mail.per.to> [Jennifer Jarvis]
>>To: updates@globalserve.net

>Dear Ms Jarvis,

>>I have recently returned from an interesting summer in the United

>>When I was in England,  I was most fortunate in having the opportun
>>ity of visiting many wonderful crop formations, and meeting new and
>>interesting people in the "fields" of "Ufology"  and "cerealogy"

> I am sure a number of List readers would be absolutely delighted if
>you were to furnish some digital scans of the photographs of these
>formations.  If required, the local MUFON could/would provide tech
>assistance. Some dates, locations, conditions, etc. would prove
>invaluable in aiding others to be so fortunate as to see and identify
>them also.

> Being neither a trained Ufologist/Cereologist nor qualified as an
>observer/commentator, but having visited the Avebury/Stonehenge
>area most summers of my adult life I have yet to see a "crop Circle".
>This lack of success is not without effort tho; I have spoken quite
>regularly with local farmers, tradesmen, drivers, publicans, etc.
>all of whom have never seen a "crop circle". Also, I made a special
>trip to see the "Julia Set" that supposedly appeared close to Stone-
>henge, yet there was nothing!

>>"golden orbs" that I had been watching and  filming over Lake Ontario
>>were also occurring in the places that  I visited in England.  Each
>>time they appeared, they were over or  near water.  I was SO glad to

>Which bodies of water were these?  Pictures, reports, how many etc..


Hi there David!!!

Thank you for your reply re. crop formations and "golden globes."

Well, if you are interested in my early sorties to Lake Ontario, there
are some reports that I posted in the first week of April to UFO
Updates.  These can also be found at  http://www.cseti.org under
Working Group reports - Southern Ontario.

I went over to England, yet again, for the "circle season" and met up
with all the gang...Ron Russell, Joe Burkes,  ilyes (inside a caravan
at the Torus) and Busty Taylor.   I also had the pleasure of an
evening with Dr. Steven Greer, and Research Assistant Ms. Shari

It was a wonderful year.   The formations were spectacular.  To be in
such a creation, so close to the time of production, is magical.

The "beauty" near Silbury Hill, which was dubbed the "Koch Snowflake,"
was barely 48 hours old when I did my 35 mm stills.  The poppies were
happily growing within the formation, but other plants had already
produced 180 degree bends in the stems.  If you are interested in any
copies of these prints, you are more than welcome.

My "golden globes" appeared over the River Thames at Wargrave,

There was a sighting near Sunningdale, actually over Chobham Common,
just after I returned home from England.  I had already had several
sightings of "Golden Globes" at this location on August 4th.

One "golden globe" appeared over the river estuary at Teignmouth on
June 28th at 20.29 hrs.  in presence of 4 witnesses, including Roy
Dutton and Busty Taylor.

Then, on the east coast of England, at Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, there
appeared 5 golden globes, at no more than 20 degrees elevation over
the Thames Estuary.

My current focus, now back home, is the north shore of Lake Ontario.

I  continue to film there on a daily basis, and recorded some
interesting submersions on the nights of September 3rd and 4th.

Thank you for your interest.

Very best wishes..


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